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[ ]Schneider, Elizebeth"First Meeting" A poem was included in Dr. Schittkind's college anthology for 1924-251:21/141926
[ ]Student dress"Sweat socks", the newest fad among flappers2:11/141926
[ ]Marshall, Earl H.Appointed comptroller1:51/141926
[ ]Huber, Dr. D. R.Appointed general executive secretary of the college1:31/141926
[ ]Awards; Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch to be given degree by Gettysburg College1:41/141926
[ ]Brees, Prof. Paul R.Brees will deliver address at the "Victory Day" service1:61/141926
[ ]BookstoreCollege book store. Wittenberg purchases business of Rev. Schwarm1:61/141926
[ ]Blue KeyInstallation of Blue Key is held1:11/141926
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger lectures on Diplomatic history of Europe from 1862-19181:51/141926
[ ]Van Horn, Dr. H. A.Local physician to teach embryology1:51/141926
[ ]Manikam, R. B.Native of India representing International Board of Foreign Missions to address students1:41/141926
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinResume full time deanship of college after twon years leave of absence1:31/141926
[ ]Plays; Piero, Elda"The Witness" by Miss Elda Piero, is accepted by ULC, Board of Education1:41/211926
[ ]Piero, Elda; Plays"The Witness", a play by Miss Elda Piero, is accepted by the Board of Education of the United Lutheran Church1:41/211926
[ ]Dunbrook, Raymond F.Dunbrook inspects chemical laboratories in East1:11/211926
[ ]Pi Kappa AlphaGrants charter to Pi Alpha Epsilon chapter1:31/211926
[ ]Heffelbower, Dr. S. G.Professor of philosophy in Carthage College gives an address to Seminarians1:31/211926
[ ]Honor Day BanquetRestricted to 350 for the present year1:21/211926
[ ]Pre-Medics ClubSeeks chapter in national fraternity1:51/211926
[ ]Shelton, Prof. F. M.Superintendent of the Springfield schools addresses the Wittenberg Eta1:11/211926
[ ]Barker, Miss M. ElizabethBarker, Miss M. Elizabeth has been engaged as assistnat professor of home economics (por)1:42/41926
[ ]CheatingCheating condemned by campus organizations1:52/41926
[ ]Manikam, R. B.Manikam delivers lecture at regular chapel period2/41926
[ ]Mohler, Prof. LouisMohler joins the summer school faculty1:22/41926
[ ]Bauer, ErnestBauer elected president of the Ohio Valley Region of the Lutheran Students Association of America1:52/111926
[ ]Carnegie Science HallBuilding plans to be passed on by the board1:52/111926
[ ]CheatingCheating on examinations4:1-22/111926
[ ]ScholarshipsOpen to local student. Awarded by the Japanese Student Brotherhood of New York1:62/111926
[ ]Wittenberg Academy;Slager, Ethel St. ClairAcademy Pupils Present Comedy - French Play Is Given at Chapel By Literary Society1:32/181926
[ ]The Black Mask;DramaAcademy Society To Initiate Eleven - Dramatics Group Hold Services Wednesday Evening4:12/181926
[ ]Van Riper, ChristianAddress Given3:32/181926
[ ]Cheating;Birch, T. B.;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Associations - Should Curb Cheating Is Opinion of Dr. T. Bruce Birch3:42/181926
[ ]Science BuildingBoard Approves Building Plans - Ground For Laboratory To Be Broken Early In April1:62/181926
[ ]Long, AlmaClothes Discussed3:12/181926
[ ]Bowling;FraternitiesCollege Bowling League Organized - Ten Teams Are Entered in Tourney To Decide Championship3:22/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;TravelCollege Glee Club Is On Annual Tour - Men's Organization Is Making Bus Trip Through Northeastern Part of State4:22/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;[Photo]College Glee Club Is Taking Annual Trip1:22/181926
[ ]Biology DepartmentCollege To Give Display At Hotel - Collection of Biological Forms To Be Shown at Arcade1:22/181926
[ ]Bloomhardt, Paul F.;ChapelDr. Bloomhardt Talks On Ideals - Three Professors To Give Chapel Speeches Next Week2:42/181926
[ ]Seashore, Carl E.;Psychology DepartmentDr. C. E. Seashore Speaks In Chapel - Dean of Graduate School at Iowa Is College Guest1:52/181926
[ ]EnrollmentExtension School Enrollment Is 313 - Classes Are Being Held at Four Cities Near Springfield3:32/181926
