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[ ]Tsao, Ruth A.Addresses Women's Athletic Asoc. about women's athletics in China3:41/101929
[ ]Larimer, John M.A letter concerning his experiences in an American college at Cairo, Egypt2:21/171929
[ ]Commons ClubCommons Club organized as new social group1:61/171929
[ ]Schneider, EarlNamed commencement orator1:11/171929
[ ]McMenamin, J. C.Secretary of the Bowery YMCA addresses chapel1:21/171929
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaATO purchase lot to build new frat house1:51/311929
[ ]DebateChampion debaters honored at chapel1:11/311929
[ ]Weaver, ElgarGift of $26,0001:31/311929
[ ]Ohio Debating Leaguehonored at chapel1:1-21/311929
[ ]Heim, Ralph D.Theil professor speaks at Schaus Fellowship banquet1:61/311929
[ ]Davis, JeromeYale Prof of sociology speaks at Witt1:41/311929
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilAnnual sectional conference meets at Wittenberg1:62/71929
[ ]Arnold, Prof. Henry J.Arnold writes article for Psychological Monographs, a memorial volume to Dr. Carl E. Seashore1:22/71929
[ ]CoachingCoaching school at Witt June 17-293:12/71929
[ ]Heim, Ralph D.Theil professor speaks at Schaus Fellowship banquet4:52/71929
[ ]DebateInternational varsity debate of year; team goes to PurdueNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:52/91929
[ ]Honor Day BanquetBanquet to be held April 24th4:22/141929
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaFifth assembly convenes at Wittenberg4:12/141929
[ ]Fritts, Rev. D.E.Fritts represents Wittenberg at the inauguration of Dr. James Lawrence Meader as president of Russel Sage College1:22/141929
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry A.General conference. Plans drafted by college men from 134 institutions2:62/141929
[ ]Henke, FrancesHenke named chairman of Alma Mater fete1:32/141929
[ ]Markley, Mary E.Markley makes 9th visit to campus1:12/141929
[ ]Tigert, Dr. John J.President of the University of Florida addresses the fifth Kappa Phi Kappa convention on campus4:12/141929
[ ]Morgan, Dr. William T.Professor at Indiana University addresses chapel4:32/141929
[ ]Wittenberg WeekSponsored by Blue Key1:12/141929
[ ]Scandals, TheThe WIttenberg College comic magazine will make its first appearance in the campus1:42/141929
[ ]Todd, Professor E. S.Todd, Professor E.S. of Miami University speaks at chapel on Abraham Lincoln2:62/141929
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyAcademy to be abandoned in favor of a teacher college dept.Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:62/171929
[ ]Tigert, Dr. John J.; Morgan, Dr. William T.Banquet Speaker: Dr. John J. Tigert1:32/211929
[ ]Mills, RobertPlaced in upper four in Ohio Intercollegiate Old Line Oratorical Contest1:42/211929
[ ]Weigle, Dr. Luther; Swearingtalks on "contemporary overuse of profanity" at chapel1:12/211929
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationTo hold third annual contest4:62/211929
[ ]Rockne, KnuteCoach of Notre Dame to teach coaching June 17-293:12/271929
[ ]Meanwell, Walter E.Meanwell will teach coaching June 17, 19293:12/271929
[ ]Tigert, Dr. John J.Article1:32/281929
[ ]BlazersBlazers chosen as distinctive insignia for the senior class1:32/281929
[ ]Founders DayCelebrates 84th anniversary1:42/281929
[ ]Lenker, John N.Chapel Talk concerns Lutheranism in the west1:32/281929
[ ]FloodsFlood waters of 1929 disturb student morale1:62/281929
[ ]Heestand, Warren L.Heestand dramatizes life of Apostle Paul at chapel1:12/281929
[ ]Mercer, E. C.New York businessman addresses chapel1:62/281929
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlReceives highest degree of German Universities4:32/281929
[ ]Rugh, ArthurYMCA worker speaks in chapel1:22/281929
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J.Bjorklund gives recital concert1:2-43/71929
[ ]Student ChestOfficers elected1:53/71929
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipSpeaker at Founder's Day1:63/71929
[ ]EuropeTwo months trip open to Witt students and alumni4:23/71929
[ ]Haworth, LoisA girl with a real voice1:63/141929
