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[ ]Wittenberger (annual)A short resumeNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:2-35/11925
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Gives a talk in chapelNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:55/51925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Volwiler, Albert T.Dr. Volwiler is Granted Leave: History Professor Will Assume Position at Indiana State University6:35/281925
[ ]Crotti, Dr. Andre; Pre-medics ClubSurgeon Discusses Causes of Goiter: Dr. Andre Crotti, Authority on Thyroid Diseases, Gives Lecture in Chapel [on the Causes of Endemic Goiter]6:15/281925
[ ]Administration; Shatzer, C. G.Dean Shatzer is Back at Old Job [Resume duties as dean]2:59/171925
[ ]Japan; Faculty and Staff; Suss, Jur. TheodorDr. Suss Describes Conditions As Seen in Japan Last Summer [Spends his vacation in Japan]4:29/171925
[ ]Deaths; Scaus, W.H.Former Head of Directors Dies: Death Takes W.H. Schaus, Retired Leader of College Board4:19/171925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Neff, Edgar RalphFormer Teacher Becomes Rector: E.R. Neff, Member of 1923-24 Faculty, Receives Appointment [Appointed rector of Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Ala]3:59/171925
[ ]Freshmen Week; New Student DaysFreshmen Become Acquainted with College Life During Convocations: First Year Students Are Guests at College During Four Days Prior to General Registation Day; 300 Already Enrolled [he first time special attention has been paid to the incoming Freshmen]1:19/171925
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Traditions; Tug-of-WarFreshmen to Vie with Sophomores [Clash in contest instead of usual tug-of-war]1:59/171925
[ ]Japan; Shinowara, Mary; Akard, MarthaMiss Mary Shinowara, A Japanese Girl, Registers at Wittenberg1:39/171925
[ ]Library; Zimmerman Library; Prince, Grace; Jacobsen, Anna; Foley, Marie; Greenawalt, Marguerite; Middlekauff, ElaineStudents Urged to Use Library [Library personnel]1:49/171925
[ ]Arboretumwittenberg to have campus arboretumNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:59/171925
[ ]Root, H.G.; Pitkin, WilliamWittenberg to Have Campus Arboretum: H.G. Root Presents [Valuable] Collection of Plants and Shrubs to College1:59/171925
[ ]Football; FamilyBrothers Play At Similar Positions on Grid Team3:19/241925
[ ]Campus Tea Room; Home Economics Department; Recitation HallCampus Tea Room to Open Tuesday: Sophomore Cooking Class to Conduct Miniature Restaurant1:59/241925
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Freshmen; Traditions; Tug-of-War; Freshman Caps; Maurer, Victor; Borza, John; McFarren, Robert; Keyser, Joseph; Westphal, Raymond; Gennett, Daniel; Weider, RogerFreshmen Win Student Clash: Victory Shortens Time "Frosh" Must Wear Official Caps1:39/241925
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar; Rockefeller FoundationPres. Tulloss To Deliver Address: Will Speak Before Luther League Convention Thursday [Delivers principal address at Pennsylvania State Convention of Luther Leaguers Thurs. in Pitts.]1:49/241925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; FootballWittenberg Gridiron Teams Win 137 Games [Football at Witt from 1892 to 1925]3:29/241925
[ ]Auto Parade; Fraternities and Sororities; Phi Kappa PsiCollege Relics Enters "Worst Auto" Parade: Wittenbergers Hope to Win Prizes With Old Model Cars Used Around School [Worst college relics enter parade]6:410/11925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Philblad, Rev. C. TerrenceDoctor C.T. Pihlblad is Among New Professors at Wittenberg This Year [New professor at Wittenberg (pic)]1:310/11925
[ ]DebateTour of British Isles Being Planned For Wittenberg's 1926 Debate Team: Itinerary of Trip Would Bring College Debators Against Representatives of English, Irish, and Scotch Schools [Teams may tour British Isles]1:510/11925
[ ]Bowe, Harriet; Fritz, Kathryn; Helvern, Dorothy; Kahn, Doris; Kantzer, Margaret; Leffel, Ruth; Meyer, Helen; Otte, Betty; Richison, Louise; Ruh, Helen; Stickney, Dorothy; Wetzel, Elsie; Women's Athletic Association (WAA); Woodrow, Mary LoisWomen's Athletic Association Starts Campaign For Members: Organization is Formed to Increase Interest in Sports and to Aid Health [New organization on the campus]1:310/11925
