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[ ]Student VolunteersBerger and Leonard attended student volunteer union at Muskingum College1:31/81917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAttends national convetion of Deans and Presidents at Chicago1:31/181917
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr Birch attends National Academy of Science meeting in New York1:11/181917
[ ]Etter, Dr. C.B.Etter to preach baccalaureate sermon1:51/181917
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club invades new territory; first time to visit Kentucky in 29 years. Tour Richmond, Indianapolis, Seymour and Dayton1:51/181917
[ ]BaseballBaseball to be dropped as inter-collegiate sport in coming season1:51/251917
[ ]Glee ClubFirst home concert of spike-tail warblers is planned for near date1:11/251917
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry A.Grad talks to students. Gelwicks speaks in chapel Thursday morning4:31/251917
[ ]Brown, Dr. W.E.Large crowd greets Dr. Brown at joint meet. Life the most serious problem presented to man or woman3:11/251917
[ ]Buchanan, Ralph E.Student leaves college for work among Chinese. Buchana appointed to position with Chinese government1:31/251917
[ ]University Club proposed for SpringfieldUniversity Club proposed for Springfield1:11/251917
[ ]Ohio Student Volunteer UnionAnnual conference of student volunteers to be held at Muskingum1:52/11917
[ ]Bechtel, ReubenBechtel to quit basketball4:32/11917
[ ]Class GiftsEditorial: Class gifts and tombstones!2:12/11917
[ ]Daniels, JosephusJosephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy, will speak at Ohio State3:12/11917
[ ]Gohdes, Prof. C.B.Lectures by Prof. Gohdes of Capitol University, Columbus, Ohio1:22/11917
[ ]Glee ClubCatchy tunes and stunts successful at home concert1:22/81917
[ ]DebateCo-eds reject offer to participate; lack of experience is excuse1:32/81917
[ ]Student VolunteersConvention discussed by delegates in Y.M.C.A.1:42/81917
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Dr. Tressler named trustee of hospital1:22/81917
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Dysinger and Ketch are pushing Wittenberger. Our college annal well under way. Early publication assured1:22/81917
[ ]Honor CodeHonor among thieves?2:12/81917
[ ]ExaminationsOhio University drops finals2:42/81917
[ ]Track and FieldStudent opinion. "Let's respond when the time comes to organize2:42/81917
[ ]Simon, Clarence T. Dr.To compete in Ohio State Oratorical contest at Ohio Northern University1:22/81917
[ ]Zimmerman, Hon. John L.Tribute2:22/81917
[ ]PranksBecause of pranksters changing clocks, Sechrist begins his daily tasks at night time3:22/151917
[ ]Schaus, William H.Christianity vs. Business, subject of talk given at Y.M.C.A.2/151917
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contest at Ohio Northern Univ. Constitution of association redrafted4:22/151917
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Convention at Maywood, IL attracts theologians. Dr. Bauslin to give address at closing session3:22/151917
[ ]Pan-Lutheran Student's Missionary ConventionConvention at Maywood, Ill attracts theologians. Dr. Bauslin of Seminary will give address at the closing session3:22/151917
[ ]Literary ShieldEdwin Kreppert wins 1st place with "The Old Guard"1:32/151917
[ ]Glee ClubEntertain at Thackeray. Week's program at Institute1:22/151917
[ ]Prince, GraceGives talk at YWCA1:22/151917
[ ]Hoover, Dr. Harvey DanielHoover gives two chapel talks2:42/151917
[ ]DebateNegative debaters defeat Muskingum1:32/151917
[ ]BasketballVarsity to meet Cincinnati on Friday night, Downstairs to be next victims on YM floor1:4-52/151917
[ ]Military ServiceWar and military training in colleges2:12/151917
[ ]FootballChallenge to men, training valuable2:42/231917
[ ]CommencementExercise changed; W.O. Thompson, President of OSU, delivers address instead of students1:42/231917
[ ]AthleticsExtensive athletic program planned for spring. Coach Godfrey issues call for recruits1:12/231917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary Conference; Cassel, Charles; Courter, EarlMeeting at Chicago attended by Mr. Cassel and Mr. Courter4:22/231917
[ ]Metzger, Simon A.Metzger chosen valedictorian by faculty1:42/231917
[ ]Plays"Mater" by Percye MacKays to be presented by Junior class1:33/11917
[ ]Howard, E. G.Addresses students.1:43/11917
[ ]Glee ClubDividends declared by Manager Reed Kuhns. Plans for spring trip underway3:43/11917
[ ]Class GiftsDr. Anderson's room to be decorated by seniors1:13/11917
[ ]BaseballInter-collegiate baseball voted out by action of board of control1:53/11917
[ ]FootballLost to Cincinnati. Injury to wise in 2nd half, cause of Witt's defeat3:13/11917
