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[ ]Military ServiceBlue Key seeks complete data on Wittenbergers serving country2:51/91942
[ ]Dubuc, DanielDan goes skating; results doubtful.1:11/91942
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.;DeathsEvjen dies1:31/91942
[ ]Martin, Mrs. Dorothy TraquairGlories of ancient Greece live in art lectures of Scot professor1:31/91942
[ ]Gifts; Field House; Hovdesven, E. ArneOrgan dedication will be next week: Prof. E. A. Hovdesven Initiates Gift to Wittenberg4:31/91942
[ ]History of WittenbergToday's campus problems are similar to those of World War I1:11/91942
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeActivities study nears completion1:41/231942
[ ]Military ServiceCollege men find Navy V-5 plan practical4:61/231942
[ ]Defense CouncilDefense council perishing reports on work1:61/231942
[ ]PlaysDrama "Cradle song" to be presented by Players during Lent1:21/231942
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteFrom the campus sketchbook4:41/231942
[ ]CoeducationIt's all right to laugh now but it was no joking matter in 18742:51/231942
[ ]History of WittenbergIt's all right to laugh now, but it was no laughing matter in 18742:31/231942
[ ]Sheil, RoyLetterman3:21/231942
[ ]Caton, BobWittenberg letter men of 1942 (por)3:21/231942
[ ]Fisher, EarlWittenberg lettermen of 1942 (por)3:21/231942
[ ]Organ, Roger F.;DeathsWittenberg man dies in air service. Sgt. Organ is first to lose life in war1:51/231942
[ ]Lewis, RobertFrom the campus sketchbook4:52/121942
[ ]Kantonen, Dr. Taito A.Book bears firm stand (por)1:32/131942
[ ]de Sa Pires, ArmandoExchange student gets editorial post of Portuguese Reader's Digest1:22/131942
[ ]Albright, ArchieFaculty picks Albright to be senior orator1:42/131942
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack affirms vocational liberty1:62/131942
[ ]Cain, WilliamTwo (por)3:52/131942
[ ]Ziemer, GregorAuthor of "Education for Death" to talk in convo. (por)1:62/271942
[ ]BandBand arranges for concert March 71:52/271942
[ ]CurriculumCollege tries new method in giving advertising course4:62/271942
[ ]Caton, BobFeuding Bob winds up colorful career (por)3:22/271942
[ ]CurriculumMarriage course to be given following students' petition1:12/271942
[ ]BandBand arranges for concert March 71:13/61942
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves for three-state tour1:63/61942
[ ]Founders DayFaith of a founder1:33/61942
[ ]Nouse, DonFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/61942
[ ]Voigt, Dr. Gilbert P.Gives address (pic)1:23/61942
[ ]Wickey, KathrynHeads drive (por)1:43/61942
[ ]Kuusisto, AllanSenior choose six class day orators1:53/61942
[ ]Endter, DonaldSeniors choose 6 Class Day speakers (Oak Orator) (por)1:53/61942
[ ]Case, AnnSeniors choose class day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Class of 1942; Class DaySeniors choose six Class Day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Jones, JaniceSeniors choose six class day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Endter, DonaldAim for still higher laurels (por)1:43/201942
[ ]Albright, ArchieAir for still higher laurels (por)1:43/201942
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Historian and scholar knows whys, wherefores of war1:43/201942
[ ]Ziemer, GregorIt's up to the US to save world, Ziemer tells convo that no one cared to cut1:13/201942
[ ]Fisher, EarlPrecedents fall before Tiger ace3:63/201942
[ ]General MacArthur DayWittenberg prepares to observe1:53/201942
[ ]Honor DayCollege metes out awards for grades; names Alma Mater1:63/271942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolConducts Kessler Lectures1:23/271942
[ ]Shefveland, Dr. O. E.Gives economist's viewpoints on today's problems1:33/271942
[ ]Valbracht, Rev. Louis H.His humor is tops (por)1:33/271942
[ ]CurriculumHuge turnout proves interest in marriage course, 72 at opener4:63/271942
