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[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Bauslin to be inducted into office of Dean of the Seminary6:11/101912
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. T. B. Birch lectures to institutes14:21/101912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Elected president of College Assoc. of Ohio1:21/101912
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Fable of Jimmie Greencap31/101912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Formal induction into office of January 186:11/101912
[ ]First Lutheran ChurchImpressive services mark rededication of First Lutheran. Remodeling of First Church edifice makes it one of the most beautiful in the city2:31/101912
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelMinister of Fourth Church sounds noble sentiment in New Year wish2:11/101912
[ ]Hart, SchaffnerPrizes are awarded for economic essays. Chicago professor wins first place $1,00010:1-21/101912
[ ]Stomberger, JesseSpends the entire Kris Kringle season at the City Hospital6:31/101912
[ ]Lott, F. W.Two Lott brothers are as much alike as peas in a pod9:1-31/101912
[ ]Pranks"We want taffy" shout the Juniors at Senior party. Upperclassmen lose sweets through depredation of rude marauders1:31/171912
[ ]BasketballCo-eds prove stars in basketball. "Reds" defeat "whites" in fast and furious contest at YWCA.5:31/171912
[ ]Woods, Dr. JohnDr. John Woods of Urbana, OH, lectured on the Book of Job to seminary students9:11/171912
[ ]Keller, EzraFather of time lifts curtain for glance into years of past. Interesting letter comes to light written by Dr. Keller, founder of Wittenberg1:11/171912
[ ]History of WittenbergFather time lifts curtain for glance into years of past. Letter written by Dr. Ezra Keller, Founder of Wittenberg comes to light1:11/171912
[ ]DebateIntercollegiate teams debate important question; permanent league formed with Otterbein & Ohio U.1:21/171912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesIs there a Pan Hellenic? Organization of Greek letter societies is either defunct or dying. No session during present school year9:2-31/171912
[ ]Krapp, Rev. Edward A.Krapp praises Witt. Noted alumnus sends words of encouragement to editors11:21/171912
[ ]PranksMock trial of Robert Pfanner, unlucky freshman, held at the old dorm2:1-31/171912
[ ]ChapelNo chapel during laa of last week; low temperatures7:31/171912
[ ]Intercollegiate Peace AssociationPetition is circulated. Intercollegiate Peace Association urges adoption of pending peace treaties6:2-31/171912
[ ]Hannaford, Rev. HowardRev. Howard Hannaford sends paper published by Syrian Protestant college at Beirut, Syria10:31/171912
[ ]Hoke, CalmSweet "Calm" entertains with something original. Huge beefsteaks succumb before ravenous attacks of guests while band plays "nearer my God to thee"7:2-31/171912
[ ]Wilson, WoodrowWoodrow Wilson explains function of University. Spirit of modern education should take men to some quiet upland, where they may see visions of the future10:1-21/171912
[ ]Wynn, W. H."In paths that they know not, will I lead them" An article written by oldest living graduate of Wittenberg College71/241912
[ ]Ott, Rev. H.A.Baccalaureate sermon will be delivered to senior class by Rev. H.A. Ott of Canal Dover11:1-21/241912
[ ]Field MeetBig interclass field meet will be held in Spring. Director Keyser arranges for basketball tournament after examinations5:1-21/241912
[ ]Ohio Constitutional ConventionCollege professors are taking important part in constitutional wrangles. Judge William Rockel a former Wittenberger is the representative from this district5:21/241912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Induction of professors into office11/241912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Local professor will conduct party on European tour9:11/241912
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Local professors to conduct party on European tour9;11/241912
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Services mark induction into offices.11/241912
[ ]DebateWitt no longer isolated; League gives permanency4:21/241912
[ ]AthleticsNew era in athletics42/11912
[ ]AthleticsAthletes publically rewarded for first time at Wittenberg5:12/71912
[ ]Student VolunteersBand prepars ment to preach Christianity to a benighted Heathendom11:12/71912
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolCloser relations among ministerial students planned1:22/71912
[ ]Literary ContestCompetition keen in this year's contest1:32/71912