[ ]Rider, H. A.;College RecruitmentFilms Shown2:42/181926
[ ]FilmsFilms To Be Shown In College Chapel - Biography Department Students To Sponsor Presentation of Photoplays1:12/181926
[ ]Brief Survey;ReligionFundamentalism Prevails Religious Survey Discloses - Replies To Questionnaire Show Majority of Students Attend Church Regularly1:32/181926
[ ]Sports;FootballGridders To Be Given Letters - Thirteen Academy Players Will Be Rewarded at Banquet Friday Evening3:22/181926
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Keyser Preaches3:12/181926
[ ]McNutt, Franklin H.;Immell, RuthMcNutt To Attend National Meeting - Dean Immel Is Also Delegate To Educational Conference1:32/181926
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaMeeting Scheduled3:12/181926
[ ]OperaMme. Bonde-Ladd To Direct Grand Opera - Seventy Singers Will Take Part In Presentation of "Cavalleria Rusticanna"1:52/181926
[ ]Sports;BasketballOhio Northern To Play Here - Dope Shows Wittenberg Has Chance To Take Victory Over the Polar Bears3:12/181926
[ ]Sittler, Joseph;Wetzel, Elsie;Oratorical ContestOrators To Speak In State Contest - Joseph Sittler and Elsie Wetzel To Represent Wittenberg1:62/181926
[ ]Tasman, Eric M.Pastor To Speak3:12/181926
[ ]Tulloss, R. E.;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)President To Attend1:52/181926
[ ]Birch, T. BruceProfessor Speaks4:22/181926
[ ]Sports;BastetballQuintets Stage Hardest Games - Free Scoring Continues as Final Month Of Cage Competition Gets Underway3:32/181926
[ ]Young, DaltonReporter Named1:22/181926
[ ]Reymert, Martin L.;Psychology DepartmentReymert To Attend Congress In Holland - Head of Psychological Laboratory To Represent Wittenberg at Meeting1:62/181926
[ ]Seniors;Plays;Roehner, Luther;Raker, RobertaSenior Class Sells Tickets For Comedy - "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" To Be Given at Fairbanks Theatre Monday, March 11:22/181926
[ ]Vesper ServiceServices To Be Held2:42/181926
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:32/181926
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;Scroll and QuillSophomore Class To Hold Election - Yearbook Officials To Be Named at Meeting March 31:12/181926
[ ]Student Activism;College EducationStudent Awakening2:12/181926
[ ]Radio Station WCSOTen To Broadcast2:42/181926
[ ]OpinionThe Student's Forum - Chivalry (Men's Answer to a Woman's Answer to the original editorial "The Death Knell of Chivalry")4:22/181926
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiTheta Alpha Phi Pledges Eleven - Dramatic Program For College Is Discussed at Meeting1:42/181926
[ ]DebateThree Debates Are Scheduled - Both Men and Women To See Action Next Week4:12/181926
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Views On Church To Be Presented - Seminary Students To Give Talks at Joint Meeting1:12/181926
[ ]Women's Athletic Association (WAA)W. A. A. News3:22/181926
[ ]PoetryWendy's Limerick2:42/181926
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenberg Cage Games3:32/181926
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Armstrong, RedWittenberg Cagers Lose To Wesleyan - Game is Loosely Played Affair; Armstrong Leads in Scoring; Keyser Stars while Leading Freshmen to Victory3:12/181926
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenbergers Lose To Miami - Miami Braves Outclass Lutherans in Saturday Night Battle at Oxford3:32/181926
[ ]Campus Appearance;Pitkin Jr., WilliamWork On Campus To Start Immediately - Officials of School Decide To Begin Improvement Program; Trees To Be Removed4:12/181926
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Harrison, ThomasYouth Movement Secretary Talks - Y. W. C. A. Members Hear Address on Outlawry of War3:42/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;Bach, Frederick Lewis;Akron Newspaper Lauds Glee Club - Songsters Sing Before 8,250 Persons While on Tour4:22/251926
[ ]BowlingBowling League Season To Open - College Rollers to Play First Games Thursday Evening3:12/251926