[ ]Wisehart, Dr. W. I.Church Moderator is Chapel Speaker: Dr. W. I. Wisehart of Pittsburg [Eighth United Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh] Talks Before Students on "The Call of the Good"1:510/81925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Keyser, Paul E.; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Former Y.M.C.A. President Tells of Pilgrimage to Europe Last Summer [Keyser's observations during trip which was under the auspices of the National YMCA]4:110/81925
[ ]Scholarships; Harmon FoundationLoans to be granted Juniors and Seniors: Harmon Foundation Increases Fund for Desrving Upper Classmen to $2,0001:210/81925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Armbruster, John M.; Buenos Aires; Missionary WorkNew from the Seminary [Armbruster writes of his experience as a missionary in Buenos Aires, Argentina]6:210/81925
[ ]Rockefeller Foundation; Endowment FundRockefeller Gift to Arrive Within Week: Wittenberg to receive $233,333 as a result of successful drive1:410/81925
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Valuable Collection of Maps Is At Disposal of Wittenberg Students5:110/81925
[ ]Student ChestPurpose of driveNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:210/91925
[ ]Cambridge Trio; Inter-Collegiate debate; DebateDebaters Meet Cambridge Trio: Prohibition is Subject of Opening Contest of Year [Cambridge Trio to debate the Wittenberg Team]1:110/151925
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. Lovina; Buildings; Residence Halls; Ferncliff HallDormitory Donor Visits At College: Mrs. Lovina Openlander is Guest of Ferncliff Co-eds1:110/151925
[ ]Awards; Faculty and Staff; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch is Elected to English Institute: Faculty Member is Honored For Third Time b y British Societies1:410/151925
[ ]Lakru, Joel; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Illinois Student Will Speak Here: Joel Lakru of Maywood Seminary to Address "Y" members1:510/151925
[ ]Liberal ClubInitial Meeting of Club is Scheduled: Liberalists to Resume [open] Discussion of Problems Vital to Lives of Students1:510/151925
[ ]Proctor, HelenMiss Proctor is Chapel Speaker: Student Volunteer Secretary [of the Student Volunteers of Ohio] Tells of Her Future Plans1:210/151925
[ ]McNutt, Franklin Holbrook; Faculty and Staff; Education DepartmentProf. F. H. McNutt of the Education Department is a Son of Wittenberg (pic)4:210/151925
[ ]Rockefeller Foundation; Endowment FundRockefeller Foundation Presents Gift of $233,333 to Wittenberg: Promised Amount is Received as Result of Drive for Larger Endowment Fund Opened by College Five Years Ago1:510/151925
[ ]Thurston, Henry W.Students Addressed by Welfare Speaker: Dr. Henry W. Thurston, Psychologist, [Head of the New York School of Social Sciences] Talks at Luncheon Given at Ferncliff Hall [to student representatives of Ohio Colleges]1:110/151925
[ ]Blair Hall; BuildingsArchitects Receive New Academy Plans: Ground For $120,000 Blair Prepratory School To Be Broken Early Next Year1:210/221925
[ ]Hamilton, ClaytonDramatic Critic is Wittenberg Visitor: Clayton Hamilton Speaks Before Students on the Revival of "The Revivals"1:110/221925
[ ]Euterpean Literary Society; Kalbfus, FrancesEuterpea Members Form Reading Club: Former Literary Society Is Reorganized; Frances Kalbfus Is Head of New Organization4:310/221925
[ ]Heick, OttoHeick, Otto, A.B. B.D. of Hanover, Germany is called to Martin Luther Seminary, Lincoln NebraskaNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:110/221925
[ ]Debate; Brees, Paul R.Wittenberg To Sponsor Leauge for Debate Teams in Ohio High Schools: Plans for Organization To Be Made By Educators at Luncheon To Be Held at Bancroft Hotel Saturday Noon1:110/221925
[ ]VolleyballSem. holds volley ball tournamentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:510/251925
[ ]Huggins, Judge William L.Huggins, Judge William L. of Kansas City addresses students at Long Chapel1:210/291925
[ ]The WittWitt to Present First issue [of 1925] Nov. 7th: First Issue of Humorous Magazine to Contain Fourty Pages1:210/291925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Van Riper, ChristianProf. Christian Van Riper Speaks to Student Body at Meeting Wednesday Morning [in reply to Judge Huggins' statements]1:111/51925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Kruger, Frederick KonradProfessor of Political Science Has Had Many Interesting Experiences5:111/51925
