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[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger discusses Kellog Treaty with U.S. SenatorsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:11/101927
[ ]Student Volunteers12 students in active missionary work4:61/131927
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Active in promoting higher religious ideals4:11/131927
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaAlpha Tau becomes the forty-first chapter admitted to the National Music Fraternity1:21/131927
[ ]Gospel TeamsAnswer need of community3:31/131927
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinBreaks arm in fall1:61/131927
[ ]Larsen, Miss Hanna AstrupEditor of the American-Scandanavian Review addresses the students and faculty at long chapel6:11/131927
[ ]Lippard, Dr. C.Missionary from Japan delivers a series of lectures in Hamma chapel1:11/131927
[ ]Reymert, Dr. Martin L.Named sub-editor of "Psychological Abstracts"1:21/131927
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J.New instructor of violin1:51/131927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarPrincipal speaker at Harvard's Appleton chapel exercises during the week of Apr. 24-301:61/131927
[ ]Kennedy, G. A. StuddartPrivate chaplain to King George V talks on science vs. religion at the Milwaukee Conference4:5-61/131927
[ ]International Student Association ConferenceSecond conference. Two hundred students attend World Lutheran Meet3:61/131927
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Signal honor--chosen to write the biography of Benjamin Harrison1:31/131927
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Social service commission does active work in community homes3:61/131927
[ ]Preston, W.D.Springfield freshman has passed the examination for admittance to the United States Military Academy at West Point1:11/131927
[ ]Lutheran Church, UnitedStudents want a United Lutheran church3:2-41/131927
[ ]Telephone ServiceSwitchboard installed. Dorothy Mehan appointed operator and information clerk at Recitation Hall1:21/131927
[ ]National Student ConferenceThe first gathering of its kind in the history of student life in the United States. Wittenberg sends eight representatives3:11/131927
[ ]The WittTo publish Travel Number, departure from satire and wit1:31/131927
[ ]JournalismAdvance course offered1:41/201927
[ ]Arps, Dr. George F.Arps, Dr. George F. Dean of the college of education at Ohio State U will be the principal speaker at the regular meeting of Kappa Phi Kappa1:21/201927
[ ]Snyder, Frederick MerhleAssociate of the International Lyceum and Chautauqua to speak at long chapel1:21/201927
[ ]DebateDebate meet California team1:11/201927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarElected director of the First National Bank1:21/201927
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarElected President of National Lutheran Education Conference1:51/201927
[ ]Goodell, Dr. C.L.Goodell, Dr. C.L. Secretary of the Federal Council Commission on Evangelism and Life Service1:61/201927
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaInstallation plans completed4:41/201927
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlInvited to become a regular contributor to International Research Institute publication4:21/201927
[ ]ChapelLetter to editor objecting to the custom of fraternity social group coercing their initiates to attend2:1-31/201927
[ ]DebateMeet 12 colleges in five western states; Witt travels to Pacific coast (por)1:3-61/201927
[ ]Academic ProbationA new elimination rule allows freshmen to be probationed to give them another chance4:22/31927
[ ]Andress, Samuel C.Andress, Samuel C. '25 is on the board of editors of the Cincinnati Law Review1:62/31927
[ ]Snyder, Frederick MerhleAssociate of the International Lyceum and Chautauqua to speak at long chapel1:42/31927
[ ]Barker, Dr. John W.Barker joins faculty as asst. Prof. of Chemistry (por)1:52/31927
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch appointed member of the eastern division of the American Philosophical Association3:42/31927
[ ]Keller, FrancesMusic student died1:12/31927
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J.New violin instructor gives initial concert2:52/31927
[ ]Woodrow Wilson Foundationsoffer prize for essay on Wilson3:32/31927
