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[ ]Victory BellBoost W puts victory bell in Myers belfry1:21/151937
[ ]PlaysHoak, Lehmann have important roles in mystery1:11/151937
[ ]Eames, Dr. Henry PurmortOriental music to feature next convocation1:51/151937
[ ]CurriculumCollege adds new courses1:21/221937
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity NightDelta sig act wins4:21/221937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSeminary students will give farewell party for Dr. Flack1:21/221937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertTo speak in contrast1:61/221937
[ ]Alpha Delta PiAlpha Delta Pi places first in festival3:52/121937
[ ]FacultyFaculty announces five staff changes1:12/121937
[ ]OratorsRobert Sultzbach in state contest1:22/191937
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaWins national award2:42/191937
[ ]Ames, Sir HubertAmes will address students at convocation1:52/261937
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask will give play1:12/261937
[ ]Williams, Miss KatherineHousemother views common habits, changing fads of Ferncliff coeds1:42/261937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertPlaces second in contest1:22/261937
[ ]OratorsSultzbach places second1:22/261937
[ ]ScholarshipsTwelve are perfect in scholarship1:62/261937
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.College to observe Founders' Day with pageant, Monday1:23/51937
[ ]Albright, DavidStudents acclaim leaders in TORCH Prominarity contest1:43/51937
[ ]Prominarity ContestStudents acclaim leaders in Torch Prominarity contest1:43/51937
[ ]Rothaar, RobertStudents acclaim leaders in TORCH prominarity contest1:43/51937
[ ]Plays"Rebound" is third play of season1:63/241937
[ ]DebateCo-eds take 2nd place in intercollegiate tournament1:53/241937
[ ]Sunday, ChristineCoeds elect...president of Women's League1:23/241937
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Oldest graduate gives $16,000 gift to college4:33/241937
[ ]Plays"Hell bent for Heaven" to be presented by Theta Alpha Phis1:24/91937
[ ]Ivy Oration1937 - Olga Leilich1:14/91937
[ ]Warner, BarbaraAlma Mater Queen (por)1:4, 54/91937
[ ]Oak OrationBetty Stweart1:14/91937
[ ]Kayser, Prof. JacquesFrench author speaks1:24/91937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:44/91937
[ ]PlaysLang, Sultzbach star in "Rebound"2:44/91937
[ ]Class of 1937; Class DaySeniors nominate speakers1:14/91937
[ ]Plays"Hell bent for Heaven" to be presented by Theta Alpha Phis1:64/161937
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni68 Alumni hold coaching post3:54/161937
[ ]Honor DayCampus groups to honor leaders1:24/161937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:34/161937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertIs peace orator1:44/161937
[ ]Kayser, Prof. JacquesKayser commends American students1:24/161937
[ ]Beauty ContestStudents select ten most beautiful coeds4/161937
[ ]OrchestraThree day tour opensNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:24/221937
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni68 Alumni hold coaching post3:24/301937
[ ]Athletics -- HistoryHow much of Wittenberg's sports history do you know?3:24/301937
[ ]Parents WeekendParents will visit college1:14/301937
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Rev. Dr. Culler recalls college life of the 1860s4:34/301937
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWhy do students pick Wittenberg1:14/301937
[ ]Haddock, Mr. G. MarstenEnglish lecturer sings folk songs4:55/71937
[ ]Delta Sigma PhiInterfraternity sing 19371:25/71937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertIs peace orator1:55/71937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolPrepares for graduation of 13 seniors1:55/141937
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaSorority sing1:15/141937
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected Academy head1:25/211937
[ ]Alma MaterPageant plans are complete (Barbara Warner)1:45/211937
[ ]TorchPlaces second in "Best Weekly" contest1:55/211937
[ ]CommencementSenior committees finish preparations for Commencement 19371:65/211937
[ ]OratorsSultzbach's winning oration is 3rd consecutive victory in peace contest1:35/211937
[ ]Sultzbach, RobertWinning oration is third consecutive vitory in Peace Contest1:35/211937
[ ]CampusAerial view shows campus45/281937
[ ]Beta Theta PiBeta chapter to celebrate seventieth anniversarySec. II5/281937
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities now lost, died various deaths on college campus1:25/281937
[ ]Alma MaterPageant plans are complete (Barbara Warner1:55/281937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolPrepares for graduation of 13 seniors1:45/281937
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolPrepares for graduation of 13 seniors4:45/281937
[ ]CommencementSenior committees finish preparations for Commencement 19371:15/281937
[ ]CommencementSenior committees finish preparations for Commencement 19371:45/281937
[ ]Coy, MarthaWittenberg student compares schools of United States, India2:45/281937
[ ]ChapelWork completed on new pulpit, lectern for college chapel1:55/281937
[ ]LibraryAddition of 1,960 booksincludes many of value2:39/111937
[ ]Flack, Rev. ElmerAssembly speaker (pic)1:59/111937
[ ]Faculty; Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertEight new educators on staff1:49/111937
[ ]FootballFootball schedule3:29/111937
[ ]LibraryLibrary contests to begin this year1:69/111937
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.One of eight new faculty members1:49/111937
[ ]School of MusicSchool is renovated1:19/111937
[ ]CampusThe listening tree2:39/111937
[ ]Lowe, BettyThese pretty coeds return to campus (por)4:19/111937
[ ]Hepner, AliceVeteran of three round the world trips is first frosh coed to arrive1:19/111937
