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[ ]Ness, J. AndersonOne of the founder's of the journal "College Chips," published at Luther College215:11/131913
[ ]Luther CollegeA small town in Iowa, called Decorah, is the home of Luther College215:11/151913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesBill introduced in legislature to abolish "frats"230:11/201913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAnti-fraternity spirit at State Univ. attracts attention of papers214:31/221913
[ ]FootballLife lessons from football2111/221913
[ ]Tuttle, Rev. H.H.; DeathsGraduate 1867, Rev. H.H. Tuttle dies after long illness. Served for many years in Baptist denomination associated with Denison214:1-21/231913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesMisinterpretation is the bane of the misguided individual's life228:1-31/291913
[ ]EuropeFormer students plan to conduct part of tourists to points of interest in Europe252:12/51913
[ ]Wallace, Rev. William FrancisSeminarian is united in marriage250:1-32/51913
[ ]Miller, ChesterCorrection to article of Feb 26, 1913324:32/121913
[ ]Alpha Xi DeltaSome interesting facts in connection with the the Alpha Xi Delta sorority2572/121913
[ ]Wallace, Rev. William FrancisVaried careet of a seminarian. A biographical sketch2592/121913
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceVital organs: great changes in the field of surgery predicted270:1-22/121913
[ ]Soper, E. D."Don't kill time" is topic of professor's address283:22/191913
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities"Fraternities must go" edict issued by Wooster trustees. No further initiation into Greek Letter Societies is text of decree280:12/191913
[ ]AthleticsFair play. Coaching system criticized276:12/191913
[ ]Lott, F. W.; DeathsFather of Lott twins, former student dies at his home in Selma282:22/191913
[ ]Hamilton, HazelHamilton gains unique distinction in awards273:1-32/191913
[ ]AthleticsLong contract is tendered present athletic coach by Board of Control. Joseph Keyser is coach22/191913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesWooster's shame. To gain the favor of a Standard Oil Magnate, she abolishes fraternities285:1-32/191913
[ ]Beta Theta PiChapter has many prominent alumni members at Witt2892/261913
[ ]AthleticsContested election results in deafeat for "would-be" captain. Small clique attempts to oust Miller as baseball captain but are beaten.294:12/261913
[ ]Miller, ChesterContested election results in defeat for "would-be" captain. Small clique attempts to oust Miller as baseball captain but are beaten294:1-32/261913
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Halting betwixt two. Command of still, small voice should be enforced by determined will2912/261913
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.; DeathsDaughter dies306:23/51913
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Essay entitled "Reform of the Bank Currency" is same one that won first place in 1911 contest3073/51913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesFrats arraigned. Bill to abolish fraternities given hearing before House Committee313:33/51913
[ ]Summer CoursesSplendid opportunity afforded teachers to advance their profession310:13/51913
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague takes steps to boost debating. Rally will be given to arouse enthusiasm. Report of treasurer is read334:13/121913
[ ]BasketballLutherans finish basketball season in glory. Brilliant playing swamps U of Cincinnati325:1-23/121913
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaSixty active chapters in leading college and universities3213/121913
[ ]Wendling, George R.The man of Galilee. Delivers famous lecture on the influence of Christ. An old subject presented in a new garb3233/121913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAnti-Fraternity bill receives scant consideration from Ohio's Legislators341:33/191913
[ ]Baer, Dr. John WillisCollege president issues set of rules for the ideal college man and woman349:1-33/191913
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesDiffering opinions. Comment of Ohio College papers on fraternity question345:2-33/191913
[ ]Haas, Dr. J.A.Haas delivers five lectures at Witt. Appeal made of superior claims of ministry3393/191913
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiMany members are high in the councils of church and government337:13/191913
