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[ ]Smith, Henry LouisCollege's true aim2:31/131916
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceDr. Heckert and Dr. Tressler to attend 4th annual convention at Chicago3:31/131916
[ ]Glee ClubHail, Canaries! In praise2:11/131916
[ ]Glee ClubSing praise of old school before many happy audiences3;21/131916
[ ]BasketballWitt starts season with championship punch1:1-41/131916
[ ]Plays"Detective Sherlock Holmes of Wittenberg Seminary" by Harold F. Krauss presented3:31/181916
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)College annual is call "Wittenberger" this year2:21/181916
[ ]SociologyCollege girls in city juvenile court. Eight Wittenberg College girls recently attended a session of the Juvenile Court in the city2:41/181916
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaConference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Feb. 15-18, 19173:11/181916
[ ]Will, Harry S.Experimenting on freshmen. Graduate student at OSU has been carrying on a series of experimental observations in psychological research3:41/181916
[ ]Krauss, Harold F.Melodrama entitled "Detective Sherlock Holmes of Wittenberg Seminary" written by Mr. Krauss3:31/181916
[ ]BasketballTipp-off rules modified3:41/181916
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Biographical notes3:11/201916
[ ]Homrighaus, Rev. A.Biographical notes. In 1914, Wittenberg College conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Divinity3:11/201916
[ ]BasketballChampionship spirit; beats Wesleyan in fast game1:1-21/201916
[ ]Clore, Joel C.Former Wittenberger may be named postmaster at Cincinnati4:31/201916
[ ]BasketballCrimson & cream lead Ohio Conference after victory over Cincy and Miami1:1-31/271916
[ ]German ClubLarge audience in attendance at High Auditorium. German comedies meet with approval of spectators1:51/271916
[ ]Weimer, Paul OliverThe Jew as a factor in civilization. (Winning oration)3:1-31/271916
[ ]PranksFerncliff Hall changed to fresh air sanitarium. Beds and clothing minus sleepers grace front porch1:22/31916
[ ]College InnMr. F. J. Holden favors plan of a college inn1:12/31916
[ ]German ClubProfits of club destines for Red Cross. Elections held at Prince home1:52/31916
[ ]Glee ClubScheduled off coming seventeenth3:12/31916
[ ]College InnWittenberg to boast of new "College Inn" Mr. F. J. Holden favors plan1:12/31916
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Long to address students. Call of ministry to be discussed3:12/41916
[ ]Plays"Prof Pepp" shows seniors' dramatic ability.3:22/101916
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAddresses meeting held in new chapel. Joint gathering of Y.W.C.A., Y.M.C.A. and Hamma1:32/101916
[ ]BasketballCincy beaten eighth time in four years; speed and accuracy too much for them.1:1-22/101916
[ ]Stunt DayDorm feature is planned1:32/101916
[ ]College InnTable talk: the so-called "table-bond" is the charm that works the wonders2:1-22/101916
[ ]BaseballTerrible ordeal awaits Witt at Alliance. Wooster on the night following4:32/101916
[ ]College InnThough still in cradle, inn looks promising; students favor plan1:32/101916
[ ]FootballFootball rules are slightly changed. Official know as Field Judge will be added. Resubstitution of players affected4:12/111916
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipAddresses Y.M.C.A. on "Ambition"3:12/171916
[ ]BasketballInteresting race in OC. OSU climbs case and varsity run neck to neck3:22/171916
[ ]PranksMiddler preps lose courage and lower their colors. Academy seniors appear too late on field3:12/171916
[ ]German ClubMusic box purchased by Deutscher Verein1:32/171916
[ ]Gotwald, rev. William K.University Scholarship awarded by John Hopkins faculty to Rev. William K. Gotwald, class of 19043:42/171916
[ ]BaseballVarsity beats Mr. Union but loses to Wooster. Witt falls back to second place1:1-32/171916
[ ]Buffalo OriolesWorld's champions come to give varsity a tussle1:42/171916
[ ]Myers Hall"Hail to the good old dorm," students' opinions. Repairs needed2:32/241916
[ ]LibraryAre you missing something?2:22/241916
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Bauslin appointed Sec of the Board of Education of the General Synod of the Lutheran church3:22/241916
[ ]Stunt DayDorm men recite in freakish costumes1:52/241916
[ ]FootballEditorial serpents his amid gentlemen. Onlookers etiquette2:12/241916
[ ]BasketballMiami beaten again1:1-22/241916