[ ]Rose, Mrs. AliceRose, Mrs. Alice began her duties as instructor of public school music1:42/31927
[ ]Oratorical ContestState Inter-collegiate Old-Line Oratorical Contest held February 15th1:52/31927
[ ]Brief Survey"A Brief Survey" is the title of the February issue of the weekly Wittenberg bulletin, which is devoted to a summary of Wittenberg life1:12/101927
[ ]Longfellow, Commodore W. E.American Red Cross Asst. Directors gives talk at chapel1:22/101927
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaAn honorary chemical fraternity is being considered by Dr. A.F. Linn and members of the Chemistry Dept.1:62/101927
[ ]Armstrong, L.O.Armstrong, L.O., dean of the lecture staff of the Bureau of commercial economics, Washington DC, speaks at long chapel1:22/101927
[ ]Banker's CourseBanker's course offered by extension department3:32/101927
[ ]Strayer, Dr. George D.Discusses trend of Modern Education in chapel4:32/101927
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaLocal Fraternity to be installed as Alpha Tau chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia1:62/101927
[ ]Bjorklund, A.J.Newly engaged violin instructor (por)4:52/101927
[ ]FacultyNicaraguan policy of US object of protest by action of faculty12/101927
[ ]Robinson, Dr. A. T.Robinson, Dr. A.T. of Southern Baptist Seminary lectures to the students of Hamma Divinity School4:22/101927
[ ]Tau Delta Theta25 for infraction of Pan-Hellenic council rushing rules1:32/171927
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaAlpha Xi Delta has been denied the privilege of bidding or pledging until April 25 for infraction of Pan-Hellanic council rush rules.1:32/171927
[ ]Biology ClubBiology Club is a proposed organization4:22/171927
[ ]Easter Time DecreeEaster Time Decree affects college life1:12/171927
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaFormally installed4:52/171927
[ ]FellowshipFoundations announce the granting of fellowships for study in Scandanavian countries1:62/171927
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceSeminary men to hear Birch talk on "attitudes"4:42/171927
[ ]Yost, CharlesDayton freshman drinks poison by mistake1:32/241927
[ ]Scroll and QuillInitiates (pic)1:22/241927
[ ]College Prayer DayLutheran churches to pray for continued idealism in all universities1:42/241927
[ ]Blue KeyMembership in national Booster Organization to be honorary, based on leadership1:5-62/241927
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationShall "Boost Wittenberg" merge with Women's League?2:12/241927
[ ]Weinandy, PaulStudent from Germany enrolls in college here4:12/241927
[ ]Mehus, O. Myking; Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceSuicide wave among students. Professors explain the situation in various ways4:1-32/241927
[ ]Mellenbruch, Dr. P. L.Suicide wave among students. Professors explain the situation in various ways4:12/241927
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Talks of the 400 biographies of George Washington4:32/241927
[ ]Offerman, Rev. Henry C.Travels 1500 miles each week4:52/241927
[ ]Heating PlantCost of new plant to be $50,0001:63/31927
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaEssay contest prize4:43/31927
[ ]Arrow and Mask; Founders DayFounder's Day plans complete Arrow and Mask to give annual Pageant March 111:33/31927
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity men survey cost of living1:33/31927
[ ]Swoyer, Rev. JackSaga on "smiling Jack"1:23/31927
[ ]Health ServiceStudents benefit by new health service4:33/31927
[ ]Axton, Rev. JohnAxton, Rev. John to discuss war and military training at long chapel1:43/101927
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertLarimer to deliver principal address at the 82nd Founder's Day1:63/101927
[ ]AdmissionsHealth certificate needed at time of enrollment1:43/171927
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Long to be principal speaker at Hamma banquet1:13/171927
[ ]Hartwick SeminaryStudents organize club on campus4:33/171927
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationStudio is formally opened3:13/171927
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerTo give a series of chapel addresses on "Life Problems"1:63/171927
[ ]DebateTranscontinental trip is first in Witt's history1:13/171927
[ ]Swoyer, Rev. Jack"Seek power through faith" is subject of address1:23/241927
