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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Plays"Ghost Train"1:61/101941
[ ]Grant, DwinnellFoundation gives Grant fellowship in New York City1:31/101941
[ ]Heckathorn, EugeneFrom the campus sketchbook2:21/101941
[ ]Speech DepartmentReport finds speech department consists of much more than classes2:31/101941
[ ]Caton, Bob; Caton, Richard ByronThe battle-hungry Catons (por)3:31/101941
[ ]Kelley, G. VernonUnder his direction (pic)1:21/101941
[ ]Plays"Ghost Train"1:41/171941
[ ]Ohio Synod250 church leaders of Ohio will discuss Wittenberg's future1:11/171941
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd recalls his years as soloist in St. Olaf's choir4:31/171941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeCommittee studies aims1:51/171941
[ ]Fisher, EarlFrom the campus sketchbook4:21/171941
[ ]Ohio SynodULC luminaries attend meeting (por)1:21/171941
[ ]Plays"Gammer Gurton's Needle" to be presented by Thespians in Feb1:41/211941
[ ]Plays;Religion; Plays"Cradle Song" to be given during Lent1:21/231941
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA Aviators make progress1:31/241941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeCommittee studies aims1:61/241941
[ ]Wickey, KathrynFrom the campus sketchbook4:31/241941
[ ]Sarver, John M.Wittenberg gets single gift of $175,000 as campaign begins1:51/241941
[ ]Kazmayer, RobertAmericanism will be keynote of convocation address1:62/71941
[ ]French, BettyMost representative (por)1:12/71941
[ ]GiftsMrs. Nathaniel Brophy announces $50,000 gift to college1:42/71941
[ ]McCulloch, JohnSophomore orator...prepares for divisional contest1:42/71941
[ ]Sheil, RoySophomore sharpshooter3:42/71941
[ ]Kazmayer, RobertAir commentator pictures Germany2:42/141941
[ ]Malson, DawnCoed aviatrix lands on farm, no gas left1:12/141941
[ ]Staub, GeorgeFrom the campus sketchbook2:32/141941
[ ]Armbruster, Rev. John M.Missionary talks on South America1:12/141941
[ ]Armbruster, Rev. John M.Armbruster speaks on misconceptions of Argentina1:22/211941
[ ]DebateDebate travel to Indiana1:12/211941
[ ]Edwards, BillEdwards signs to lead Detroit pros (por)3:42/211941
[ ]Baumgartner, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:32/211941
[ ]Compton, Prof. Lida HaysProfessor Compton returns to teaching after two years, likes Wittenberg1:12/211941
[ ]Aviation Training CourseSchatzer lists seven for aeronautics1:32/211941
[ ]Berger's Continental EnsembleBerger's Continental Ensemble makes hit with students1:22/281941
[ ]ChoirChoir will sing hymns over the radio1:32/281941
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Dr. Bloomhardt's World War liner returns to action1:52/281941
[ ]Myers, Carl E.Freshman writes of revival of ancient custom in Indiana2:32/281941
[ ]Commencement BallSeniors turn down annual prom1:12/281941
[ ]Jeddy, VeraClass orator1:33/71941
[ ]FinancesCollege campaign makes progress1:33/71941
[ ]Military ServiceDefense committee links college activity to government work (por)1:53/71941
[ ]BasketballFinal cage results3:33/71941
[ ]Wilkerson, JamesFrom the campus sketchbook4:43/71941
[ ]Fisher, Earl; Heskett, CliffHeskett, Fisher chosen3:13/71941
[ ]Koch HallStudents consider best of campus buildings2:63/71941
[ ]Heskett, Cliff"Little Joe" wins records, honors3:33/211941
[ ]Ivy Oration1941 - Betty Snyder1:23/211941
[ ]Berger's Continental EnsembleBerger's Continental Ensemble to present gypsy folk music1:23/211941
[ ]FinancesCollege campaign makes progress1:13/211941
[ ]FinancesCollege campaign makes progress4:43/211941
[ ]Military ServiceDean clarifies draft situation4:53/211941
[ ]Laughbaum, W. C.Great athletes at Wittenberg #13:53/211941
[ ]Bescher, BobGreat athletes of Wittenberg3:53/211941
[ ]Snyder, BettyIvy orator1:23/211941
[ ]Oak OrationJohn Orebaugh1:23/211941
[ ]Founders DayLarimer reminds students of debt1:53/211941
