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[ ]Gettysburg CollegeCollege inaugurates a campaign to raise $150,0001041/151914
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaGave gift of $2500. Gave $1500 in previous year, to be used for Ferncliff Hall97:31/151914
[ ]Hamma, Dr. and Mrs. M. W.Gift of $8,000 to be general fund981/151914
[ ]Waltz, Rev. S. S.Honored in Louisville by congregation on his 30th anniversary as pastor101:21/151914
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Who's Who in Wittenberg111:11/271914
[ ]PranksFake suicide causes great excitement. Good stunt is pulled off at the dorm125:1-22/51914
[ ]The ThesisTo be name of the college annual1172/51914
[ ]BasketballRules interpreted. Officials meet in Columbus1:42/101914
[ ]BasketballTigers cannonball Wabash, Denison, Princes (pic)5:12/141914
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin Franklin"The teacher for us all" (pic)135:2-32/191914
[ ]Hannaford, Howard D.A word from Syria1372/191914
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Alumni issue2/191914
[ ]AthleticsAthletic ideals134:32/191914
[ ]Bell, Rev. E.K.Bell to address to student body146-1472/191914
[ ]Alumni AssociationOrganization of graduates is a necessary part of a complete college equipment138:12/191914
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C.Short biographical account1352/191914
[ ]Lutheran BrotherhoodThe Lutheran Brotherhood is an organization of Lutheram men as an Organization of Service1342/191914
[ ]Ehrenfeld, Prof. C.L.A short biography (por)149:1-23/51914
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas engaged in work of the YMCA, Champaign, Ill.149:23/51914
[ ]Basketball1914 Season161-1623/191914
[ ]Gifts; Clark, Arthur L.Arthur L. Clark meets with great success in newspaper field166:1-33/191914
[ ]Swartz, Rev. Joel D. D.Death of Rev. Swartz171:23/191914
[ ]AthleticsNeed for scholarships to encourage athletes to enter wittenberg161:13/191914
[ ]Kohler, Rev. PaulRev. Paul Kohler lectures before Hamma students. The religious life of our young people, its distinction and development167:1-33/191914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeBoost Wittenerg. Campaign for new students18:1-24/21914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeEducational advantage of Wittenberg178:1-34/21914
[ ]PranksFour freshmen in dormitory on war path179:1-24/21914
[ ]Intercollegiate Peace AssociationOratorical contest held at Columbus202:34/201914
[ ]Royer, Rev. Newton Heisler"The Church in our Generation" baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class of Hamma Divinity School1954/301914
[ ]Endowment Fund$60,000 estate bequeathed to Board of Directors. Alexander Moore leaves legacy to aid poor students201:1-24/301914
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinClassroom newly furnished by private subscriptions solicited by mr. Scott Swearingen202:1-24/301914
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.German club presents new chairs and desk to class2024/301914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSpringfield benefited by Wittenberg197:1-24/301914
[ ]ClassroomsTwo rooms are newly furnished and presented. Drs. Prince and Hochdoerfer are the recipients--program is enthusiastically received202:1-24/301914
[ ]Openlander, Mrs. LovinaDonor of Ferncliff Hall2135/141914
[ ]Ferncliff HallFacts and Phenomena concerning Ferncliff Hall2135/141914
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPledging and initiation rules216:25/141914
[ ]Luther, MartinFirst bronze bust of Luther sculptured and cast in U.S. presented to Sioux City, IA by Young Lutherans241:15/281914
[ ]Alumni AssociationFormation of local assoc. fills a real need233:15/281914
[ ]Class GiftsGift of drinking fountain located in Reci Hall235:15/281914
[ ]Alumni AssociationLocal associations should be formed232:25/281914
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyWittenberg academy232:15/281914
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Writes book on the Augsburg Confession238:15/281914
[ ]The ThesisShort estimate249:36/101914
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonLatin room provided with new chairs1:29/51914