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contest to be at Cedarville. Benjamin Pershing to compare with representatives from four other schools2:22/71912
[ ]Foote, Gree AlvinDeath of Greer Foote. jan 21, 19128:12/71912
[ ]Linn, M. F.; DeathsFather of A. F. Linn dies8:12/71912
[ ]Conway, Nell; FiresFire causes damage6:32/71912
[ ]Freshman CapsFreshmen adopt hats. Color of new headgear is not appropriate to the subjects7:32/71912
[ ]Albert, Dr. CharlesGrim reaper calls friends of college8:12/71912
[ ]Shatzer, Charles GallatinProfessor to teach in lake laboratory10:1-22/71912
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.To compete in Ohio Oratorical Contest at Cedarville2:22/71912
[ ]Literary CreditCredit should be given recognition4:12/111912
[ ]Literary LeagueConstitution72/131912
[ ]Literary CreditBruce Young, Philo orator, feels that credit should be given in literary work412/141912
[ ]Immanual College, Greensboro, N.C.Colored Lutherans have opportunities for good education11:1-32/141912
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Excellent program to be centered in popular recital1:12/141912
[ ]Hoke, CalmHoke discontinues studies and plans to go to Chicago13:22/141912
[ ]Ort, Mrs. AnnaMrs. Anna Ort, widow of Dr. Ort suddenly passes away Monday morning after being stricken with heart trouble12:1-22/141912
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestWooster speaker captures state oratorical fest1:32/141912
[ ]Songs (College)"Wittenberg, fair Wittenberg" is official song. Adopted for Wittenberg1:22/211912
[ ]Literary CreditAgitation is rife among Excelsiors for literary credit. Committee from the three societies will present this matter to the faculty9:1-22/211912
[ ]Hamma Divinity SchoolBanquet. Aim is to bring seminary and college together4:12/211912
[ ]Student VolunteersCalls best brain and brawn of country to missionary service11:12/211912
[ ]Miller, Rev. H. B.Immortality and eternal life72/211912
[ ]BasketballKeynotes are given glad hand. Reception for visitors at ATO house. A "stag" party5:32/211912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Refuses leadership of drys. Prediction of bitter battle between wets and drys12:22/211912
[ ]CurriculumScience course improved, more latitude in electives2:1-22/211912
[ ]Glee ClubSingers enjoy unusual trip. Successful rendition before audition of hundreds brings fame to college32/211912
[ ]Ferncliff HallStudent government league formed by Ferncliff students62/211912
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Suffers broken wrist1:22/211912
[ ]Peschau, Rev. F.W.E."Beyond the Golden Gates," sermon for baccalaureate3:12/281912
[ ]TraditionsDorm boys appear in low cuts, ice cream suits, and knickerbockers for premature spring opening13:1-22/281912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Elected voters Municipal League president5:32/281912
[ ]Philharmonic QuartetteExcellent vocal recital given by music department. The Phil Harmonic Quartette gains plaudits for splendid rendition of numbers (por)12/281912
[ ]Harter, J. HowardHarter stricken with attack of appendicitis16:22/281912
[ ]Weber, Rev. G. H.Pastor at Osborn, called by death. Members of faculty of Hamma Divinity School assist in funeral services92/281912
[ ]TraditionsPlea for the observance of traditions4:32/281912
[ ]AthleticsGraduate manager praises attitude of student. Post-season statement by Dr. T. Bruce Birch lauds student support of athletics.6:33/21912
[ ]Collier, Ruth"The Master Builder" commencement essay by Ruth Collier, who received honors in mathematics33/61912
[ ]PlaysBetter dramatics4:13/61912
[ ]Gregory, OlieColored graduate receives position. Olie V. Gregory appointed bailiff of the Court of Common Pleas2:33/61912
[ ]Day of PrayerDay of Prayer observed by YMCA; students should be leaders in prayer in this age of materialism13:1-23/61912
[ ]Theological SeminaryFive seminaries discuss academic and ministerial problems at important conference1:13/61912
[ ]Dressler, Jonas H.hark Ye, to our parting story! Class poem by Dressler counted of unusual merit103/61912
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.Splendid song recital given. Enthusiastic reception accorded Prof Hiller adn Miss Shaw at Parish House3/61912
[ ]Founders DayFourth founder's day celebration1:63/81912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Conference of Ohio Assoc. presidents and vice-presidents held12:1-23/131912
[ ]Swoyer, G. ElmerImpecunious Pete drops us a line9:13/131912
[ ]DebateIndiana vs. OSU; nine from Witt listen to controversy over merits of initiative and referendum13:13/131912
[ ]Keller, EzraKeller to give address to "sem" students11:13/131912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.Man of many attainments63/131912