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J.Bjorklund pleases large audience in first faculty concert of year4:23/141929
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.Evjen meets colleague Dr. Orlo Price at Witt international symposium on Fellings and Emotions1:33/141929
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.Evjen will speak in Minnesota at annual conference of free Lutherans3:13/141929
[ ]Prince, Dr. Orlo J.Executive secretary of the Rochester Federation of churches meets his colleague Dr. John O. Evjen at the Wittenberg International Symposium on Feeling and Emotions1:33/141929
[ ]Powers, OliverHis life reads as a story1:1-23/141929
[ ]Hoeny, A. WinfieldHoeny interprets biblical characters at chapel1:63/141929
[ ]BlazersIdea of blazers as distinctive insignia dropped4:23/141929
[ ]Spelling BeeSecond annual contest1:53/141929
[ ]Morgan, Dr. William T.Writes of studies at Oxford4:33/141929
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.; Glass BlowingA course in glass blowing is given by Dr. J.W. Barker1:53/211929
[ ]Clark County Children's HomeClark County Children's HOme given an annual Y.W. party1:23/211929
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Glass blowing course offered by Barker1:53/211929
[ ]Rugh, ArthurHolds three day series of lectures1:13/211929
[ ]Holl, LouiseHoll gives Wittenberg fourth co-ed championship in oratory1:13/211929
[ ]Kilto, JeromeKilto as active representative of MGM studios makes screen tests of Wittenberg co-eds.1:33/211929
[ ]League of NationsOhio Wesleyan to sponsor imitation of L. of N. Wittenberg Invited4:13/211929
[ ]Student dressStyle leaders, evidenced by college men in choice of tie3:13/211929
[ ]Otterbein, Rev. F. W.Will be speaker at the annual Pre-theology banquet1:43/211929
[ ]Honor Day BanquetAlfred H. Upham, Ph.D., president of Miami Univ. to deliver address1:53/281929
[ ]Spelling BeeContest won by Rexana Hutchings2:63/281929
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Delivers graduating class sermon at Hamma Divinity School1:33/281929
[ ]Greater Cleveland ClubFaculty sactions the club to promote Wittenberg at Cleveland4:33/281929
[ ]Reu, Dr. M.will give a series of lectures on the catechism at Hamma Divinity School4:63/281929
[ ]Hadley, GlenHadley member of a family which traces its lineage through a period of over a half century of nearly continuous representation on the college campusNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:2-33/291929
[ ]Blunt, PaulBlunt received New York University fellowship in the department of chemistry4:14/111929
[ ]Honor Day BanquetNinth annual event. Prizes, certificates, awards1:14/111929
[ ]ChoirStudent musical organization tours four states1:24/111929
[ ]Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceTeaches at University of Missouri during summer1:44/111929
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceTo hold session on campus1:54/111929
[ ]Tsao, Ruth A.Chinese student gives impressions of American customs1:34/181929
[ ]Honor Day BanquetHonor Day Banquet1:14/181929
[ ]Carvan, Mr. & Mrs.Mr. & Mrs. Carvan present every faculty member and administrative officer with a copy of the book Chemistry in Medicine2:64/181929
[ ]Spelling BeeAll campus groups name entries for Witt-Torch contest1:14/191929
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaDr. A.F. Linn, Dept. of Chemistry is grand president of the National Honorary Chemical Fraternity4:34/191929
[ ]Archery ClubArchery Club changes name to Artemus Club2:64/251929
[ ]Gotwald, Rev. Luther A.Missionary to the Gundtur district of India speaks at the Fourth Lutheran Church1:54/251929
[ ]Honor Day BanquetNinth annual event. Prizes, certificates, awards1:44/251929
[ ]Reed, Dr. AnnaReed, Dr. Anna of New York University spoke at chapel on problems of vocational adjustments2:24/251929
[ ]Ohio Academy of ScienceTo hold session on campus4:14/251929
[ ]Dawe, W. HowardW. Howard Dawe has been granted a graduate fellowship by the University of Virginia1:14/251929
[ ]Skull and ChainWill stage the annual Tay Day services1:14/251929
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Delivers graduating class sermon at Hamma Divinity School1:15/21929