[ ]TorchFirst Issue. Foreward. Its policy1:19/231914
[ ]Hamilton, DonCoach Hamilton is on the job - Assistant to Coach Joe is on hand with the pep1:39/251914
[ ]FootballFootball prospects. Varsity ig going some1:29/251914
[ ]BandMusiker. Answer the call. Call is issued for band1:3-49/251914
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Stag party a success. 200 men attended1:59/251914
[ ]Keyser, Joseph H.New director is imbued with spirit of his Alma Mater. All year athletic coach peculiarly qualified to assume responsibilities of office5:2-39/271914
[ ]FootballMass meeting to be held at college entrance1:310/11914
[ ]Glee ClubNew men chosen for Glee Club. Prof. Hiller announces successful applicants for position1:410/11914
[ ]DormitoriesNew ones get taste of real dorm life2:110/11914
[ ]TraditionsTug-of-war between freshmen and sophomores4:3-410/11914
[ ]Wittenberg Academyelects its president2;410/81914
[ ]PranksFreshmen abused by unknown persons. New ones are maliciously vilified by green posters1:410/81914
[ ]AthleticsFreshmen in athletics. Ohio Athletic conference decrees that freshmen should not play intercollegiate contests.2:210/81914
[ ]FootballMass meeting was well-attended. Opening of a season celebrated by all2:410/81914
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinNew dean takes charge of school3:310/81914
[ ]TraditionsTug-of-war, its aim and purpose. Sophs lose2:1, 3:1-310/81914
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesEditorial. Much anti-fraternity activity2:110/121914
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonDelivers opening address for the school year, which was on Tocharyan, the newly discovered Indo-Scythian language1:110/141914
[ ]Prince, GraceHonored by State Library Assoc. Eleced second vice-president of OLA (pic)8:1-210/141914
[ ]Fullerton, H. StuartNew teacher of Spanish5:210/141914
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy and program reviewed4:1-310/141914
[ ]The ThesisJunior class will publish the yearbook1:410/151914
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookJunior class will publish yearbook1:410/151914
[ ]FootballMen, work, spirit. coach says too few men come out for football2:110/151914
[ ]TraditionsUpperclassmen carry canes1:410/151914
[ ]FootballWittenberg not given permission to use freshmen.1:210/161914
[ ]Endowment FundCampaign exceeds expectations. Nearly 1/5 of total pledged in first 2 weeks1:2-310/221914
[ ]FootballConference will not give more concessions3:110/221914
[ ]AthleticsOhio Athletic Conference will give no concessions in regard to freshmen playing3:110/221914
[ ]AttendanceProfessors now keep "tab" on all absences. New system adopted by faculty sends all "cuts" to dean's office.1:310/221914
[ ]Endowment FundA campaign of progress; $250,000 must be raised110/281914
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinAn appreciation24:110/281914
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceAn evaluation (por)4:1-210/281914
[ ]AthleticsAthletics at Wittenberg41:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsFaculty decides that Witt remain in the Ohio conference. Coach Keyser's porposition was unanimously rejected.33:110/281914
[ ]McNally, BobHeidelberg pays its respect to Wittenberg Kicker23:10310/281914
[ ]Hannaford, Howard D.Speaks before the seminary students on work in Syria42:110/281914
[ ]AthleticsThe athletic problem36:110/281914
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Bauslin will address union meeting of Lutheran Churches in Detroit3:310/291914
[ ]ProhibitionCollege voters oppose Home Rule, want state-wide prohibition1:410/291914
[ ]ProhibitionCollege voters oppose home rule. Women Suffrage carries. Wilson is endorsed. Students vote for "dry" state1:410/291914
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Lectures and sermons of late Dr. Ort to be published3:310/291914
[ ]TorchPolicy. Boosting for Wittenberg2:110/291914
[ ]Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; Alpha Xi Delta; FiresRoof catches fire at Alpha Xi Delta house1:210/291914