[ ]Becker, Rev. Allen O.Rev. Allen O. Baker, Indiana Missionary, speaks in chapel342:1-23/191913
[ ]Ohio Theological Schools ConferenceSeminarians and theologians have annual conference.338:1-33/191913
[ ]Basketball"We must have new gym" says Coach J. J. Keyser. Season reviewed, causes for defeats given; rooting ridiculed357:1-23/261913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsior "Tragedy" Brief synopsis of 22nd burial of the society in debate.358:1-33/261913
[ ]BasketballG. Elmer Swayer charger inadequate playing quarters, insufficient practice as reasons for defeat; praises faithfulness of team3533/261913
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. Bruce; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Lenten talk given to men of YMCA; compares lives of judas, Peter, Burr and Adams362:1-23/261913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyWell-known local people members of class of 1896. First graduating class361:33/261913
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas member of the first Academy class3774/21913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyMembers of first academy class gain prominence. Men and women filling varied vocations in life are "making ood"377:1-24/21913
[ ]TennisTournament advocated by athletic director. Inter-collegiate games scheduled with Capitol and Otter370:34/31913
[ ]FloodsVacationists are marooned by flood conditions. Many Witt students detained while taking their Easter recess369:34/31913
[ ]Education; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. T. B. Birch decries elements arrayted against schools. Says that liquor league and Jesuitic forces oppose schools401:34/61913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyAlmost one third of students were former preps. Nearly half of seminary came from the Academy393:14/91913
[ ]Alpha Delta PhiFerncliff girls petition Alpha Delta Phi, a national sorority, for a chapter at Wittenberg386:14/91913
[ ]Little, Carol F.Little marooned by floods; preps rejoice393:24/91913
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Search for the infinite. Impossible for man to live without a god3874/91913
[ ]Neve, Rev. J. L.Various sects are defined by speaker389:14/91913
[ ]Taft, William H. PresidentWarm welcome given to Professor and Mrs. W.H. Taft on their arrival at Yale386:34/91913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyAcademy graduates of class of 1897. Prominent men and women once declaimed and gave orations409:14/161913
[ ]The CardinalCollege annual event. This year, for the first time since 1902, Wittenberg is to have a year book402:34/161913
[ ]Petter, Bertha KinsingerGraduate assists in translation of Bible in Cheyenne402:1-24/161913
[ ]BibleGraduate assists in translation of Bible into Cheyenne402:1-24/161913
[ ]DebateMethods of perparation differ at Otterbein404:1-34/161913
[ ]Kanzinger, AlbertOration about German's offering to America won 2nd place in annual contest4034/161913
[ ]Murray, WallaceSelected to make translations at eastern school. Highly honred by Harvard professor405:14/161913
[ ]Imadzu, KentsuchiVolume treating of the land of the Jap sent by graduate410:1-34/161913
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookWittenberg is to have a yearbook for the first time since 1902402:34/161913
[ ]Tau Delta ThetaA short account of the Tau Delta Theta4174/231913
[ ]Ayer, Prof. C.W.; DeathsFormer English professor dies at Cambridge, Mass.421:34/231913
[ ]Steinfurth, AlbertIndustrial unrest. The oration won first place in the annual Literary League oratorical contest at Wittenberg adn was delivered at the annual State oratorical contest at Muskingum4194/231913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyInteresting account of commencement.425:1-24/231913
[ ]Harter, Judge HenryJudge Harter of Canton speaks to seminary students. Relation of the laity to office of the ministry is subject430:24/231913
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeLend a hand. Let Wittenberg become Lutheran Center of America429:34/231913
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaOhio chapters of Phi Gamma Delta met at Witt. Pig dinner, traditional banquet of organization closes the festivities426:1-34/231913
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.President for 10 years. Many improvements made124:14/231913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyClass of 1899 numbers many prominent alumni on roster441:24/301913