[ ]The RapPaper does not arouse comment as backers hoped. Editor's dark-horse journalists, as usual1:32/241916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAssociation holds meet and much business done. E. G. Swingle, new president. Wheels set in motion to send big crowd over to Wesleyan.1:43/31916
[ ]BasketballConference race ends with Wesleyan game3:13/31916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club performs before big crowd in very effective manner. New features take will while standard songs receive generous applause1:53/31916
[ ]LibraryLibrary versus loaf3:43/31916
[ ]Thalian SocietyPreps' Literary Society holds its first meeting. Spirit runs high and much enthusiasm is exhibited1:3-43/31916
[ ]Roehner, Rev. H.C.Returns to lead chapel service1:33/31916
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceSixth conference held at Thiel College, Greenville, PA3:23/31916
[ ]Roehner, Rev. H.C.Speaks before large audience; week of meditation1:23/31916
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) YWCA celebration long to be remembered.4:23/31916
[ ]Stelling, G. F.Accepts position of vice-president of Wittenberg.3:33/91916
[ ]Class GiftsGift problem puzzles senior class committee4:33/91916
[ ]BasketballOhio Conf. race runs up blind alley. Case & Stste lead on purely per cent basis3:33/91916
[ ]Roehner, Rev. H.C.Returns to lead chapel service1:33/91916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSeniors enjoy evening of progressive calling at the four fraternity houses1:43/91916
[ ]Thalian SocietySociety meets for election of officers3:13/91916
[ ]PranksTrees covered with long paper strips4:33/91916
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateTriangle debate March 24th1:53/91916
[ ]BasketballWitt closes season with second great extra period game. Crowd goes mad1:13/91916
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:43/111916
[ ]BasketballChampionship lost by shamefully few points1:33/161916
[ ]Glee ClubHanley "Club" goes to lock-up; arrested for piping. Glee Club comedian pays1:43/161916
[ ]Wiles, Dr. Charles P.Literary editor of Lutheran publication Society gave short talk at the Seminary lecture3:13/161916
[ ]BasketballNetts makes all-Ohio team; Betchel seconds, Varsity loses two players3:13/161916
[ ]Heating PlantNew heating plant for the library, Keller, and Hamma Hall most efficient plant among campus buildings1:53/161916
[ ]German ClubPlay presented in Dayton after Easter1:33/161916
[ ]Blair, Rev. Dwight P.Rev. Dwight P. Blair '09 of Gary, Indiana, is doing splendid work for the Lutheran Church in that city3:33/161916
[ ]Ott, GraceTo teach in Gary, Indiana3:33/161916
[ ]Thalian SocietyWill hold meetins in chapel4:33/161916
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeBaby maladies threaten to close dormitories1:23/201916
[ ]Thalian SocietyVaried program given by new organization1:13/231916
[ ]Wittenberg UniversityWittenberg (a poem). With apologies to Longfellow2:33/231916
[ ]Thalian SocietyDebate on "Woman Suffrage"3:43/301916
[ ]BaseballDiamond athletes await drying winds and sun to make field possible1:53/301916
[ ]Track and FieldHeidelberg rejoices to find itself prepared "for a new sport, track work"2:23/301916
[ ]Student LecturesOccasional hours lead by student lectures promotes new interests3:13/301916
[ ]English DepartmentOccasional hours led by student lecturers promote new interests3:13/301916
[ ]Weller, C. W.Seminary classes hear distinguished visitors early part of week. C. W. Weller, Field secretary of the layman's missionary movement of the General synod1:33/301916
[ ]Golladay, Rev. R.E.Seminary classes hear distinguished visitors early part of week; Rev. Golladay speaks1:3-43/301916
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors decide to redecorate chapel as fitting memorial1:13/301916
[ ]Hannaford, Howard D.Letter of appreciation upon receiving his copy of "Torch"2:34/21916
[ ]TorchFizzle number1:34/61916
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateMount Union sends wrong team and forfeits debate1:14/61916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestSuccess of athletics next season entrusted to new coach, E. Godfrey3:14/61916
[ ]Welty, RuthTo edit co-ed number of weekly1:54/131916
[ ]TennisTwo new courts are in progress1:14/131916
[ ]Freshman CapsWriter advocates insignia for underclassmen2:44/131916
[ ]The RapA criticism2:2-34/201916
[ ]TorchCo-ed number14/201916
