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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Shannon, FrankAccepts coaching position3:51/121940
[ ]O'donnell, NorbertPlays of Hallauer, O'Donnel feature second production1:61/121940
[ ]Hallauer, JohnPlays of Hallauer, O'Donnel feature second production (por)1:41/121940
[ ]Neuberg, Maurice J.Receives honor1:21/121940
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.;DeathsRev. Dr. Jacob H. Culler dies at 93 after brief illness (12/26/39)1:61/121940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Talks on cut system in college1:61/121940
[ ]PlaysThespians give original plays. Plays of Hallauer, O'Donnell, feature second production1:41/121940
[ ]Arrigada, HumbertoArrigada, Humberto takes campus chess championship (por)2:31/191940
[ ]Chatlain, Edward M.; Heskett, Cliff; Shannon, Frank; Albright, David; BasketballCardinal and cream cagers (por)3:21/191940
[ ]Jeddy, VeraFrom the campus sketchbook4:11/191940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCampus aviators make first flight1:32/21940
[ ]Jeddy, VeraChanges from actress to director in play production4:52/21940
[ ]Erikson, InglebordForeign beauties combine cultural pursuits with practical diversions (por)2:32/21940
[ ]Jung, IngebordForeign beauties combine cultural pursuits with professional diversions2:32/21940
[ ]Bittenbender, RichardFrom the campus sketchbook2:62/21940
[ ]Accreditation; Hamma Divinity SchoolGroup places Hamma on list1:22/21940
[ ]Heskett, CliffLeads scorers3:32/21940
[ ]AttendanceSuhr reveals a new absence system1:62/21940
[ ]Plays"Day come white" Grant announces cast of third play1:22/91940
[ ]Fiser, Mrs. Mary AliceFaculty addition advises business work in college2:42/91940
[ ]Bach, Dr. Frederick L.Founder of music school succumbs2:32/91940
[ ]Albright, DavidFrom the campus sketchbook4:32/91940
[ ]Chatlain, Edward M.High scorer (por)3:52/91940
[ ]Tripp, Mrs. Phoebe L.Holds literature, arts, music as real things in life1:32/91940
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger talks on life of Mozart (pic)1:22/91940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Reveals new system for marking attendance1:32/91940
[ ]AttendanceSuhr reveals a new absence system (por)1:32/91940
[ ]Plays"Day come white" Grant announces cast of third play1:22/161940
[ ]Marshall, Dr. JamesAustralian will appear on campus1:32/161940
[ ]Jensen, Elwood A.From the campus sketchbook4:32/161940
[ ]Weiland, Dr. Glenn S.Maintains purposeful yet carefree attitude towards life1:32/161940
[ ]Male QuartetQuartet will sing at fifteens schools in three days (por)2:32/161940
[ ]ChoirWilliams to direct choir of 40 voices in pre-Easter tour1:12/161940
[ ]ChoirA capella choir1:12/211940
[ ]Reese, Dr. HelenExplores, collects dolls, china during two years in France1:42/211940
[ ]Marshall, Dr. JamesMarshall speaks on native country2:42/211940
[ ]Marshall, Dr. JamesSpeaks on native country2:42/211940
[ ]Plays"Day come white" Grant announces cast of third play1:23/11940
[ ]Albright, DavidAlbright gets valuable player honor3:13/11940
[ ]Heskett, CliffFrom the campus sketchbook2:63/11940
[ ]Haines, Mrs. Betty FreemanHaines states marriage harmonizes with career1:33/11940
[ ]Voigt, Dr. Gilbert P.Literary tastes differ, maintains Voigt2:43/11940
[ ]Class of 1940; Class DaySeniors elect class orators1:33/11940
[ ]Heskett, CliffSharpshooting ace hits record peak as point total shatters 300 mark3:33/11940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Speaks at annual observance program1:53/11940
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.To give sermon in chapel (pic)1:23/11940
[ ]Founders DayDr. E.G. Suhr is Founder's Day speaker1:33/81940
[ ]BasketballFinal standings3:43/81940
[ ]ChoirHam, Krueger assume main roles in cantata1:13/81940
[ ]Krueger, FritzHam, Krueger assume main roles in cantata (por)1:23/81940
[ ]Bennett, Nancy Jane; Clarke, Emily; Lautner, Phyllis; Pabst, MargaretSeven vie for beauty crown1:23/81940
[ ]French, BettySeven vie for beauty queen1:23/81940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Speaks at annual observance program1:33/81940