[ ]Pre-medics ClubClub To Petition National Society - Pre-Medics To Seek Membership In Omicron Beta Pi1:62/251926
[ ]Beichly, RussellCoaching Job At Akron North Is Offered Lutheran Athlete 3:32/251926
[ ]Holl, A. J.;Lutheran Church in America;Columbus Pastor Delivers Address - Seminary Students Sponsor Visit of Rev. A. J. Holl4:32/251926
[ ]Thompson, Charles A.Defense Made For Mexicans - Wittenberger Writes Article For Magazine2:12/251926
[ ]Declaration of Independence;Student ActivitiesDid Jefferson Sign With Pen? - Biographical Film To Answer This Question1:22/251926
[ ]Torch;EditorialsDiscuss Campus Problems In Open Forum, Editor Urges1:32/251926
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Dr. Keyser Speaks1:62/251926
[ ]McNutt, F. H.;MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaFaculty Members Address Students - Four Professors Will Lecture In Chapel Next Week1:52/251926
[ ]Flack, Elmer E.Flack Speaks1:12/251926
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Game Booked For 1927 - Wittenberg Will Meet University of Dayton Eleven3:32/251926
[ ]Kappa Phi Kappa;Kappa Phi KappaFraternity Meets1:52/251926
[ ]CheatingGeneral Secretary Condemns Cheating - Rev. Huber Deplores Practice; Dr. Seashore Also Addresses Students1:52/251926
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.;Hamma Divinity SchoolHandbook Written1:22/251926
[ ]Faculty;Scholarship;AcademicsIdle Ideals2:12/251926
[ ]Vesper Service;Becker, A. O.Lenten Services Are Conducted - Vespers Are Held In Observance of Annual Season1:22/251926
[ ]Women's Missionary Society;MissionariesLutheran Women Purchase Home - Missionary Society of Ohio Synod Buys House Here1:12/251926
[ ]Roster;BasketballLutheran's Scoring In Buckeye League3:32/251926
[ ]Immell, Ruth;McNutt, Franklin H.McNutt Attends Two Conferences - Dean Immell Is Also Delegate To Educational Meeting1:62/251926
[ ]Lundeberg, O. K.Meeting Attended2:22/251926
[ ]DebateMen Debaters To Open Conference Season With Triangular Contest - Ohio Northern and Marietta To Form Opposition In Harangue Wednesday Night; Affirmative Team Defeats Earlham1:52/251926
[ ]Blue Key;Shatzer, C. G.Monthly Banquet Held By Boosters - Blue Key Members Are Addressed By Dean C. G. Shatzer1:32/251926
[ ]Honor Day Banquet;Musical GroupsMusicians To Receive Awards On Honor Day - Members of Music Organizations To Be Rewarded at Annual Banquet1:22/251926
[ ]Men's Glee ClubNot Kisses, But Kusses2:32/251926
[ ]Sports;Basketball; Oberlin Wins First Victory - Close Scores Feature Cage Games of Past Week; Cincinnati Leads in Scoring4:32/251926
[ ]Armstrong, Red;Bauer, Ralph;Sports;BasketballOhio Northern Five Loses To Lutherans - Contest Affords Fans With Amusement; "Red" Armstrong Leads Scorers; Ralph Bauer Plays Brilliant Game3:12/251926
[ ]HumorPithy Paragraphs2:42/251926
[ ]French Club;White, John;PlaysPlays Are Given By French Club - John White Becomes Instructor In Pittsburgh1:12/251926
[ ]Sports;BasketballPrep "5" Downs St. Joseph High - Academy Boys Show Improvement on Defense; Stewart and Spitzer Star3:12/251926
[ ]Keyser, L. S.Professor Writes Volume On Origins - Macmillan Company Publishes Dr. Keyser's Book Defending Scriptures4:42/251926
[ ]Armstrong, Gerald "Red";Sports;BasketballRed-Head Leads Buck-I Scorers - Capt. Armstrong Is Showing Pace in New League With Total of 98 Points3:42/251926
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Reports Given1:52/251926
[ ]Scroll and Quill;The Wittenberger;Yearbook;McCleary, George;Intemann, C. AlfredScroll And Quill - Students Eligible For Yearbook Offices Named1:32/251926
[ ]Huber, Dr. D. R.Secretary Speaks1:42/251926
[ ]Seniors;PlaysSeniors To Present Annual Class Play - Nine Students To Give Comedy at Fairbanks Theatre Monday Night1:42/251926
[ ]Sittler, Joseph;Oratorical Contest;Sittler Is Ranked Fourth In Contest - Women's State Oratorical Contest Is Postponed4:22/251926
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:32/251926
[ ]Publicity;Student EmploymentStory Contest Is Announced - College New Bureay To Give $50 In Prizes1:42/251926