[ ]VotingNon-resident male students are denied the right of "ballot"444:14/301913
[ ]FloodsOhio State helps, students and faculty give aid to flood victims440:24/301913
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaOver 200 members initiated into mysteries of Alpha Psi chapter of ATO4344/301913
[ ]Scharf, Ed P.A short biography458:25/71913
[ ]Hanning, Walter C.Eulogy paid to "our Professor" by Seminarians458:15/71913
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Frank Fox very much in demand for commencement addresses. Frank S. Fox is of "The Capitol College of Oratory and Music"456:35/71913
[ ]Hall, Rev. Jown A.Hall delivers sermon to graduates. He shows how those of the world must suffer5515/71913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyMembers of class of 1900 have varied positions457:15/71913
[ ]Rourke, Rev. G. M.of First Presbyterian church gives an inspiring address at YMCA463:25/71913
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Our brethren of the senior class. A message to the graduates of Hamma Divinity School 19134495/71913
[ ]Coach RollerOur janitor, a tribute459:35/71913
[ ]Hanning, Walter C.Short biography453:2-35/71913
[ ]Pfeiffer, RichardShort biography454:1-125/71913
[ ]Wallace, Rev. William FrancisShort biography (pic)454:25/71913
[ ]Anspach, Howard A.Short biography (por)450:25/71913
[ ]Hall, ArthurShort biography (por)4535/71913
[ ]Kantner, Wayne O.Short biography (por)454:2-35/71913
[ ]Leonard, Grover C.Short biography (por)453:1-25/71913
[ ]Lutheran ChurchThere is a need for Lutheran ministers452:15/71913
[ ]Pranks"Colored optics" given men in "Scrap". "Feed" by junior to seniors preceeded event4665/211913
[ ]Bell, Rev. A.E.Bell resigns from Bryan, Ohio, to take pastorate at Toledo465:25/211913
[ ]Berger, John W.Essay: Many dangers brought on out standard of civilization by immigrants, social, political, and industrial evils resultant4735/211913
[ ]Becker, Rev. Allen O.Former missionary to takeup work at Bryan, Ohio465:25/211913
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeQuestion raised as to whether Wittenberg will concent to becoming a city college. Buchtel at Akron has consented to becoming a municipal college469:1-25/211913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyEleven presidents of academy.4846/41913
[ ]Gifts; Clark, Arthur L.Former Wittenberger makes unique gift. Presents valuable Bible4966/41913
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyHonors first given senventeen years ago492:1-36/41913
[ ]McKinney, Professor R. W.Principal of Wittenberg Academy (pic)485:26/41913
[ ]Simon, E. W."Dimensions of Life" topic of address given by Rev. Simon as Baccalaureate service4986/111913
[ ]History of Wittenberg"Then and Now" A condensed history of Wittenberg written by Lloyd M. Wallack, President of 1913 class5026/111913
[ ]Wallick, Lloyd Merl"Then and Now" A condensed survey of Wittenberg College5026/111913
[ ]Dickhaut, Chester A.Class oration; illiteracy in literacy (por)5166/111913
[ ]Conrad, Grace HelenHistory of Class of 1913 (a humorous account)505:1-36/111913
[ ]Pfeiffer, RichardOur German schools5226/111913
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)The 1913-1914 publications will be semi-monthly due to lack of funds from advertising4:1-210/21913
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Addresses Hamma Divinity School9:2, 13:1,10/31913
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Opening of school year address1:1-210/31913
[ ]FootballAtheltic situation. Poor play not coach's fault36:111/61913
[ ]Hamma, Dr. and Mrs. M. W.A gift of lantern slides presented to Wittenberg by Dr. and Mrs. Hamma54:2-311/201913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyELS becomes an assembly61:1-211/201913
[ ]PranksFreshman-sophomore reception disturbed by Junior-senior combination53, 5411/201913
[ ]McDowell, Rev. J. S.The value of home missionary work to young men in the ministry is discussed by Rev. McDowell, secretary of the Board of Home Missions59:111/201913
[ ]FootballCoach Keyser reviews season's work. Discouraging in many respects, successful in others67:112/31913
[ ]Smith, Arthur H."Religious nurture of the child" theme of lecture given at Hamma71:1-312/41913
[ ]FootballOutlook for coming year is encouraging.69:112/41913
[ ]Glee ClubDress suit gang sets sail soon for foreign halls1:512/161913
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club number 8982-8412/181913