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[ ]Wittenberg CollegePictorial review. Entire issue1/61915
[ ]FootballFootball rules are slightly changed4:11/111915
[ ]Class GiftsGift is to fit up Dr. Schneider's Recitation room1:31/211915
[ ]Glee ClubHiller's understudies prepare for big trip1:21/211915
[ ]Baker, Rev. Ernest EmeryBaker: An appreciation106:11/271915
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr T Bruce Birch elected as Secretary of the Association of Ohio College Teachers of Education1:3 (Witte1/271915
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHomes of Witt's Greek letter societies1031/271915
[ ]CoachingAthletics all over nation are suffering from an over-organized system of coaching2:1-21/281915
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr T Bruce Birch elected as Secretary of the Association of Ohio College Teachers of Education1:4 (Torch1/281915
[ ]Association of College Teachers of EducationDr. Birch a member of new association. Was elected secretary of Society for school improvement1:41/281915
[ ]Glee ClubThe Glee Club is a splendid advertising agent for the college. The club leaves for a week's trip through northern Ohio2:2-31/281915
[ ]Association of Ohio College Teachers of EducationThis organization was formed at at meeting of the heads of the educational departments of the various Ohio colleges1:41/281915
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Dr. Long of Mansfield addresses the student bodies of the college and seminary3:12/41915
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate debates cancelled. Wittenberg was too small a school to attempt to participate in so many contests1:32/41915
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)O'Brien to represent Wittenberg at contest here1:42/41915
[ ]Endowment FundPres. reports subscriptions exceeding $70,0001:22/41915
[ ]CheatingStudent opinions on cheating2:32/41915
[ ]PranksClever mechanic plans enforced chapel period2:22/111915
[ ]Glee ClubConcerts draw much applause. Loud crowds hear singers on Eastern trip2:32/111915
[ ]Roehner, Rev. H.C.Minister from Grand Rapids to speak at special services in chapel, and deliver series of addresses before students3:22/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudent opinion as to what is the matter with the literary spirit3:12/111915
[ ]General Cut DayCut day declared Tues because of neglect to celebrate George Washington's birthday the day before1:22/151915
[ ]Athletic DirectorAthletic director's position abolished1:42/181915
[ ]Athletic DirectorAthletic director's position abolished. President adopts recommendation of athletic board. Supervision of athletics not provided for1:42/181915
[ ]Colors (College)Cardinal and cream. The colors were first adopted by the class of '892:1-22/181915
[ ]Glee ClubHiller's songsters do him great credit in first home concert1:22/181915
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Hiram orator takes 1st place. O'Brien takes fourth1:12/181915
[ ]O'Brien, Earl J.Ohio Oratorical Association awards Earl J. O'Brien fourth place1:12/181915
[ ]Roehner, Rev. H.C.Speaks before large audience; week of meditation3:12/181915
[ ]Schrock, Rev. William H. '06An appreciation137:32/241915
[ ]Stunt DayDormitory men, cheif attraction on Stunt Day133:12/241915
[ ]Long, Rev. S. P.Long delivered annual sermon on the Call of the ministry143:12/241915
[ ]Roehner, Rev. H.C.Speaks before large audience; week of meditation136:12/241915
[ ]CoachingCoaching: opinion, thought2:32/251915
[ ]Stunt DayLast celebration was most successful. Custom is comparatively new2:12/251915
[ ]Stunt DayOrigin and description2:12/251915
[ ]Stunt DayOriginality is shown in stunt day costumes. Dormitory men attend classes Monday in grotesque garb -- Annual event3:1-22/251915
[ ]General Cut DayStudents get holiday by skipping classes1:22/251915
[ ]TraditionsStunt day. Dorm men attend classes in grotesque garb3:12/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesTrophies and shields presented.1:12/251915
[ ]SmokingA recent proposal of legislation to make it impossible for cigarette smokers to be graduated with honors is under consideration4:23/41915
[ ]Literary SocietiesA true story. The loving cup was not presented to the winning team by the defeated one3:23/41915
[ ]Literary ContestPhilo declaimers take first place. Usual small attendance greets speakers1:13/41915
[ ]Shannon, W. T.Standard of morals discussed in chapel1:33/41915
[ ]Smoke-FestCollege men plan for smoke-fest149:33/101915
[ ]AthleticsMorals and athletics152:13/101915
[ ]BasketballA review of the year's team playing2:23/111915
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Convention held at Denison3:13/111915
