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[ ]Tau Kappa AlphaCharter for the National Honorary fraternity to be presented to Wittenberg1:41/121922
[ ]DramaDramatic society will give five more plays1:11/121922
[ ]Fjell, RolfFjell of the Norwegian stage will be secured by the Senior class to appear in Springfield1:11/121922
[ ]Hammer, Mme. BorgnyHammer, Mme. Borgny of the Norwegian stage will be secured by the Senior class to appear in Springfield1:11/121922
[ ]Treasurers' HeraldName of College's recent publication1:11/121922
[ ]Ministry RecruitsStudents of ministry are being sought1:51/121922
[ ]ChoirCollege gives money for work of Choral Club1:51/191922
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarElected secretary of the Lutheran Educational Conference at Chicago1:21/191922
[ ]Tau Kappa AlphaKenneth Rush '21 presents charter of Tau Kappa Alpha1:11/191922
[ ]Berger, John W.Pastor of First and Grace Lutheran Churches of Wapakoneta will be new Field Stec. of Witt1:21/191922
[ ]Ministry RecruitsScores of students won for Wittenberg1:51/191922
[ ]Dean of WomenDean of Women will soon take up duties in advising Co-eds1:22/21922
[ ]Masonic ClubMasons form club3:2-32/21922
[ ]Harris, MargeryOne of three Wittenberg girls injured in coasting accident1:42/21922
[ ]Fjell, RolfRjell to appear in two Ibsen's gripping plays1:52/21922
[ ]Honor CodeHonor code2:12/91922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew rush rules adopted by Pan-Hellenic Council1:42/91922
[ ]Keller, EzraOffice chair of Dr. Keller's presented to Pres. Rees Tullos as relic of early days of Wittenberg4:32/91922
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinCelebrates his 82nd birthdayNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:32/141922
[ ]Holt, HamiltonHolt speaks to the student body1:42/161922
[ ]Crowell, J.S.The hundreds of books of the late J.S. Crowell were presented to the library by the widow of J. S. crowell1:12/161922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesTry ordeals are passes through by many sorority preps1:12/161922
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Will address student body1:32/161922
[ ]Endowment Fund$345,000 of appeal pledges have been collected1:52/231922
[ ]Ministry RecruitsClosing weeks of drive show big success1:52/231922
[ ]Military TrainingWittenberg SATC praised by War Department2:32/231922
[ ]Webb, Grace ClarkComments on sensible dress of college girls1:13/21922
[ ]Webb, Grace ClarkFirst dean of women will soon take up duties in advising co-eds1:23/21922
[ ]Skull and ChainHonorary senior fraternity has been organized at Wittenberg3:23/21922
[ ]BowlingInter-group bowling league to be formed1:43/21922
[ ]LibraryLibrary work is planned for freshmen. 2 hours of library work under Miss Grace Prince, the librarian is required4:33/21922
[ ]Theses for SeniorsThis time honored requirement for graduation has been abolished1:53/21922
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Career comes to sudden end; tributes paid1:3-43/91922
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Career comes to sudden end; tributes paid2:13/91922
[ ]Science DepartmentsExpansion planned, by means of new courses, more teachers, and additional rooms5:13/91922
[ ]Missionary WorkMissionary-Engineer has great future in new field of work1:43/91922
[ ]AstronomyWider knowledge of astronomy advised5:23/91922
[ ]Wireless TelephoneWireless to flash game reports6:13/91922
[ ]Ferncliff HallConstruction work on new hall to start soon1:23/161922
[ ]BasketballTeam makes good showing; fail to win championship (por)5:53/161922
[ ]All-Ohio Mythical ElevenTrio of Wittenberg players placed on Mythical "All-Ohio"1:43/161922
[ ]BasketballWitt to play All Stars1:53/161922