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOfficially reaffirmed as 4-year standard college by four educational organizations1:43/241927
[ ]Thrun, Fred MartinBecomes Assistant Prof. at William and Mary College1:13/311927
[ ]Politics, CampusLet's have open politics2:13/311927
[ ]Beta Beta BetaMembers of biology club see national biological fraternity1:23/311927
[ ]Wiles, Dr. Charles P.New president of the parish and church school board of the United Lutheran Church in America gives talk at the Schauss Fellowship meet1:63/311927
[ ]Lemen, CharlesSpringfield freshman to represent college in 3rd national intercollegiate oratorical contest1:13/311927
[ ]Burns, NormanBurns has been awarded the Sterling one-year scholarship to Yale (port)1:1-24/71927
[ ]DebateDebate trio having successful trip1:4-54/71927
[ ]Dunbrook, Raymond F.Dunbrook elected into German Chemical Society which has headquarters in Berlin1:24/71927
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger returns from Göttingen Univ. Gives convocation for 1927-28 term.1:24/71927
[ ]Wiles, Dr. Charles P.New president of the parish and church school board of the United Lutheran Church in America gives talk at the1:64/71927
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaFormally installed4:24/141927
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.given aid in research work by the American Council of Learned Socieites4:14/141927
[ ]FacultyProfessors' salaries are coming more and more to be paid on the basis of what he can deliver2:24/141927
[ ]Beaver, Prof. W.C.Beaver elected into Iota Chapter of Beta Beta Beta, national biology fraternity at Marietta College4:24/281927
[ ]School of Business AdministrationTo be opened in September through the extension department and the Springfield Y.M.C.A.1:64/281927
[ ]The New Wittenberg PlanAn American adaption of the "Leipsic Plan"1:65/51927
[ ]Arrow and MaskArrow and Mask will be first of the class honorary organizations to choose their successors this year1:55/51927
[ ]Lemen, CharlesCollege orator to compete in semi-finals of National contest in Detroit1:65/51927
[ ]Dix PlanDix plan is used by alumni1:25/51927
[ ]Stecher, Mrs. Sorella M.Gives $2,000 as an endowment according to the terms of her will1:25/51927
[ ]Politics, CampusStudents express divided opinions on open politics1:15/51927
[ ]Politics, CampusWide open! Students politics maneuvered behind closed doors2:15/51927
[ ]Richison, Louisewill be entered in the State finals of the Women's State Oratorical contest1:65/51927
[ ]PlaysHaydn's "Creation" to be established as an annual affair1:65/121927
[ ]Taylor, J. EarlResigns to do research work1:65/121927
[ ]Fearless Flyer co-ed editionThe humorous sheet of the Wittenberg Torch35/121927
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulTo study abroad this summer1:15/121927
[ ]Plays"Creation" to be presented by 150 students1:35/191927
[ ]Hartwig, George H.Hartwig joins the English faculty1:45/191927
[ ]Women's Leagueinstalls officer1:55/191927
[ ]Purdy, Mary M.Now completing her work on the doctor's degree at the University of Pittsburgh, joins the Wittenberg faculty1:35/191927
[ ]Thomas, Prof. R. P.Resigns his position1:15/191927
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlTo become Asst. professor of psychology at the University of Illinois for first semester, then resume work at Wittenberg1:15/191927
[ ]Vocational Counselis organized to advise in regard to their choice of vocation1:19/171927
[ ]Pre-LawStudents plan undergraduate organization1:49/171927
[ ]Wittenberg Enrollment1018 Enrolled: Wittenberg enrollment reached a new peak1:59/221927
[ ]The RapAppeared as journal on campus. Thrived until 1916, then converted into the more modern "Witt"3:69/221927
[ ]Arnold, H. J.Arnold Receives Leave of Absence: Professor Will Work for Ph.D. degree1:29/221927
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradArticle concerning his exchange post at Göttingen1:19/221927
[ ]Band; Bjorklund, A.J.; Zuck, NormanBand organizes with 55 pieces; 35 new men respond to first call1:49/221927
[ ]Johnson, EleonoraBecomes manager of Ferncliff dining rom5:49/221927
[ ]DebateCo-ed trio to debate British Union men: that co-education is a failure1:19/221927
[ ]Convocations; Krueger, Dr. F. K; German Youth Movement; Keyser, D. L.; TheologyConvocations held as College Opens: Dr. F. K. Krueger, Dr. L. S. Keyser Give Principal Address at Services1:39/221927