[ ]CoachingPhysical Ed. courses embody the theories of Ohio State's coach staff2:53/11917
[ ]Stunt DayStunt Day observed by Dormitory ment. Portrait of the men in costumes1:2-43/11917
[ ]Uhl CollectionUhl collection was presented by the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. L.L. Uhl. It is in the art room of Hamma Divinity Hall4:33/11917
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestWe want Ernie; Coach Godfrey's position at Wittenberg hangs in the balance2:33/11917
[ ]PranksA fool there was. Stuffing Torch box with wasted paper.2:43/81917
[ ]BasketballBechtel on all-conference; other players mentioned1:23/81917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceDetailed report of conference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary2:33/81917
[ ]Howard, E. G.Final talk Thursday in Seminary chapel1:53/81917
[ ]Howard, E. G.Howard gives good spiritual advice in address at Fourth church1:33/81917
[ ]LibraryMany volumes added to library recently3:13/81917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Presidents to meet at Otterbein3:33/81917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceReports of Mr. Rupp's and Mr. Ramser's papers3:33/81917
[ ]Davis, JeffTramp or Hobo? Editorial2/1-23/81917
[ ]AthleticsCoach Godfrey calls for assistant football managers this spring.1:33/151917
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestKing Godfrey gives "thuse" talk in chapel4:23/151917
[ ]Kauffman, Dr.Lutheran conception of sermon discussed by Dr. Kauffamn of Chicago3:13/151917
[ ]DebateNegative team wins 2nd victory of year against Ohio Northern1:23/151917
[ ]CurriculumNew requirements set by faculty1:13/151917
[ ]Graduation requirementsNew requirements set by faculty committee. Courses improved to suit demands1:13/151917
[ ]Delta Sigma RhoPetition presented for honorary debate fraternity3:13/151917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Presidents convention at Otterbein.1:43/151917
[ ]Gringel, Arthur E.Prominent Chautauqua man Ed. of Lyceum World3:33/151917
[ ]Tuttle, Mabel A.Soliloquy. A take off of some faculty names3:23/151917
[ ]MuseumWittenberg's museum2:23/151917
[ ]DebateAffirmative team loses to opponents1:3-43/191917
[ ]CampusCampus: a description3:13/221917
[ ]Dietrick, Oris J.Dietrick's five wins state championship. The Huron high school basketball five is coached by Oris J. Dietrick1:43/221917
[ ]Simon, Clarence T. Dr.Elected by sophomores. To edit next year's book with Red Seaton as Business Manager1:43/221917
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceForces of good and evil discussed at joint meeting of men and women4:23/221917
[ ]Field MeetHigh schools within a radius of 60 miles invited to participate in meet, first time tried at Witt1:23/221917
[ ]BaseballIntergroup baseball schedule complete. Snyder Park diamond used for Saturday morning. Zimmerman field for other games.1:53/221917
[ ]BaseballSweaters awarded for baseball to 3 seniors3:33/221917
[ ]Swearingen, MazieThe campus by Mazie Swearinggen3:1-33/221917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWilliam H. Taft, late U.S. president gives views of fraternities2:23/281917
[ ]Young, Ward E."Fats" young making good as coach. He is employed as coach and instructor at Tiffin, Ohio1:43/291917
[ ]Track and FieldCinder devotees called; WC will not enter big 61:53/291917
[ ]Track and FieldCollege is backing coach with all her power2:23/291917
[ ]Gardner, Dr. C.E.Dr. Gardner appointed on the board of trustees of Wilberforce University by Gov. Cox1:23/291917
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club prepares for spring excursion. Hawaiian trio to be feature again this year1:33/291917
[ ]BaseballLettermen banquet. Coach Godfrey & Billy Baxter honor baseball men1:13/291917
[ ]Songs (College)Musiker, attention! Let's have some college songs2:23/291917
[ ]BasketballReserves defeat Plattsburg. Scrib team on Frosh1:3-43/291917
[ ]TennisTwo tournaments will be staged in spring1:53/291917
[ ]Class GiftsWork begun on room1:23/291917
[ ]Bechtolt, H.S.An opinion on scholarships by H. S. Bechtholt2:34/51917
[ ]Athletics ScholarshipsAn opinion on scholarships by H. S. Bechtolt2:34/51917
[ ]FootballChange in rules3:14/51917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Discuss ideals of college men1:34/51917
[ ]Freshman CapsFreshmen must wear green caps next year. Pan-Hellenic Union takes initiative towards this end Monday night1:14/51917
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.History of Wittenberg synod written by Ernsberger1:54/51917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIdeas of fraternities by Newton Baker, Secretary of War, U.S.2:1-24/51917