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:1-43/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesShe turns and smiles. A reply to the above accusation3:23/111915
[ ]PranksSign reading "Fruits - Wholesale or Retail" hung in front of Ferncliff4:23/111915
[ ]BasketballWhirlwind finish marks close of 1915 season1:1-43/111915
[ ]Wolf, Robert B.Early records in old college book. A bound volume of addresses and other valuable pamphlets presented to President Heckert by Wolf1:23/181915
[ ]Literary SocietiesInter-society debate, annual clash1:33/181915
[ ]Literary SocietiesPresident Heckert receives volume containing data, history of societies1:23/181915
[ ]History of WittenbergPresident Heckert receives volume containing early records--history of literary societies1:23/181915
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Receives volume containing history of literary societies1:23/181915
[ ]Smoke-FestArrangement for feast of gods completed165:13/241915
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyBrief history169:2-33/241915
[ ]AthleticsFood for thought along athletic lines. A review.1663/241915
[ ]Wolf, Robert B.Valuable book presented169:2-33/241915
[ ]Keyser, Joseph H.Athletics, their supervision and management2:23/251915
[ ]AthleticsAthletics, their supervision and management reviewed by J.H. Keyser2:23/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior again wins decision over Philos1:1-23/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians hold joint banquet; first event of its kind3:13/251915
[ ]Summer CoursesPlans mad for summer school. Spring term training school will begin May 10th to meet the requirements for new law school1:43/251915
[ ]Varsity Nightto be celebrated in dorm1:23/251915
[ ]Dorm LeagueDorm league club room begun2:13/271915
[ ]John, Dr. John P.Faith-Reason. An editorial on Dr. John's address in Columbus, Ohio recently2:1-24/11915
[ ]Folckemer, Mrs. M.E.Folckemer speaks to Euterpean Society. She is the first president of the Olympian society1:44/11915
[ ]BasketballJuniors claim school championship, defeat Frosh.3:14/11915
[ ]Ohio College PresidentsOhio College heads to hold convention. Dr. Heckert is president1:14/11915
[ ]Smoke-FestGood program and cigars at varisty night entertain students and professors181:1-24/141915
[ ]Gary Public SchoolThe wonderful Gary Public School system, by H. A. Ott182-1834/141915
[ ]BaseballAnnounce extensive inter-group schedule3:14/151915
[ ]AthleticsAthletes, their supervision and management. An up-to-date system.2:24/151915
[ ]Ohio College Association; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch appointed a member of a committee on legislation and reorganization of the Departement of Education in Arts Colleges by the Ohio College Association3:24/151915
[ ]PlaysSenior class presents "Adventure of Lady Ursula"3:14/151915
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors give complete equipment for English room; Wm. H. Sorn gives address; formal services held1:14/151915
[ ]Swimming and DivingWittenberg is invited to enter aquatic meet1:44/151915
[ ]GradingSeveral the colleges have adopted the point system2:14/211915
[ ]ChapelFaculty attendance at chapel. Torch reporter keeps 'tabs' on profs last week...reports delinquencies1:24/221915
[ ]Wittenberg Collegeplaced on recognized list by State Dept. of Public Instruction3:24/221915
[ ]Robbins, J.C.Speaks before joint meeting of YMCA and YWCA address "Challege of Age"3:14/221915
[ ]TennisTwo more courts: lack of funds stop work3:24/221915
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaDefective flue again disturbs Alpha Xi Delta3:24/291915
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club completes annual spring tour1:14/291915
[ ]Byrer, Rev. Charles E.Scholarly address given before YMCA. Byrer of Christ Episcopal Church presents valuable thoughts in speech3:14/291915
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolFaculty of Hamma (pic)2015/31915
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Message to outgoing seminarians207-85/31915
[ ]Spaid, Rev. E. LutherThe message of the church to men of today197-1995/31915
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Why I am going into the Ministry208:215/31915
[ ]The Thesis1915 issue to be distributed this week. Includes many new features3:15/61915
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallHall nearning completion, with many conveniences1:45/61915
[ ]Pastor's InstituteHeld under the direction of the seminary faculty2:35/61915
[ ]Western Conference of the Synod of WittenbergMany pastors attend conference sessions. Pastor's Institute being held in Keller Hall this week in connection with conference2:35/61915