[ ]Arrigada, HumbertoTests difficult? Chilean students take four semester examinations4:43/81940
[ ]PlaysVera Jeddy names cast for "Fashion"1:53/81940
[ ]Baumgartner, BettyHeads committee on WWL night (por)1:33/151940
[ ]Patmos, A. Edwardmaintains economic both as hobby, vocation1;33/151940
[ ]Dance ClubDance Club plans for annual recital3:23/211940
[ ]Hallauer, JohnFrom the campus sketchbook2:43/211940
[ ]O'donnell, NorbertFrom the campus sketchbook2:33/211940
[ ]Gifts; Brophy, NathanielTulloss reveals gift of $75,000 in Florida1:53/211940
[ ]PlaysVera Jeddy names cast for "Fashion"1:13/211940
[ ]Bodenberg, Dr. E.T.Bodenberg to talk (por)2:33/291940
[ ]Lambda MuClassics honorary will give picture1:13/291940
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Directs summer session4:33/291940
[ ]Bennett, Nancy JaneFrom the campus sketchbook2:63/291940
[ ]Stearns, GeorgiannaFrom the campus sketchbook2:53/291940
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Marks 73rd anniversary April Fool's Day4:23/291940
[ ]LibraryMiss Prince traces growth2:33/291940
[ ]Blackwelder, Rev. Oscar F.; Piper, Rev. Otto; Preaching InstituteThree speak at institute1:33/291940
[ ]Prince, GraceTraces growth of Zimmerman library on campus2:33/291940
[ ]Ryan, Grace L.Authority on folk dancing will speak3:14/51940
[ ]PlaysConrad, Hallauer, O'Donnell take leads in "Candida"1:24/51940
[ ]Preaching InstituteInstitute hears eminent speakers as alumni return1:54/51940
[ ]Wilson, JamesNoted author talks here1:14/51940
[ ]Paullin, MarianStill prefers Wittenberg after extensive travel3:34/51940
[ ]Piper, Rev. OttoThree speak at Institute1:54/51940
[ ]Plays"Candida" is close run tonight1:14/121940
[ ]Ryan, Grace L.Authority on folk dancing will speak2:44/121940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisFrom the campus sketchbook4:44/121940
[ ]Wilson, JamesNoted author talks here1:44/121940
[ ]Mower, Alice M.Observes 50th year on campus1:34/121940
[ ]Commencement BallSeniors revive Commencement ball1:54/121940
[ ]Honor DayBloomhardt speaks1:24/261940
[ ]Getzendaner, MarkGetzendaner wins law scholarship2:44/261940
[ ]Hallauer, JohnHallauer will present original play1:34/261940
[ ]PlaysHallauer, O'Donnell to present original play "Tomorrow is a memory" in symphonic style1:34/261940
[ ]Van Why, Professor John B.Leads at Chicago meeting (pic)3:24/261940
[ ]Male QuartetQuartet presents high school programs2:24/261940
[ ]O'donnell, NorbertWill present original play1:34/261940
[ ]Lautner, Phyllis"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." (por)1:55/31940
[ ]Busler, Rev. Vinton E.(por)2:35/31940
[ ]PlaysAudience receives play with enthusiasm1:15/31940
[ ]Dance ClubDance Club plans for annual recital1:65/31940
[ ]Clarke, EmilyFrom the campus sketchbook2:15/31940
[ ]Clarke, EmilyMirror, mirror on the wall (port)1:15/31940
[ ]Bennett, Nancy JaneMirror, mirror on the wall... (por)1:35/31940
[ ]French, Betty; Pabst, MargaretMirror, mirror on the wall... (por)1:25/31940
[ ]Parents WeekendPhi Mu Alpha Sinfonia concert to mark1:35/31940
[ ]Albright, Archie"Early Bird" seniors1:25/101940
[ ]Jensen, Elwood A."Early bird" seniors1:25/101940
[ ]Fisher, John; Getzendaner, Mark; O'donnell, Norbert"Early Bird" seniors (por)1:25/101940
[ ]Bittenbender, Richard'Early bird' seniors1:25/101940
[ ]Carlson, Gordon'Early bird' seniors (por)1:25/101940
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Divides time between classes, pratical jokes, limburger2:35/101940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDivinity students graduate on May 191:15/101940
[ ]Bair, GeorgeEarly Bird seniors1:25/101940
[ ]Hallauer, JohnEarly Bird seniors (por)1:25/101940
[ ]Honor DayLawson to give...speech1:65/101940
[ ]BandRhythm band will feature program1:15/101940
[ ]Alma MaterAlice Hepner (por)1:35/171940
[ ]Hepner, AliceAlma Mater1:25/171940
[ ]PlaysAnnual campus play to be presented May 311:15/171940
[ ]Baker, WilliamBaker gains business manager position on Torch (por)1:45/171940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolDivinity students graduate on May 191:15/171940