[ ]BaseballInter-group series ushered in. Phi Gams lost to ATO in ragged game. Errors very costly1:44/51917
[ ]Intercollegiate Prohibition AssociationInteresting meeting held3:44/51917
[ ]FootballMichigan returns to big 9 after absence of 12 years3:44/51917
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestRetained to direct athletics for coming year with salary increase1:14/51917
[ ]BasketballVanderwort to captain 1918 season1:54/51917
[ ]BasketballVarsity lands 7th place in Ohio Conference1:34/51917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Wittenberg responds to campaign for $250,0001:44/51917
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceOhio College heads to meet in Columbus. Birch to present paper before psychologists1:24/61917
[ ]Vandervort, RussellTo captain the 1918 basketball team1:54/81917
[ ]ProhibitionIPA Convention. Attended by C.K. Naffziger and I.R. Juenzili3:1-24/101917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Wittenberg men march in patriotic parade1:54/181917
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S."What we get" subject of speech by Bauslin; Gen. Sec. of the Board of Education of the Synod1:14/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) American colleges give $150,000 for prison relief2:34/191917
[ ]TorchCo-ed member4/191917
[ ]Bishop, JuliaCollege upset by Julia Bishop3:44/191917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Gives speech on war in chapel1:44/191917
[ ]Bishop, JuliaIn memoriam1:34/191917
[ ]BaseballInter-group continues with interest. Dorm leans with clean record1:34/191917
[ ]Prohibitionintercollegiate Prohibition Assoc. held at Delaware, Ohio on Friday and Saturday3:14/191917
[ ]Women's Service LeagueLocal chapter formed here1:14/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Local chapter women's service league within America formed here. Mrs. Schneider will organize unit here1:14/191917
[ ]Jones, Grace LatimarLocal chapter women's service league within American formed here1:14/191917
[ ]Schrock, Mrs. LuluResigned, to be married soon1:4-54/191917
[ ]Athletics ScholarshipsStudent opinions2:24/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Two theological seminary students before Federal Army, were exonerated3:34/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Voluntary drill is begun in Wittenberg1:24/191917
[ ]Military ServiceVoluntary drills begun at Wittenberg1:24/191917
[ ]Ohio College Association; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch appointed Secretary of the Ohio College Association4:24/201917
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinFaithful service given to Wittenberg. Oldest member of faculty, well-known to Lutherans418:2-34/231917
[ ]Plays"Mater" by Percye MacKays to be presented by Junior class3:24/261917
[ ]Buchanan, Ralph E.Buchanan arrives in China as Asst. Secretary of YMCA1:54/261917
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCommencement held Sunday at Fourth Church. 66th annual commencement1:34/261917
[ ]Awards; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr Birch receives honors, Witt's popular prof recognized4:24/261917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Editorial, on country's need of men2:24/261917
[ ]Frazier, RuthFrazier will become missionary1:34/261917
[ ]Gardner, GeorgeGardner's credits received by Hopkins. Other grads have won fame in surgical world4:14/261917
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Ham and eggs lure many to early breakfast. Proceeds to be used for delegate to Eaglesmere.1:44/261917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Lutherans stand for loyalty to president. Three branches of this denomination issue resolution4:24/261917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLutherans stand for loyalty to president. Three branches of this denomination issue resolutions4:24/261917
[ ]Military TrainingMilitary drill continues on athletic field3:34/261917
[ ]Military ServicePresident Heckert represent Wittenberg at Chicago Conference for colleges of Middle West. Many favor military training1:14/261917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSororoties make new rushing rules adn reforms1:44/261917
[ ]TeachingTeaching profession leads in choice of future occupations. Seniors divide in future occupations --one man to navy1?54/261917
[ ]Glee ClubTen day trip starts Friday with 1st concert at Shelby O. Excellent itinerary mapped out1:24/261917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Volunteer drill continues on athletic filed3:34/261917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.City benefits by Wittenberg, $300,000 spent annually1:25/11917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Advise colleges as to war duties2:45/21917