[ ]Honor DayCampaign to make 2nd annual Honor Day a success is in full swing1:53/231922
[ ]Harris, MargeryLarge areas of skin grafted on injured leg1:13/231922
[ ]BasketballVarsity clearly outplayed All-Stars1:53/231922
[ ]Webb, Grace ClarkDefinite purpose of Wittenberg women impresses dean2:24/61922
[ ]Harris, MargeryFall, injuring leg that was injured in coasting1:44/61922
[ ]Honor DayHonor Day1:24/61922
[ ]Honor DayAll Wittenberg pays homage at honor banquetNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:14/121922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternity rushing methods consured by Torch contributor1:24/131922
[ ]ExaminationsTwo rules made by faculty in regard to carrying textbooks, notebooks, etc. into final exams3:24/131922
[ ]BaseballWitt re-enters intercollegiate baseball circles3:34/131922
[ ]Harding, President Warren G.Harding invited to be commencement speaker1:24/271922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMore support needed for Pan Hallenic Council4/271922
[ ]BowlingPennant in intra-mural league won by Phi Psi team1:44/271922
[ ]Alma MaterShell setting to be used for crowning scene on Alma Mater Day1:14/271922
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.To speak at summer school in CanadaNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:55/181922
[ ]Kappa Phi KappaNewly organized fraternity makes its appearance1:15/251922
[ ]Hoover, Dr. Harvey DanielPresident of Carthage College to deliver commencement1:45/251922
[ ]School of MusicCollege of Music Reorganized; Degree in Music Now Possible1:39/141922
[ ]TraditionsWittenberg Traditions to Be Followed by Freshmen1:49/141922
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsFormer Wittenberg Professor Addresses Students in Chapel2:49/211922
[ ]Registrar's OfficeIncreased Enrollment Necessitated Changes in Registration (Registration Force Enlarged to Accomodate Students)1:39/211922
[ ]Sadhe Aleph FraternitySadhe Aleph Fraternity Makes Apperance (New Organization Comes to Wittenberg)2:29/211922
[ ]Freshman HandbookThe Handbook (The "Frosh Bible" to Appear Again This Year)2:19/211922
[ ]Tug-of-WarTug of War to Be Held Tomorrow Morning1:49/211922
[ ]Eight Hour Day PlanAdoption of "Eight Hour Day" Plan Raises Standards of Scholarship at Wittenberg2:29/281922
[ ]Student Volunteer BandAims and Purposes of Student Volunteer Band2:49/281922
[ ]Lewis, BrindleyBrindly Lewis Has Leg Broken (Halfback on the Varsity Squad Had His Right Leg Fractured)3:39/281922
[ ]Miller, Coach Ernest R.Ernest R. Miller of Ironton, Ohio was selected as assistant coach at Wittenberg (por)3:3-49/281922
[ ]Tug-of-WarFreshmen Win in Annual Tug-of-War1:19/281922
[ ]Organ, new; Vesper ServiceLarge Audience Enjoys First Vesper Service (The Newly Installed Organ in the College Chapel Was Heard By the Public For the First Time)3:29/281922
[ ]Newman ClubNewman Club Organized for Coming Year1:49/281922
[ ]Ohio Masonic HomeSunday School Work at Fraternal Home Wins Recognition (Services Rendered by the Students in the Department of Religion were Appreciated)3:29/281922
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost Wittenberg Association Changes Dates of Meetings1:510/51922
[ ]BandCollege Band Will Make First Public Apperance Friday2:410/51922
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesNew Fraternities are Well Recieved at Wittenberg: Greek Letter Groups are Increasing on Campus Due to Greater Enrollment1:110/51922
[ ]Scudder, Dr. IdaStudents Addressed in Chapel by Dr. Ida Scudder, Missionary (A Returned Missionary from India Addresses Students in Chapel)3:210/51922
[ ]Wittenberg WeekHuge Wittenberg Parade Declared Fine Success; Enthusiasm for the College is Aroused - Culmination of "Wittenberg Week" Brings Desired Results - College Band Given Ovation1:410/121922
