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[ ]Endowment Fund$25,000 presented by prominent business man of Toledo, declines to make his name public.1:1-21/61921
[ ]AthleticsBreach of athletic relations with Wittenberg is denied in the Denisonian, the official publication of Dennison University3:41/61921
[ ]Endowment FundCincinnati businessman enclosed $1,000 bond in Christmas letter to Witt1:11/61921
[ ]Pitney, Mr. and Mrs. GeorgeGive eighty and one half acre farm1:11/61921
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarGoes east in interest of college. He makes principal addresses at several meetings1:21/61921
[ ]BasketballPrinceton is badly beaten, 33-101:51/61921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioThe results of a careful investigation of conditions in this city after one year of prohibition1:31/61921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioContinued2:41/201921
[ ]Prohibition in Springfield, OhioContinued2:42/31921
[ ]Publicity DepartmentMeans other than athletic are sought to boost Wittenberg and students1:32/31921
[ ]FootballSpring football to be instituted, to replace baseball. Fighting team assured for next year.1:12/31921
[ ]Cronk, Dr. E.C.Dr. E. C. Cronk joins secretarial force of college offices. will aid in carrying forward work of appeal1:42/101921
[ ]Endowment FundFund totals $1,665,000. First general summary report1:32/101921
[ ]Endowment FundWhat the greater Witt Appeal has accomplished; large gifts listed1:32/101921
[ ]TraditionsTime honored customs reviewed2:22/141921
[ ]Clarke, MauriceAuthor, The Episcopal Church: What It Is and What It Stands For, The Reformation in England, Thesis: St. Augustine (Probably done under Dr. Birch)2:22/171921
[ ]Ortlepp, Dr. Ernest E.Lutheran Hymn books presented by Dr. and his wife of Greenville, Ohio1:22/171921
[ ]Ortlepp, Dr. Ernest E.Gives two lectures at Hamma Divinity School1:22/241921
[ ]Wittenberg DayMarch 1st to be set aside by Churches for Wittenberg Day1:42/241921
[ ]Melhorn, Rev. Dr. Nathan R.Managing editor of "The Lutheran" addresses seminary and college students1:43/31921
[ ]Rockefeller FoundationTo give Wittenberg $233,333 on condition that the college raise $466,6671:13/31921
[ ]Honor DayWhat is Honor Day? By whom founded?3:23/31921
[ ]Newman ClubOnly class in college to stay overtime2:13/71921
[ ]Monesmith, Rev. H. W.Appointed as new secretary to college office3:43/101921
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarLeads largest financial drive ever undertaken by Lutheran Church. Held football captaincy in 1905. Rendered valuable war service2:23/161921
[ ]Vocational Guidance ConferenceLife work conference week being observed1:4-53/171921
[ ]Kappa Phi SigmaNew Sorority makes appearance2:43/241921
[ ]High School Honors Society of Wittenberg CollegeNew society formed which included honor students granted a $100 scholarship2:23/261921
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAccount of his life2:34/71921
[ ]Student VolunteersFalse notions of student life about 50 years ago2:44/71921
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFielder property purchased2:24/71921
[ ]Flying Dutchman's PapInteresting college paper stored in Clark County building2:44/71921
[ ]Wittenberg Whizbangis on display at Clark County Historical Building2:44/71921
[ ]Kindelberger, Dr. DavidKildelberger died at his home in New York City (pic)1:34/71921
[ ]Machine Gun CompanyMachine Gun Company being organized. Headed by Coach Godfrey. Will be officered by Wittenberg men1:14/71921
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinCommencement programs given to library. Collection started many years ago2:34/141921
[ ]Holl, Rev. Dr. Adam J.Dr. Holl will deliver commencement sermon to graduating class of the Hamma Divinity School3:34/141921
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey signs a 3-year contract; has option of staying longer1:34/141921
[ ]Diet of Worms AnniversaryThe 400th anniversary of Luther's trial will be observed Sunday by Lutheran and other Protestant churches1:24/141921
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipTo spend fifth summer at Ohio State University. Receives offer from John Hopkins University2:44/141921
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaAnnual convention to be held in Springfield3:24/281921
[ ]Honor DayFirst banquet proves brillant success1:44/281921
[ ]Honor Day BanquetFirst Honor Day banquet proves brilliant success1:4-54/281921
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeGettysburg Challegner expresses appreciation1:34/281921
[ ]Dial, Mr. George S.Mr. George S. Dial of Springfield has given a hundred volumes of law books to the library2:34/281921
[ ]Songs (College); Alma MaterPrize of $10 offered by Dean Shatzer for appropriate words to the tune Alma Mater1:34/281921
[ ]Students -- Manners and CustumsCollege customs as they are now among college men1:45/121921
[ ]Fete, MayMay Fete changed to Alma Mater Day, will be made a permanent feature of commencement season1:15/121921
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinReceived distinct honor of being elected as the original founder of the National Historical Society1:35/121921
[ ]Van Riper, Professor ChristianAppointed assistant professor of history and economics3:35/191921
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeCollege year 1921, one of many activities.1:55/191921