[ ]McPherson, WilliamDean of graduate school of Ohio State University to be principal at the National Convention of Theta Chi Delta on campus3:29/221927
[ ]Mellenbruch, Dr. P. L.Director of Child Clinic Study in city schools5:39/221927
[ ]Dornblaser, MinnieDornblaser becomes college nurse5:49/221927
[ ]The WittEfforts to publish a journal on campus "Witt" failed3:69/221927
[ ]Keopke, Richard P.; Hartwig, George H.; Purdy, Mary M.; Gebert, Otto C.; Nuberg, Maurice J.; Meredith, C. Palmer; Dornblaser, Minnie; Johnson, EleanoraEight new members of the faculty1:19/221927
[ ]Extension Division; School of Business Administration; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Extension schools will begin classes: Dayton and City YMCA co-operate with college departments1:69/221927
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Gardner, Martha; Reupsh, Carl F. ; Rilling, Roscoe C.; Warnes, AnnaFreshmen elect five members as class officials; Reupsch President; First Year Elections Are Held Under New Rules1:49/221927
[ ]Gebert, Otto O.Gebert, Otto O., Ph.D., assistant Professor of Spanish, joins the faculty1:19/221927
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGrowth of college and higher type students prophecy more fraternities3:29/221927
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)In 1873 found the first bona fide newspaper established. It thrived until 1884 when the first weekly on the campus appeared, called the "Stylus". The Wittenberger was revived after 25 issues of the Stylus were published3:69/221927
[ ]Neuberg, Maurice J.Joins faculty5:49/221927
[ ]Furlough HouseLutheran Mission House at 1132-1143 Woodlawn Ave. purchased 2 years ago3:19/221927
[ ]Wittenberg Weekly Wasp (newspaper)Made its appearance as a humorous journal in 18933:69/221927
[ ]Chemistry Department; International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions; Koch Hall; Psychology Department; Slosson, Dr. E.E.; Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsNew laboratories dedication will be featured at meet; Noted men to speak: Famous Psychologists to probe new field of science as major study1:69/221927
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulOn board Cunard Liner during dramatic search from trans-Atlantic plane "Old Glory"5:19/221927
[ ]Songs (College)President Tullose requested that the football song, beginning with the lines "When dear old Wittenberg men fall in line," be discontinued at football games4:49/221927
[ ]Harp, Hugh G.Returns for doing graduated work at Ohio State University1:19/221927
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Tulloss, President Rees EdgarStudent representatives confer with President Tulloss1:39/221927
[ ]Little Theatre; Sittler, JosephTheatre to be in Blair Hall; equipped under the direction of Paul R. Brees, Head of Public speaking dept.; Joseph Sittler added to Public Speaking Department1:29/221927
[ ]TorchTorch appeared in 1915 and merged with Wittenberger a year later3:69/221927
[ ]Meredith, C. PalmerVice President and treasurer of the Stelle and Meredith company of Springfield will teach a course in marketing5:49/221927
[ ]Wittenberger (annual); McCleary, George; Jackson, RogerWittenberg [Wittenberger?] has prosperous year: college year book makes largest profit in years9/221927
[ ]Alumni QuarterlyAlumni Quarterly will appear soonNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:110/41927
[ ]Blair HallBlair Hall rightly named the Model School1:2-510/61927
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees granted Master's degree from Michigan1:210/61927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsFirst at Wittenberg College. College center of world attention1:310/61927
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinPortrait unveiled in college chapel (pic)1:610/61927
[ ]Chemistry LibraryChemistry Library now open to students1:610/131927
[ ]Pep RallyRecognized tradition at Wittenberg2:110/131927
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.; International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsChairman of the symposium on Feelings and Emotions conference1:210/201927
[ ]Chemistry BuildingChemistry building to be dedicated: description of the building4:310/201927
[ ]Pep RallyGiant rallies scheduled before Wittenberg-Miami football team1:410/201927