[ ]Physical FitnessRelease results3:53/271942
[ ]ChoirSuccessful eastern tour1:13/271942
[ ]Thornton, Dr. Herman H.Talks at exercises Monday1:53/271942
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni slate huge reunion1:64/101942
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Barker claims scientists not entirely to blame for this war4:54/101942
[ ]Alma MaterBeauty Queen is new Alma Mater (por)1:44/101942
[ ]Pabst, MargaretBeauty queen is new alma mater (por)1:44/101942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolConducts Kessler Lectures2:44/101942
[ ]Wiencke, MatthewDirects LSA conference1:64/101942
[ ]Honor DayExtra-curricular leaders to receive official recognition1:14/101942
[ ]Shirk, OwenIn Marines; gets his diploma3:24/101942
[ ]General MacArthur DayIntramural leaders postpone4:34/101942
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Joins list of authors1:34/101942
[ ]Hobo DayMay 8 is set for...celebration1:54/101942
[ ]Wilkerson, JamesSenions pick class day orator1:34/101942
[ ]Thompson, RalstonSpeaks at activities Honor day1:14/101942
[ ]Alma Mater"Symphony of Life" is ...theme for pageant June 62:55/11942
[ ]Lewis, RobertBlue Key names Lewis president (por)1:45/11942
[ ]Cutler, MarianFrom the campus sketchbook4:35/11942
[ ]Hummel, Doc; Wallace, JoeHummel, Wallace earn reputation as extraordinary tune wranglers4:45/11942
[ ]BaseballLutheran diamond men--Stobb's crop for 1942 (por)3:25/11942
[ ]Hobo DayMay 8 is set for...celebration1:65/11942
[ ]Weil, DorritViennese refugee becomes speaker while living here1:15/11942
[ ]Cutler, MarianYoungstown coed succeeds Hadde as president of WWL1:55/11942
[ ]Oak OrationDon Endter1:55/61942
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega"Mighty Alpha Taus" chant wins vote of judges in songfest1:65/141942
[ ]Alma MaterNichols is Alma Mater queen (por)1:15/141942
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyHis last prayer1:15/151942
[ ]Zimmerman, Hon. John L.His name shall live on2:15/151942
[ ]Martin, JohnJohn Martin is new proxy of Boost W.1:15/151942
[ ]Malcuit, StanMalcuit to co-edito Torch (por)1:45/151942
[ ]Hobo DayMay 8 is set for...celebration1:35/151942
[ ]Swoyer, GroverTo co-edit TORCH1:45/151942
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega dethrones A D Pi to win cherished song cups1:15/221942
[ ]Jenkins, MiriamFrom the campus sketchbook3:15/221942
[ ]Schwarzbek, Dr. WilliamLeaves for Navy work1:65/221942
[ ]Military ServiceMen must study or face active serivce.1:15/221942
[ ]Traub, Rev. Dr. Walter H.To give sermon1:25/221942
[ ]Bodenberg, Dr. E.T.War affects race by killing best, not worst, says biologist1:35/221942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School to award degrees to seniors at graduation1:65/251942
[ ]Alma Mater"Symphony of Life" is ...theme for pageant June 6 (por)1:15/291942
[ ]Commencement170 prepare for Commencement June 81:35/291942
[ ]Albright, ArchieAlbright carries on2:45/291942
[ ]Kuusisto, AllanFrom the campus sketchbook3:45/291942
[ ]Traub, Rev. Dr. Walter H.Nebraskan speaks4:45/291942
[ ]Bremer, DavidTKA holds initiation; elects Bremer prexy4:35/291942
[ ]Wickey, Rev. Dr. J. Gouldto deliver graduation address1:65/291942
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers swell US ranks; Axis beware4:35/291942
[ ]Aviation Training Course135 men complete CAA ground training at Wittenberg, 10 enlist2:610/21942
[ ]Football1942 Lutheran gridders3:510/21942
[ ]Gifts; Carnegie EndowmentCarnegie Endowment gives books to IRC2:110/21942
[ ]CurriculumChemistry courses are rearranged4:510/21942
[ ]Conference on Social AffairsDeans head new committee1:410/21942
[ ]Hall, JamesGuide destiny of 1942 tigers (por)3:210/21942
[ ]Schroeder, CarlGuide destiny of 1942 Tigers (por)3:210/21942
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School increases enrollment4:310/21942
[ ]Schroeder, CarlLutherans open 50th grid season (por)1:610/21942