[ ]McIntire, JohnMcIntire applies for Rhodes scholarship4:15/21929
[ ]Shinowara, MaryReturns to parents' home in Alaska after four years on Wittenberg campus1:25/21929
[ ]Rockne, KnuteThird annual coaching school attracts large number of students1:35/21929
[ ]Seniors Recognition DayAn annual affair and marks the beginning of the graduate season1:45/91929
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask chooses four women at their annual tapping services in campus hollow1:15/91929
[ ]Weinandy, PaulConducts touring parties through England and Scotland45/91929
[ ]Pick and PenHolds services in chapel room1:45/91929
[ ]Meiklejohn, Dr. AlexanderMeiklejohn will speak at the Geneva retreat4:15/91929
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Series of lectures to be given across country4:35/91929
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTo deliver Bell Foundation lecture at Gettysburg College1:45/91929
[ ]Morris, EarlTo represent Ohio colleges at the semi-final constitutional oratorical contest at Chicago1:55/91929
[ ]Oratorical ContestWittenberg sponsors 2nd annual contests to determine best orators, readers, with high school competing1:25/91929
[ ]Johnson, EleonoraBroadcasts at 10:40 on Wittenberg's radio station1:35/161929
[ ]Memorial CircleClasses of '29, '30, '31 cooperate to beautify the campus1:15/161929
[ ]Gotwald, Prof. W.K.Gotwald addresses the class of 1921 on Senior Recognition Day1:15/161929
[ ]Scroll and QuillIntroduces fourteen men at banquet at Heaume Hotel1:25/161929
[ ]CampusMemorial Circle. Classes of '29, '30, '31 cooperate to beautify the campus1:15/161929
[ ]Heitzman, MaryMemorial service in chapel1:65/161929
[ ]Heitzman, MaryTribute2:15/161929
[ ]Rockne, KnuteArticle3:19/191929
[ ]Stobbs, William T.Becomes new head of the athletic department3:49/191929
[ ]Trempe, HelmutCompares American and German school customs1:39/191929
[ ]Gamma Phi BetaGamma Phi Beta installs the Alpha Nu Chapter2:59/191929
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinHonored at formal opening of the 85th educational year at Wittenberg1:69/191929
[ ]Wittenberg - Dayton collegein new YMCA building1:19/191929
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertLarimer presented sermon at Lutheran Church at Middlepoint, Ohio's homecoming1:19/191929
[ ]Tau Delta ThetaLocal sorority installed as Alpha Nu Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta2:59/191929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic Code for early rushing adopted by co-eds1:19/191929
[ ]DebateDetermined to keep championship title1:59/261929
[ ]Yokoo, Mitsuevaluates the American campus1:3-59/261929
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationFor the first time six all-college dances are sponsored by the Boost Wittenberg Association1:19/261929
[ ]Frantz, Ralph J.Frantz is new manager of the Paris Bureau of the Chicago Tribune1:49/261929
[ ]Grabau, MartinGrabau on leave of absence from Wittenberg4:39/261929
[ ]ChapelLong chapel will be reserved fo outstanding speakers2:19/261929
[ ]TraditionsMyers Hall freshmen victims of tradition4:59/261929
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaNational honorary psychology fraternity forms a chapter at Wittenberg1:49/261929
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyPrograms will be book reviews and addresses by faculty1:29/261929
[ ]Pennsylvaniansto hold banquet at semi-annual meeting4:69/261929
[ ]TraditionsTraditions2:19/261929
[ ]PennsylvaniansBanquet Tuesday1:410/31929
[ ]Bowen, AubreyBowen, Hindu, born in British Guiana relates views of his native land1:3-510/31929
[ ]Honors coursesFaculty grants 14 honor course requests1:210/31929
[ ]TraditionsKettle1:110/31929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic Council revises sorority bidding method1:310/31929
[ ]FreshmenTraditional rules for freshmen set by "W" council1:610/31929
[ ]Baxter, LowellBaxter has written words and music for new fight song1:710/101929
[ ]Curry, T. BurtonCurry appointed general secretary of Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute1:510/101929
[ ]Democratic ClubDemocratic Club want open politics on campus1:310/101929