[ ]PranksSophs entertain freshies at Ferncliff. Party as successful although seniors furnished some excitement.1:210/291914
[ ]The RapThe Rap, Wittenberg's anonymously published paper, made its first appearance on the campus last Thursday2:210/291914
[ ]FootballAn effort to arouse the freshman to join the football team2:211/51914
[ ]AthleticsAthletic policy is adopted by faculty. Professors decide upon attitude toward sports. Encourage better facilities1:411/51914
[ ]Fourth Lutheran ChurchDr. Ness' Latin room in provided with new chairs. The chairs are a gift of the second band of the Fourth Lutheran Church to the college1:211/51914
[ ]PranksDummy with big gun guards college entrance. Post-Halloween stunt. Fortifications are made against "Home Rule"1:311/51914
[ ]SophomoresTo adorn heads with distinctive headgear1:211/51914
[ ]PranksSenior seats taken from college chapel1:311/101914
[ ]FootballTorch prognosticator gives football dope. Situation of Ohio Conference with probable outcome discussed Wittenberg's position1:411/101914
[ ]The ThesisBook has begun on the 1916 issue3:211/121914
[ ]TorchContributions by student body are desired. Columns open for student reporters3:111/121914
[ ]DebateIntercollegiat debate is quintagonal affair1:3-411/121914
[ ]The ThesisPlans made to begin work. To be more literary3:211/121914
[ ]DramaAre you interested in formation of dramatic club?4:2-311/151914
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shield goes to Euterpea. Trophy to winning society2:311/191914
[ ]CommencementA suggestion: the customary commencement program should be changed52:1-211/251914
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateBest debaters from two societies to defend college at Pentagonal Contest3:211/251914
[ ]Boarding ClubsClub conducted by M. Dean Shaffer pleases men in old dorm56:311/251914
[ ]FootballConference victory goes glimmering. Interesting comment on merits of Witt football men1:311/251914
[ ]DramaDramatic club is organized51:111/251914
[ ]Oratorical ContestInter-society contest to be held on December 11th3:111/251914
[ ]Keller HallKeller Hall is formally opened. New addition to Hamma Divinity Hall is now occupied. Luncheon is served55:311/251914
[ ]Recitation PeriodSixty minute recitation for next year50:111/251914
[ ]AthleticsTo the knocker52:311/251914
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinElected Vice-President of scienc men. Wittenberg is recipient of Academy of Science honors1:312/31914
[ ]FootballVarsity ends season with loss to Antioch. Foul play on the part of Antioch was disclosed.1:412/31914
[ ]WVarsity football men begin project to form W association1:112/31914
[ ]FootballVarsity ends season2:112/61914
[ ]Athletic DirectorA reply to the article recommending the abandonment for the position of athletic director in WWT Dec. 10, 1914. At student opinion4:412/101914
[ ]WAwards given. Student opinion2:212/101914
[ ]Athletic AssociationBoard discusses athletic problem. The board of control will present a constitution to the association for adoption1:112/101914
[ ]AthleticsBoard of control will present a constitution to Witt Athletic association for adoption1:212/101914
[ ]Mock TrialEuterpia attends Phil mock trial3:112/101914
[ ]Athletic AssociationIn recommending the abandonment of the position of athletic director for the college, the board of control undoubtedly took a step backward2:112/101914
[ ]PranksOutrageous. Six alarm clocks were seized, because they were used to break up a party4:112/101914
[ ]Tug-of-WarPoetry. "The tug-of-war"2:312/101914
[ ]BasketballRules interpreted1:412/101914
[ ]AthleticsStudent Body, student opinion, one way out.2:212/161914
[ ]EmblemA distinctive emblem for Witt5:2-312/171914
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Distinctive emplem for Witt. A reminiscence212/171914
[ ]Athletic DirectorEditorial opposed to abolishing athletic director4:412/171914
[ ]Footballgrosscup will lead '15 football team1:212/171914
[ ]BasketballMen leave for Fort Wayne1:412/171914
[ ]Oratorical ContestPhilo triumphs in contest. First of three held annually1:312/171914
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceWe get even; a sarcastic reply to criticism of Dr. Birch3:312/171914