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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]GiftsPrexy announces gift1:21/141943
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Gifts; CampusBoost W campaign to improve appearance of campus, buildings1:61/151943
[ ]Weaver, ElgarGive $30,000 to college to be used for "general purposes"1:11/151943
[ ]Baggott, Mrs. RolandReporter finds new Gamma Phi Beta house mother a congenial person2:31/151943
[ ]Military ServiceReserves to be called by army1:51/151943
[ ]BasketballSeek conference title (por)3:21/151943
[ ]Jensen, Eli A.Wittenberg mourns loss of Jensen1:31/151943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:51/151943
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Barker leaves Wed. to prepare for Santa Anna Army Air Command1:42/121943
[ ]Golz, JoanGolz is Miss Wittenberger1:42/121943
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.; LibraryHiller donates books to Zimmerman library2:62/121943
[ ]Summer CoursesNystrom expands1:12/121943
[ ]Jensen, Eli A.Ohio State Senate expresses sorrow in Jensen's death4:32/121943
[ ]Jensen, Eli A.Ohio State Senate expresses sorrow in Jensen's death1:52/121943
[ ]Fisher, EarlRecord breaker (por)3:52/121943
[ ]Physical fitness institutewill convene here1:62/121943
[ ]Military TrainingWittenberg will train 600 cadets1:12/121943
[ ]Military TrainingCadets begin training at Wittenberg1:33/121943
[ ]Fisher, EarlFisher is most valuable3:53/121943
[ ]Swoyer, GroverIs class orator1:43/121943
[ ]Kriegbaum, AlKriegbaum wins Ohio diving crown3:13/121943
[ ]McNeill, Miss LeilaMcNeill retrurns from England to relate tales of Nazi attacks1:43/121943
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Named new business manager of Torch1:43/121943
[ ]Baumgartner, BettyNew face in library is familiar to some1:33/121943
[ ]OratorsOld Line contest winners, 1925-19424:33/121943
[ ]Military ServiceReserves to be called by army1:53/121943
[ ]Sink, Dr. W. G.To teach Chemistry classes1:63/121943
[ ]Military TrainingV-12 training program to train men as officers1:13/121943
[ ]Gosewisch, Fred"Abe" sets new time records during summer trip to Kentucky on bicycle2:53/261943
[ ]Ivy Oration1943 - Marguerite Pabst1:23/261943
[ ]FacultyFour professors begin instructing Army Corps2:33/261943
[ ]Homrighausen, RonaldFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/261943
[ ]Luther, GeorgeLuther wins crown3:43/261943
[ ]Class of 1943; Kaiser, Don; Nouse, Don; Malcuit, Stan; Pabst, Margaret; Class DaySeniors elect orators for class day program1:23/261943
[ ]Oak OrationStanley Malcuit1:23/261943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:13/261943
[ ]Baseball1943 Baseball Roster3:34/161943
[ ]Summer CoursesAccelerated program provides 15 hours credit in summer2:#4/161943
[ ]Summer CoursesAccelerated program provides 15 hours credit in summer2:34/161943
[ ]Ylvisaker, Maj. N. M.Army, Navy chaplain president will address fourth Wittenberg community vespers (por)1:64/161943
[ ]Honor DayCollege will honor leaders of campus activities1:14/161943
[ ]Miller, HarlanMiller becomes orator2:14/161943
[ ]LibraryMiss Fisher, Miss. H. Cross go to library meeting1:24/161943
[ ]ChoirSing Monday1:44/161943
[ ]Homrighausen, RonaldThree who head TORCH for next year1:44/161943
[ ]Smith, Wray C.Three who head Torch for next year (por)1:24/161943
[ ]Honor DayCollege will honor leaders of campus activities4:44/301943
[ ]Swoyer, GroverFrom the campus sketchbook4:34/301943
[ ]Hobo DayHunt your old clothes--be a bum1:34/301943
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.To preach vesper sermon Sunday1:44/301943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:14/301943
[ ]Alma Mater"Honor to Alma Mater"1:15/141943