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyFirst affair to be given in newly decorated chapel3:44/201916
[ ]PranksFreshmen and Sophomores dragged from beds by upper classmen1:44/201916
[ ]PranksGhastly joke. Played villainous dormitory blond on innocent young freshman3:14/201916
[ ]Intercollegiate Socialist SocietyInter-collegiate talk "fest" is successful. Delegates confer on big questions. Ten years of progress described1:34/201916
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Live problems discussed. Favors suffrage1:54/201916
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Received honor. To make address at Wooster in honor of Dr. J. Campbell White2:44/201916
[ ]Plays"Esmerelda" presented. Fourth play presented in 3 yrs.1:44/271916
[ ]Track and FieldAnother country heard from2:14/271916
[ ]TobaccoCoed gives opinion of nicotine2:24/271916
[ ]Theological SeminaryCommencement to held on Sunday1:54/271916
[ ]Criley, Rev. W.W.; DeathsHonor graduate dies3:24/271916
[ ]Ashelman, ClarenceSuit case. Travels to Pittsburgh but our noble senior grabs an OSU grip and plot thickens1:34/271916
[ ]BaseballWittenberg holds professional players to low score of 2-0 at Washington Park1:1-24/271916
[ ]Baseball4 games lost, varsity plays well against Miami and Oberlin but stages comedy of errors at Antioch4:2-35/11916
[ ]Garber, ClarkGarber given send off to teach at Capitol University in Columbus this year1:55/81916
[ ]Plays"Esmerelda" presented. Fourth play presented in 3 yrs.1:55/111916
[ ]Tobacco"Infernal College Smoker" condemned by coed2:15/111916
[ ]CampusCampus actually extended over a larger area than at present2:15/111916
[ ]PranksCouples entertained with much mosture. Spooners requested to use more hidden parts of campus4:35/111916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club members sing in Chicago1:35/111916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club scores success in Hoosier Capital1:35/111916
[ ]Class GiftsGood chapel attendance at senior procession and gift exercises; Ashelman gives memorial1:15/111916
[ ]Oak OrationIf an oak can be secured by a certain date, oration will be given1:55/111916
[ ]Junior PromJunior Prom. Delightful time enjoyed by Wittenberg's Swains and Lassies1:45/111916
[ ]Track and FieldNew Carlisle wins country high school meet1:25/111916
[ ]PranksStettler pulls tooth, takes ride in auto, but is once again a free citizen1:1-25/111916
[ ]Stettler, RalphVery painful operation Stettler pulls tooth. He brought a ponerous advertisement from down town to his room1:15/111916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWhen Greek meets Greek2:45/111916
[ ]Glee ClubEditorial--In praise of criticism; make program shorter in order to have time to talk Wittenberg2:15/181916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club spreads fame of Alma Mater from Michigan Shore to Beautiful St. Joe1:1-25/181916
[ ]Lauver, O.Pennsylvanian elected to run Dorm affairs4:35/181916
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiSociety celebrated its 50th anniversary4:15/181916
[ ]TennisTennis tips35/181916
[ ]TorchAcademy number1:35/251916
[ ]Garber, ClarkAssistant Professor tries to eliminate father-in-law. Unlabelled concotion almost finishes Pater Familias -- awful story ends happily1:45/251916
[ ]Class GiftsClass '16 refurnishes academy language room. Professor Bahner given easy chair to assist Latin study1:1-25/251916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCliff co-eds serenade dorm and frat houses. Old order changes for one night. 1st time in college history1:55/251916
[ ]Ferncliff HallCo-eds serenade frat and dorm house. First time in history1:55/251916
[ ]PranksDorm seniors given pie and cream and do late hour dance1:3-45/251916
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyEditorial. Last will and testament class roll of 1916. Things worth knowing about prep seniors2-35/251916
[ ]DormitoriesDormitory festivity interrupted, under classmen try to break up feed3:35/271916
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipLeaves on extended trip East3:35/291916
[ ]PlaysAuthentic Greek drama presented with Dr. Hiller's help1:46/71916
[ ]CommencementHundreds return to old college scenes for 66th Commencement1:1-26/71916
[ ]Blake, EuniceA betrayer A story3:1-29/221916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestCoach1:39/221916
[ ]Lutheran ChurchDr. J. L. Neve discussed "Future of Lutheranism in America"4:29/221916
