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[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Addresses physical ed group3:41/191945
[ ]Snow sculpture contestBoost W sponsors1:41/191945
[ ]Hancock, RalphChapel lecturer tells of Latin America1:31/191945
[ ]CurriculumDepartments offer three new courses1:41/191945
[ ]Krueger, FritzFamous Wittenberger aids Sinfonia fund (por)1:21/191945
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Home ec club now Theta Eta Kappa1;21/191945
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Leaves at semesters1:51/191945
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Now Theta Eta Kappa1:21/191945
[ ]Jones, Dr. E. StanleyStudents hear2:31/191945
[ ]Ivy Oration1945 - Emily Moore1:32/231945
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarAccepts N.L.C. leadership1:12/231945
[ ]Paschal, Dr. FranklinCosmopolitan professor fins Wittenberg solid enjoyment1:32/231945
[ ]Mower, Alice M.Dr. Larimer gives address at funeral services2:32/231945
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekFrease begins (por)1:52/231945
[ ]Frank, MaryFrom the campus sketchbook4:52/231945
[ ]BasketballHardwood resume.3:12/231945
[ ]BasketballHardwood resume.3:52/231945
[ ]Boyd, Virginia; Commencement; Cox, William; Gehr, Betty; Moore, EmilySeniors elect commencement orators1:32/231945
[ ]Frank, MarySeniors select commencement orators1:32/231945
[ ]Oak OrationVirginia Boyd1:32/231945
[ ]Student UnionWWL releases insurance for Student Center1:12/231945
[ ]Thompson, RalstonDiscusses methods, paintings at national show1:23/91945
[ ]BasketballHardwood resume.3:53/91945
[ ]Alma MaterPageant nears completion1:53/91945
[ ]Founders DayProduction to honor Wittenberg founders1:23/91945
[ ]Taafel, Major Frank O.Speaks Sunday at third forum discussion1:13/91945
[ ]Student CouncilStudent movement leaders plan constitution1:53/91945
[ ]Health ServiceWittenberg to buy field ambulance1:13/91945
[ ]Plays"So this is London," Cohan comedy to be presented1:44/131945
[ ]Alma MaterBetty Jane Hewitt selected (por)1:34/131945
[ ]Chilcote, MarthaFrom the campus sketchbook4:54/131945
[ ]Moore, VevannaHeads WWL1:34/131945
[ ]Hewitt, BettyHewitt selected Alma Mater Queen1:34/131945
[ ]Founders DayProduction to honor Wittenberg founders1:14/131945
[ ]Honor DayStudents recognized1:54/131945
[ ]BaseballTeam begins activity (closed down after 1943)3:14/131945
[ ]Wappner, LoisWittenberg's natural girl hears news; dubs it joke (por)1:14/131945
[ ]Fisher, Earl;DeathsWittenberger dies in Iowa campaign3;54/131945
[ ]Atkinson, CarolBristle, Atkinson edit Wittenberger4:35/111945
[ ]FacultyCentennial faculty4:25/111945
[ ]Evans, JohnStirewalt, Evans are Torch editors4:45/111945
[ ]Bowman, Prof. LeonaBowman completes Wittenberg years2:46/111945
[ ]TorchCentennial Issue6/111945
[ ]CommencementCommencement activities2:36/111945
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertFaculty and staff members who coplete Wittenberg years, honored2:36/111945
[ ]Fry, Rev. Dr. FranklinFry adresses class1:56/111945
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipHonored at completion of years at Wittenberg2:16/111945
[ ]Hannaford, Grace N.Honored staff and faculty members complete Wittenberg years2:56/111945
[ ]Cadwagan, RoseProfessor completes Wittenberg years2:26/111945
[ ]Stirewalt, SueStirewalt, Evans are TORCH editors4:46/111945
[ ]CommencementWittenberg honors centennial graduates at final college exercise tomorrow1:16/111945
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Barker returns to Witt1:410/51945
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt sends report from AUC1:110/51945
[ ]Moore, VevannaFrom the campus sketchbook4:410/51945
[ ]Lottich, Philip B.Lottich takes job in Hawaiian school1:210/51945
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.New profs prefer Wittenberg1:210/51945
[ ]Ostrom, Dr. John W.New profs prefer Wittenberg--beauty, contact, atmosphere1:210/51945
[ ]Pieper, PaulPieper, Matthews manage business for year's Torch1:510/51945
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Thinks college position better than lawyer's bickering3:210/51945
[ ]FootballTigers begin 1945 season1:110/51945
[ ]VeteransVeteran enrollment 34; Matthies expects more4:510/51945
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union4:210/51945
[ ]Plays"Ladies of the Jury" is season's comedy1:310/261945
[ ]Homecoming Queen1945 Evelyn Bird1:310/261945
[ ]Detling, Mr. GlennAttourney teaches criminology course2:410/261945
[ ]Vandermeerssche, Gaston AchillesBelgian student is Monday's speaker1:210/261945
[ ]HomecomingBird is homecoming queen (por)1:310/261945
[ ]Foreign StudentsErik, Egil, Sverre, Leif keep students listening1:210/261945
[ ]Bird, EvelynEvelyn Bird is Homecoming Queen (por)1:310/261945
[ ]Recher, Richard; Schaffer, WilliamFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/261945
[ ]FootballResume of Tiger tries3:210/261945
[ ]World Student Service FundWSSF drive begins1:210/261945
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing Sunday (Membership listed)1:111/91945
[ ]Henderson, Mrs. WillardCollege is home to new librarian3:411/91945
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesConference states postwar program for fraternities2:411/91945
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School graduates nine in year's third commencement1:111/91945
[ ]FootballResume of Tiger victories3:211/91945
[ ]World Student Service FundWSSF drive begins1:211/91945
[ ]Plays"Ladies of the Jury" is season's comedy4:112/141945
[ ]Traicoff, BorisA name for sport history5:212/141945
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt sends report from AUC1:512/141945
[ ]Bradley, Eugene; Richie, BobClass officers2:312/141945
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.Directs Veteran activity5:512/141945
[ ]Bradley, EugeneFrom the campus sketchbook4:512/141945
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Kantonen given sabbatical leave1:412/141945
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall is opened4:312/141945
[ ]ChapelPlans for chapel renovation are considered1:112/141945
[ ]Myers HallStudents look at Myers4:412/141945
[ ]DebateWomen place in state tournament3:512/141945
[ ]Student UnionWWL sponsors drive for student union1:312/141945