[ ]Garver, Laura; DeathsMiss Laura Garver, former student, dies at Rockford Ill1:23/131912
[ ]Finefrock, John C.Missionary applauds clean athletics. Former star sends letter to captain Wilson11:1-23/131912
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaOhio ATO fraters assemble at Witt in 22nd conclave33/131912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan-Hellenic is held by fraternity members. Assress "Professional Types" by Dr. Ness2:13/131912
[ ]AthleticsStudents pledge $1.00 for athletic fund. Resolutions are adopted supporting movement for improvement of Zimmerman field.5:33/131912
[ ]AthleticsThousand-dollar campaign is being waged for athletics1:13/131912
[ ]Dale, ArthurWhere there is no vision, the people parish: address delivered by Arthur Dale at Alpha Tau Omega banquet7:2-33/131912
[ ]Peterson, JohnBeloved janitor leaves dormitory after long service. "Dad" Peterson known to Wittenbergers far and near, resigns at seventy years9:1-23/201912
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyCo-ed's literary society considers college's history. Papers are read upon "Founding of Wittenberg" and "Life of Ezra Keller"10:13/201912
[ ]BasketballCoach Keyser praises work of 5 last season, deplores lack of gym5:1-23/201912
[ ]BasketballFinancial report shows deficit; actual loss is $52.86; total net deficit is $147.915:33/201912
[ ]Dickhaut, Chester A.Government by commission, by Chester A. Dickhaut, member of the Philosophian inter-society debating team33/201912
[ ]Lewis, Charles H.Lewis urges students to "go West"2:23/201912
[ ]Williams, E. W.Newspaper writer gets good position. Graduate of '98 promoted to Assistant Editor of Columbus paper10:33/201912
[ ]FacultyOur faculty--a tribute4:33/201912
[ ]Miller, Rev. EliPearl wedding is celebrated by minister. Students and faculty participate in service commemorating wedding anniversary8:1-23/201912
[ ]DebatePhilo wins Inter-society debate for 21st year13/201912
[ ]Ruthrauff, William M.Wittenberg man, son of former president, honored by governor of Arizona2:33/201912
[ ]AthleticsCanada's college sports, lacrosse, ice-hockey, cricket, and Rugby football are most popular athletics8:13/271912
[ ]Ogden, LaVerne G.Conserving the children. Class oration delivered in 191133/271912
[ ]Weber, Rev. G. H.Deceased pastor is eulogized by Luther club. Resolutions adopted on death of pastor12:1-23/271912
[ ]Class GiftsGraduating class of seminary presents bronze tablet. Fitting exercises mark presentation honoring late Dr. S. A. Ort1:1-23/271912
[ ]Keller, EzraKeller lectures before the faculty and student body upon "The Lutheran Pastor at work in his pastorate"5:33/271912
[ ]DebateNegative team debates at Athens; positive here against Otterbein2:1-24/21912
[ ]Hannaford, Rev. HowardBombardment of Beirut. A vivid description of the "War scenes" attendant up the cannonading of the Syrian port by the Statian gunboats, written by an eye-witness34/31912
[ ]AthleticsCampaign to raise 1,000 for athletic field, will be vigorously prosecuted. Circular letters are ready for distribution8:34/31912
[ ]CoeducationCo-eds superior to sterner sex in scholarship1:1-24/31912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Co-eds superior to sterner sex in scholarship. Statistics compiled to show that WC is "bright"1:14/31912
[ ]Summer CoursesComprehensive courses offered in summer school. Session will extend from June 24 to August 2 -- large attendance is anticipated1:34/31912
[ ]DebateForensic frays4:1-24/31912
[ ]Krappl, George P.Modern English. Text being studied by Sophomores, was written by George Krapp10:24/31912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesOhio State publication arraigns fraternities. Rapid radicalism in "Feature" of vituperative attack upon "Knights of the Jewelled Letter"94/31912
[ ]Keller, EzraPastor at Hillsboro, Ill for 17 years, delivers address6:14/31912
[ ]Rooting SquadRooting squad is contemplated and permanent organization may be formed5:24/31912
[ ]DebateWitt's affirmative team (por)64/31912
[ ]DebateWitt's negative team (por)84/31912
[ ]W"W"s presented to basketball squad for first time7:1-24/171912
[ ]Tressler, Dr. V.G.A.A call to heroic service. Tocsin is sounder for recruiting the ranks of Christian Missionaries. Evangelization of the world is vital problem before the church. Who will volunteer?34/171912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Addresses Lutherans3:34/171912
[ ]Getter, Prof. Perry; Neible, Rev. E. E.Alumni answers final summons6:14/171912
