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[ ]Logan, HappyJanitor causes near riot by placing ashes on Dorm Hill to stop coasting1:51/171918
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague cancels intercollegiate debate for at least 1 year3:31/171918
[ ]Ridger, Sergeant Hildreth BuckStar fullback of last year's Varisty is captain and quarterback on army team3:11/171918
[ ]Literary LeagueWittenberg will not participate in State oratorical competition this year.1:41/171918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers at Camp Sherman delight in girl's Christmas box4:31/171918
[ ]Tilton, Lieutenant KennethFormer student writes of experience in France3:11/241918
[ ]Military ServiceResolutions passed by faculty grant credit to men in war service1:41/241918
[ ]War SavingsSocieties are being formed by students at the college1:31/241918
[ ]War SavingsWar savings and Thrift Stamp campaign entered into enthusiastically2:11/241918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers receive appointments to 3rd officers training camp1:21/241918
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Dr. Long to address Witt students.3:12/41918
[ ]Hill, Rev. Dr. John Clark"Breeches Bible"--1560 (The Geneva Bible)1:42/71918
[ ]Christie, Chester DaleChester Dale Christie appointed an instructor in medicine at the Western Reserve School of Medicine1:22/71918
[ ]Hill, Rev. Dr. John ClarkInteresting and rare books to college Library1:42/71918
[ ]Logan, HappyLogan accepts position of dog warden for Springfield's north side4:32/71918
[ ]Birch, Lieutenant GeorgeLt. George Birch home on ten day furlough1:32/71918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLutheran merger commission to meet in Baltimore3:22/71918
[ ]Adelsperger, NealReceives call to enter training for aviation service at the new Ground School at the University of Illinois3:12/71918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchStatistics prove Lutherans give largest percent to War Service1:32/71918
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Representative to speak at Berea. P.O. Weimer to be contestant1:22/101918
[ ]Lorton, Russell EugeneDeath occurs at the Greak Lakes Naval Training School1:12/141918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchDelegates return from joint merger sessions1:22/141918
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Gives three talks at Camp Sherman1:22/141918
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Board of directors member and pastor of First Lutheran Church of Mansfield accepts call to Wicker Park Lutheran Church at Chicago4:32/211918
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr Birch addresses Seneca County teachers4:22/211918
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinShort biography (pic)3:12/211918
[ ]War SavingsWittenberg branch of savings and thrift stamp campaign is kept busy1:22/211918
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonBiographical account3:32/281918
[ ]Heckert, B. FrankPres. Heckert call to Sunbury, PA because of death of his brother1:22/281918
[ ]Anderson, William ElijahShort biographical account3:22/281918
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Short biographical sketch (pic)3:22/281918
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Short biography3:22/281918
[ ]Heckert, B. FrankShort biography (pic)3:12/281918
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelA short biographical account3:23/71918
[ ]Hutchinson, Charles A.A short biographical account3:33/71918
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Biographical account3:23/71918
[ ]Mower, Alice M.Short biographical account3:43/71918
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinShort biographical account3:13/71918
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceShort biographical account (por)3:13/71918
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.Short biographical account (por)3:33/71918
[ ]Henry, FrankTames the squirrels on the campus3:43/71918
[ ]Savage, Emmert, W.Wittenberg man is youngest Lieutenant Colonel in U.S. Army1:43/71918
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceBirch selected to represent educational interests in attendance at the "Win the War" convention of the League to Enforce Peace1;43/91918
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.A short biography (por)3:23/141918
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Biography3:13/141918
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipChosen, along with Mrs. Schneider, as honorary members of the senior class of 19181:13/141918
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCourse in theology planned for summer4:23/141918
[ ]Larimer, Dr. Loyal HerbertHis choice of vocations3:33/141918
[ ]GiftsMrs. Minne Blumenshein, widow of the Rev. Elias Huber, presented to the chapel a very fine bible and other valuable books1:33/141918
[ ]Hannaford, Grace N.Short Biography3:43/141918
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Short Biography3:33/141918