[ ]Reymert, Dr. Martin L.; International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsGive feelings and emotions. Biographical account (pic)1:410/201927
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsGives principal speech at dedication of new chem-psych building (pic)1:510/201927
[ ]Cattell, Dr. James; International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsHonorary chairman of Wittenberg Symposium on feelings and emotions1:110/201927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions; Stern, Prof. Welhelm; Pieron, Prof. Henri; Arnold, Dr. H. J.; Katz, Prof. David; Adler, Dr. Alfred; Claprede, Prof. E.;Speakers mix human interest with technicalities6:210/201927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsSymposium reaches second day session310/201927
[ ]School of Music;Hein, Prof.299 Registered In Music Dept. - Professor Hein Added To Faculty Of Music School1:610/271927
[ ]McCleary, George;Torch;Messimore, HazelAddition Made To Torch Personnel - Twenty Try Out For Positions On Editorial Staff1:310/271927
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesAdditional Society4:410/271927
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Blough, F. H.;ClassesAnnounce Twentieth School Anniversary - Dayton Y. M. C. A. Branch of Wittenberg Extension Department Has Rapid Growth1:510/271927
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;PhotographyAnnual To Sponsor Snapshot Contest - Photographic Work For 1928 Yearbook Progresses As Campus Views Are Taken1:310/271927
[ ]Wohlwender;[Photo]Buckeye Quarter3:410/271927
[ ]Lutheran Student Council;Mahr, Arthur;Council To Elect4:210/271927
[ ]Ferncliff HallEat By Candle Light4:410/271927
[ ]Thompson, William;TorchEditor To Represent Torch At State Meet - Busy Sessions Planned For College Editors At Convention To Be Held At Miami4:310/271927
[ ]Mahr, ArthurElect Mahr Secretary1:410/271927
[ ]Ohio Synod;FacultyFaculty Renders Report At Synod - Four New Members Elected To Board Of Directors4:310/271927
[ ]Wetzel, Elsie;Famous Days4:210/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballFighting Lutherans2:110/271927
[ ]Passenger TrainGet Your Tickets Before Saturday1:410/271927
[ ]Kappa Delta;SororitiesKappa Delta Grants Theta Gam's Charter - Sixty-nine Members of Local Group Are Formally Inducted By National1:610/271927
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaKappa Phi Kappa To Hold Essay Contest - Members Of Educational Fraternity Announce rules For Prize Contest1:210/271927
[ ]Dad's Day;Cadwallader, HelenNew Features Are Planned For Dads - Stage and Screen Productions, Open House, and Barbecue Are On Program1:110/271927
[ ]Radio Station WCSONight Program Over WCSO4:310/271927
[ ]Orchestra;Bjorklund, AntonOrchestra Has New Manager - Plans Are Being Made For Annual State Tour4:310/271927
[ ]Bickman, JoannaPaints Scarfs1:510/271927
[ ]Heisey, Paul H.Professor Speaks4:310/271927
[ ]Reymert, Martin L.;Psychology DepartmentResults To Be Published Soon - Reymert To Arrange Pulication Of Symposium Results1:110/271927
[ ]Plays;Seniors;Brees, Paul R.Seniors To Produce Popular Broadway Play November 29 - Complete Cast Announced1:110/271927
[ ]Slater, John R.;Debate;Debate TeamSlater Announces Yearling Debaters - Fifteen Are Picked For First Year Men's Debate Squad; One Debate Booked1:410/271927
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:310/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;HumorSport Shots3:310/271927
[ ]Stryker, Harry;[Photo];FootballStellar Passer3:210/271927
[ ]Letter to the Editor;Class Registration;LibraryStudent Opinion2:210/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;Brief SurveyStudents Opinion Leans Toward A Victory Over Miami Saturday1:410/271927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsSymposium and dedication services furnish dramatic scenes1:210/271927
[ ]Humor;RumorsThis Commonwealth The Campus2:210/271927
[ ]Larimer, L. H.;Busch, G. D.;To Install Minister4:210/271927
[ ]Student Chest;Fund Raising;Veler, Herbert;Jackson, RodgerVeler And Jackson To Head Campaign - Student Chest Drive Will Likely Be Held Latter Part Of November1:210/271927
[ ]Busch, Pauline Rilling;Alumnae/AlumniVisits College1:110/271927