[ ]Ebert, Rev. W.W.Ebert delivers main address to seniors at Hamma graduation exercises.1:15/171940
[ ]Carlson, GordonFrom the campus sketchbook2:55/171940
[ ]Kuusisto, AllanKuusisto, Baker gain editor, business manager positions of the Torch (por)1:45/171940
[ ]Honor DayLawson to give...speech1:25/171940
[ ]Ivy Oration1940 - Charles Mollett1:65/241940
[ ]Commencement222 students receive degrees, June 31:55/241940
[ ]PlaysAnnual campus play to be presented May 311:25/241940
[ ]CommencementCommencement schedule1:35/241940
[ ]Alma MaterFete to honor Tulloss1:15/241940
[ ]Oak OrationFred Wiley1:65/241940
[ ]Pabst, MargaretFrom the campus sketchbook4:35/241940
[ ]Wiley, FredOak orator1:65/241940
[ ]ChoirSinging alumni come back next weekend for reunion1:15/241940
[ ]Wiegman, Rev. Fred deliver commencement address (por)1:55/241940
[ ]Ondov, Michael"Mike" Ondov registers at Hamma; considers his recovery an act of God (por)4:49/201940
[ ]Football1940 grid opposition3:29/201940
[ ]Gifts; CampusAlumni gift to college nears completion (pic)2:39/201940
[ ]BasketballCagers play in the east again this winter1:59/201940
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Dedicates book to students1:49/201940
[ ]Winkler, Rolf;DeathsExchange student dies in Nazi corps4:59/201940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFlack takes ever duties in seminary1:19/201940
[ ]Flack, Dr. E.E.Flack takes over duties in seminary1:19/201940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFlack takes over duties in seminary (por)1:19/201940
[ ]FootballFootball results3:29/201940
[ ]Pease, RalphFrom the campus sketchbook2:49/201940
[ ]FootballLate comers to ranks3:39/201940
[ ]Chatlain, Edward M.Late comers to ranks (por)3:39/201940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary dedicates rose window at service4:39/201940
[ ]Bernhard, Dr. Richard; Faculty; Tinglum, Prof. OttarSix new staff members enter posts1:29/201940
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.Speaks on educations1:39/201940
[ ]Anspach, Howard A.Anspach, Howard A. returns to Witt in role of teacher4:39/271940
[ ]Football; Lymangrover, Norman DaleAs tough as they look3:39/271940
[ ]Byess, Dr. William F.Avers sports, art books, his likes1:19/271940
[ ]Military ServiceCollege provisions of draft bill1:39/271940
[ ]Chatlain, Edward M.From the campus sketchbook4:39/271940
[ ]School of MusicMusic students find their school more attractive4:69/271940
[ ]Gifts; CampusNew campus overlook opposite Recitation Hall nears completion1:29/271940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseSchatzer announces aviation course (por)1:59/271940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary dedicates rose window at service4:49/271940
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary dedicates rose window at service (pic)4:49/271940
[ ]Football1940 roster3:110/41940
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAddresses freshmen in chapel1:510/41940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA to use local airport1:210/41940
[ ]Hepner, AliceFrom the campus sketchbook4:410/41940
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/41940
[ ]Tinglum, Prof. OttarRecommends travel for education1:110/41940
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Revisions add much to second edition of Dr. Beaver's textbook1:110/41940
[ ]FootballThese veterans start tomorrow3:310/41940
[ ]Lymangrover, Norman DaleThese veterans start tomorrow (por)3:310/41940
[ ]Bernhard, Dr. RichardBernhard admires informal spirit found at Witt; likes to relate his European travels (por)1:210/111940
[ ]Aviation Training CourseCAA classes to begin Monday1:310/111940
[ ]Peitso, JukkaFinnish exchange student hurries to Wittenberg1:410/111940
[ ]Rifle ClubStudents get army awards3:410/111940
[ ]FootballThese Lutheran sophmores3:110/111940
[ ]Neumann, MarkThese Lutheran Sophomores3:110/111940
[ ]Rossi, RogerThese Lutheran sophomores3;110/111940
[ ]Woellner, DaveThese Lutheran sophomores3:110/111940
[ ]Trevisan, OlgaVenetian soprano sings in assembly1:410/111940
[ ]FootballFighting Lutherans3:310/181940
[ ]Peitso, JukkaFinnish student arrives at Wittenberg Tuesday4:210/181940