[ ]Constitutional SesquicentennialAmerican Constitution celebrates sesquicentennial of founding day2:19/171937
[ ]Anderson, SherwoodCoed describes work with Sherwood Anderson1:29/171937
[ ]Neuberg, Maurice J.Completes 10th year on staff4:59/171937
[ ]Oehlsen, ArnoldFormer Northwestern conductor takes charge of Wittenberg band (por)1:39/171937
[ ]CampusOnce a museum2:49/171937
[ ]Illingworth, Davis JohnstownPortrait1:29/171937
[ ]Loper, Kitty LouThese pretty coeds return to campus (por)4:19/171937
[ ]Honors coursesEight to take honors work1:49/241937
[ ]FootballFootball roster19/241937
[ ]FootballFootball roster3:29/241937
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradForeign journals publish article by Dr. Kruger2:49/241937
[ ]CampusKoch Hall photo2:29/241937
[ ]Plays"Mrs. Moonlight" to be first selection of Wittenberg players1:510/11937
[ ]Constitutional SesquicentennialCoeds will model famous dresses1:310/11937
[ ]DeBoer, Dr. JosephineDr. Josephine DeBoer tells of escape from war-torn Spain1:410/11937
[ ]CampusMyers Hall cupola2:410/11937
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledges4:110/11937
[ ]Foreign StudentsSix students of foreign nations enter Witt2:310/11937
[ ]Orators; Sultzbach, RichardStudent wins national prize1:210/11937
[ ]Hovdesven, E. Arne"Swing" music not popular in Europe, says Hovesven2:210/81937
[ ]Homecoming Queen1937 Kitty Lou Loper1:110/81937
[ ]CampusAlumni fountain2:310/81937
[ ]Compton, Prof. Lida HaysProfessor Lida Hays Compton resumes faculty position after two years' absence1:310/81937
[ ]PlaysRachel Lanf has lead role in play1:310/81937
[ ]Ohio College AssociationEducators will meet on campus1:110/151937
[ ]Krakeur, Dr. Lester GilbertInterested in teaching, research in Diderot tule2:210/151937
[ ]PlaysLapses in time in "Mrs. Moonlight" present problems1:510/151937
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonLatin classes temporarily discontinued due to death1:310/151937
[ ]HomecomingPlans set for return of alumni1:510/151937
[ ]CampusThe office vault2:210/151937
[ ]Plays"Mrs. Moonlight" is opener1:110/221937
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaGroup grants local charter1:510/221937
[ ]Krueger, Dr. RaymondMath instructor shares puzzles with students1:110/221937
[ ]HomecomingPlans set for return of alumni1:310/221937
[ ]Harp, Hugh G.Recuperating from nervous breakdown2:310/221937
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Second faculty member to die in past two weeks1:510/221937
[ ]CampusStation WCSO2:210/221937
[ ]Homecoming500 alumni attend weekend festivities4:410/291937
[ ]CampusFirst in X-rays4:510/291937
[ ]PlaysFirst play of season, "Mrs. Moonlight" is success1:310/291937
[ ]Chi OmegaHomecoming display winners4:410/291937
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiHomecoming display wins annual contest4:410/291937
[ ]Malone, MargaretNew personnel assistant blames parents for juvenile delinquency1:210/291937
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertSeminary honors4:410/291937
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Students of Latin resume classwork1:310/291937
[ ]CampusFirst electric power2:211/51937
[ ]Reissinger, HermanGerman exchange student arrive home after year of globe circling2:211/51937
[ ]Helvern, A. J.It's peelers to spinning wheel for "Mr. Fixit"2:211/51937
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club); Kappa Omicron PhiLocal group receives bid to honorary1:511/51937
[ ]PlaysRehearsals begin for Ibsen's play "Hedda Gabler"1:111/51937
[ ]Nystrom, Dr. Wendell C.States that teachers are greatest individualists1:411/51937
[ ]McIntire, AnnabelleStudents devise posters, Annabelle answers them all2:111/51937
[ ]Koo, Dr. T. Z.Students will hear Dr. Koo1:411/51937
[ ]Haines, Mrs. Betty Freeman(por)1:311/121937
[ ]Allbeck, Willard DowAllbeck, Willard Dow donates old edition of Augsburg Confession to library2:211/121937
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaAlpha Lambda Delta will install chapter1:211/121937
[ ]Koo, Dr. T. Z.Koo solicits U.S. cooperation in peace efforts1:511/121937
[ ]Martin, Mrs. Dorothy TraquairNew archeology instructor tells of lure in discovering ancient ruins1:211/121937
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaNine classmates circulate letter for seven years2:211/121937
[ ]CampusThe war memorial2:111/121937
[ ]OrchestraThirty-three members to take part in first contest1:311/121937
[ ]Ondov, MichaelTransfusions aid Ondov's recovery1:411/121937
[ ]Ondov, MichaelAccident victim improves slowly1:611/191937
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaNational president installs honorary1:211/191937
[ ]Van de Wall, Dr. Clara LiepmannSociology professor says American crime situation is not abnormal1:311/191937
[ ]Galemberti, Oscar CarlosSouth American is new student at Wittenberg1:411/191937
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodWell-known author to address students at assembly2:311/191937
[ ]CampusZimmerman library2:211/191937
[ ]Welty, JeanneArtist portrays historical figure2:212/101937
[ ]BasketballCagers leave Sunday on tour through East.1:412/101937
[ ]Norman, Paul RedNorman named most valuable on grid plaque3:612/101937
[ ]Krueger, FritzPhi Mu Alpha Sinfonia will present2:212/101937
[ ]Ondov, MichaelWitt, Hamma to raise Christmas funds for Ondov1:212/101937
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Pershing to receive his PhD degree (por)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:3-412/151937
[ ]BandBand arranges for "Basketball concert" series1:512/171937
[ ]BasketballCagers leave Sunday on tour through East.1:512/171937
[ ]BasketballCagers leave Sunday on tour through East. (por)3:312/171937
[ ]DebateDebate team places 2nd in Ohio Conference tournament1:212/171937
[ ]CampusGerman herbarium2:212/171937