[ ]BasketballBasketball trophies publically presented members of squad. Crystallization of greater athletic spirit is noted in awarding of letters7:1-24/171912
[ ]DebateFirst inter-collegiate contest held at Witt1:24/171912
[ ]Hirt, OrthGraduate makes good as teacher9:1-24/171912
[ ]BaseballInter-class baseball tournament is urged7:2-34/171912
[ ]Gingery, Prof. W.G.Marries Miss C.E. Slutz2:34/171912
[ ]Mock TrialMock trial will determine theft of Ferncliff bell. Suspicious character will be tried on charge of larceny before student court1:34/171912
[ ]Dornblaser, MinnieOne of the saddest events of all was the death of Ruth Dornblasser, dau of Rev. and Mrs. S. G. Dornblasser of Bucyrus, Ohio6:14/171912
[ ]Funk, Dr. Isaac; DeathsProminent alumnus and publisher, dies. His last visit to Wittenberg was in 1910 at fiftieth anniversary of his class1:14/171912
[ ]Carnegie Science HallSplendid equipment & facilities give many advantages. Science grads get excellent positions10:2-34/171912
[ ]Dickhaut, Chester A.Chester A. Dickhaut argues for public control; would eliminate corruption in politics, make service more efficient, and reduce rates34/211912
[ ]BaseballBatting practice will train men to hit elusive sphere. Efforts made to increase "stick work." Batting cages to be erected.9:1-24/241912
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Allen O.Becker, Mrs. Allen O. survived steamship catastrophe. Mrs. Becker and 3 children were returning from India on Titanic6:24/241912
[ ]TennisInter-collegiate tennis matches are arranged. Contestants for singles and doubles are requested to hand in names9:24/241912
[ ]Funk, Dr. IsaacLegacy of $10,000 given to Wittenberg14/241912
[ ]PranksSeniors capture juniors trying to steal sweets6:1-24/241912
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeA great privilege436:1-24/301912
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallHamma Divinity Hall dedicated3064/301912
[ ]Granville, W.A. PresidentPresident Granville tells why Lutheran Young People should take advantage of church schools4354/301912
[ ]Zimmerman, Albert I.Class of 1903, secures good position in insurance business7:25/11912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Dr. Keyser presents "the Lutheran View of Gospel Ministry"7:35/11912
[ ]Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. T. B. Birch delivers numerous educational talks12:25/11912
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.German bard rises from humble ranks of Wittenberg professors7:15/11912
[ ]Getter, Prof. Perry; DeathsGraduate of '97 superintendant of reading schools and church work, dies.6:15/11912
[ ]Bright, Charles H.Majesty of the law. Body of legal enactments seek greatest good for greatest number. Scholarly and intelligent lawyers in great demand35/11912
[ ]Clark County ElectionsSweeping landslide swings "Old Clark" into "Wet" column. Bands crash to time of "There'll be a hot time when the drys are sadly routed"2:1-25/11912
[ ]Lorton, Harry E.Witt senior delivers baccalaureate address to graduates of German township2:35/11912
[ ]Wittenberg AcademyAcademy commencement (pic)125/51912
[ ]Houk, Edgar M.Alumnus encourages athletic campaign.7:35/81912
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Awarded the literary W8:1-25/81912
[ ]Finefrock, John C.China and India need men from all offices of life35/81912
[ ]Hauser, ElizabethFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters2:35/81912
[ ]Woman-SuffrageFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters. Appeal is made to men of Wittenberg to extend privilege of vote to women2:35/81912
[ ]Fitzgerald, Mrs. SusanFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters. Appel is made to men of Wittenberg to extend privilege of vote to women2:35/81912
[ ]Flook, Elma S.Floyd Raymond White marries Elma S. Flook after commencement9:25/81912
[ ]WGold pins and W's awarded members; songsters present excellent program9:1-25/81912
[ ]Wagner, Rev. F. R.Grad writes interesting letter. Rev. F. R. Wagner, class of '98, longs to view again scenes of undergraduate days6:15/81912
[ ]Mock TrialGuilty verdict of student jury in amusing larceny case2:35/81912
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary trophies awarded winners in society contests8:1-25/81912
[ ]White, Floyd RaymondSeminary graduate, Floyd Raymond White deserts ranks of Bachelors immediately after commencement9:25/81912
[ ]AthleticsVariety in athletics. Opportunities are offered for participation by every student1:15/81912
[ ]Zimmerman, Albert I.Wedding of A. I. Zimmerman and Elsie Schrader will be event of June7:35/81912
[ ]Black, William H.In memoriam3:35/111912