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.The University System of England and It's Effect on the Religious Life of Students4:111/51925
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationChapter In Society Sought By Boost "W": Wittenberg Seeks Member Ship in Blue Key [Fraternity], National Booster Organization Fraternity [ and been favorably received]1:211/121925
[ ]Knubel, Frederick H.Church Head to Be Wittenberg Guest: Dr. Frederick H. Knubel To Address Students at Long Chapel Monday, November 231:511/121925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Awards; Gaylord, Edwin H. Jr.Honor is Received By Wittenberger: Edwin Gaylord is Elected Member of Honorary Fraternity [Ta Beta Pi, National Honorary Engineering Fraternity]1:211/121925
[ ]Gleaves, Rear Admiral AlbertNaval Officer is Chapel Speaker: Admiral Albert Gleaves Talks on "Wings of the Navy"1:111/121925
[ ]Knubel, Dr. Frederick H.President of the United Lutheran Church in America to address students at Long chapel1:511/121925
[ ]Awards; Faculty and Staff; Reymert, Martin L.Wittenberg Professor Receives Honor From Science Association [American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science] (pic)1:311/121925
[ ]World Court; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Wittenbergers to Voice Opinion on World Court By Staw Vote Nov. 25: Decision To Secure Students' Stand on Question Comes as a Result of Conference Held at Otterbein College Last Week1:611/121925
[ ]Knubel, Dr. Frederick H.Church President To Speak in Chapel: Dr. F. H. To Address Students at Services Monday; Will Also Talk at Seminary1:211/191925
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Continental University Systems and Their Effects on the Religious Life of Students6:111/191925
[ ]Ehrhardt-Siebold, Baroness Erika von; Faculty and Staff; Languages DepartmentFrench Professor Was Born In Feudal Castle on the Danube5:211/191925
[ ]Mahler, Marguerette; French ClubFrench Student Describes the Lycees of Her Native Country4:111/191925
[ ]Student ChestNature of "Y" work made possible by fund explainedNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:211/191925
[ ]Campus; ArboretumSteps Taken Toward Planning Arboretum: Plans for Beautifying Campus to Be Carried Out in Near Future; Walks To Be Built5:111/191925
[ ]World CourtStudents To Discuss Court At Meetings: Vote on Question To Be Taken Under Auspices of Christian Association1:411/191925
[ ]Berg, Russell O.Wittenberg Man Has Spent Three Years Lecturing5:411/191925
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) "Y" Gospel teams conduct services [in and near springfield]: Morris Skinner Directs Activities of Three Organizations6:312/31925
[ ]Library; Zimmerman Library; Berkenmeyer Collection; Faculty and Staff; Evjen, John O.255 Volumes Brought To America In 1725 Are Now Owned By Wittenberg [Berkenmeyer Collection now a part of the Zimmerman Library]1:5-612/31925
[ ]Mathews, EdwardAntioch Man To Give Lecture on "Shoes": Edward Mathews To Speak Before Co-eds in Drive For "Better Shoes" For Girls4:412/31925
[ ]Armstrong, Gerald; Sports; BasketballArmstrong To Captain Team [of 1926 Basketball Team] (pic)4:212/31925
[ ]Knubel, Frederick H.Church Head is Chapel Speaker: Dr. Frederick H. Knubel Talks on "the appeal of the church"5:412/31925
[ ]Songs (College); Administration; Miller, Ross; Immell, Ruth; Faculty and Staff; Schneider, J. Phillip; Bach, Frederick L.Dean Miller to Edit College Song Book: Musical Publication To Appear on Campus: Prize Contest Will Be Featured5:212/31925
[ ]Administration; Editorials; Tulloss, Rees EdgarDr. Tulloss2:112/31925
[ ]Administration; Tulloss, Rees EdgarDr. Tulloss Rejects offer from International Lay Organization: President to remain at Wittenberg; Plans to make improvements at college; Faculty and Students Voice Appreciation1:312/31925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Faculty Club; Home Economics Department; Dunbrook, R. F.Faculty to Hold Informal Dinner: Professors to Stage Gneral Jam Thursday Evening, Dec. 104:412/31925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; Board of Directors; Remsberg, FredGrowth of College Is Shown In Reports Given At Board Meeting: Directors Hold Annual Winter Session With Persons Present From Four States: Dr. Tulloss Is Commended1:112/31925