[ ]Radio Station WCSO;Music Department;Students Broadcast Concert From WSCO - Each Department of Music School Is Represented on Radio Program4:22/251926
[ ]Youth;The Student's Forum - Youth Movement4:42/251926
[ ]Wittenberg - HistoryWittenberg 10 Years Ago2:42/251926
[ ]Sports;Basketball;Wittenberg Cage Games4:32/251926
[ ]Sports;BasketballWittenberg Cagers To Play 2 Contests - Denison and Muskingum to Oppose Lutherans in Games This Week; Godfreymen Have Never Defeated Big Red Quintet3:52/251926
[ ]Young, Dalton;Miller, John;YearbookYoung Is Named Yearbook Editor - Breakdown Causes John Miller To Give Up Position1:12/251926
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch delivers series of Lenten sermons in Baltimore, Maryland1:33/41926
[ ]Camp Lu-Bo-CaCamp Lu-Bo-Ca, Lutheran boys' camp, to be improved and located on Lake Erie, near Lakeside1:13/41926
[ ]Freshman CapsPermanent-style headgear to be chosen for Frosh1:63/41926
[ ]Bookwalter, John W.Professor of philosophy delivers series of Lenten sermons in Baltimore, MD1:33/41926
[ ]Huber, Dr. D. R.; Founders DayTo deliver principal address at Annual Founders' Day program1:33/41926
[ ]Blanchard, PaulAuthor and economist addresses the student body on the "Situation in Russia"4:43/111926
[ ]Evjen, Dr. John O.Evjen has been notified of the bestowal of honorary membership in the Societe Academique d'Historie Internationale, Paris1:23/111926
[ ]Mynchenberg, Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeLiberia is served by Wittenbergers8:1-23/111926
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergLife sketches of the college's 7 presidents1:33/111926
[ ]McNeill, Miss LeilaNative of Orkney Islands to join the English faculty1:13/111926
[ ]Armstrong, RedSport career reads like Merriwell Book5:33/111926
[ ]Armstrong, GeraldSports career reads like Merriwell book5:33/111926
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg from 1845 to present: a short resume3:2-33/111926
[ ]Moore, Colonel Philip A.Gave an illustrated lecture on "Wild Animals at Home"1:13/181926
[ ]Reymert, Dr. Martin L.Named chairman of the Springfield chapter of the American-Scandanavian Foundation1:63/181926
[ ]Jones, Rev. Paul Episcopal clergymanThe representative of the Fellowship of Reconciliation will speak at long chapel1:63/181926
[ ]Opera"Cavalleria Rusticana" under direction of Mme. Gunhild Bonde-Ladd1:63/251926
[ ]FootballForward passing to be penalized when used in excess3:23/251926
[ ]OozooHumorous issue of Witt sponsors popularity contest1:33/251926
[ ]Baldwin, Mrs. Maud JunkinMrs. Maud Junkin Baldwin, religious educator to visit Wittenberg.1:53/251926
[ ]Taylor, J. EarlAssistant professor of chemistry awarded the Kauffman Fellowship in Chemistry1:64/81926
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceBureau is organized1:24/81926
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsDelivers commencement address (pic)1:34/81926
[ ]Pfattsicher, Rev. E. P. D.D.Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church at Reading, Pa. will deliver the annual Kessler Foundation lectures4:34/81926
[ ]Schlichter, Dr. NormanPennsylvania poet speaks at Long Chapel2:44/81926
[ ]Opera"Cavalleria Rusticana" under direction of Mme. Gunhild Bonde-Ladd4:34/151926
[ ]OozooContest results announced1:14/151926
[ ]Kessler Foundation LecturesGiven by Dr. Pfatteicher of Reading, PA1:44/151926
[ ]Harbeson, C. C.Head of public speaking department at Oberlin College will deliver the principal address at Honor Day Banquet1:44/151926
[ ]Kiefer, Miss FriedaKiefer has been awarded a fellowship by the graduate school of Ohio State University44/151926
[ ]Krauss, Dr. Daniel T.Krauss to be assist. professor of business administration (pic)1:24/151926
[ ]Clare, Dr. Robert D.One of America's foremost church educators addresses student body1:64/151926
[ ]CheatingSurprise tests advocated. Committee on cheating submits report to faculty1:14/151926
[ ]Miller, Dean RossAwarded fellowship in pschology at Clark University1:54/221926
[ ]Craven, Dr. O.M.Head of health department of Springfield to address long chapel1:14/221926