[ ]Luther, MartinPageant of Luther's life to be given in June1:35/191921
[ ]Scholarships$100 scholarships offered to honor graduates of high schools in the honor group2:25/261921
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected as fellow by Council of American Geographical Society1:25/261921
[ ]TuitionFees increased. $100 to be amount of tuition, exclusive of fees1:35/261921
[ ]Heisey, Rev. PaulAppointed as Professor of religious education1:49/221921
[ ]TennisFirst tournaments in many years to be held1:39/221921
[ ]Student VolunteersIts aim is set forth2:29/221921
[ ]Teaching CertificatesNew requirements of state law are announced by Dean1:19/221921
[ ]Lahr, Louis J.Professor of Home Economics (por)1:49/221921
[ ]Baker, Scipio E.Director of college died at Colorado Springs (por)1:49/291921
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Generosity of Heckert family benefits college1:29/291921
[ ]Tug-of-WarIf contest is banned, "push ball" may replace it1:19/291921
[ ]Gisel, Matilda S.128 year old German Bible is donated to Wittenberg College by Miss Matilda S. Gisel of Dubuque, Iowa4:2-310/61921
[ ]Chess ClubChess Club organization planned3:310/61921
[ ]Senior CouncilSenior council, an elective body, may enforce discipline at Wittenberg1:110/61921
[ ]Buildings; Recitation HallCost of repairing towers is $3,0001:210/131921
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Dean appointed member of advisory committee of the social and religions survey movement in America1:110/131921
[ ]Bell, Rev. A.E.Pastor of Glenwood Av. Lutheran Church, Toledo, appointed Ohio chairman for World Service chairman for World Service campaign for 1,240,0003:310/131921
[ ]Brown, Dr. W.E.Dr. W.E. Brown, pastor at St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church, York, PA, is well received1:410/201921
[ ]AttendanceNew regulations by faculty in regard to absences1:310/201921
[ ]Synod of OhioThe 2nd annual meeting will be held in Toledo, October 7th to 21st1:210/201921
[ ]Shatzer, Dean C. G.Was honored by Susquehanna University when the degree of Doctor of Science was conferred upon him1:410/201921
[ ]National Guard UnitWittenberg may have National Guard Unit1:4-510/201921
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society intends to set up membership bars1:210/271921
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipInjured when he was struck by a bicycle1:410/271921
[ ]MoviesMoving picture film will depict the life at Wittenberg1:110/271921
[ ]World War I (WWI) European relief given by student body to anount of $332.751:111/31921
[ ]Students -- Church AffiliationHalf of Wittenberg church members are followers of Luther1:411/31921
[ ]ReformationPresident Tullose and Dr. Tressler deliver addresses4:311/31921
[ ]Ojour, JacquesA frenchman studying here gives his impression of fair Wittenberg co-eds1:511/101921
[ ]Biology ClubBugs to be studied by members of new biology organization1:211/101921
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarDiscusses disarmament with Hon. Judge J. Johnson under auspices of Spfld. Trades adn Labor Assem1:411/101921
[ ]Bachelor ClubRanks of Bachelor Club become thin1:111/101921
[ ]Songs (College)Wittenberg College official song2:211/101921
[ ]Koch, John H. (Judge)Judge and Mrs. Koch give their $75,000 farm newar Ohio City, OH1:211/171921
[ ]Bray, Harry E.Bray representing Professor Van Riper's class in banking lectured to the Lawrenceville high school students of the vocational civic class on the subject of banking1:411/231921
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceHead of Depts of Physiology and Pedagogy is presenting a lecture course at Richmond, Indiana1:211/231921
[ ]Xander, Rev. E. C.Pastor in Indianola Church of Columbus and student pastor at Ohio State University addressed the students of Hamma Divinity School4:311/231921
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Published "The Lutherans in the Movement for the church Union"2:211/231921
[ ]Williams, Dr. Elmer L.the "fighting parson" will address students and citizen of Springfield1:411/231921
[ ]Literary ShieldShield to be presented to Philosophian Society at chapel services by Pres. Tulloss1:411/281921
[ ]Literary ShieldAnother shield presented to Philos1:212/11921
[ ]DramaDramatic society may be organized; would present miracle plays at Christmas and Easter4:512/11921
[ ]Choir100 voices compose choral club in first appearance1:112/81921
[ ]DramaClub begins to take definite form; 25 students ready to join new society1:112/81921
[ ]FootballFootball season almost profitless according to report2:312/81921
[ ]Hall, Dr. Winfield ScottHall will speak to Witt students1:512/81921
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.In memoriam2:112/81921
[ ]Gifts; CampusScore of buildings to be erected on Witt campus in next fifty years, shown in prospectus1:2-412/81921
[ ]ChoirChoir makes first bow to public1:512/151921
[ ]DramaOfficers of dramatic club picked by drama producers1:112/151921
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinPrexy Tulloss turns cheer leader as Dr. Prince becomes 81 years old2:312/151921
[ ]White, Rev. FrankSouth American Missionary addresses students of Hamma Divinity School1;512/151921
[ ]Spanish ClubStudents of Spanish create new society1:512/151921
[ ]Wireless TelephoneWittenberg has new receiving outfit4:312/151921