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[ ]Deaths; Volk, WattonFormer Wittenberg Students Dies After Undergoing Operation For Appendicitis1:11/111923
[ ]DeProrok, Count Byron KhunFrench Count Gives Illustrated Lecture1:41/111923
[ ]Brees, Paul R.Professor Brees Is Chosen Chairman of (Intercollegiate) Peace Association4:21/111923
[ ]BandUniforms Are to Be Purchased For Band1:21/111923
[ ]Stover, Rev. Ross H.Wittenberg Graduate Is Making Rapid Strides As Pastor In Lutheran Church (Receives Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity at Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, PA)1:41/111923
[ ]Hamma Divinity School"Fighting Preachers" Receive Publicity1:31/181923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar1923 Wittenberger Dedicated To Pres. Tulloss By Juniors1:11/181923
[ ]Deaths; Keller, SamuelFormer Wittenberg Professor Dies1:61/181923
[ ]DebateInter-Society Teams Begin Preparing For Their Annual Clash1:61/181923
[ ]TorchTorch Increased With Addition of Column1:61/181923
[ ]Hugh, ArthurArthur Hugh Now Holds Commanding Position in Work of the Y.M.C.A. (Hugh is the International Secretary of the Y.M.C.A.)1:3-42/11923
[ ]BandBand As a Pep Machine2:12/11923
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Inauguration of Sundberg Friday (President of Thiel College, Greenville, PA)1:32/11923
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Gotwald, Rev. William K.Rev. WM. K. Gotwald Elected Assistant History Professor1:12/11923
[ ]Rouge Pot ClubRouge Pot Club Will Hold Tryout For Membership1:12/11923
[ ]The WittSecond Edition of "The Witt" Has Large Circulation4:22/11923
[ ]BandWhy Have A Band? (The College Band a Reality)1:12/11923
[ ]Smith, Dr. R. M.Wittenberg Professor Conducting Class at City Hospital1:62/11923
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg Spirit2:12/11923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar"The Greater Wittenberg"2:12/81923
[ ]Heim, Ralph D.Divinity Senior Accepts Call to Chicago Church1:52/81923
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Dr. Tressler Will To Conduct Mission Study Class3:32/81923
[ ]Educational ConferenceEducation Conference - Under Direction of CollegeProves Sucess (First Annual Conducted Under Auspices of Wittenberg)1:52/81923
[ ]Larsen, Dr. LuritzHead of the Lutheran National Council Succumbs1:42/81923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarProgressive Expanding Program Has Marked Short Administration of President Tulloss1:42/81923
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Sundberg Inauguration Marked with Fitting Ceremonies and Program1:12/81923
[ ]School of MusicThe Wittenberg School of Music Attention and Interest in College Is Made Possible by Foresight of President Tulloss.1:12/81923
[ ]Lee, ChangAre You Discouraged with Difficulty of Securing Education? Then Read This (Lee was at Wittenberg Selling Chinese Novelties to Defray His Expenses as a Student in Butler College)2:22/151923
[ ]English Department; Trebein, Bertha E.Assistant English Professor Is Selected - Will Begin WOrk Next September - New Courses to Be Offered in English Department1:52/151923
[ ]Miller, Dean RossDean Ross Miller Held in High Esteem By Men of the Wittenberg Student Body The "Boys" Have Discovered That He is a Man Among Men, a Friend of Them All1:12/151923
[ ]Martin, Dr. Horace F.Dr. H. F. Martin is Chosen Director of the Summer School1:22/151923
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Dr. Keyser Lectures at (Moody) Bible Institute (in Chicago)1:22/151923
[ ]Japan; EnrollmentJapanese Student Will Be Admitted Without Expense1:32/151923
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary Shield Is Present to Philos (For Three Consecutive Years)2:42/151923
[ ]Missionary WorkVolunteer band members give talks on missionary workNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.280:32/191923
[ ]AthleticsAthletics and Athletes Are an Asset to School (Athletes, Rules Governing the Scholastic Standing of Athletes)1:12/211923
[ ]Literary SocietiesDeclamation Contest Will be Held Friday Evening in Chapel 13 Contestants Philos Will Make Desperate Effort to Regain the Ground Lost in Oratorical Meet (Intersociety Contest)1:12/211923