[ ]Darner, Ralph W.Analytical chemistry in North Dakota Agricultural College taught by grad of '05155/151912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Boys of christian "assassination" hold picnic at Tecumseh7:1-35/151912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Immortality is theme of tlak10:25/151912
[ ]Hantelmann, GeorgeSecondary German education. Education in Germany more generally than in any other European country35/151912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Seniors extol advantages of YMCA work. Benefits accruing from religious work teated from different viewpoints115/151912
[ ]Wittenberg AcademySeniors of academy will fit up R. W. McKinney's room with wicker chairs10:1-25/151912
[ ]Oak OrationSeniors present twelve trees during15/151912
[ ]Literary LeagueTreasury is empty15:25/151912
[ ]Snyder ParkVote for the lake4:15/151912
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Allen O.Becker, Mrs. Allen O. survived steamship catastrophe. Mrs. Becker and 3 children were returning from India on Titanic2:1-25/221912
[ ]Evans, Rev. ArthurLive talk on theme "Learn to do well" given by Rev. Evans to the YMCA9:1-35/221912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Picnic should be annual affair7:1-25/221912
[ ]Feeney, KatherineRolicking Irish comedy presented by Junior Thespians. (por)1:1-25/221912
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Fitting excercises mark presentation of memorial in honor of Dr. Ort. Seniors of seminary present bronze tablet as graduation gift1:15/271912
[ ]Lorton, Harry E."Arch enemies of Happiness" Leisure necessary to well being of man95/291912
[ ]W"W" should not lose its value4:35/291912
[ ]Flegler, JacobBiographical notes (pic)2:25/291912
[ ]Class of 1912Class of 1912 hunt in effigy. Underclassmen place Dummy from yard arm of tree on campus11:25/291912
[ ]Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)Graduate manager and coah attend athletic meeting. Ruling passed by conference allowing Kenyon to play freshmen on varsity team1:35/291912
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)has been prominent factor in student life. Membership larger than ever before7:1-25/291912
[ ]WLetters and gold pins awarded Glee Club2:15/291912
[ ]Literary ShieldPhilo leads in field of seven, Excelsior 2nd1:35/291912
[ ]Guise, WilliamThe initiative and referendum arguments pro and con upon paramount question before people35/291912
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeThe year with us. Progress in the year 19124:1-35/291912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Wittenberg Prexie gives commencement address at Springfield High in June6:35/291912
[ ]Ott, Rev. H.A."Co-workers with God," is title of address56/51912
[ ]Glee Club1912 in the Glee Club256/51912
[ ]Cromer, S.S.Environment206/51912
[ ]AthleticsFamous 1912 athletes126/51912
[ ]Class GiftsGifts: past and present266/51912
[ ]Class of 1912History of Class of '1226/51912
[ ]Ott, GraceLamentations of a Laureate, class poem106/51912
[ ]Class of ....Portraits, short biographical notes14-196/51912
[ ]TraditionsSeniors are getting somber caps and gowns9:2-36/241912
[ ]Student GovernmentLeague of Ferncliff Hall organizes for purpose of bettering conditions among co-eds23:29/231912
[ ]Cadwagan, RoseCadwagan appointed assistant to Dr. B. F. Prince & Dr. J. Philip Schneider26:29/251912
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Doctrinal preaching19:19/251912
[ ]Gernert, I.W.Issues splendid hand book. Volume in leather cover26:39/251912
[ ]Kuhlman, Arthur H.Kuhlman writes on the danger of socialism9, 139/251912
[ ]Little, Carol F.Little appointed to succeed Prof. J. Howard Hartler in the academy26:29/251912
[ ]Soper, E. D.Professor of Mission of Ohio Wesleyan University to speak on mission topic8:19/251912
[ ]SundialSundial, silent recorder of fleeting minutes and hours, dedicated to the memory of a loyal student39/251912
[ ]Class GiftsWalk extending from entrance of campus to Science Hall3:19/251912
[ ]Tug-of-WarFaculty ban contest18:110/21912
[ ]Becker, Karl W.In charge of summer camp in canada60:210/21912
[ ]Religious ConferenceUndergraduate leaders in religious work assemble at Otterbein University56:1-310/21912
[ ]Athletic FieldFunds are solicited for improvement of athletic field38:110/91912
[ ]Peschau, Clara B.Miss Clara Peschau, former student and Robert T. Fulton announce marriage40:210/91912
[ ]Beard, W.B.Rev. Beard paints bright future for regenerated China33:210/91912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesSentiment against secret societies finds expression. Sororities at Wesleyan abolished. Wooster's fraternities arraigned39:110/91912