[ ]Radiophone; Weinig, Robert F.Wittenberg Events to Be Broadcast by Means of Radiophone (Radiophone installed in Room 214, Science Hall) (Passed the radio broadcasting examination at Dayton, thus making Wittenberg one of the few schools in the country with government license)1:310/121922
[ ]Greek ClubNew Organization Appears in Form of Greek Club1:210/191922
[ ]Tag DayThursday, October 26 Set as "Tag Day" By Wittenberg Staff1:410/191922
[ ]Buffalo Convention of the United Lutheran ChurchWittenberg Will Be Represented at the Buffalo Convention1:410/191922
[ ]Synod of OhioAnnual Convention of Ohio Synod Meets (Third Annual Convention of the Synod Being Held in Bucyrus)1:411/21922
[ ]Theta Alpha PhiChapter of National Dramatic Fraternity is Established Here1:511/21922
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipCollege Represented by Dr. Schneider at Installation Service (Represents Wittenberg At the Tnstallation of Dr. Samuel Paul Capen, Chancellor of University of Buffalo)1:211/21922
[ ]FootballO.W.U. Hands Cardinal and Cream Defeat (Good Season, Though Defeated, OWU Defeats Witt)1:511/21922
[ ]Tag DayTheta Gamma Rho and Woodlawn Hall Teams Are Tag Day Winners1:111/21922
[ ]The Witt"The Witt" to Make Initial Apperance (The Newest Publication That Will Appear on Campus is "The Witt")1:511/91922
[ ]FootballVarsity Eliminated in Conference1:111/91922
[ ]Football"Bearcat" Criticism (Good Season Though Defeated)2:111/161922
[ ]College Inn"The College Inn" (The Basement of Recitation Hall is a Popular Spot Since the Opening of the College Inn)3:211/161922
[ ]Dorm LeagueDormitory League Will Have Large Membership This Year (Dorm League Reorganzied in 1914)1:211/161922
[ ]FootballVarsity Stages Comeback and Are Victorious1:111/161922
[ ]News BureauWittenberg News Bureau is Commended1:511/161922
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society Announces New Plans for Membership1:311/231922
[ ]Hileman, VictorHileman is Selected To Represent Wittenberg in State Oratorial Contest1:411/231922
[ ]FootballVarsity-Cincy Battle On a Muddy Gridiron, Resulting in Even Up Score of 6-61:111/231922
[ ]FootballNorthern to Appear Tomorrow (Good Playing Season Though Defeated. To Play Northern in Last Game)1:111/291922
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Rev. Carl Sundberg, General Secretary of Wittenberg, Decides to Accept the Presidency of Thiel College1:211/291922
[ ]Deaths; Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Dr. Charles G. Heckert (A Tribute)2:112/71922
[ ]Oratorical ContestExcel Steps Into Lead in Shield Race by Carrying Off Honors in Oratorical Contest (Excelsior Literary Society Won in Grand Sweep)1:112/71922
[ ]Finkel, A.D.Former Wittenberger Offers Prizes For Essay Contest1:212/71922
[ ]Flack, Rev. ElmerRev. Elmer Flack is Extended Call To a Professorship in Hamma Divinity School1:412/71922
[ ]FootballThree Varsity Gridders Honored with Places on All-Ohio Mythical Team (All-Ohio Mythical team defeated.)2:212/71922
[ ]FootballVarsity Victorious Over O.N.U.1:112/71922
[ ]DebateWittenberg and Capital University Are To Clash In Dual Debate Friday Night (First Debate of Year)1:412/71922
[ ]DebateDebators Win and Lose in Dual Meet1:112/141922
[ ]Granville, Dr. W.A.Dr. Granville Submits Resignation As President of Gettysburg College1:512/141922
[ ]Hiller, Robert H.Library Presetned Books On Music by Professor Hiller1:312/141922
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. Bruce; Hall, Dr. G. StanleyNoted Psychologist Quotes From Article Written by Dr. Birch (Birch's Work Quoted Liberally by Dr. G Stanley Hall in Recent Issue of "Pedagogical Seminary")1:112/141922