[ ]Oesterlen Orphan's Home; Knubel, FrederickOsterlen Home Edifice Dedicated: Dr. F. H. Knubel Delivers Principal Address at Service4:312/31925
[ ]Schaus Fellowship; Hauter, H. M.; Faculty and Staff; Heisey, Paul H.Schaus Fellowship Students To meet: New Group To Hold Banquet at Fifth Lutheran Church; H. M. Hauter is Chairman4:112/31925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Anderson, SherwoodSherwood Anderson, Author [Of "Winesberg, Ohio"] And Lecturer, Returns to Wittenberg [Pays His first Return Visit in Twenty-Five Years on the Campus]5:212/31925
[ ]Glee Club; Dovell, AliceState Intercollegiate Glee Clubs To Hold Annual Contest At Memorial Hall in April: Alice Dovell, Wittenberg Sophomore, is Elected President of Ohio Council at Meeting Held in Springfield Last Saturday; Five Schools Were Represented1:312/31925
[ ]World CourtStudents approve World Court Issue: Organization of International Tribunal is favored by large majority1:612/31925
[ ]CurriculumWittenberg Is One of Three Schools Now Offering Courses In Biography1:112/31925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince, "Wittenberg's Grand Old Man," As He appears at 85 [Biographical account (pic)]1:3-412/101925
[ ]Sports; Athletics; AwardsFairness in Athletics [the school should honor its athletes (an editorial)]2:112/101925
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Lewis, Charles H.Lectures are given by field secretary: Wittenberg Graduate is presenting series of speeches before seminarians [Lewis delivers ten lectures to Hamma Divinity students]1:612/101925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Biology Department; Van Horn, H. A.Physician to become member of faculty: Dr. Van Horn, Springfield Man, to join teaching staff for second semester [Local physician to teach embryology]2:512/101925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Anderson, Charles M.Prof. Anderson to speak at banquet: Wittenberger has gained renown as humorous speaker [pricipal speaker at the first banquet of the Young Men's division of the Chamber of Commerce]4:312/101925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; Campus LifeWittenberg of 60 years ago offers contrast to Wittenberg of today1:3-412/101925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinWittenberger weaves legend on lost mitten1:212/101925
[ ]Keyser, Paul E.Athletic and social life among students of England and Holland4:212/171925
[ ]Biology Department; Faculty and Staff; Beaver, W. C.Biology display to be presented: Work of Department to be shown at Arcade Hotel1:112/171925
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost "W" Association is granted chapter in national organization: Student Represenative body will become member of blue key; John MacKenzie is planning installation banquet1:112/171925
[ ]The Witt; Bone NumberCampus Magazine to Issue "Bone Number"1:512/171925
[ ]Administration; Dean of Men; Miller, Ross; Financial AidDeam Miller requests students to make applications for second semester aid: Reports of Dean of Men shows that $11,681 has been furnished Wittenbergers in gifts, loans, tuition credits and scholarships so far this year1:312/171925
[ ]DebateDebaters will meet team from University as Sydney, Australia: Contest with representatives of largest school in Anzac Countries to be held in April, Prof. Thompson Says1:312/171925
[ ]Administration; Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince receives birthday messages: Telegrams come from East and West; Note arrives from friend in Vienna5:112/171925
[ ]Administration; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince tells how Christmas was observed when he was a boy5:2-312/171925
[ ]Songs (College)Prizes are offered for college songs: Students are requested to submit contributions for book by February 16:412/171925
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Psychology Department; Arnold, Henry J.Professor makes Religious survey: Students are requested to fill out questionnaire on beliefs1:312/171925
[ ]Fellowships; Study AbroadScholarship offers are given students: Wittenbergers have opportunity to benefit from exchange fellowships [Fellowships for American students in German Universities for 1926-27 are available]1:212/171925
[ ]Shinowara, MaryThe New Year is biggest holiday among Japanese [Mary Shinowara Relates stories of Christmas customs in Japan]6:3-412/171925