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[ ]Shaffer, DeanFinds mother and mothers. Reunited after 28 years2:31/61920
[ ]ScholarshipsTo be given to Springfield High School student. Granted to students with good scholastic records who are in need of financial assistance2:41/61920
[ ]Mott, Dr. John R.Addresses student volunteer convetion at Des Moines1:41/151920
[ ]Galbreath, C.B.C.B. Galbreath dedicates a poem to comemorate E.G. Swingle's memory1:31/151920
[ ]Student VolunteersMet in Des Moines. 7,00 students gather1:41/151920
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayPoem dedicated to Sergeant Swingle by C.B. Galbreath, ex-state librarian1:31/151920
[ ]Beauty ContestWittenberg will have a beauty contest1:11/151920
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague formed2:31/161920
[ ]Peace TreatyWittenberg favors compromise in Versailles pact3:31/161920
[ ]Student VolunteersD. Zwemmer speaks on Islam. Robert Speer, Sherwood Eddy address the convention3:31/221920
[ ]Junior PromFirst Junior Prom for several years to be held this year1:31/221920
[ ]Newman ClubNewman club meets for the first time1:21/221920
[ ]Beauty ContestWittenberg will have a beauty contest1:31/221920
[ ]Etter, WilburOut of game for week or two due to injury1:32/121920
[ ]College RepublicansTen thousand dollars for platform suggestion by young voters3:22/121920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society revived, membership on scholarship basis1:32/191920
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) holds a Miss Steinbeck meeting.1:22/191920
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary W's to be awarded. Shield and W won by contestants in last linter-society contest1:42/191920
[ ]Homeliest Man ContestContest conducted by Torch staff1:42/261920
[ ]Best Looking Man ContestTorch staff conduct best looking man contest1:4-52/261920
[ ]Most popular man contestTorch staff conducts most popular man contest1:42/261920
[ ]Adlesberger, ErnestAdlesberger chosen as homeliest man on campus (pic)1:53/41920
[ ]Best Looking Man ContestBest looking man chosen1:53/41920
[ ]Etter, WilburChosen as handsomest man on campus (pic)1:53/41920
[ ]Homeliest Man ContestErnest Adlesberger receives most votes in contest1:53/41920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society holds first meeting1:13/41920
[ ]Most popular man contestMost popular man chosen: "Dutch" Trautwein1:53/41920
[ ]Trautwein, William J.Voted most popular man on campus1:53/41920
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestWhy not a "Godfrey" night2:13/41920
[ ]Handsomest Man ContestWilbur "Wib" Etter chosen as most handsome man1:53/41920
[ ]Diamond Jubilee -- Wittenberg75th anniversary celebrations1:2-43/111920
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeGreater Wittenberg2:13/111920
[ ]Myers HallMany traditions surround old dorm2:23/111920
[ ]WW Association to be formed1:23/111920
[ ]Imadsu, KenjiForeign student tells of the introduction of Western Music in Japan1:33/131920
[ ]BasketballConference season ends in disaster1:13/181920
[ ]Life Work ConferenceLife work conference to help students1:53/181920
[ ]Larimer, Mrs. Mary ReesOn the death of Mrs. Mary Rees Larimer1:43/181920
[ ]Student VolunteersStudent band studies field and work of missions3:43/181920
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestGodfrey to remain as Wittenberg's coach1:43/251920
[ ]Diamond Jubilee -- WittenbergDiamond Jubilee plans completed1:54/151920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirEnthusiastically received1:14/151920
[ ]Stunt DayObserved by Myers Hall, with great success2:24/151920
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg seeks large expansion fund1:1-24/151920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirArticle2:24/221920
[ ]Clare, Dr. Robert D.Dr. Clare, pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church of Baltimore, MD, addresses the student body on "challenge to ministry"4:24/221920
[ ]Wittenberg College"Faith and our fathers"2:15/61920
[ ]History of Wittenberg"To effect the promotion of theological and scientific knowledge" A restrospect1:55/61920
[ ]Wittenberg College"To effect the promotion of theological and scientific knowledge" a retrospect1:55/61920
[ ]Diamond Jubilee -- WittenbergDiamond Jubilee commencement program1:3-45/61920
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinGave historical sketch of Wittenberg2:45/61920
[ ]History of WittenbergHistorical sketch of Wittenberg, by B.F. Prince2:45/61920
[ ]Athletics"Every man get a man" is slogan adopted by students at athletic meeting.1:15/81920
[ ]Endowment Fund$1,500,000 appeal underway; Pres. Tulloss directing4:29/161920
[ ]Diamond Jubilee -- WittenbergDiamond Jubilee celebrations1:19/161920
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergRees Edgar Tulloss newly elected president1:39/161920
[ ]Tug-of-WarWell balanced tussle expected at Snyder Park1:29/161920
[ ]Boost Wittenberg AssociationBoost Wittenberg Committee has given to Wittenberg the first real representative body in its history1:19/201920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.A tribute.2:19/231920
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipDelivered opening address to the students1:19/231920
[ ]Tug-of-WarFreshmen the victors1:29/231920
[ ]Slaeger, Ethel St. C.Joins academy staff1:69/231920
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Opens activities1:39/231920
[ ]Newman ClubOrganizes1:29/301920
[ ]Endowment FundOrganization perfected for $1,500,000 appeal1:310/71920
[ ]Endowment FundExperience related by one member of the "Appeal Glee Club"2:210/141920
[ ]Endowment FundThirty members of committee left Springfield on their "swing around the circle"1:610/141920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal committee returns home. Were enthusiastically received.1:510/211920