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Lutherans To Meet in Convention At Eisenach, Germany - Dr. Neve Will Attend (Appointed Delegate by the UCLA)1:22/211923
[ ]Fighting Nine"Fighting Preachers" Will Soon Take Up Active Work in the Lutheran Ministry Group of World War Veterans Win Nation-wide Attention "Wittenberg's Fighting Nine" Will Graudate in May1:53/11923
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterp Wins First Place in Contest1:53/11923
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Prize Will Be Offered For Best Written Y.W.C.A. Song1:2-33/11923
[ ]GradingThe Point System (Point System Distributes Scholastic Work and Campus Activities)2:13/11923
[ ]Racer, Marion M.; Racer, ChristineAlumni Are Teaching in Same Institution (Became a Member of the Franklin College Staff, Franklin, Indiana)1:33/81923
[ ]ChapelCustom Will Be Revived of Seating Students in Chapel According to Respective Classes1:33/81923
[ ]DebateDebaters Will Clash In Triangular Meet Contests Tonight Will Be First Three-College Affair Wittenberg Has Entered-Affirmative Squad Will Meet Baldwin-Wallace Here1:13/81923
[ ]Curriculum; Becker, Allen O.Mission Courses Will Be Offered Next Year1:53/81923
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C.Noted Essayist and Wittenberg Alumnus Addresses Students1:33/81923
[ ]BandThe College Band As They Appeared in Their New Uniforms Friday Night [Picture]2:13/81923
[ ]Teaching RequirementsHigh School Teaching Requirements Have Been Changed According to Report (by the Department of Education of the State of Ohio)1:23/151923
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John Philip; Schneider, Mrs. John Philip; Neve, HerbertNeve Is Selected Class Day Orator Dr. and Mrs. Schneider Are Named Honorary Members of 1923 Graduating Class [Picture]1:33/151923
[ ]Financial Aid; Harmon FoundationWorthy Students of the College Will Be Aided By Loan Fund1:53/151923
[ ]Deaths; Recitation Hall; HeckertA Suggestion (Name Suggested for Recitation Hall to Honor Dr. Heckert)2:1-23/221923
[ ]Missions Course; Tressler, V.G.A.Annual Lenten All-Student Class is Brought to Close Missions Course by Dr. Tressler Ends Wednesday Evening1:13/221923
[ ]DebateCo-eds to Participate in a Dual Contest4:43/221923
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertDr. Larimer Presents Appeal of Lutheran Students in Russia1:33/221923
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Men of College to be Aided in Securing Work (Employment Bureau)1:53/221923
[ ]Literary SocietiesPhilo and Excel to Clash in Third Inter-Society Contest1:53/221923
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyAims and Policies Of New Academy Are Set Forth in Report4:14/121923
[ ]Life Work Meetings; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)College "Y" Plans to Aid Students Life Work Meetings Will Be Held-Big Brother Movement Will Be Inaugurated Next Year-Paul Larimer Will Edit the Handbook4:54/121923
[ ]Brown, Dr. Charles ReynoldsDean Brown of Yale (Divinity School) Addresses Students1:34/121923
[ ]Shatzer, Dean Chas. G.Dean Granted Leave of Absence For One Year Temporary Leave Granted Dean Shatzer; to Enter Laymen's Movement of the U.L.C.1:14/121923
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm Men "Step Out" For Stunt Day Exercises2:34/121923
[ ]Martin, Dr. Horace F.Dr. Martin Is Well Qualified To Act As Supervisor of the New Academy3:14/121923
[ ]Neff, EstellaEstella Neff Wins Prize in Contest (On the Subject, Why I Came to Wittenberg College)1:34/121923
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational Conference of Lutheran Students Will Convene Friday (Second Annual Meeting Held at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.)1:54/121923
[ ]Webb, Grace; Bell, HelenNew Co-Ed Group Selects Officers (Will Be Formed on Campus of Women Students of the Dormitories and Those Living in Private Homes Not Otherwise Organized)1:14/121923
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyReorganization and Enlargement of the Wittenberg Academy Will Fill Long Felt Need in Springfield Plans Include Standarization of Courses, Additional Instructors and Complete Isolation From College3:14/121923
[ ]Trautwein, William J.Star Athlete Made A Good Record While in College Trautwein's Return to His Alma Mater Welcomed by Many (Returns to Campus as a Professor in Reorganized Academy)3:54/121923