[ ]Field MeetClark Co. Meet held here on saturday1:25/31917
[ ]Anderson, W.EDr. and Mrs. Anderson entertain seniors. Class song written by Pauline Etter was introduced. Dr. and Mrs. Anderson are the honorary members of the class of 19171:35/31917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected head of Department of the Division of Zoology of the Ohio Academy of Science15/31917
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLarge attendants at Pan-Hellenic luncheon1:35/31917
[ ]McNally, BobMcNally enlists in armed forces1:25/31917
[ ]Etter, PaulinePauline Etter composes class song for her graduating class1:35/31917
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolProgressive service at commencement. Nine receive diplomas1:15/31917
[ ]Snyder, Hamon M.Two seminarians take important step in life1:45/31917
[ ]McCord, Lehr A.Two seminarians take important steps in life. McCord and Snyder to wed soon1:45/31917
[ ]Track and FieldWinning school to receive loving cup at Clark County Field meet1:25/31917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Wittenbergers join officers' training camp at Indianapolis.1:55/31917
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Honorary degree of LL.D. conferred upon Bauslin by Lenon College1:15/61917
[ ]World War I (WWI) 21 Wittenbergers have signed up for farm service this summer1:15/101917
[ ]Conray, J.E.Blind student sells pencils to earn money for his education3:45/101917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Frats may cooperate; double up to serve meals1:25/101917
[ ]TraditionsHats are removed when "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]Songs (College)It is customary for Wittenbergers to stand up and remove hats when the college song, "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]Glee ClubNew program to be offered at 2nd home concert "Warblers of War" and new patriotic song featured1:55/101917
[ ]Durr, Mrs.; Wiggins, Mrs.New song of patriotism, written and composed by Mrs. Wiggins and Mrs. Durr of Springfield3:25/101917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Sargeant Clark seeks men for cavalry. Those enlisting will be able to finish school year first1;35/101917
[ ]Military ServiceSergeant Clark recruiting for cavalry. Students enlisting may finish school year first1:25/101917
[ ]Class GiftsSlate being installed in Dr. Anderson's room1:45/101917
[ ]Anderson, W.ESlate being installed in Dr. Anderson's room. Room will be ready for presentation by commencement week.1:45/101917
[ ]Glee ClubSpike tailed warblers migrate north and return. "Fair Wittenberg" sung in nine cities of Northern Ohio. New patriotic song introduced3:2-25/101917
[ ]FootballTournament to be held at Zimmerman Field. Godfrey to grade men on every event. Honor plagues to winners1:15/101917
[ ]TennisTwo new faculty courts in excellent condition. Court number three reserved for girls3:45/101917
[ ]Track and FieldWinning school to receive loving cup at Clark County Field meet1:55/101917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YM Caninet banquets; outlines year's work. Classes in mission study and bible study will be part of year's work. Teichemoeller to edit book1:35/101917
[ ]Eight Week ClubYWCA discuss club where each girl gets together girls in her community and teaches them some of the things she has learned in the "Y"3:3-45/101917
[ ]ChapelAttendance knits Dean's brow. Compulsory attendance perhaps will follow continued skipping3:3-45/171917
[ ]CurriculumChanges announced in catalog. Math & history not required of freshmen2:25/171917
[ ]Eight Week ClubClub to organize for summer; women to do social center work4:35/171917
[ ]BaseballDorm takes 1st place in league and wins cup. Phi Psi's finish 2nd by large margin1:55/171917
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr Birch booked for addresses1:15/171917
[ ]FootballDutch Uhlman wins 1st place in tournament1:35/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Editorial. Patriotism and enthusiasm2:15/171917
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeGiven good rating among colleges. Univ. of Illinois places college in class A1:25/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Major Converse advises on part to take in present war situation1:15/171917
[ ]Converse, Major George L.Major Converse advises on part to take in present war situation. Excitement out of place is keynote of address - finish college year1:15/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) More students leave college because of war1:35/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Official bulletin of war news to come to library daily. Government issues newspaper with exact war news3:15/171917