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Co-ed number5/131915
[ ]AthleticsMuch interest shown in inter-group series3:25/131915
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinProfessor tells audience at Y.M.C.A. that adverse criticism is unethical1:35/131915
[ ]Summer CoursesSummer students to live in old dorm. Dormitory league membres vote to let rooms to summer term men3:15/131915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyThe co-ed literary society2205/131915
[ ]McWillliams, OliverThe student of this age2215/131915
[ ]ChapelChapel manners. Services not compulsory. Services not disorderly but things are far from ideal2:15/201915
[ ]Oak OrationSenior oak planted with usual ceremony. Tree is named in honor of Dr. Prince who accepts gift. Busler gives oration1:15/201915
[ ]TraditionsSenior oaks planed with ceremony. Tree named in honor of Dr. Prince1:15/201915
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesEligibility rules for students are adopted. Scholarship to determine right of students to engage in any college activities1;35/271915
[ ]Student ActivitiesEligivility rules for students are adopted. Scholarship to determine right of students to engage in any college activities1:35/271915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society entertains for men's societies. Philo and excelsior are guests of co-eds at last meeting3:15/271915
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Frank Fox sought as commencement speaker2:35/271915
[ ]Dorm LeagueNew constitution adopted for drom league2:25/271915
[ ]PranksPiano again becomes victim of praksters2:35/271915
[ ]PranksUpperclassmen try to break up feed. Difficulties encountered when Dorm Juniors entertain Seniors. Preps dispersed3:35/271915
[ ]PranksWater poured over "culled spooners" at fountain4:35/271915
[ ]Gringel, Arthur E.Biographical account239:25/311915
[ ]Gruver, Rev. C.B.Golden wedding celebrated. Biographical account239:35/311915
[ ]CommencementClass of 1915 prepares program for 65th Commencement1:16/41915
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Hiller to marry Florence Fellows at Ostego Lake, N.Y.3:16/41915
[ ]TorchResume of the first year's work1:16/41915
[ ]WWhat became of W Assoc.?2:26/41915
[ ]Hamilton, Coach Donald(por)3:2-39/231915
[ ]Hamilton, DonCool weather calls athletes to gridiron1:19/231915
[ ]Tug-of-WarFreshmen organize for contest1:49/231915
[ ]TorchNewpaper is merger under press club. New journalistic effort to prove success1:49/231915
[ ]Anderson, W.ESome results of recent astronomical research2:39/231915
[ ]Anderson, W.ESome results of recent astronomical research2:29/231915
[ ]Hamilton, DonRecommended for football coach1:39/251915
[ ]Hamilton, Coach Donald(por)3:29/281915
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinHonored by history society. Was recently elected original founder3:4-59/301915
[ ]DormitoriesInitiation; preps haul seniors round trip to town1:39/301915
[ ]Miller, Rev. EliMiller speaks before YMCA. Attendance of groups noted1:29/301915
[ ]Anderson, W.ESome results of recent astronomical research3:19/301915
[ ]Tug-of-WarSophomres out classed in contest1:19/301915
[ ]FootballConference withdrawal. Faculty, students, city press are not sympathetic.2:110/71915
[ ]Glee ClubForty men try out for seven positions4:210/71915
[ ]FootballSome talk astir about withdrawal. Old proposition looms up again. If the conference will not grant the right to play freshmen, Witt should withdraw from the conference1:510/71915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion -- why not?2:3-410/71915
[ ]FootballTheir own team. Freshmen should have own coach and supervisor2:110/71915
[ ]FootballWittenberg will not withdraw from the Ohio Conference2:110/71915
[ ]FreshmenAh, Poor Freshmen! Rules for taking the conceit out of freshmen2:3-410/141915
[ ]Degreesannouncement: "no one after the present middler class" shall receive the Bachelor of Divinity degree upon graduaiton but it will be granted upon completion of perscribed work3:110/141915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent body favors union. Kuhns elected cheerleader, change assistant1:310/141915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion. President of Study Body to be elected3:310/141915
[ ]Keller HallKeller and Hamma Hall to be dedicated1:410/201915
[ ]FootballCome on team, be a Phoenix2:210/211915
[ ]Honline, Dr. M. A.Dr. Honline addresses Y.M.C.A. gathering1:410/211915
[ ]Johnson, Dr. W. C.Dr. Johnson pleases his chapel audience. Dr. Johnson comes from the Missionary Station in West Africa1:210/211915
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Joins with the "Torch" to publish "Torch" only this year4:110/211915