[ ]Bailey, Marshall; School of Music; Rhodes, WillardWillard Rhodes Is Given First Place in Piano Contest Marshall Bailey Is Awarded Second Place-Honors Are Welcomed by Friends of the College (Entered Under the Auspices of the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs. First Time School of Music Students Entered)3:34/121923
[ ]The Shadow Players' ClubAcademy Club Will Present Plays Saturday Evening (The Dramatic Organization of Wittenberg Academy Students Will Present Plays at Chapel)1:44/191923
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertAnnual Seminary Commencement To Be Held May 6th (First Professor in Many Years Asked to Deliver the Annual Seminary Address)1:14/191923
[ ]LibraryBooks And Libraries (Library and the Student)2:14/191923
[ ]Becker, Rev. Allen O.Dr. Becker to Be Installed (As Pastor of the Calvary Lutheran Church) Sunday1:14/191923
[ ]Suhr, Dr. Elmer G.Fellowship Is Geven '23 Grad (Elmer G. Suhr Has Been Granted a Fellowship in Greek and Archaeology by John Hopkins University)1:34/191923
[ ]Literary SocietiesIntersociety Essay Contest Date Is May 41:54/191923
[ ]Financial Aid; Harmon FoundationLoan Fund (Maximum Amount Loaned to a Single Student is $250)1:44/191923
[ ]BooksOf All Books, Which Do You Like Best? The Question Is Asked Ten Members of College Faculty by Torch Staff Reporter-Interesting Replies Given1:34/191923
[ ]Ki-Cu-WaOrganization Completed For Girls' Group1:64/191923
[ ]TuitionWittenberg Has Lowest Tuition Rates for 1922. Report is for Ohio Colleges. ($100)1:54/191923
[ ]Biology Club"Bug Club" Is Pioneer Organization on Wittenberg Campus3:24/261923
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio station"WNAP" Is Now Known To Many Radio "Bugs" (Wittenberg Was One of the First Colleges to Have an Official Broadcasting Station)1:14/261923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentFuture of Home Economics Department is Promising Wittenberg Co-Eds Avail Themselves of Opportunities Offered in New College Department4:44/261923
[ ]Theta Eta Kappa (Home Economics Club); Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Aims to Prepare For "Home Making"1:34/261923
[ ]Kruger, Dr. Frederick KonradNew Professor Has Been Added to College Faculty According to Announcement1:14/261923
[ ]Science Departments; Special Issue; TorchScience issue4/261923
[ ]Voigt, Irma E.Dean Voight (of Ohio University) Talks AT Y.W. Meeting Sunday Afternoon5:15/101923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; WomenGirls' issue5/101923
[ ]Deaths; Miller, Rev. John H.Re. John H. Miller Dies in Kansas City6:25/101923
[ ]Anderson, Charles M.; Volwiler, A.T.Two New Professors Are Added To the College Faculty1:55/101923
[ ]Willis, Hon. Frank B.College Commencement Date is Set For June 7 Hon. Frank B. Willis To Be the Speaker1:65/171923
[ ]Diplomatic ServiceCourses Prepratory To Career In Diplomatic Service of the U.S. May Be Offered Next Year4:35/171923
[ ]Ferncliff HallNew Ferncliff Hall Nearing Completion1:15/171923
[ ]Van Riper, ChristianProf. Van Riper Hurt When Car is Hit By Train1:45/171923
[ ]Religion DepartmentSecond Year of New College Department Is Near Completion4:45/171923
[ ]FacultySize Of Faculty Nearly Doubled In Three Years2:25/171923
[ ]StadiumStadium Work Progressing1:55/171923
[ ]Weiskotten, RobertWeiskotten Will Represent College At Peace Contest1:55/171923
[ ]School of MusicFirst Commencement of the Music School to be Featured by Recital4:25/241923
[ ]CurriculumMany New Courses of Study Offered Students Next Year Courses in English, History, Political Science, Business Administration, Sociology and Music Are Among Those Listed1:15/241923
[ ]Harp, Hugh G.; Baker, BessProf. Harp Will Be Married June 23:45/241923
[ ]Faculty; Dunbrook, Raymond F.; Keen, H.P.; Vierling, Margaret; Tripp, Phoebe L.; Neff, Edgar Ralph; Hambright, Alice P.; Lind, Karl G.Seven Faculty Members Added Brings Total of Teaching Staff to 62, Showing Increase of 38% in Year1:55/241923
[ ]Weiskotten, RobertWeiskotten Wins Second Place in Intercollegiate Peace Oratorical Contest Held at Antioch1:45/241923
[ ]Deaths; Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Dr. Tressler Dies After Long Illness (Dean of Hamma Divinity School Dies)1:39/131923