[ ]Glee ClubSecond home concert receives approval of audience1:45/171917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Summer conferece to be held at Northfield. Eaglesmore conference is not to be held this sumer3:35/171917
[ ]CommencementCommencement program4:25/241917
[ ]Luther LeagueDistrict Luther League holds annual meeting1:45/241917
[ ]Endowment FundDr Heckert returns for commencement1:45/241917
[ ]Class GiftsDr. Anderson's room soon to be completed1:55/241917
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Dr. Hochdoerfer is much improved and leaves Tuscon sanatarium. Mrs. Hochdoerfer to join him shortly after commencement1:35/241917
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Improved. Leaves for Tuscon Sanatorium1:35/241917
[ ]TennisMany entrants for tournament. Co-eds enthusiasm1:55/241917
[ ]Crotti, Dr. AndrewNationally known Columbus surgeon vists Witt1:25/241917
[ ]Bechtell, RayRay Bechtell, '13, is now M.D.1:45/241917
[ ]Class GiftsSenior preps install Reci Hall lights1:15/241917
[ ]Memorial FundSeniors start memorial fund2:55/241917
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipTo be at Ohio State University during summer1:25/241917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinTo marry Catherine Greenawalt. Wedding announcement is published4:15/241917
[ ]TennisCourts to be kept in tip-top shape. No "court hogs" permitted under new system1:15/291917
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Health improving. May return to classes next year1:55/291917
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryAstronomical building will be erected upon the campus next year. Complete observatory with ten-inch telescope have been gifts to college1:16/61917
[ ]Weimer, Paul OliverBrings bride to graduation. Serenaded by dorm boys4:26/61917
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1917: Campus ceremony marks the Monday program and impressive event. Presentation of senior gift and ivy and oak orations. Faculty responses given by Dr. Heckert, Dean Shatzer and Dr. Anderson1:56/61917
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1917: Class day exercises on campus dissolve class as organization. Bishop provides fun of event with his last will and testament1:3-46/61917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchConvention is starter in church unification3:36/61917
[ ]Etter, Dr. C.B.Etter delivers baccalaureate sermon. Seniors open commencement week with processional at First Church1:26/61917
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.McKinley tenders resignation. Benn active in Wittenberg College thirteen consecutive years1:46/61917
[ ]Endowment FundObservatory and ten-inch telescope have been received, astronomical bldg. to be erected. Progress in drive1:16/61917
[ ]Class GiftsSenior preps make presentation of new lighting system. Prexy receives lamp globe after Kreppert speaks3:16/61917
[ ]Wittenberg AcademySixteen graduate. Program featured witches scene from MacBeth1:26/61917
[ ]Swingle, E. GraySwingle was given furlough from Ft. Thomas to attend baccalaureate sermon1:16/61917
[ ]Tug-of-WarSophomores victorious over Freshmen in annual Tug of War1:59/271917
[ ]Buchanan, Ralph E.Story of Chinese life told in letter2:39/271917
[ ]Tug-of-WarTug-of-war1:59/271917
[ ]Hobt, A. W. CoachVarsity candidates are called for practice by new coach1:19/271917
[ ]Military ServiceWhat the war has done here. Drop in enrollment3:39/271917
[ ]Military ServiceWittenbergers now in service of their country1:39/271917
[ ]Becker, Rev. Allen O.Becker tells of experience in India" titanic disaster described4:210/41917
[ ]Military ServiceDrafted men go tomorrow1:510/41917
[ ]Ziegler, W. D.Former Wittenberger works as a carpenter at $7.15 a day3;310/41917
[ ]Military ServiceHonor Roll to be published with 1st issue3:110/41917
[ ]ReformationCelebration to be held at Memorial Hall4:310/111917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Dr. Heckert makes many hurried visits. Represents college at the local synods in session3:210/161917
[ ]ReformationCelebration marking the founding of Lutheranism to begin tonight4:310/181917
[ ]Beard, Professor Charles A.Columbia U said to be under control of narrow group4:310/181917
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Class meeting brings out decision of "no annual this year" after much wrangling1:510/251917
[ ]Class of 1877;AwardsClass of 1877 offers a prize of $50 yearly to the student standing highest in the service of his fellow students2:2-310/251917
[ ]Chillicothe Cantonment $100 ContributionContribution given by the faculty for a Lutheran Minister in the Chillicothe Cantonment2:410/251917