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch re-elected head of Miami Synod1:310/211920
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Called by Wittenberg to become General Secretary of the College1:310/211920
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarHistorical pageant planned as part of celebraion in honor of Dr. Tulloss' inauguration2:110/211920
[ ]History of WittenbergHistorical pageant planned as part of celebration in honor of Dr. Tulloss' inauguration2:110/211920
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Honorary degree of Dr. of Science bestowed upon Prof. Weaver by Carthage College (pic)1:110/211920
[ ]Lutheran BrotherhoodJohn L. Zimmerman, President of Council, to attend 6th convention in Washington, D.C.1:610/211920
[ ]Front PorchWittenbergers journey to Marion to greet Harding. Students from a number of other colleges were there in great numbers3:210/211920
[ ]FootballStudents celebrate victory with parades, songs, yells3:310/261920
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Will raise $500 to carry on work for year1:410/261920
[ ]Schmitt, Dr. George BohonDr. Schmitt to give illustrated lecture. Will include views of college and student activities2:510/281920
[ ]Pannkoke, Dr. O.C.Heads publicity campaign. Is organizing speakers bureau to meet demands1:210/281920
[ ]History of WittenbergOutline of historical pageant given by author, Miss McPherson1:310/281920
[ ]MacPherson, Miss GeorgiaOutline of historical pageant given by author.1:310/281920
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Portrait3:310/281920
[ ]Macmillan, FrancisSpringfield boy becomes a foremost violinist2:210/281920
[ ]FootballStudents parade downtown after Miami victory1:610/281920
[ ]FootballVarsity downs Miami. Leading contender for OC championship1:110/281920
[ ]History of WittenbergStudents presented pageant portraying history of college1:311/41920
[ ]FootballVarsity triumphs over Cincinnati U1:111/41920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal dinner success; Pres. Rees E. Tulloss announces gifts a,pimtomg tp $115,0003:411/111920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal widely advertised; extensive organizations in the Busnel Annex, Shawnee Hotel & city YMCA1:311/111920
[ ]History of WittenbergPageant is success2:311/111920
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarRepresentatives from other colleges pay respect to new President1:111/111920
[ ]FootballVarsity defeats Ohio Northern, maintains conference lead3:211/111920
[ ]McGilvray, Mr. C. F.Will build the McGilvray gymnasium and Institute and endow it1:3-511/111920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal going "over the top" reports claim success1:4-511/181920
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Finance campaign nears completion1:411/181920
[ ]Cox, Governor James M.Governor Cox donates chapel to college as a memorial to his mother (por)1:1-311/181920
[ ]FootballOtterbein plays fighting game. Varsity crippled by absence of 4 regulars, subs play good game2:311/181920
[ ]Zimmerman Librarywill be enlarged. College faculty and Board of Directors subscribe large sums1:311/181920
[ ]Dorst, J. Wilbur"Wib" Dorst contributes services. Work is highly praised by college men6:311/241920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.A tribute (pic)2:211/241920
[ ]Schaus, William H.Annuity gift of $50,000 given by Mr. and Mrs. Schauss5:211/241920
[ ]Endowment Fund; Rockefeller FoundationCollege seeks aid of Rockefeller Foundation1:1-211/241920
[ ]Student VolunteersHolds interesting meetings6:411/241920
[ ]Gifts; CampusLocal resident gives $12,500 to be used to develop campus8:211/241920
[ ]Physics ClubPhysics club for academy men5:211/241920
[ ]FootballReview of gridiron season given4:111/241920
[ ]Endowment FundStudents celebrate as appeal goes over; rush movies, parade streets, burn lights1:311/241920
[ ]Endowment FundStudents subscribe $27,912 to appeal1:111/241920
[ ]Endowment FundStudents' view of Witt Appeal5:311/241920
[ ]Endowment FundWitt's appeal goes "over the top"1:511/241920
[ ]McCauley, Elizabeth StanleyA missionary in India, expresses her gratitude to Wittenberg as a source of inspiration2:312/21920
[ ]Sundberg, Rev. Carl A.Carthage Collegian publishes record of Rev. Sundberg's achievements1:212/21920
[ ]Fellowship WeekChapel service being conducted this week by the YMCA and YWCA in interest of World Fellowship1:312/21920
[ ]Harris, Dr. E. C.General Secretary receives felicitations on assuming office at Wittenberg2:212/21920
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaGives flagpole to college1:212/21920
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees EdgarOhio Synod expresses appreciation of work done in aiding merger2:412/21920
[ ]FootballVarsity wins last conference game, ends 3rd season undefeated1:512/21920
[ ]All-Ohio Mythical ElevenWittenberg has received the distinct honor of having three ofher players chosen1:412/21920
[ ]Endowment FundAbout one-half million reported from church and alumni2:212/91920
[ ]Rechlin, Mr. EdwardOrganist of the largest Lutheran church in New York gives a concert Wednesday evening1:512/91920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.To be buried today1:112/91920
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinCelebrates 80th birthday past Sunday (pic)1:312/161920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Memorial services held for Dr. Heckert1:1-212/161920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Was paid many eloquent tributes1:412/161920
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Was paid many eloquent tributes2:212/161920