[ ]Martin, Dr. Horace F.Is new Dean4:39/131923
[ ]Deaths; Faculty; Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Memorial to Dean Tressler is Recorded by the Faculty of Hamma Divinity School2:29/131923
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyNew Academy Opens With Larger Faculty and Revised Curriculum3:39/131923
[ ]Faculty; Anderson, Charles; Beaver, W.C.; Becker, Allen O.; Beiswanger, George B.; Dunbrook, Raymond F.; Flack, Elmer; Gotwald, Rev. William K.; Kruger, Frederick Konrad; Schnabel, Albert; Snyder, Hamon M.; Mock, Robert E.; Trautwein, William; White, J. GPhenomenal Is Increase Made In College Faculty For Coming Year. 22 Are Added1:59/131923
[ ]Tug-of-war"Sophs" Win Tug-Of-War (Contest Marred by Hostilities and Unsportsmanship)1:19/201923
[ ]Freshmen; Freshman CapsBoost "W" Assn. Announces New Freshmen Rules (Gaudy Green Cap Changed to Cardinal Cream Knitted Helmet)1:19/201923
[ ]FreshmenDorm Freshmen Are Initiated (By Parading Downtown Streets)1:59/201923
[ ]FootballGodfrey Has Big Problem Five Letter Men Lost By Graduation-9 Days Till First Game (with Picture)1:29/201923
[ ]StadiumNew $80,000 Stadium Nearing Completion Largest and Most Complete Stadium in Ohio Conference Practically Finished1:39/201923
[ ]The WittWitt To Appear on October 19th (First Issue of 1923)1:29/201923
[ ]ChemistryChemistry as a science for studentsNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:5-69/261923
[ ]Traditions; Freshman CapsAs They Like It (Torch Asks student Body Views About Freshman Caps and Rules For Girls)1:39/271923
[ ]CheerleadersCheer Leaders Will Be Chosen (Through Competitive Tryouts at the Antioch Football Game)1:29/271923
[ ]Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince Honored (Elected a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society)2:19/271923
[ ]Victor Tressler University Scholarship; Tressler, V.G.AScholarship Provided2:19/271923
[ ]Songs (College)Songs and Yells Being Published (Titled "In the Interest of the Freshman")1:19/271923
[ ]Business AdministrationStudents Prefer Business Courses. (One of Newest Departments Installed at Witt)2:49/271923
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Touches I Had With Academic Life in Europe (Continued Oct. 11th 1923)2:29/271923
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg's (Population) Growth (Table of data 1918-1923, Annual Tabulations)2:19/271923
[ ]TraditionsFreshmen caps changed from green to cardinal and cream knitted helmetNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:19/301923
[ ]CheerleadersCheer Leaders Are Chosen At Tryouts1:610/41923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Classis Give Valuable Training Girls Appreciate the Advantages of Courses in Household Arts2:210/41923
[ ]ParkingParking Rules Are Announced1:310/41923
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyPhilosophian Opens 77th College Year Mock Trial Presented by Old Philos-Literary Society Has Entrance Requirement1:110/41923
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororities End Rushing Period Seix Wittenberg Sororities Governed by Pan-Hell Rush Rules1:210/41923
[ ]Stadium; FootballVarsity Swamps Antioch in First Grid Contest 79-6 New Stadium Fittingly OPened By Dazzling Vicotry Credit Due Godfrey1:110/41923
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Annual Tags Are Placed On Sale; Unique Method Used By Wittenberger Staff in Selling Books1:510/111923
[ ]Biology ClubBiology Club To Resume Activity3:310/111923
[ ]Campus Tea RoomCampus Tea Room To Open Tuesday Noon; Table d'Hote Luncheons Will Be Served Each Noon By Home Economics Girls (Everyday Except Monday)1:610/111923
[ ]Historical ClubHistorical Club is Being Formed1:210/111923
[ ]CoachingLutheran Grads Are Successful Coaches; Former Athletes Win Majority of Their Early Games by One-sided Scores3:210/111923
[ ]Masonic ClubMasonic Club Holds Smoker3:310/111923
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMen's Pan-Hellenic Association Revived1:410/111923
[ ]Sophomore Honorary SocietySophomore Honorary Society To Be Formed1:510/111923
[ ]StadiumStadium Presents Unique Features; Authorities Conced the New $100,000 Athletic Pland Secondy Only to Ohio State's Bowl1:310/111923