[ ]Orebaugh, JohnOak orator1:23/211941
[ ]Anderson, SherwoodRegistrar's records show that Anderson was excellent student1:43/211941
[ ]Heckathorn, Eugene; Pease, RalphSeniors honor1:23/211941
[ ]Fisher, BettySeniors honor class historian1:23/211941
[ ]Pabst, MargaretThese readers, orators perform today (por)1:33/211941
[ ]Todd, BettyThose readers, orators perform today1:33/211941
[ ]Band48-piece band leaves for tour next week; to give 15 concerts1:13/281941
[ ]Honor DayAtty K.L. Rush speaks at annual academic honor day1:63/281941
[ ]PlaysBaumgartner directs "The Importance of Being Earnest" which is hard work but enjoyable1:33/281941
[ ]Baumgartner, BettyDirecting players' production hard work, but Betty loves it.1:33/281941
[ ]Trautwein, William J.Great athletes of WIttenberg #33:13/281941
[ ]Holcker, Fritz K.Holcker leads band tour (por)1:23/281941
[ ]Wickey, KathrynYW names to presidency (por)1:43/281941
[ ]Alma Mater1941 Alma Mater-elect is fourth straight Chi Omega honored1:14/41941
[ ]ChoirA capella choir appears in Springfield, Dayton1:44/41941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeActivities study nears completion1:64/41941
[ ]Hadde, MargaretAlma Mater (por)1:14/41941
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Chief worthy Shifter (por)1:24/41941
[ ]Chambers, MaryEugene Heckathorn, May Chambers elected most valuable4:34/41941
[ ]Baker, WilliamForm the campus sketchbook4:34/41941
[ ]Keyser, JoeGreat athletes of Wittenberg No. 43:54/41941
[ ]Heckathorn, EugeneHeckathorn elected most valuable4:34/41941
[ ]Shifters; Barker, Dr. J. W.Members remain silent when quizzed on "Attitude"1:14/41941
[ ]Weaver, E. O.$30,000 gift announced by Tulloss1:14/181941
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyATOs honor famed alumnus (pic)1:54/181941
[ ]Honor DayCollege will honor leaders of campus activities1:64/181941
[ ]Plays; Staub, GeorgeErnest or Earnest2:34/181941
[ ]Albright, ArchieErnest or Earnest (por)2:34/181941
[ ]Edwards, BillGreat athletes of Wittenberg #53:54/181941
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club)Holds review1:44/181941
[ ]Rajala, OliverTranslates eight Finnish hymns4:34/181941
[ ]Military ServiceColelge men may be reclassified1:15/21941
[ ]Endter, DonaldCrusader (por)1:15/21941
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiDelta Sigma Phi rated top men students1:35/21941
[ ]Bradley, JerryGreat athletes of Wittenberg #63:55/21941
[ ]Pi Delta Epsilon; Wackernagel, ElinoreJournalistic group chooses first coed prexy in its history4:55/21941
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaRegional conferences begin today1;65/21941
[ ]Hobo DaySave those old clothes--campus Hobo Day coming in two weeks1:35/21941
[ ]Rink String Quartetto perform Monday (por)1:35/21941
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Wittenberger elections will be abandoned1:25/21941
[ ]Baumgartner, BettyBaumgartner wins scholarship to summer theatre in New England4:45/91941
[ ]Alpha Delta PiCoeds take first in sorority sing1:35/91941
[ ]Hobo DaySave those old clothes--campus Hobo Day coming in two weeks1:15/91941
[ ]Dorm LeagueSororities will sing Monday; dorm wins Phi Mu Alpha trophy1:35/91941
[ ]Weng, Rev. Dr. Armin GeorgeSynod head gives Hamma address (por)1:45/91941
[ ]History of WittenbergTraveler's letter of 60 years ago tells how Wittenberg looked at that time2:35/91941
[ ]Wiencke, MatthewWittenberg man to head Ohio Region of Lutheran students1:55/91941
[ ]Lymangrover, Norman DaleBlue Key prexy (por)1:55/161941
[ ]Bremer, DavidBoard names editors (por)1:15/161941
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd discusses values of Junior Choir2:15/161941
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA has now turned out 53 civilian pilots at Wittenberg1:45/161941
[ ]PlaysCoed directors select casts, begin work on production of final play1:15/161941