[ ]PlaysPlayers open curtain on "June Mad" November 71:410/181940
[ ]Remsberg, Dr. Robert G.Returns to Wittenberg as teacher after pursuing studies here for 11 years1:310/181940
[ ]Homecoming Queen1940 Betty Snyder1:211/11940
[ ]Anspach, Howard A.Anspach, Howard A. speaks on Japan, China2:511/11940
[ ]HomecomingBetty Snyder, queen (por)1:211/11940
[ ]Johnson, John RobertBrains as well as brawn3:111/11940
[ ]Lymangrover, Norman DaleFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/11940
[ ]Snyder, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/11940
[ ]Holcker, Fritz K.Holcker likes Wittenberg, modern classical music; regrets he lacks time for violin, his first love (por)1:311/11940
[ ]PlaysPlayers open curtain on "June Mad" November 71:411/11940
[ ]Snyder, BettyQueen for 1940 (por)1:211/11940
[ ]National ElectionsStudents cast votes for Wilkie1:111/11940
[ ]Alber, Louis J.Alber, Louis J. will lecture on Churchill (por)1:111/81940
[ ]Colton, Dr. EthanAuthor discusses European strife1:311/81940
[ ]Boyd, Prof. Silas L.Boyd former member of St. Olaf's choir, continues his interests as new Music School director (por)1:211/81940
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaCapture homecoming decoration trophies1:511/81940
[ ]Chatlain, Edward M.Chatlain heads seniors (por)1:511/81940
[ ]Chi OmegaChi Omega capture homecoming decoration trophies1:511/81940
[ ]HomecomingChi Omega, Phi Mu Delta capture homecoming decoration trophies1:511/81940
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaChi Omegas and Phi Mu Deltas win homecoming trophies1:511/81940
[ ]Guardsmen QuartetOld-fashioned routine features1;311/81940
[ ]PlaysPlayers open curtain on "June Mad" November 71:611/81940
[ ]Caton, Bob; Caton, Richard ByronTwo Catons--two touchdowns (por)3:311/81940
[ ]Adlerbert, ElnaAdlerbert enjoys friendliness of Americans1:111/151940
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta wins scholastic honors for last semester1:511/151940
[ ]Blochova, MargitBlochova enjoy friendliness of Americans1:111/151940
[ ]Wills, JaneFeminine lead4:411/151940
[ ]Lambda Chi AlphaLCA wins scholastic honors for last semester1:511/151940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisMiss Wittenberger (por)11/151940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisMiss Wittenberger (por)1:311/151940
[ ]Lautner, PhyllisPhoto appears in Phi Delt magazine (por)4:511/151940
[ ]Hall, MarionSymphony pianist will play1:511/151940
[ ]FootballTop of the heap3:511/151940
[ ]Beta Theta PiDebate trophy goes to Beta Theta Pi for second straight year1:311/291940
[ ]FootballFinal grid results3:111/291940
[ ]Robertson, JesseFormer Ziegfried star speaks here1:211/291940
[ ]Varsity NightFraternities cancel1:211/291940
[ ]Fisher, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:411/291940
[ ]Orebaugh, JohnFrom the campus sketchbook4:511/291940
[ ]FootballOhio conference champions1:211/291940
[ ]FootballSchool dedicates assembly to team1:611/291940
[ ]Athletics; FootballStudents, faculty sing praises of champion Lutherans1:111/291940
[ ]BasketballCagers play in the east again this winter1:612/131940
[ ]Smith, Arlitechampion woman diver will speak (por)1:512/131940
[ ]Peitso, Jukka; Military ServiceFinnish Jukka Peitso, Holder of Mannerheim medal, will do all his fighting with blue books this winter1:112/131940
[ ]Endter, DonaldFrom the Campus Sketchbook4:512/131940
[ ]Hadde, MargaretFrom the campus sketchbook4:412/131940
[ ]Hamma choirHamma choir will sing1:312/131940
[ ]Robertson, JesseStudents hear ancient horns2:612/131940
[ ]WIGSWigs obtain official OK of faculty1:112/131940
[ ]Plays"Ghost Train" to be presented by Wittenberg players1:512/201940
[ ]Smith, Arlitechampion woman diver will speak (por)1:212/201940
[ ]BasketballFighting Lutherans--1941 edition (por)3:312/201940
[ ]Demint, PatriciaFirst and last (por)2:312/201940
[ ]Todd, BettyFrom the campus sketchbook4:412/201940
[ ]FinancesFund raising campaign: directors O.K. big campaign1:312/201940
[ ]Lentz, Rev. HaroldLentz speaks at Christmas convocation1:112/201940
[ ]Jeddy, VeraTakes lead role1:512/201940