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Touches I Had With Academic Life in Europe (Started September 27th 1923)2:210/111923
[ ]Fighting Nine"Fighting Nine" Will Be Ordained At Synod2:310/181923
[ ]StadiumCeremonies To Mark Stadium Dedication; New Athletic Plant to Be Fittingly Dedicated Before Wesleyan Game Saturday1:310/181923
[ ]FootballChanges Are Made in Football Rules; Modifications Will Tend To Make Grid Game SPeedy and Interesting5:110/181923
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society Begins 37th Year; Entrance Requirements Announced By Girls' Literary Society at Opening Meeting2:110/181923
[ ]Opera; Sword, Charles H.Former Wittenberger has Opera Accepted (By University of Michigan Union Opera Production Club)2:210/181923
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey PUt College on the Athletic Map; Wittenberg's Mentor Deserves Greatest Credit for Placing School in Its Present Athletic Prominence3:210/181923
[ ]Men's Hiking ClubLutheran Bumming Team Gets In Action (Informal Club)2:210/181923
[ ]Sophomore Honorary SocietyOfficers are chosen2:110/181923
[ ]Football; Etter; TrautweinOld Stars Made Football History at Wittenberg6:210/181923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; Football; StadiumStadium Issue10/181923
[ ]AthleticsStadium Reflects Increase in Wittenberg's Athletic Power4:310/181923
[ ]Godfrey, Ernest R.Varsity Prepared For Wesleyan Tilt; Dedication Game Will Be Hardest on Lutherna Schedule (Coach Godfrey Pounding His "Fighting Lutherans" Into Shape)1:210/181923
[ ]Shamhart, Roy W.Advertising Expert Addresses Students; Salesmanship Class Given Pointers by R.W. Shamhart of the Wren Department Store1:410/251923
[ ]StadiumDedication Services Brief and Impressive1:510/251923
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Democracy [YMCA and YWCA Institute "Hello" Week]2:110/251923
[ ]Stadium; FootballLutherans Unable to Down Stadium "Jinx"; Wesleyan Wins Dedication Game After Being Outplayed in First Three Quarters1:110/251923
[ ]History of WittenbergThe Wittenberg of 50 Years Ago [Article Copied From Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Wittenberger. This Was the First Official College Publication That Appeared on Campus, Oct. 1893]2:310/251923
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarTulloss Heads Community Fund1:210/251923
[ ]Guest DayCollege Men Will Be Guests Of Luthran Families Sunday1:311/11923
[ ]Commerce ClubCommerce Club To Be Formed; New Club Organized By Students of Economics and Business1:311/11923
[ ]Sports; Reid, JackDean of Ohio Sports Writers [Picture]4:311/11923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutheran Student Conference to Be Held In December; Wittenberg Honored in Being Selected for First Convention1:611/11923
[ ]Sophomore Honorary SocietySophomore Society Named Blazon Torch1:611/11923
[ ]StadiumWesleyan Will Repair Stadium; Defacing of Plant Deplored by Wesleyan Student Body1:511/11923
[ ]Academy Dramatic ClubAcademy Dramatic Club Has Initiation1:611/81923
[ ]Zimmerman, Charles B.Armistice Day Service Friday1:111/81923
[ ]Community Fund DriveCommunity Fund Drive Organized By Students; Combined Financial Campaign to be Launched Nov. 19-24 for College Activities1:111/81923
[ ]Smith, Arthur H.Dr. A.H. Smith Named On Executive Board [of the ULC in America]2:411/81923
[ ]Mott, Dr. John R.Gives talk in Dayton1:111/81923
[ ]Eation, Dave; Churchman, SamHusky Gridders Fight For Position at Fullback [Picture]1:311/81923
[ ]Raine, Edgar C.Illustrated Lecture On Alaska is Given2:211/81923
[ ]Student Club HouseNeed for Student Club House on the Campus is Felt; Old Sprecher Home Could be Remodeled to Serve College Organizations as Meeting Place1:311/81923
[ ]Gilliland, Prof. B.D.Professor of Wind Instruments Selected1:511/81923
[ ]Markham, EdwinStudents Hear Poet Recite Own Verses [Markham Visits Campus]2:411/81923
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyAcademcy Given High Rating by Inspector; Preparatory School Placed in Class "A" by State Authorities1:611/151923
[ ]Student ChestCombined Financial Drive Opens Tuesday in Chapel [First Student Chest Campaign]1:511/151923
[ ]Gray, LouisHorrors of Earthquake in Japan Told by Missionary2:311/151923