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Lectured on "The future of Lutheranism in America"4:29/221916
[ ]Thomas, JessieMissionary talks on India relates amusing incident2:29/221916
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelOccupies chair of Bible4:19/221916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestOur coaches policy (editorial)2:19/221916
[ ]Myers HallRemodeled structure to be known as Myers Hall. Self-service lunch room on first floor1:59/221916
[ ]Mumma, Rev. A. K.Rev. A.K. Mumma of Spencerville, Indiana, returns to enter his oldest son L.B. Mumma, as a freshman2:49/221916
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinScramble for seats to hear Dr. Prince's opener. Two dozen fellows sit on platform edge. Many graduates return for short visit.1:19/221916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestTwo assistant coaches chosen; Durmire and Schaeffer elected by Board1:59/221916
[ ]Patterson, W.C.W. C. Patterson of St. Joe, IN died1:29/221916
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.All college turns out. At joint reception of Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. at Ferncliff Hall1:29/281916
[ ]Department of Zoologybiology substituted3:39/281916
[ ]Bechtel, ReubenCapt. Bechtel will be seen in old position as quarterback (por)1:39/281916
[ ]FootballEditorial. Rampant criticism by sports editor of Daily News2:19/281916
[ ]Tug-of-WarElated over victory, freshmen attack alumnus1:49/281916
[ ]Ferncliff HallFerncliff crowded, girls turned away2:49/281916
[ ]FootballFew new football rules3:29/281916
[ ]PranksFreshmen victimized, Jamie receives prize package while visiting a lady friend1:59/281916
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Leave of absence granted5:29/281916
[ ]Culler, MarthaMartha Culler is honored by appointment to be member of County Board of School Examiners3:29/281916
[ ]Tug-of-WarOne-sided contest for last three years2:19/281916
[ ]Otto, VictorOtto elcted proxy. Seniors are up against it with Thesis. There is a deficit in the fund of $289.201:1-29/281916
[ ]The ThesisOtto elected president. Deficit in the fund, amounting to $289.201:19/281916
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinSpeaks at meeting of Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A.1:59/281916
[ ]PranksTwo travelling men pose as new students at reception given by Alpha Xi Delta. Police called in3:29/281916
[ ]FootballWittenberg meets Cincy in openedr1:1-29/281916
[ ]CheerleadersCheer leader to be popular selection. No nomination to be popular selection1:210/51916
[ ]FootballCincinnati blanked whistle blows at 0-01:310/51916
[ ]CheerleadersDemocratic elections2:110/51916
[ ]Hill-Top LeagueDorm Freshies taken into inmost circle of Hill-top league. Three degrees are given1:510/51916
[ ]Bechtel, ReubenPopular captain may leave gridiron4:210/51916
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyReception given to new men by oldest literary organization. 71st annual opening1:110/51916
[ ]TorchStudent tax subscription--only sensible solution to "Knotty" problem1:210/51916
[ ]Glee ClubTry-out prolonged affair. Selections carefully made1:410/51916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestUses system in caring for players. Training table on Saturday4:210/51916
[ ]TorchWittenberger and Torch join forces--Torch only publication printed this year. To the Alumni4:310/71916
[ ]Thalian SocietyBegin literary activities3:110/121916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEditorial2:110/121916
[ ]Myers HallLarge columns added to front entrance4:110/121916
[ ]Myers HallMore than one hundred persons served daily in cafeteria3:410/121916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan Hellenic fete4:310/121916
[ ]Scholarship FundPan Hellenic fete given for establishiing a scholarship fund4:310/121916
[ ]Siders, RobertRobert Siders is elected cheer leader. New system of electing inaugurated and is successful1:310/121916
[ ]Etter, HermanEtter improved. His leg was broken in the Denison game1:410/161916
[ ]Literary DayPlanned for college by League in its first meeting. Shields and letters to be presented1:410/161916
[ ]Etter, Herman"Kewp" Etter's leg broken1:410/191916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesCampus party by sorority fund1:210/191916