[ ]Belmer, Rev. Dr. H.B.Fiftieth anniversary of ministerial work celebrated1:310/251917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchGeneral council and general synod are thought to merge at conference in Philadelphia4:310/251917
[ ]Hundley, Rev. Dr.Hundley spoke at chapel1:510/251917
[ ]Foster, Rev. Edward P.Inventor of Universal tongue pays a visit1:310/251917
[ ]Ross, Mrs. E.P.Personal experience in South America. Told in a talk by Mrs. Ross before girls at Ferncliff1:310/251917
[ ]Military ServiceYM fund for soldiers will start soon. Ohio college will raise $90,0001:410/251917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchCouncils vote to unite with General Synod and United Synod of the South3:211/11917
[ ]PranksDean gets called by alarmed Freshman4:311/11917
[ ]ReformationExact date of Reformation observed1:311/11917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLoyalty of Lutherans proved by resolutions4:211/11917
[ ]Wynn, W. H.;DeathsOldest remaining Wittenberger dies2:311/11917
[ ]War Fund Campaign$1500 to be raised for student friendship war fund1:1-211/81917
[ ]Weaver Observatory$5,000 gift aids in construction1:511/81917
[ ]Bauer, Charles L.Local manufacturer helps Witt raise $1500 for student friendship war fund (por)1:311/81917
[ ]Nelson, HavelockNelson, Havelock ex. 20 on his way to France3:311/81917
[ ]Red CrossRed Cross classes open to Wittenberg Girls4:311/81917
[ ]Military ServiceReunion of Wittenberg men in Camp Sherman3:111/81917
[ ]Watts, ChesterWatts visits from Camp Sherman. He spoke at chapel1:511/81917
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Editorial2:1-211/151917
[ ]War Fund CampaignFund oversubscribed in less than 24 hours1:511/151917
[ ]PranksTwenty-five pounds of dust covered Latin textbooks1:211/151917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchUnited Synod of South upholds merger plan3:211/151917
[ ]Military ServiceWar fund pledge over subscribed within 24 hours1:511/151917
[ ]Mott, Dr. John R.Vivid picture given of war zone condition1:311/181917
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Delivers first of series of four lectures to freshmen1:511/221917
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.Enlists in wireless service2:511/221917
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Fund succeeds maximum pledge1:211/221917
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Latest work, "A System of Natural Theism" to be used as textbook3:111/221917
[ ]Swingle, E. GrayLeaves for France1:511/221917
[ ]Student CouncilNeed felt for council2;111/221917
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAdvises freshmen about religious, literary, fraternal and athletic conduct, in 2nd letter of series4:211/281917
[ ]FootballAlumnus calls coach a chief. Commends school spirit, offers suggestions3:111/281917
[ ]FootballDue to food conservation, there will not be a gridiron banquet1:211/281917
[ ]Military ServiceMen in service of Uncle Sam honored by fitting exercise1:1-211/281917
[ ]FootballStudent opinion2:211/281917
[ ]Military ServiceTwenty four make application for navy wireless enlistment1:311/281917
[ ]ReformationDr. J. Aspinal, Dr. McCuaig, and Dr. S.E. Greenawalt to give addresses in chapel1:312/11917
[ ]Military ServiceAll students of military age to carry registration cards2:112/61917
[ ]Military TrainingCompulsory military training begins here for Freshman and Sophomores1:412/61917
[ ]Buildings; Carnegie Science Hall; FiresFire in science hall discovered in time to avoid serious damage3:312/61917
[ ]FootballFour out of five conference games won1:112/61917
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Is assured of returning next year. Improved2:512/61917
[ ]Military ServiceMany valuable men lost by enlistment within last few days1;512/61917
[ ]FootballMike Dolph named to all-Ohio 2nd team. Four others given honorable mention1:212/61917
[ ]Kindelberger, Dr. DavidOld living alumnus of Wittenberg is retires as Rear Admiral U.S.N.3:212/61917
[ ]PranksPretty poor2:2-312/61917
[ ]World War I (WWI) A pledge of loyalty2:212/131917
[ ]Bright, Charles H.Bright wins prize in story contest. Writes of cruise on Lake Michigan in the Motor Age3:212/131917
[ ]FootballCoach Hobt has new idea. Like a "Get Together."1:312/131917
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas publishes article in "North American Student" entitled "In College 1917", shows why student should remain in college during war and his attitude while there3:112/131917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague resumes activities; merger may result4:112/131917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague to elect officers4:312/131917