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipProfitable meeting held by literary societies1:510/211915
[ ]PranksStudent opinion. Snake story2:410/211915
[ ]TorchWittenberger and Torch join forces to make Wittenberg Torch only publication printed at Wittenberg this year1:110/211915
[ ]Melching, Rue P.Death notice1:210/281915
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinGives ideas of how success in life may be attained4:210/281915
[ ]FootballThiel will come to battle with Varisty next Saturday, for the first time in the history of the schools1:210/281915
[ ]ThielThiel will come to battle with Varsity for the first time in the history of the school1:210/281915
[ ]PranksUninvited beseiged by water from fire hose1:510/281915
[ ]DebateWitt will meet five schools1:3-410/281915
[ ]Bryan, William JenningsYesterday's work. W.J. Bryan spoke at the prohibition tent but school went on as ususal2:1-210/281915
[ ]Sergeant-of-Arms1916 downs tradition; someone loses office. The class of 1916 dared to set aside one of the traditional customs of the college when it decided to have no sergeant-of-arms1:311/41915
[ ]Student CouncilCouncil dead2:311/41915
[ ]Rifle ClubEditorial2:111/41915
[ ]Karpinski, Dr. L. C.Pleasing talk given by Michigan Professor. Karpinski talks for an hour on history of arithmetic1:411/41915
[ ]PranksSophomore men trick freshman into spending money, resulting in lady friend receiving unsolicited dainties in two pound box1:511/41915
[ ]Bryan, William JenningsStudent opinion. Comment by an ex '15 alum3:211/41915
[ ]PrisonThree prizes are offered for essays on prison problems. Duly matriculated eligible. One hundred dollars in prizes1:411/41915
[ ]Fullerton, H. StuartFullerton returns from England3:211/111915
[ ]Hamilton, Coach DonaldHamilton to marry Hoosier girl, Leota Leeper1:311/111915
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Heckert talks to men in chapel on Tuesday. Stag affair at Y.M.--talks on college life and problems1:211/111915
[ ]Keller HallKeller Hall to be rededicated and used as a dormitory1:511/111915
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallNew halls and heating plant dedicated1:511/111915
[ ]Bryan, William JenningsThat Bryan incident3:111/111915
[ ]Beth Tav Qph ClubGraduate news, reunion.3:1-211/151915
[ ]ReformationThe drama of reformation to be presented. Dramatic art interest shown by our student dispersed among plays1:511/151915
[ ]Football BanquetBanquet has become a fixed date on social horizon2:211/181915
[ ]Football BanquetFall banquet promises to be another brilliant varsity night1:311/181915
[ ]ProhibitionJohn Barleycorn, good-bye3:411/181915
[ ]FootballGodfrey's henchmen defeat Quakers. Celebration in Chapel by speeches and cheers. Plans for dinner under way1:511/231915
[ ]Plays"The Ghosts" to be presented in 19161:211/241915
[ ]FootballBanquet to be feature. Short after dinner speeches. Football team to be honored (pic)1:111/241915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society foretastes Thanksgiving sweets; Winnie Knapp is chosen to lead literary1;411/241915
[ ]Ehrenfeld, A.C.Former teacher in science department of Springfield High School died3:311/241915
[ ]Ferncliff HallHeater breaks down and Ferncliff freezes. So fair dames do proper thing and disperse to their homes on first train1:311/241915
[ ]The ThesisJuniors soon flourish two dollar "Thesis tags"1:211/241915
[ ]Hanson, ProfessorProfessor Hanson of Youngstown gave a very interesting talk in chapel last Friday morning1:3-411/241915
[ ]AthleticsRadical reforms in athletics. Evidence of professionalism shown2:411/241915
[ ]FootballRadical reforms in athletics. Pro. Wm T. Foster of Reed College demands that inter-collegiate athletics be abandoned2:411/241915
[ ]NeutralityNeutrality by Hugh Stuart7011/251915
[ ]PlaysSenior class to present "Esmerelda" next year1:412/61915
[ ]AthleticsAthletes are honored when students gather at annual fall dinner1:112/91915
[ ]BasketballCage-ball season opens with big lanky team and new coach1:312/91915
[ ]Literary LeagueFirst literary contest attraction of evening. Five contestants entered1:212/91915
[ ]Wittenberg Dayobserved at Springfield High School2:412/91915
[ ]FootballEcho of football fete honors perpetrators. Humorous ending to dinner leaves good impression4:212/141915
[ ]AthleticsOne way out. This change may be the abolition of inter-collegiate athletics.12/161915
[ ]Kyle, Dr. M. G.Professor of Archeology in the Xenia Theological seminary, lectured on "The Bible and Recent archeology discoveries"3:1-212/161915
[ ]Leonard, Grover C.Speaks on his work in African Mission. Is building the liberian language of his community3:212/161915
[ ]AloquinThe National Aloquin was established at Wittenberg, Dec. 4th4:112/161915