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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Basketball1943-44 Schedule3:21/141944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekCollege plans1:61/141944
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentData shows active group here4:31/141944
[ ]Smith, Wray C.From the campus sketchbook4:51/141944
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.Hall of Fame4:21/141944
[ ]CampusImprovements being made2:11/141944
[ ]Alloway, JohnIn memoriam2:41/141944
[ ]Brane, R. Steve; Bushey, Howard; Garber, Clark, Jr.; Good, Cortland; Hunter, John; Kaler, Emerson; Mathias, David E.; Military Service; Neal, Frederick; Quinn, William Monroe; Reinhard, Charles; Relyea, Willard A.; Stewart, John P.; Winger, George W.In memoriam2:31/141944
[ ]Pannkoke, Dr. O.C.Slates lectures1:31/141944
[ ]Roller, OllieVeteran returns to former work4:41/141944
[ ]Trautwein, William J.Wins over Alma Mater1:11/141944
[ ]Ivy Oration1944 - Louise Olson1:11/281944
[ ]Bowling, Major Justus H.Bowling leaves campus (por)1:11/281944
[ ]Thompson, RalstonDisplays paintings1:21/281944
[ ]BasketballHere are our boys (por)1:41/281944
[ ]Oak OrationJanet Nichols1:11/281944
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Laatsch accepts position1:51/281944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekProves successful2:31/281944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekReligious leaders express views1:61/281944
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Senior class chooses committees, speakers1:11/281944
[ ]Nichols, JanetSenior class chooses committees, speakers (Oak)1:11/281944
[ ]TorchStarts 30th year1:31/281944
[ ]Ullom, Harry H.Student is missing in action1:31/281944
[ ]Religious Emphasis WeekStudent poll4:51/281944
[ ]Pyle, Major A.F.Assumes duties (por)1:42/181944
[ ]Recitation HallClock in Recy is indispensable1:12/181944
[ ]Ten Hoor, Dr. MartinComplete lectures1:5, 3:52/181944
[ ]Neuberg, Maurice J.Death notice4:32/181944
[ ]BasketballScoring records3:62/181944
[ ]Bender, Ruth; Ellis, GwenStudents choose yearbook heads in open election1:62/181944
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Barker visits campus2:53/31944
[ ]CampusChapel plans come to fore1:13/31944
[ ]Faris, Lt. Bertsyl W.Faris is killed in crash (por)1:23/31944
[ ]Military TrainingFirst birthday for cadets1:43/31944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School announces Kessler Lectures4:63/31944
[ ]BasketballHere are our boys (por)3:13/31944
[ ]BasketballLutheran cagers share high honors3:53/31944
[ ]TorchOffice gets change2:43/31944
[ ]FacultyPrexy names post-war group1:33/31944
[ ]Ullom, Harry H.Wittenberger is Nazi prisoner (por)4:33/31944
[ ]World Student Service FundWorld Student Service Fund1:13/31944
[ ]Strahler, VioletFaculty chooses..orator1:53/241944
[ ]CurriculumFaculty lists new graduation requirements3:23/241944
[ ]Founders DayFounder's Day Hymn3:33/241944
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarFounders' Day Hymn3:33/241944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School announces Kessler Lectures1:63/241944
[ ]Honor DayHonor Day includes varied awards1:33/241944
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarPrexy arrives in 1902; dedicates life to Wittenberg1:23/241944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary seniors accept calls1:53/241944
[ ]BasketballTeam scores 475 points5:13/241944
[ ]BasketballTeam sets precedents5:13/241944
[ ]Behrens, GordonThese Wittenbergers won (por)5:33/241944
[ ]TorchTribune tackles TORCH Thursdays3:63/241944
[ ]CommencementCommencement 1944 program1:34/141944
[ ]Endter, DonEndter leads interseminary conference2:34/141944
[ ]CurriculumFaculty lists new graduation requirements1:44/141944
[ ]CommencementGovernor Schricker is speaker (por)1:64/141944
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School announces Kessler Lectures1:14/141944
[ ]Schricker, Gov. Henry commencement speaker (por)1:64/141944
[ ]Lauver, PhyllisLauver reigns as Alma Mater Queen (por)1:14/141944
[ ]Alma MaterPhyllis Lauver (por)1:24/141944
[ ]Hobo DayRags reign1:54/141944
[ ]Stirewalt, SueThose who head TORCH for next year1:24/141944
[ ]Bender, RuthThose who head TORCH for next year (por)1:24/141944
[ ]Evans, JohnThose who head Torch for next year (por)1:24/141944
[ ]Balzer, John H. Jr.Balzer awarded posthumous citation3:49/291944
[ ]TorchChanges style; new type, new printer1:49/291944
[ ]CampusChapel plans come to fore1:59/291944
[ ]ChoirChoir members1:39/291944
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.College mourns death of professor4:69/291944
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinCollege recognizes loyal service4:49/291944
[ ]Foreign StudentsForeign students look to future; plan to help own people (por)1:39/291944
[ ]Shope, JackGunner awarded Flying Cross3:29/291944
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Mower, Weaver now retired3:49/291944
[ ]Mower, Alice M.Retires3:49/291944
[ ]Lehman, Rev Martin; Lutz, Dr. ArthurWittenberg adds new professors3:19/291944
[ ]Plays"The Patsy" to be presented1:410/131944
[ ]Homecoming Queen1944 Jane Wagner1:410/131944
[ ]Cox, WilliamFrom the campus sketchbook4:410/131944
[ ]Lauver, PhyllisFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/131944
[ ]Wagner, JaneHomecoming Queen 1944 (por)1:510/131944
[ ]Lehman, Dr. H. T.Lehman installed at Waterloo1:110/131944
[ ]HomecomingNew festivities mark centennial homecoming1:510/131944
[ ]Arango, EmilioWittenberger discuses Cuba, college (por)1:210/131944
[ ]LibraryZimmerman has new librarians3:510/131944
[ ]Armbruster, Rev. John M.Argentina student travels from Buenos Aires to Springfield twice during schooling (por)1:111/31944
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Beaver finishes work for World Book edition3:411/31944
[ ]Alber, Louis J.Convo speaker to discuss Hitler and the Junkers2:511/31944
[ ]Behrens, GordonFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/31944
[ ]PlaysPositions given for "The Patsy"1:411/31944
[ ]Stirewalt, CatherineSpeaks at college convocation1:211/31944
[ ]PlaysActions portrays modern family1:512/11944
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaCampus LSA to host conference1:112/11944
[ ]Bristle, Nancy; Crockett, Ruth; Ellis, GwenClasses choose year's leaders1:312/11944
[ ]Bender, RuthFrom the campus sketchbook4:412/11944
[ ]Barrett, Paul V.Ohio Oil official speaks at convo1:312/11944
[ ]Student-Soldier FundWWL backs2:312/11944
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive2:312/11944