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Dr. Hochdoerfer to return soon4:210/191916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEditorial; How long O Catiline?2:1-210/191916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLetter to editory contradticting rights of fraternities' to exist. Desire is to elevate morals and improve spiritual life of college2:310/191916
[ ]National ElectionsMany students qualify for voting2:210/191916
[ ]Meyer, George A.Meyer at Yale hase made the Yale Glee Club1:510/191916
[ ]Glee ClubSongbirds organize, Kuhns elected manager, Professor Hiller much pleased with first rehearsal1:310/191916
[ ]Munson, E. H.Students hear national Y.M.C.A. Secretary talk. Young men are needed for Christian work in China1:510/191916
[ ]TorchTo be only publication printed at Wittenberg this year4:1-210/191916
[ ]National ElectionsWilson first choice, Hughes second1:310/191916
[ ]FootballCardinal and Cream defend2:110/261916
[ ]Myers HallDedication to be in November with celebration to include football game and pageants, Homecoming1:510/261916
[ ]Honline, Dr. M. A.Does not appear before large crowd at joint meeting. Dr. Tressler and Dean Bauslin come to the rescue1:210/261916
[ ]Bjelke, J. L.Don't spread out too thin says J. L. Bjelke in chapel talk on college activities3:310/261916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFraternities are viewed by others2:2-310/261916
[ ]Music DepartmentLarge enrollment. Credit for work in conservatory under direction of Miriam Weaver4:210/261916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesLetter to editor2:210/261916
[ ]TraditionsMores2:110/261916
[ ]Scholarship FundPan Hellenic fete given for establishiing a scholarship fund1:310/261916
[ ]PranksPiano ivories taken from chapel tune box1:410/261916
[ ]Thalian SocietyPrepdom3:410/261916
[ ]Phi Beta KappaWomen in Phi Beta Kappa4:310/261916
[ ]The Thesis"The Thesis" of 1916?2:111/31916
[ ]BaseballBaseball translated into French3:111/31916
[ ]ReformationCelebration of the 400th anniversary of the Reformation to begin1:511/31916
[ ]Myers HallDedication to be turned over to pageants by college groups1:311/31916
[ ]FootballEditorial (criticism)2:111/31916
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesOne fraternity adopted resolutions condemning dangerous and foolish play at initiations4:211/31916
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipSpeaks at celebration of anniversary of birth of Lutheranism1:511/31916
[ ]DebateTeams in search of opponents; 4 Ohio schools sought1:311/31916
[ ]The ThesisWhy change the name of the yearbook?2:111/31916
[ ]Myers, Francis E.Banquet given by faculty in honor of Myers', donors of Myers Hall1:211/81916
[ ]Chemistry DepartmentCity asks help of chem department1:211/81916
[ ]Myers HallFormal opening. Alumni and Springfielders invited. Glee to sing, farce pageants in lieu of dedication1:111/81916
[ ]BasketballSchedule arranges with ten conference games1:3-411/81916
[ ]PranksTo the rescue. Half a dozen girls of the freshman and sophomore classes imprisoned in their rooms1:211/81916
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWelcome Alumni!2:211/81916
[ ]Myers Hall"Myers Hall day" included remodeled program. Weather interfered with pageant plans1:511/161916
[ ]Baldridge, J.E.Get vision of service while in college says Baldridge in address. New men taken into YMCA3:111/161916
[ ]Ellsworth, William W.Literary lights beware of college. Best writers have no academic training, says Ex-president of Century Company2:2-311/161916
[ ]TorchLook for the box for Torch subscriptions2:211/161916
[ ]Myers HallPresident Heckert presides over impressive dedication1:111/161916
[ ]Myers HallResidents of hall entertain guests; Myers family was guest of honor3:111/161916
[ ]BaseballUnfounded are reports that baseball will be dropped1:211/161916
[ ]BaseballWitt loses last chance to land place in Ohio conference1:311/161916
[ ]FootballWittenberg loses last chace to land place in Ohio Conference. Ohio Northern gambles with defeat1:311/161916
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion. The main purpose is to develop a united Wittenberg spirit3:111/181916
[ ]Laudenback, Wilbur R.Brother of Harvey M. Laudenback, a Wittenberg student, accidentally kills himself hunting3:311/231916
[ ]Theological Seminary in ChicagoChicago Seminary presents picture. Many students now in Wittenberg intend to take theological training there3:311/231916
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Death of Mrs. Waver occured here Thursday1:511/231916