[ ]Songs (College)Mary O. Wolfe to receive $25.00 in gold for her contribution "Wittenberg for Mine"1:24/221926
[ ]Wolfe, Mary receive $25 in gold for her contribution "Wittenberg for Mine"1:24/221926
[ ]Taylor, J. EarlBegins work on Ph.D.4:35/61926
[ ]Leads research expedition into Northern Canda1:65/61926
[ ]The WittPublication admitted to Mid-West assoc.15/61926
[ ]Student Health ServiceTo be established by the college5:25/61926
[ ]Smith, Fred B.World traveler, chairman of the World Alliance for International Friendship, addresses the students at chapel1:65/61926
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Acting president of Thiel College, Greenville, PA to become dean of men at Wittenberg1:25/131926
[ ]Smith, Fred B.Discusses world fellowship4:25/131926
[ ]Kelley, G. VernonKelley to become assistant professor in public speaking2:35/131926
[ ]Sperow, GraceGranted a scholarship to study at Johns Hopkins1:25/201926
[ ]TorchKampus Kakkle3:65/201926
[ ]Kelley, G. VernonKelley to become assistant professor in public speaking (pic)1:45/201926
[ ]McNutt, Franklin HolbrookMcNutt granted leave of absence for graduate study in European universities1:25/201926
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Resigns from college to teach systematic theology in Hamma Divinity school1:25/201926
[ ]American Scandinavian FoundationAmerican Scandinavian Foundation elects Dr.Martin S. Remert as its head1:15/271926
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Article (pic)1:35/271926
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsCancels engagement as commencement speaker due to illness1:65/271926
[ ]Bishop, Dr. & Mrs. HomerDr. and Mrs. Homer Bishop from Smith College will become assistant professors in the psychology department5:15/271926
[ ]Gaylord, Edwin H. Jr.Elected to Sigma Xi National Honorary scientific fraternity at Case School of Applied Science1:55/271926
[ ]Ham, Prof. John BennettHam will assume his new work as an instructor in voice5:15/271926
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesInter-group song contest. Inauguration of first men's inter-group sing1:15/271926
[ ]Lippy, Grace E.Lippy will join the faculty to take the position temporarily vacant by the leave of absence granted professor Hugh M. Raup4:15/271926
[ ]Blair HallBlair Hall cornerstone laid6:39/161926
[ ]College expedition returns from town in Canadian Wilds3:49/161926
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Keyser named assistant to Pres. R. E. Tulloss6:29/161926
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradKruger enhances post with Dr. Ludwig Reiss, Univ. of Berlin1:59/161926
[ ]Loyalty MeetingLoyalty Meeting held by upper classmen to promote college spirit6:2-39/161926
[ ]Reiss, Dr. LudwigProfessor of Modern History at the University of Berlin becomes exchange professor1:59/161926
[ ]Volwiler, Dr. Albert T.Returns from a year's leave of absence1:29/161926
[ ]Keyser, Dorner L.Springfield Realtor becomes director of admissions. (por)1:2-39/161926
[ ]Students' Service BureauMany given employment. Student service bureau helps ambitious collegiansNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:69/201926
[ ]Australian Debate TeamAustralian Debate Team to meet Wittenberg Trio1:69/231926
[ ]Gettysburg CollegeGettysburg Theological Seminary observes its Centennial1:19/231926
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyOnly remaining literary society on campus holds its initial meeting1:69/231926
[ ]Home Economics Department;Bell, Charlotte;Jencks, ElizabethCampus Tea Room Serves Luncheons - Students To Act As Managers Each Week1:29/301926
[ ]Choir;Williams, John ThomasChorus Personnel Chosen At Tryouts - Prof. J. T. Williams To Direct Co-ed Musical Organization This Season1:39/301926
[ ]AutomobilesCollege Fords2:19/301926
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Mullendore, G. ErnestCollege Y. M. C. A. Holds Initiation - New Members To Be Inducted Wednesday Evening1:29/301926
[ ]Detrick, Raymond;BasketballDetrick Is Now Wesleyan Coach - Former Athlete Joins Bishop's Mentor Staff3:19/301926
[ ]The Ohio State UniversityDon't Be A Dumbell2:49/301926