[ ]FootballLutherans to open 50th grid season1:610/21942
[ ]DeChasca, Dr. EdmundNew instructor joins faculty (por)1:110/21942
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. New instructors join faculty1:110/21942
[ ]Harp, Hugh G.Nine teachers leave4:410/21942
[ ]Faculty; Heisey, Rev. Paul; Morgan, Dr. J. Wayland; Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.; Tinglum, Prof. Ottar; Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradNine teachers leave staff4:410/21942
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Nystrom becomes dean2:410/21942
[ ]Norman, Paul Red; Stobbs, William T.Past mentors enter Coast Guard, Navy3:110/21942
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/21942
[ ]Winans, Mrs. MabelResigns as housemother of Ferncliff2:510/21942
[ ]Weiland, Dr. Glenn S.resigns post; will return to Alma Mater4:310/21942
[ ]School of MusicSchool has interior renovated1:510/21942
[ ]Arrow and MaskWomen make service flag for Wittenberg2:510/21942
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Models gowns for alumni in White House theme2:610/101942
[ ]Homecoming Queen1942 Dorothy Boehme1:110/151942
[ ]CurriculumBarker to supervise rifle training1:410/161942
[ ]HomecomingBoehme will reign over activities (por)1:110/161942
[ ]Honors coursesEight students in honors courses1:610/161942
[ ]Immell, Miss MaryImmell heads girl's dorm4:610/161942
[ ]Smith, Dr. Charles CopelandSpeaks Monday1:410/161942
[ ]Plays"The Mollusc" to be given by Speech Dept. Nov. 141:110/301942
[ ]Doman, Dr. Nicholas"World not psychologically ready for peace now," states Dr. Doman1:310/301942
[ ]Dingman, Miss MaryConvos to feature fair sex1:510/301942
[ ]Military ServiceFormer coeds serve in WAF1:310/301942
[ ]WIGSmake highest point average to top campus groups4:410/301942
[ ]Risser, TomA tribute3:411/61942
[ ]Blue KeyBlue Key holds stag party1:611/61942
[ ]Risser, TomCollided with team mate on an attempted intercepted pass. Odds not too good that he will retain sight of one eye11/61942
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas is loyal alum1:211/61942
[ ]Dolbeer, RobertFreshman who traveled 15,000 miles to Wittenberg, knows India, war at sea2:511/61942
[ ]Kaiser, DonFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/61942
[ ]Neuman, James; Seiders, DaleNeuman, Seiders will edit, manage annual1:111/61942
[ ]Class ScheduleNew schedule to aid war effort; no more 7:45's after Nov. 161:311/61942
[ ]All College Recreation NightWAA, Men's intramural staff to hold All College Recreation Night, Nov. 201:311/61942
[ ]Plays"The Mollusc" to be presented in Blair Hall1:211/201942
[ ]Football1942 Lutheran gridders3:211/201942
[ ]Schutz, Dr. J. Raymondadvises to avoid another hollow victory4:611/201942
[ ]Herman, Rev. StewartBerlin pastor speaks Nov. 241:511/201942
[ ]Fisher, EarlClass elections give senior, junior leadership to Fisher, Gosewich1:411/201942
[ ]Gosewisch, FredClass sections give Senior, Junior leadership to Fisher, Gosewisch1:411/201942
[ ]Morgan, Dr. J. WaylandDr. Morgan returns to Chemistry Department1:311/201942
[ ]Sheil, RoyFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/201942
[ ]Military ServiceReserves required to maintain two-point2:111/201942
[ ]All College Recreation NightWAA, Men's intramural staff to hold All College Recreation Night, Nov. 201:611/201942
[ ]Laatsch, Melvin H. Dr. Laatsch is a regular guy1:411/291942
[ ]Most Valuable Players (MVPs)1937-413:512/111942
[ ]Neumann, MarkFootball squad named...most valuable player3:412/111942
[ ]FootballGrid summary3:412/111942
[ ]Rankin, TomKilled in Army plane crash in Oklahoma1:212/111942
[ ]Bowers, Rev. Louis T.Lutheran missionary visits campus1:212/111942
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesResolution favors initiations1:612/111942
[ ]Zimmann, Rev. W. address Christmas convocation1:512/111942
[ ]Soldiers-Student InsuranceWWL to sponsor insurance drive1:112/111942