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[ ]Speech ClinicCourses offered1:31/91930
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaHonorary selections1:21/91930
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceLutheran youths of three states visit campus1:71/91930
[ ]Weaver, ElgarMr. & Mrs. Weaver of Brookville, OH give $50,000 for new observatory1:31/91930
[ ]Association of American UniversitiesNational recognition if given Wittenberg1:61/91930
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaSixth national fraternity installed on campus1:11/91930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryWork to begin on new building soon (pic)11/91930
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club will move from Myers Hall rooms1:61/161930
[ ]Field House; Choir; BasketballGymansium Opens Feb. 14,15; Choir Sings; Team Plays1:71/161930
[ ]DebateTie for state championship (pic)1/161930
[ ]Health Education buildingBuilding brings changes in the physical education program1:71/231930
[ ]FencingColleges plan fencing group3:21/231930
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Phi Kappa Psi; FiresHouse damaged by fire, causing loss of $1,5001:41/231930
[ ]CoachingNoted mentors will teach here3:11/231930
[ ]Field House; Choir; Basketball; Telephone ServicePlans completed for Gymnasium's Opening Program1:11/231930
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirTo be heard by large group1:41/231930
[ ]Williams, R. P.Trainer retains world record3:61/231930
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.Evjen chosen by seminarians for graduation speaker1:32/131930
[ ]GymnasiumFormal opening of the new building1:72/131930
[ ]Knubel, Dr. Frederick H.Principal speaker at the first Wittenberg Youth Conference1:62/131930
[ ]Cook, RosamondRosamund C. Cook, a journalist for women's magazines, will address members of the Home Economics Department4:32/131930
[ ]Broda, Dr. RudolphDr. Broda, a native of Austria on the Antioch faculty, addresses the classes in political science, economics, and socialism1:12/201930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaEighth honorary society added to Wittenberg campus.1:12/201930
[ ]ChoirInitial performance1:62/201930
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiSponsors a national play writing contest4:32/201930
[ ]Beta Beta BetaBiologists start three researches1:42/271930
[ ]Phi Mu DeltaCharter granted to local chapter--Phi Theta Phi.4:52/271930
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaFormally installed1:22/271930
[ ]DebateWomen open season1:72/271930
[ ]History of Wittenberg85th anniversary celebrated at chapel1:13/61930
[ ]Wittenberg College85th Anniversary celebrated at long chapel1:13/61930
[ ]Student ChestHas not been successful in the last few years4:13/61930
[ ]Morris, EarlHonored by faculty1:53/61930
[ ]Intramural SportsOfficials will inaugurate intra-mural sport program1:63/61930
[ ]Literary AwardsClub for prospective writers proposed2:13/131930
[ ]Founders DayFounder's Day marks 85th anniv. of college and 10th year of Pres. Tulloss' services as pres.1:63/131930
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Keyser heads conferences1:33/131930
[ ]AttendanceStudents average over 500 cuts weekly4:63/131930
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaArchitect's drawing gives view of ATO house4:33/201930
[ ]LibraryDeans and president decide on survey for library information3:53/201930
[ ]Lewars, Elsie SingmasterEminent short story writer talks at long chapel4:43/201930
[ ]Class GiftsGift of Class '29 and Class '31 is a circle located at intersection of Meyers Hall walk and Reci-Blair Halls walk (description)4:13/201930
[ ]HikingHikers meet Saturday1:43/201930
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceRegistrar receives 350 conference entries1:23/201930
[ ]DebateTeam returns from Cuban trip1:3-53/201930
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceBanquet1:74/31930
[ ]Student ChestCampus comment4/31930
[ ]PlaysDramatics move forward. The days of class plays are over2:14/31930
[ ]Spelling BeeJudge chosen4:44/31930
[ ]Honor Day BanquetTickets on sale for banquet1:24/31930
[ ]Varsity Night"Varsity Night" act planned1:34/101930
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiConstruction begins on new house4:34/101930
[ ]OrchestraEleven students start orchestra4:44/101930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryGround broken for new building1:74/101930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryGroundbreaking1:74/101930
[ ]Scroll and QuillLocal honorary journalistic fraternity for men becomes a chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon1:14/101930
[ ]Nursery SchoolOpens in summer1:74/101930
[ ]Pi Delta EpsilonPi Delta Epsilon accepts petition of Scroll and Quill, a local honorary fraternity1:14/101930
[ ]Convocations; Field House; Brockman, Dr. Fletcher S.; Harmon, Francis S.Students gather in gymnasium for first convocation: Noted speakers address practically whole student body1:44/101930
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInter-fraternity board adopts new constitution1:24/241930
[ ]Mother's DayMother's invited to come to the college as guests of Wittenberg1:54/241930
[ ]Student ChestPoll taken to obtain students' opinions on drive situation1:3, 4:14/241930
[ ]Varsity NightTen fraternities compete for trophy1:14/241930
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubCosmopolitan Club entertains foreign students of twelve Ohio colleges and universities4:65/11930
[ ]Honor Day BanquetTenth annual banquet recognizes merits of students1:15/11930
[ ]Student ChestTorch polls show students' attitudes1:15/11930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaAccepts petition of Pi Epsilon to become one of its chapters1:55/221930