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlDr. Carl Schneider Given Scholarship - German Student From University of Leipzig Studying at Wittenberg1;19/301926
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar;Community Fund DriveDr. Tulloss Heads Springfield Drive4:39/301926
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)Drive To Close1:59/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballFigures Reveal Saturday's Game - Story In Digits Tells of Victory Over Kent Normal3:29/301926
[ ]FashionFreshman Co-eds Don Green Ribbons - Bow In Hair To Compare With Head Apparel of Men1:69/301926
[ ]Rumors;HumorGlances2:49/301926
[ ]Beemon, Bus;Sports;FootballGuards Fight To Play Against Hess - Bermon Will Probably Face State's All-American Star3:29/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;RosterHow Wittenberg Gained Ground3:29/301926
[ ]AdministrationInstructions For Interviews With Administration Heads4:29/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballKeen Competition Expected In Buckeye Conference This Year - Big Six Gridiron Teams Show Well In Season Openers Saturday3:19/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballLutheran Gridiron Team Begins Thirty-Fifth Season3:39/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballLutherans Resume Buckeye Hostilities - Cardinal and Cream Gridders Clash With Scarlet and Gray Ball Toters For First Time In Sixteen Years3:19/301926
[ ]Mellenbruch, Dr. P. L.Mellenbruch Speaks4:49/301926
[ ]Cheerleaders;Endley, John;Morris,Earl;Dreyer, Herbert;Geyer, RolandNew Cheer Leaders To Conduct Pep Meeting Friday Morning1:39/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryOn To Columbus2:19/301926
[ ]Travel;The Ohio State UniversityOn To Columbus Via "Bum" Route - Call of the Road to Summon Wittenbergers Saturday1:29/301926
[ ]Orchestra;Spenny, Lorin;Havens, Marabelle;Weber, Walter;Shanor, CarlOrchestra Officials - Selected At First Meeting of Group Thursday Afternoon1:19/301926
[ ]ParkingPark Free With College Sticker - Cars Bearing Tags To Be Given Space at Columbus2:49/301926
[ ]Hamma Divinity School;Bloomhardt, Paul F.Seminary Men Begin Series of Meetings - Hanna Divinity School To Hold Annual Stag In Hollow Thursday Evening1:29/301926
[ ]Campus Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:39/301926
[ ]Passenger Train;FootballSpecial Trains Chartered For Great Trek Eastward1:39/301926
[ ]Jensen, Claudius;Lindsley, DonaldStudent Assistants2:29/301926
[ ]Travel;New York CityStudents Travel With College Tag - Weary Journeys Made Easire With Wittenberg Sticker4:49/301926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;Ham, John Bennett;Bach, Frederick LewisThirty-one Singers Compose Glee Club - Prof. J. B. Ham Will Direct Male Songsters; Officers To Be Elected Soon1:59/301926
[ ]Football;The Ohio State UniversityTickets For State Game On Sale4:39/301926
[ ]Toledo Club;Veler, Herbert;Kreuger, HilmarToledo Club1:19/301926
[ ]Debate;Crowl, Lester;Gray, Theodore;Sittler, JosephVarsity Debaters Going Into Action - Trio Announced To Oppose Foreign Team; Women Tryouts To Be Held Thursday1:49/301926
[ ]Football;RosterVarsity Squad Statistics3:39/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;The Ohio State UniversityWhat State Did Last Year3:59/301926
[ ]Beemon, Bus;Bradley, Jerry;Armstrong, Red;Schroeder, Ducky;Miller, RoyWho Did It First?4:29/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Downs Kent Normal, 27 to 0 - Entire Squad Displays Great Form as Godfrey's Charges Romp to Victory in Season Opener Saturday3:59/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;Godfrey, CoachWittenberg Grid Stars To Invade Ohio State Saturday - Two Thousand Rooters Prepare For Great Trek When Lutherans Meet Buckeyes the First Time In Sixteen Years1:49/301926
[ ]The Wittenberger;Lind, K. G.Wittenberger Staff Members Are NAmed - Prof. K. G. Lind Selected As Faculty Advisor; More Positions To Be Filled1:69/301926
[ ]The Witt;HumorWork Begun On Comic Magazine - Students Invited To Tryout For Witt Staff1:59/301926