[ ]Soper, E. D.According to professor, Chinese, Mohammedan and Negro problems will find their solution in Christianity50:110/161912
[ ]Tanner, Dr. JacobDr. Tanner bequeathed the sum on $2,000 to Wittenberg49:210/161912
[ ]Endowment FundTidy sum left to Witt by quaint Kentucky gentleman49:210/161912
[ ]Wittenberg Club of ColumbusAlumni living in Columbus plan an association66:1-210/231912
[ ]Anderson, Mrs. Christel M.; DeathsAnderson, Prof. Charles M. dies very suddenly67:310/231912
[ ]Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC)Discuss advisability of allowing freshmen to play on college teams70:110/231912
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Frank Fox delivers series of addresses before Indiana Teachers Institute at Hartford City77:210/231912
[ ]Kunkle, Judge Albert H.Loyal alumnus, former President of Board of Directors, seeks circuit Judgeship74:1-310/231912
[ ]Finefrock, John C.Miss Dodds to wed Missionary in India67:110/231912
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)An attack, instigated by personal malice, launched against paper82:1-210/301912
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Congratulatory letters received from alumni88:310/301912
[ ]EmblemOfficial college emblem adopted by student body. The design is a heavy "W" on a "C"83:310/301912
[ ]Songs (College)Students urged to write original songs and yells92:110/301912
[ ]Anderson, Professor W. G.Wittenberg instructor, on leave of absence, attracts attention at Pennsylvania University104:1-311/61912
[ ]Ness, J. AndersonA sombre-hued pedestal installed in Dr. Ness' room123:1-211/131912
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinGrand old man of Excelsior is highly honored. Picture is unveiled in Society's hall114:1-211/131912
[ ]Pedderson, Rev. J.C.Lutheran Missionary to Africa gave two lectures118:111/131912
[ ]Shaffer, Rev. J. F.Rev. Shaffer one of the oldest graduates of Wittenberg College died Sunday morning at his home114:1-211/131912
[ ]Pershing, Benjamin H.Article (pic)134:311/201912
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.Ernsberger: His life and work13111/201912
[ ]Pedderson, Rev. J.C.On campus during November135:211/201912
[ ]FacultyQueer characteristics to be caricatured at a mock faculty meeting130:111/201912
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceThird Lutheran educational conference to be held at Wittenberg12911/201912
[ ]Schneider, Dr. John PhilipExplains election of Woodrow Wilson in unique manner. Mystic numbers important factors in success of the President-elect157:111/271912
[ ]FacultyFaculty outdone at mock meeting by clever actors. Great spot for audience15111/271912
[ ]Keller, EzraFounder and first president of WC. Biography. (pic)14711/271912
[ ]Keller, EzraLetters written by first president are highly interesting15211/271912
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinSpeaks of "Opportunity" to YMCA members54:1-211/271912
[ ]Missionary ConferenceThird annual conference to be held at Wittenberg14511/271912
[ ]Bell, Rev. E.K.Valuable collection of old pamphlets is presented to the library. Misc. collection of addresses, lectures, seromons, synod meetings, etc.146:1-211/271912
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPan-Hellenic council draws up a Declaration of Principles68:1-312/41912
[ ]Haas, Dr. J.A.First session of the Lutheran Students' Missionary Conference was presided over by Dr. Haas16312/111912
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Honored by national Lutheran educational conference162:112/111912
[ ]Lutheran Historical AcademyLutheran Historical Academy held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Lutheran Educational Conference; Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceMeeting held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Missionary ConferenceNeed for more pastors emphasized; dearth of missionaries deprecatd16312/111912
[ ]Shaffer, Rev. J. F.Portrait and short biographical note161:212/111912
[ ]Kunzmann, Dr. J. C.Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions, High church officials talk on Missionary themes at special women's meeting17312/111912
[ ]FootballMoleskins are laid aside.17712/181912
[ ]FootballResolutions adopted by students. Athletic Assoc. voices protest against outside influence in election184:112/181912
[ ]Weaver, Professor John S.Respected educator, Alumnus, spent forty one years in teaching, died at home191:1-212/181912
[ ]Dean, Mary C.William H. Wilson and Miss Mary C. Dean were married187:1-212/181912
[ ]Wilson, William H.William H. Wilson and Mrs. Mary Dean were married187:1-212/181912