[ ]CommencementCommencement 19431:15/141943
[ ]Malcuit, StanFrom the campus sketchbook4:55/141943
[ ]Wackernagel, ElinoreFrom the campus sketchbook4:45/141943
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Hiller retires at 791:45/141943
[ ]Hobo DayHunt your old clothes--be a bum1:25/141943
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteLakewood coed succeeds Cutler as WWL president1:65/141943
[ ]Homrighausen, RonaldLane installs new LSA officers1:45/141943
[ ]BaseballLutheran nine end conference season; win three, lose one3:15/141943
[ ]Nichols, JanetNichols is Alma Mater Queen, Pan-Hel prexy (por)1:15/141943
[ ]Alma MaterOne act play is on Alma Mater program4:65/141943
[ ]Prince, GraceWittenberg suffers loss of Miss Prince.1:35/141943
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:25/141943
[ ]Ivy Oration1942 - Geraldine Samson1:65/291943
[ ]Herman, Rev. StewartHerman tells of Germany1:49/221943
[ ]Sachs, Samuel; Hix, Ethel MaeHix, Sachs exchange vows, Tomorrow4:29/221943
[ ]Hovdesven, E. ArneHovdesven resigns (por)4:49/221943
[ ]FacultyMusic school adds two instructors1:49/221943
[ ]Rich, Miss Perma A.Our new librarian3:59/221943
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:19/221943
[ ]Williams, John ThomasSucceeds Boyd as head of school of music4:49/221943
[ ]Williams, John Thomas; Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Williams succeeds Boyd as head of School of Music; Hovdesven resigns4:49/221943
[ ]Lehman, Dr. H. T.Witt adds two profs; Lehman for Greek; Harmon for dramatics3:29/221943
[ ]Harmon, FosterWittenberg adds two profs3:29/221943
[ ]Prince, GraceIn memoriam2:49/291943
[ ]HomecomingCollege to observe homecoming1:510/11943
[ ]Holkesvig, Marguerite; Nichols, JanetFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/11943
[ ]Cox, WilliamInterfraternity Councel elects1:510/11943
[ ]Zimmerman, Attorney Charles speak at convo1:110/11943
[ ]Cox, WilliamWilliam Cox named new business manager1:210/11943
[ ]Homecoming Queen1943 Ruby Blunt1:610/151943
[ ]Military ServiceCollege receives service flag1:110/151943
[ ]Military TrainingDean Pershing announces V-12 ASTP program1:110/151943
[ ]Clausen, Dr. ClarenceDr. Clausen general chairman (por)1:510/151943
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming promises new type festivites1:610/151943
[ ]Horn, MaryHorn tells of Japan, her life there1:310/151943
[ ]Roed, Miss Else MargretheNoted author, journalist, to speak at convo2:410/151943
[ ]Bowling, Major Justus H.Bowling admits full, varied career1:510/291943
[ ]Paullin, MarianCollege loses helpers3:510/291943
[ ]Roed, Miss Else MargretheConvo speaker tells of homeland, life1:210/291943
[ ]Prince, GraceConvocation honors received2:310/291943
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming is successful1:310/291943
[ ]CampusImprovements being made4:610/291943
[ ]CurriculumPortuguese news4:210/291943
[ ]Beilharz, NoahStages "Americana" in convo1:410/291943
[ ]Compton, Karl T.The Christian College (article)3:210/291943
[ ]Gehr, Betty; Hewitt, BettyClasses elect new officers1:211/191943
[ ]Schmitt, EmmettClasses new officers1:211/191943
[ ]Major, Colonel JackConvo speaker tells of South Pacific war1:111/191943
[ ]Schmitt, EmmettFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/191943
[ ]Engerrand, Prof. Jacques JeanNew professor arrives1:311/191943
[ ]Holkesvig, Marguerite; Gosewisch, FredNuptuals4:511/191943
[ ]Traver, Dr. Amos J.Professor returns to Alma Mater, teaches at Hamma1:411/191943
[ ]World Student Service FundWorld Student Service Fund1:111/191943
[ ]Gerlach, TalittaGerlach speaks at convo1:512/31943
[ ]Lehman, Dr. H. T.Lehman accepts new position1:112/31943
[ ]Balzer, John H. Jr.;DeathsWittenberger dies in action1:212/31943