[ ]Michigan Club; EnrollmentMichigan Club Organizes With Seventeen Members [All Students From the State of Michigan Called to Form an Organization]4:411/151923
[ ]GradingQuality Point System of Grades to be Inaugurated Next Semester1:111/151923
[ ]Larmouth, Sister JennieSeminary Notes [One of the Lutheran Women Missionaries in Africa Talked to the Seminary Students in Chapel]2:511/151923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents To Meet Here Next Month; Plans for Conference of Lutherans Completed1:211/151923
[ ]Student ChestThe Student Fund [An Editorial]2:111/151923
[ ]Commerce ClubUnique Plan Adopted by Commerce Club [Functions Like a Corporation]1:511/151923
[ ]Schneider, John Philip[Junior Class Voted to] Dedicate Annual to Dr. Schneider [Picture]1:511/151923
[ ]WNAP; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationAward Offered For Best Name For WNAP1:311/221923
[ ]Blazoned TorchBlazoned Torch Name of Sophmore Society [Changed from Blazon Torch to Blazoned Torch]1:411/221923
[ ]Ferncliff Dormitory LeagueFerncliff Girls Organize [Dormitory] League1:511/221923
[ ]Ferncliff HallFerncliff Hall Will Be Formally Opened1:311/221923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaFinal program For Student Convention; Sessions to be Held in College Chapel. Prominent Men are Speakers1:111/221923
[ ]Gilliland, Prof. B.D.Holds joint concert with Sousa1:411/221923
[ ]Home Economics DepartmentHome Economics Department Holds Annual Open House2:311/221923
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Heim, Ralph D.Wittenberg Alumnus Addresses Conference [International Conference on Daily Vacation and Church School Workers]1:611/221923
[ ]Student ChestWittenberg's First Chest Exceeds Quota [$4,748.25 Subscribed in First Two Days]1:311/221923
[ ]Student Chest$5,160.10 pledged to student chest; First Combined Financial Campaign Exceeds Quota $1,3151:611/281923
[ ]Basketball - Women; Faculty and Staff; Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to Direct Co-ed Basketball; Practice Started Last Week Shows Good Material For Girls' Athletic Teams1:211/281923
[ ]Pick and PenHonor Society Elects Members [The Junior Honorary Society was Given Faculty Recognition About One Month Ago]1:511/281923
[ ]Baker, Newton E.Newton D. Baker to Speak Here Dec. 14; Former War Secretary Will Address the Student Body Before Christmas Vacation1:611/281923
[ ]Coolidge, Calvin; Phi Gamma DeltaPicture of Coolidge [autographed] is Received by Phi Gams1:311/281923
[ ]Plays; Black MasquePlay to Be Given by Academy Club; Black Masque Presents "Clarence Decides" Next Wednesday Night in Chapel1:411/281923
[ ]Football; Borman, Edwin (Rusty)Senior Out of Northern Game [The Husky Half-Back was so Badly Injured at the Mt. Union Game, that He Had to be Taken Out of the Game] [Picture]2:211/281923
[ ]Student ChestStudent Chest [Successfully terminated] [Editorial]2:111/281923
[ ]Ohio Valley Region Conference of LutheranStudent Conference Program Augumented2:311/281923
[ ]Deaths; Myers, Francis E.Benefactor of College Dies at Ashland Monday [Former President of Board of Trustees Dies]1:512/61923
[ ]WNAP; WUSO; Radio Station WCSO; Radio stationContest for Radio Slogan Continues; Letters WNAP Are Not Necessary in Catch Prase, According to New Ruling1:412/61923
[ ]LibraryLibrary Addition Will be Erected1:612/61923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutherans To Assemble Here For Conference; Sessions Will Be Held in College Chapel Dec. 7, 8, 9; Music is Featured1:612/61923
[ ]Student ChestStory of Campaign Will be Published [Methods of Organization to be Published as a Story of Campaign]2:412/61923
[ ]Physical EducationNew Department is Authorized; Directors Establish Pshysical Education Department2:412/131923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents Attend Convention Held at Springfield; Surrounding States and Southern Canada Represented [Delegates from 13 Colleges]; Over 100 Attend1:112/131923
[ ]The WittWitt To Feature Unique Contest [For the Third Time Since its Founding, a Little More Than a Year Ago, Witt Will Make its Third Appearance at the University of Cincinnati Basketball Game]1:112/131923
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinWittenberg's Grand Old Man; Dr. Prince Passes 83rd Milestone [Birthday] [Picture]1:212/131923