[ ]CurriculumCollege to give three hour course in South American literature1:55/161941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School to conduct graduation exercises for seniors1:65/161941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma to conduct graduation exercises for seniors1:65/161941
[ ]Melody MadcapsPerform on Wittenberghour.1:15/161941
[ ]Hobo DaySave those old clothes--campus Hobo Day coming in two weeks1:35/161941
[ ]Lynch, Mrs. John C.$50,000 campaign gift is revealed1:25/231941
[ ]BandBand to conclude year with concert1:55/231941
[ ]PlaysCoed directors select casts, begin work on production of final play1:15/231941
[ ]Hovdesven, E. ArneCollege drops organ rates (por)1:65/231941
[ ]Pabst, MargaretDramatics honor group inducts ten (por)1:35/231941
[ ]Melody Madcapsharmony from 12-4 A.M., that's how the Melody Madcaps do it1:55/231941
[ ]Wills, JaneKathleen (por)1:25/231941
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulMarks 20 years at Wittenberg1:45/231941
[ ]Hobo DaySave those old clothes--campus Hobo Day coming in two weeks2:55/231941
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Studies school problems (por)4:45/231941
[ ]GolfWittenberg golfers yearn for establishment of varsity team3:45/231941
[ ]Football32 yearling grid hopefuls report3:39/191941
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinBegins forty-first year here129/191941
[ ]Delta ZetaBeta Phi's join Delta Zeta's1:39/191941
[ ]Bell, Rev. A.E.Dean Larimer, Dr. Bell receive awards for service2:39/191941
[ ]Norman, Paul RedFormer star takes frosh coaching job3:69/191941
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaFriend makes dream come true2:49/191941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School gets record first-year class1:49/191941
[ ]Sachs, SamuelJuniors name Sachs business manager of 1942 Wittenberger1:69/191941
[ ]Thomas, Warren I. Khaki for Thomas3:39/191941
[ ]Dubuc, Daniel; de Sa Pires, ArmandoLatin Americans will study here1:29/191941
[ ]Lymangrover, Norman DaleMain cog (por)3:29/191941
[ ]Peitso, Jukka; Adlerbert, Elna; Gilbert, Paulette; Foreign StudentsMystery shrouds whereabouts of Finnish student1:59/191941
[ ]Thompson, RalstonNew instructor to join present staff1:19/191941
[ ]Musgrave, JuneNew instructors to join present staff1:19/191941
[ ]FootballSelective service, sheepskins dampen Lutheran grid hopes3:19/191941
[ ]Football1941 Lutheran gridders3:29/261941
[ ]Martin, John; McCulloch, JohnCollege chemists rank high in test1:59/261941
[ ]Wiencke, MatthewFour Wittenbergers achieve straight A standing1:29/261941
[ ]Weil, DorritFriendly Viennese coed likes America1:19/261941
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolHamma Divinity School gets record first-year class4:69/261941
[ ]WIGStop campus in grades1:39/261941
[ ]Hampton QuartetChorus sings at...convocation1:510/31941
[ ]Bremer, DavidFrom the campus sketchbook4:510/31941
[ ]FootballGrid opposition3:510/31941
[ ]Thompson, RalstonNew art instructor constantly seeks "Fresh outlook on things"1:310/31941
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/31941
[ ]FootballWittenberg undefeated since November two years ago3:210/31941
[ ]BandBand promises special program between halves1:510/101941
[ ]Colton, Dr. EthanNoted author to speak at convocation1:510/101941
[ ]Zimmerman, Carrie M.returns to teach here; finds college life has changed1:310/101941
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm league to have club room3:1-210/151941
[ ]Ambassador Quartet and Bell RingersAmbassador Quartet and Bell Ringers perform at assembly1:510/171941
[ ]GiftsAnonymous gift of $50,000 proveds for new library1:610/171941
[ ]Malson, DawnCoed aviatrix demonstrates flight ability1:510/171941
[ ]HomecomingHomecoming, six weeks exams vie for campus supremacy1:110/171941
[ ]Woellner, DaveLutheran jack of all trades (por)3:210/171941