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaAssociation meets at Antioch4:35/221930
[ ]FellowshipGranted for the first time by the social group. To be known as "The Phi Mu Delta - Wittenberg College German exchange fellowship"1:15/221930
[ ]Honor CodeHonor system2:15/221930
[ ]Pi Kappa SigmaPetitions for acceptance in Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority.1:55/221930
[ ]Student ChestStudent Chest1:6-75/221930
[ ]Phillips, Rev. Z. BarneyTo deliver commencement address1:35/221930
[ ]Alma MaterWitt Women's League gives pageant Commenment Week4:25/221930
[ ]Phi Mu Delta; Wittenberg College German Exchange FellowshipWittenberg College German Exchange Fellowship1:15/221930
[ ]School of MusicFive organ studio1:59/181930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryObservatory, large telescope near completion1:49/181930
[ ]Alpha Lambda DeltaWomen's honorary holds first meeting1:79/181930
[ ]Chi Delta OmegaChi Delta Omega position accepted1:79/251930
[ ]Cosmopolitan ClubClub meets2:59/251930
[ ]Gianakoulis, Theodore P.Co-author with Miss Georgia Mac Pherson1:69/251930
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaCo-author with Theodore P. Gianakoulis1:69/251930
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Holds fall retreat at Cam Knolls1:59/251930
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationWittenberg may relinquish radio station to WGAR1:29/251930
[ ]Patton, Prof. James W.2:410/21930
[ ]Student ChestBoard conducts unique Student Chest campaign1:710/21930
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationCleveland station buys WCSO1:310/21930
[ ]Speech ClinicOpens second year's work4:410/21930
[ ]Wittenberg PlayersStock company is organized for students1:410/21930
[ ]Masonic ClubTo meet for organization1:610/21930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; SpringfieldWittenberg is to be host for big celebration1:210/21930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; Piqua, SesquicentenialWittenberg to be host to celebrants of Battle of Piqua1:210/21930
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau Omega to hold services for opening1:510/91930
[ ]Alpha Theta AlphaAlpha Theta Alpha is first1:310/91930
[ ]Shinowara, MaryAlumni notes2:310/91930
[ ]Student ChestBoard conducts unique Student Chest campaign1:210/91930
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGirl's groups list...pledges1:310/91930
[ ]Faculty LoungeInterior of faculty lounge1:610/91930
[ ]Dad's DayProgram planned by administration1:110/91930
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStation to sign off the air4;510/91930
[ ]Curtis, CharlesVice-President of United States will speak in special convocation1:610/91930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; SpringfieldWittenberg is to be host for big celebration4:410/91930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; Piqua, SesquicentenialWittenberg to be host to celebrants of Battle of Piqua4:210/91930
[ ]Campus CommandersWittenberger has jazz orchestra2:510/91930
[ ]Manolikoff, ArmenozBulgarian compares New York and Wittenberg2:310/161930
[ ]Physics DepartmentBuys new equipment2:410/161930
[ ]Honors coursesHonors course students1;310/161930
[ ]Tigers ClubNewly organized Tigers Club achieves huge success in its initial effort to foster spirit1:610/161930
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaRemodels house1:310/161930
[ ]MacCracken, Henry M.Scholarship fund given for alumni1:710/161930
[ ]PlaysStock company to present war play, "Journey's End"1:510/161930
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinVice President receivs a book "The Traic Era" by Claudia Bowes as a gift from the student body in commemoration of his birthday2:510/161930
[ ]Battle of Piqua Sesquicentennial; SpringfieldWittenberg is to be host for big celebration4:510/161930
[ ]AttendanceAdministration calls attention to attendance rules1:210/231930
[ ]Alleman, Prof. Irene L.Alleman, Prof. Irene L.2:410/231930
[ ]Classical ClubClassical Club is organized1:410/231930
[ ]Williams, Dr. Jesse S.2 speakers address students in convocation4:410/301930
[ ]Manolikoff, ArmenozBulgarian student talks to city YWCA2:310/301930
[ ]HomecomingCommittee plans several features for homecoming1:410/301930
[ ]Masonic ClubElect club officers1:110/301930
[ ]Student ChestFails to reach quota for 19301:610/301930
[ ]HomecomingHouse decorating contest will be program for feature1:510/301930
[ ]Sturtevant, Dr. SarahTwo speakers address students in convocation4:410/301930
[ ]PlaysCast (pic)1:311/61930
[ ]Grabau, FriederichEchange student is surprised here2:311/61930
[ ]PlaysStock company to present war play, "Journey's End"1:111/61930
[ ]Plays"Journey's End"2:411/131930
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolEleven ordained by Ohio Synod1:311/131930
[ ]Hauswald, HansGerman student adopts American student method2:311/131930
[ ]HomecomingPrize winners in decoration contest named1:611/131930
[ ]Welsh Imperial SingersGroups bring famous singers to Wittenberg1:111/201930
[ ]Twentyman, Dr. A. E.Londoner will address students1:111/201930
[ ]PlaysStudents fail to insure success of campus plays1:311/201930
[ ]Miller, Prof FrankFrank Miller2:312/41930
[ ]Welsh Imperial SingersGroups bring famous singers to Wittenberg1:512/41930
[ ]FootballSeason closes on triangular grid record3:512/41930
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg is readmitted to Buckeye A.A.1:112/41930
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.Article2:412/111930
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinCongratulations1:312/111930
[ ]Hauswald, HansGerman tells of his country's physical work1:312/111930
[ ]Mees, Dr. OttoMees will speak1:512/111930
[ ]Immell, Dean RaySpeaker from U.S. C. talks in fifth convocation4:312/111930