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)W. A. A. Board Meets3:410/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;Schroeder, DuckyWittenberg Beats Ohio University By 28 to 0 Score - Godfreymen Display Strong Running Attack and Excellent Line Threat; Schroeder Stars3:310/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Migrates To Miami Saturday - Critics Say Tilt Is State Grid Classic1:610/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Migrates To Miami Saturday - Sportdom Watches As Forces Gather1:310/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryWittenberg-Miami All-Time Dope3:310/271927
[ ]Dekorte, ArlineArline DeKorte named to fill place left vacant by Anthony Tuccinardi, Cincinnati, as head of Health Council1:511/31927
[ ]FootballDaily News to sponsor victory banquet1:511/31927
[ ]Health ServiceDeKorte, Arline named to fill vacancy1:511/31927
[ ]Song weekDevoted to the learning of Wittenberg songs4:311/31927
[ ]Blair HallEduction building dedicated; all day ceremonies1:611/31927
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilLutheran students will ballot. Two members elected from each of the four college classes as well as from the seminary student body1:411/31927
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaMusical fraternity petitioned for by group of coeds as sister organization to Phi Mu Alpha1:611/31927
[ ]Eddy, SherwoodNoted "Y" worker addresses students at long chapel1:111/31927
[ ]Tucinardi, AnthonyResigns as head of the Faculty-Student Health Council1:511/31927
[ ]Markley, Mary E.Secretary of Lutheran Women students to consult with co-edus2:211/31927
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationTo hold second annual meeting at Wittenberg1:311/31927
[ ]Townsend, JamesWittenberg's first coach visits city2:211/31927
[ ]Dad's DayBarbecue, Memorial Hall will be the scene4:311/101927
[ ]Biology ClubBiology Open House, 2nd annual4:411/101927
[ ]Blair HallEduction building dedicated; all day ceremonies4:211/101927
[ ]Dad's Day10,000 attend festivities1:111/171927
[ ]Sigma Alpha IotaCharter granted for coed musical fraternity1:611/171927
[ ]DebateCo-ed trip to meet British Union Men's squad1:311/171927
[ ]FootballFirst victory over Ohio Wesleyan in 32 years3:211/171927
[ ]FootballFive men to end football careers when they play Dayton1:411/171927
[ ]FootballWhat may we do?2:111/171927
[ ]Alma MaterWittenberg Women's League offers prize of $20 for pageant; first context of it's kind offered1:111/171927
[ ]Little TheatreEdgar Schwyn's play, "Rolling Stones" to be opening play1:412/81927
[ ]ChapelForeign language program will be held in college chapel. Germans plan service1:612/81927
[ ]Lutheran Seminary at LeningradLutheran Seminary at Leningrad will be aided in an expansion program by the Lutheran Student Council1:312/81927
[ ]Student ChestMethod of collecting pledges noted1:512/81927
[ ]Doerschuk, BeatriceMiss Beatrice Doerschuk, nationally known vocational advisor spoke at a special long chapel service1:112/81927
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinObserves 87th birthday (pic)12/81927
[ ]Student CouncilPlans to aid in raising $25,000 for expansion program of the Lutheran Seminary at Leningrad, Russia1:312/81927
[ ]Politics, CampusPolitics1:112/81927
[ ]Curry, Dr. A. BruceProf of Union Theological Seminary will hold three-day training conference at Wittenberg1:612/81927
[ ]American Psychiatric AssociationAmerican Psychiatric Association received an invitation from Witt to hold its annual meeting three years hence at Witt3:412/151927
[ ]GymnasiumBoard considers plans; will raise tuition in 1928 and 19291:212/151927
[ ]Chemistry BuildingChemistry - Psychology building dedication1:612/151927
[ ]Chemistry ConferenceCollege plans to publish record of recent chemistry conferences1:612/151927
[ ]Little TheatreFirst photograph of theatre4:212/151927
[ ]ChapelGermans give chapel service1:512/151927
[ ]Press and Journalis the name of Wittenberg's newest honorary group4:412/151927
[ ]International Symposium of Feelings and EmotionsLet contracts for symposium results1:112/151927
[ ]Politics, CampusMore politics2:112/151927
[ ]Theta Chi DeltaPlans to publish newspaper1:512/151927
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinReceived birthday gift from representative of student body3:312/151927
[ ]Little TheatreStudent production opens new theatre4:212/151927
[ ]Student VolunteersWittenberg sends 18 to Detroit student parley1:112/151927