[ ]Rohnert, Dr. ErnestDirector of the Kropp Institution, Schlesweig, Holstein, Germany addressed the student body on modernism1:610/71926
[ ]Riess, LudwigGerman exchange professor begins duty at Wittenberg (pic)1:310/71926
[ ]Borza, John, Jr.Borza has been invited to meet the Queen of Roumania when she arrives in Cleveland (port)1:310/141926
[ ]Lightburn, HelenFreshman co-ed is champion of rifle shot. Hold both world record and Ohio title1:310/141926
[ ]Gifts; CampusLandscapers begin work on arboretum1:410/141926
[ ]Borza, John, Jr.Should I meet my queen or should I remain with the "Fighting Lutheran" squad?1:5-610/141926
[ ]Chi Sigma NuChi Sigma Nu, new campus social group, is organized1:110/211926
[ ]Carnegie Science HallCornerstone laid1:5-610/211926
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolIndiana synod raises its quota from ten cents to twenty cents per capita for the Hamma Divinity school1:210/211926
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchInternational session in Richmond, VA1:310/211926
[ ]LibraryLibrary expansion needed2:110/211926
[ ]Obenauf, H.A.Receives national fame for marksmanship ability1:110/211926
[ ]Walter Camp Dayto be observed1:410/211926
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio station$5,000 station to be erected1:310/281926
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelAppointed to the Inner Mission Board of the United Lutheran Church1:410/281926
[ ]RugbyBible secretary to China to address student volunteers convention1:610/281926
[ ]Board of MissionsBoard of Missions created at the International biennial convention of the United Lutheran Church1:210/281926
[ ]Beach, Hazel HamiltonCollege graduate honored by grand chapter order of eastern star (por)4:310/281926
[ ]Mullendore, G. ErnestMullendore, G. Ernest of Indianapolis elected president of the Student Health Council1:510/281926
[ ]Martin, Dr. Horace F.Now president of Midland College. Addresses students1:110/281926
[ ]Harmon FoundationOffers aid of $2,000. Will again loan to Wittenberg1:610/281926
[ ]Phi Mu Alpha SinfoniaMusic fraternity organized on campus1:211/41926
[ ]Married Men's ClubOrganization of Hamma Divinity School4:311/41926
[ ]DebateDebate will meet University of Sydney, Australia team4:1-311/111926
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish wit to clash with American logic1:211/111926
[ ]Riess, LudwigIll health causes professor to return to Germany1:411/111926
[ ]Kappa Phi Kappa; Pressey, Sydney L.Ohio State man is invited here. S. L. Pressey to address Kappa Phi Kappa meeting1:111/111926
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard installs 13 new members1:612/21926
[ ]Uhl, Lemon L.Exhibits curios4:112/21926
[ ]Houck, Edwin S.Houck bequeaths library and museum to college departments1:1-212/21926
[ ]Mahler, MargueretteMahler writes open letter upon her return home2:112/21926
[ ]Student Retreat for the discussion of International RelationsOhio Wesleyan is Host1:512/21926
[ ]Finney, Dr. C.E.Springfield physician has been secured as Wittenberg's first college physician1:412/21926
[ ]Board of DirectorsTreas. J. L. Zimmerman, Sr., authorized to borrow up to $75,000 to finance new laboratory building1:112/91926
[ ]Pryor, W. ClaytonWittenberg's "Grand Old Man" as he appears at the age of 86 (pic)1:3-412/91926
[ ]Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceBegins auto accident study1:212/161926
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch receives medieval Latin text, published in 1514; "Decretum Gratium" is title1:612/161926
[ ]Taylor, J. EarlGiven leave of absence to work on Ph.D. at Ohio State1:312/161926
[ ]Manikam, R. B.Manikam to deliver three addresses at chapel1:112/161926
[ ]All-College CouncilNewly created organization to promote religious interests on campus1:112/161926
[ ]Scroll and QuillOpens feature story contest1:312/161926
[ ]Shinowara, MaryReceives dolls for Japanese festival1:412/161926
[ ]Schneider, Dr. CarlTells how natives observe "Weinachten"4:112/161926
[ ]Shinowara, MaryTells of Japanese celebrations for New Year4:5-612/161926