[ ]Toledo ClubOne of the most successful years of its history1:310/101929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesRush rules explained to Freshmen girls1:610/101929
[ ]Student ChestTag day eliminated2:210/101929
[ ]TrophiesTrophy exchange between Miami and Wittenberg1:710/101929
[ ]Collucci, Dr. FrankA short biography of Dr. Frank Collucci, Department of Romance4:210/171929
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic rules obeyed1:110/171929
[ ]Gospel TeamsSpeak to over 3,000 people Sunday1:210/171929
[ ]Choirmaster, chair of created1:210/241929
[ ]Ames, Dr. ThaddeusAmes addresses long chapel, gives personal interviews1:410/241929
[ ]Chi Sigma NuChi Sigma Nu fraternity locates on Fountain4:510/241929
[ ]Imadsu, KenjiContrast recreation and music with America1:310/241929
[ ]Weaver, ElgarDonor of gift to Wittenberg announced1:310/241929
[ ]Koch, John H. (Judge)Donors of large gift announced1:310/241929
[ ]GiftsElgar Weaver is donor of gift to Wittenberg1:310/241929
[ ]GiftsJ.H. Koch donor of large gift1:310/241929
[ ]Jacobsen, AnnaJacobsen leaves Zimmerman Library for the University of Cincinnati2:310/241929
[ ]LibraryLibrary expert leaves2:210/241929
[ ]Root, Mr. and Mrs. John A.Root, Mr. and Mrs. John A. of Plymouth, endow a chair of choirmaster1:210/241929
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Writes articles1:210/241929
[ ]Art DepartmentArt Department plans affiliation with Art Institute1:510/311929
[ ]GeologyClass helps local construction companies in survey2:210/311929
[ ]FacultyFaculty initial stag part held1:310/311929
[ ]Health ServiceHealth service open to students1:310/311929
[ ]GiftsOfficial Verifies reports of gifts by J. Koch and E. Weaver2:210/311929
[ ]ReformationReformation and chapel theme at long chapel1:110/311929
[ ]TrophiesTrophy exchange rejected by Miami1:410/311929
[ ]Field House; Homecoming; FootballGrads stage annual invasion to witness traditional tilt: Faculty and students complete plans to entertain visitors Saturday; New field house will be featured in activities1:111/71929
[ ]Luther, MartinNew harmony of hymn presented1:511/71929
[ ]Sigma Pi SigmaPsychologists meet to organize1:311/71929
[ ]TraditionsTraditions displaced by modern customs1:311/71929
[ ]Debate17 women make team1:511/141929
[ ]Voigt, Irma E.Addresses long chapel at final week of prayer program1:111/141929
[ ]Murray, WallaceAppointed Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs of State Dept. by Sec. Stinson2:211/141929
[ ]Holoday, BeverleyExchange student to the University of Vienna2:211/141929
[ ]GymnasiumField house offers a new opportunity for college events2:111/141929
[ ]Fullerton, H. StuartFullerton promoted by Pres. Hoover to rank of Diplomatic Service Secretary2:311/141929
[ ]SundialInscription, "As a shadow such is life"2:311/141929
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Receives an award from the American Historical Review to do research1:211/141929
[ ]FencingTigers defeat Antioch fencers3:311/141929
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Barker sells contracts with Chicago Apparatus and the Welkins Anderson Co. for lectures and laboratory contrivance.1:611/211929
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Religious services conducted at Masonic home1:211/211929
[ ]FootballWittenberg answers charges concerning violation of Buckeye Inter-collegiate A. Assoc.1:411/211929
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin Franklin89th anniversary celebrated by faculty & students1:612/51929
[ ]Banker's CourseBankers meet in Extension course1:612/51929
[ ]The WittHumorous publication to characterize students and faculty1:512/51929
[ ]Debatemeeting of Forensic National; decisions to be returned by 3 boards of three judges each1:512/51929
[ ]FootballWittenberg resigns from Buckeye assoc.1:412/51929
[ ]FootballFurther discussion with A. Assoc.2:112/121929
[ ]Debatethree-judges system worked; Wtt wins by large margin1:312/121929
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinVice President receivs a book "The Traic Era" by Claudia Bowes as a gift from the student body in commemoration of his birthday4412/121929