[ ]Colton, Dr. EthanNoted author to speak at convocation1:210/171941
[ ]Honors coursesSix enroll for honors work1:410/171941
[ ]Second Generation ClubStudents organize4:410/171941
[ ]Dubuc, DanielVenezuelan students finds North America difficult to understand1:310/171941
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.College gets $5000 from estate of late professor1:210/311941
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteHolkesvig to be 1942 Miss Wittenberger1:110/311941
[ ]Shearer, SybleModern dance artist to perform at next Monday's assembly1:210/311941
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyNoted graduate is nominated for high church post2:410/311941
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaPhi Gam toaster, Chi O cannibal first prize winners1:310/311941
[ ]Chi OmegaPhi Gam toaster, Chi O cannibal win first awards1:310/311941
[ ]HomecomingPhi Gam toaster, Chi O cannibal win first awards among decorations1:310/311941
[ ]PlaysPlayers present "Taming of the shrew" next week1:610/311941
[ ]Peitso, JukkaReport comes from Finnish Ex-Student Studying at Harvard2:310/311941
[ ]Dance ClubDance Club presents program2:111/71941
[ ]Sarver, John M.;DeathsDonor, friend of Wittenberg, dies1:511/71941
[ ]Shearer, SybleExplains art of modern dancing1:611/71941
[ ]West, Dr. Wilbur D.Heads new college committee1:111/71941
[ ]Holkesvig, MargueriteHolkesvig plans dance (por)1:311/71941
[ ]Graham, Dean ThomasOberlin theologian speaks at convo1:211/71941
[ ]Ondov, MichaelReturns to pulpit following long hospitalization1:511/71941
[ ]Hallauer, John; O'donnell, NorbertTwo years out of college--two plays4:411/71941
[ ]Musgrave, JuneWeathers whistles of first assembly1:311/71941
[ ]Plays"Double Door" by McFadden, presented by players1:611/191941
[ ]Faculty-Student Relations CommitteeActivities study nears completion1:311/191941
[ ]AccreditationAssociation places Wittenberg back on accredited listing4:311/191941
[ ]Brass QuartetBrass quartet formed4:511/191941
[ ]AttendanceDean lists rules for absences1:411/191941
[ ]Sachs, SamuelFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/191941
[ ]Swan, HelenFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/191941
[ ]Jenkins, MiriamIn next play1:511/191941
[ ]Shirk, OwenSeniors end grid careers1:111/191941
[ ]Caton, Bob; Lymangrover, Norman DaleSeniors end grid careers (por)1:111/191941
[ ]Bloomhardt, Dr. Paul F.Bloomhardt finds no value in judging present war by last1:111/281941
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd says music vital to worship1:211/281941
[ ]Caton, BobCaton's touchdowns come at same rate3:411/281941
[ ]Cadwagan, RoseClasses win official okay of English students2:511/281941
[ ]BandConcert band opens season1:511/281941
[ ]FootballFinal grid results3:511/281941
[ ]Deming, Mrs. NinaNew housemother of Alpha Delts takes pride in her two Navy sons2:311/281941
[ ]Robinson, MargaretPortias come from three countries1:411/281941
[ ]Adlerbert, Elna; Weil, DorritPortias come from three countries (por)1:411/281941
[ ]Rossi, RogerThey received their due rewards3:211/281941
[ ]Lymangrover, Norman DaleThey received their due rewards (MVP) (por)3:211/281941
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWins intramural debating cup from Alpha Taus1:411/281941
[ ]Mitchell, Rev. Carveth PearnTo give Christmas convocation Friday1:612/121941
[ ]Commencement BallClass of '42 backs dance proposition1:312/191941
[ ]Sheil, RoyLetterman3:212/191941
[ ]BasketballLutheran cage roster3:312/191941
[ ]BasketballUntried quintet faces Dayton3:112/191941
[ ]Robinson, MargaretWas injured in the Kappa Delta house when a bed collapsed on her. Was in City Hospital12/191941
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity NightWinning is old habit of Phi Psis1:112/191941
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenbergers have always wanted something: in 1893 it was boating3:512/191941