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Short biography (por)3:13/141918
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteers are from central and Southern Ohio colleges gather at Springfield1:53/141918
[ ]World War I (WWI) National president of IPA addresses student on war prohibition issue1:43/161918
[ ]Student VolunteersDelegates from 11 colleges attend Witt. meeting1:13/211918
[ ]Zimmerman, AbrahamDied at the age of 92 years1:43/211918
[ ]Young, Roy, ViolinistMr. Roy Young pleases audience with excellent descriptive selections3:43/211918
[ ]War Library Weekto be observed by city and Zimmerman libraries1:33/211918
[ ]Windy BillWindy Bill, the janitor4:33/211918
[ ]Ferncliff HallA short account of the building3:1-43/281918
[ ]Myers HallHistory of the building3:23/281918
[ ]Kreppert, EdwardSpeaks at chapel of Life of Great Lakes training school3:13/281918
[ ]Recitation HallA short history3:2-44/111918
[ ]Zimmerman LibraryA short history of the library3:2-34/111918
[ ]Red CrossGirls' Pan Hellenic Assoc. will present a play for the benefit of the Red Cross1:54/111918
[ ]Military ServiceWittenberg should have service flag2:14/111918
[ ]Dally, Ovid, L.Ambulance driver back from France tells of experiences in service at chapel3:14/181918
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayFirst Wittenberger killed in action1:14/181918
[ ]Red CrossWar work for Wittenberg girls1:44/181918
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Will address student body1:34/191918
[ ]Birch, Lieutenant GeorgeLt. George Birch writes interesting account of ocean crossing3:34/231918
[ ]Obenauf, H.A.Made highest grade in Officer's training at camp sherman1:25/21918
[ ]Heckert, B. FrankMember of War Chest Committee visits Toronto1:55/21918
[ ]National Peace ConferenceThree faculty members were appointed by Ex-president William Howard Taft to attend the "Win the War" convention of the League to enforce peace1:35/21918
[ ]Clark County Dry Federation"Prexie" to head Clark County Dry Federation1:35/91918
[ ]Luther League23rd annual state convention met in Springfield1:15/91918
[ ]Heckert, B. FrankHeckert to head Clark County Day Federation1:35/91918
[ ]Unversagt, RusselSenior class play a great success. Russel Unversagt is star1:55/111918
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolShort history of building3:25/161918
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolSummer school on hill proves interesting and helpful to ministers1:25/161918
[ ]Colvin, Dr. D. LeighDr. Colvin, national president of the Inter-Collegiate Prohibition Association, visits Wittenberg in interest of the campaign for war prohibition1:45/181918
[ ]Red CrossGirls show spirit in Red Cross and other war work2:45/231918
[ ]TorchService issue. Dedicated to men in the Service5/231918
[ ]Shaffer, Lieutenant HarryShaffer wins signal honors in France1:15/231918
[ ]War Chest CampaignWittenberg takes part in great parade Tuesday and in War Chest Drive3:45/231918
[ ]Ruhl, Blairwrites of seasickness and voyage on American transport3:45/231918
[ ]Commencement68th annual Commencement: Twelve seniors are in National Service honor roll, five students in France6/51918
[ ]Roosevelt, Theodore Col.Ex-President Roosevelt visits Wittenberg and gives address in chapel1:56/51918
[ ]TraditionsEditorial on mores2:110/261918
[ ]FootballEditorial. More men needed to go out on the gridiron and play the game2:111/31918
[ ]Dornblaser, Dr. H.Dr. Dornblaser has received a commision as surgeon in the U.S. Army with the rank of Captain4:311/91918
[ ]Military ServiceFirst five men leave of Officers' Training School (por)1:3-411/231918
[ ]Wittenberg ReveilleFirst issue printed1:311/231918
[ ]Heil, Lieut C. E.Heil, Lieut. C.E. added to Wittenberg S.A.T.C.1:411/231918
[ ]Burdette, Lieutenant R.Miss Ruth Corrine Smith of this city is the bride of Lieutenant Burdette11:411/231918
[ ]Military TrainingSATC men here have "pep" meeting311/231918
[ ]Griffin, Corp. JamesWittenberg has coming homorist. Corporal Griffin is guilty of grave offense1:311/231918
[ ]Fourth Liberty LoanPut over the top by the Wittenberg S.A.T.C. Soldiers4:111/301918
[ ]Military ServiceSATC's continuance possible until next May.11/301918
[ ]Military TrainingWittenberg SATC the proud posessors of two hounds. Apolphus is killed2:411/301918
[ ]Christopher, Dr. A.C.Dr. A.C. Christopher succeeds Dr. L.L. Syman as Wittenberg S.A.T.C. post surgeon1:112/71918
[ ]Military ServiceSATC men advised of clothing regulations112/71918
[ ]Uhlman, PhilipSecond Lt. of Camp Gordon, GA home on leave1:412/71918
[ ]Military TrainingTorch of liberty new SATC insignia1:412/71918
[ ]FootballWitt receives OC title112/71918
[ ]Uhlman, PhilipElected captain of football team1:312/141918
[ ]Military TrainingMen have derived many advantages from the SATC. Should be man of all trades around the house when he marries3:212/141918
[ ]Military TrainingStudent army training corps free of influenza1:312/141918
[ ]Halsey, Rev. JesseRev. Halsey of Cincinnati speaks to SATC soldiers about conditions in Russia1:212/171918