[ ]FreshmenFreshmen display rare knowledge in answering examination questions3:111/231916
[ ]Godfrey, ErnestHenchmen hand Quakers unexpected defeat1:111/231916
[ ]Athletic AssociationIgnorance or neglect? Women may become members and vote2:211/231916
[ ]Thalian SocietyLearn voting methods4:211/231916
[ ]Wireless news serviceMay have wireless service between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan4:311/231916
[ ]Albecht, Rev.Rev. Albecht of India was the speaker at the seminary chapel4:311/231916
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Students at joint meet hear Dr. Leander Keyser speak on godliness3:111/231916
[ ]FootballVictory of gridiron celebrated in Chapel1:311/231916
[ ]Wallace, E. S.Wittenberg graduate is appointed to high professional position. E. S. Wallace, '11 joins faculty of Massachusetts Institute4:211/231916
[ ]People's UniversityUniversity extension advances to Holland unemployed because of war enter as students in great numbers3:211/251916
[ ]Zeta AlphaAt the meeting of the Pan Hellenic council on Monday the local fraternity petition was granted1:412/71916
[ ]AthleticsBanquet honors feted college god, athletics on Wed night. J. Philip Schneider as "Arbitrum Bibendi" enlivens the occasion with natural wit.1:112/71916
[ ]BaseballBanquet honors feted college God; athletics on Wed. night1:112/71916
[ ]Bechtel, ReubenBechtel honored in "honor roll" of gridiron, compiled by the Plain Dealer1:412/71916
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Fox honored. Spoke at teachers' meeting at Marion, IL1:212/71916
[ ]Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsHead of university of Pennsylvania2:512/71916
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Health improving, but to be out remainder of year1:312/71916
[ ]Wittenberger (annual)Juniors decide not to smash good precedent. Agitation started to omit college annual this year falls flat1:3-412/71916
[ ]The ThesisName changed to the "Wittenberger" at annual meeting1:412/71916
[ ]FootballSeason ends with defeat1:512/71916
[ ]BaseballShall baseball continue?2:112/71916
[ ]Snyder, Dr. Lawrence E.A literary medley, give on the program at the recent Myers Hall party2:4-512/91916
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Addresses Literary Club1:212/141916
[ ]CommencementEditorial: seniors voted to petition for a good lecturer for Commencement program2:1-212/141916
[ ]Hersh, RevRev. Hersh addresses men in seminary chapel4:312/141916
[ ]CommencementSeniors take radical step: two new members admitted to class, members want less student speeches1:212/141916
[ ]Glee ClubSingers ready to make first trip3:112/141916
[ ]DebateStudents opinions; a debate coach needed2:3-412/141916
[ ]Titlow, Dr.The "Woman beautiful" was discussed by Dr. Titlow in Y.W.C.A. meeting1:212/141916
[ ]PranksTime and tide wait for no man. Homer Leonard takes a nap on Sunday afternoon4:312/141916
[ ]World War I (WWI) War prisoners demand attention; men in camps insane from idleness1:512/141916
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Christmas party. 26 little children of the poorer districts entertained4:112/161916
[ ]Conrad, Granville"Connie" to lead excel debaters. Preliminary tryout reveals good material1:3-412/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic Association constitution printed3:112/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic association elects gubernatorials. constitution amended1:512/211916
[ ]Athletic AssociationBut Rip Van Winkle woke up criticism of the student body for not attending the athletic meeting2:212/211916
[ ]Eaglesmere ConferenceEaglesmere Conference discussed by Y.W.C.A.3/312/211916
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaFalling plaster causes uproar in house3:412/211916
[ ]PlaysFirst dramatic attempt by seniors successful1:112/211916
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shields and loving cups presented, honoring two societies.4:212/211916
[ ]BasketballNo captain this season; position to rotate1:312/211916
[ ]Brass QuarterlyPortraits1:2-412/211916
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Presented with gifts3:312/211916
[ ]Munson, E. H.Student volunteers are addressed by Mr. Munson, of the China Mission Field2:412/211916
[ ]Myers HallStudents take pride in new dorm; no more rough house2:512/211916
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWater tank in attic overflows at hour of public speaking3:412/211916