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[ ]Frey, John G.A donation for securing hymnals for Wittenberg was made by John G. Frey127:21/81902
[ ]Politics, CampusAbout college politics131:21/81902
[ ]Athletic AssociationAt a called meeting the student body raised fund sufficient to liquidate their debt128:11/81902
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe amendment to the constitution was passed relative to the waring of the "W".121:11/81902
[ ]Student VolunteersFourth international convention of the Student Volunteer Movement in Toronto1331/151902
[ ]Keifer, Gen. J. WarrenGeneral Keifer lectured on "Opportunity"1491/221902
[ ]Literary SocietiesNew organization: Wittenberg cooperative literary assoc.152:11/221902
[ ]Welch, Rev. J. J.Rev Welch, a student for about 5 years at Witt, died at Friedens, PA154:11/221902
[ ]Bible InstituteThe Bible institute has become an annual feature of the college association147:21/221902
[ ]Buildings; Hamma Divinity Hall; FiresHall threatened by flames160:1-21/291902
[ ]CommencementSeniors petition for different exercises158:21/291902
[ ]AthleticsWitt is beginning a new era in athletics162:21/291902
[ ]Bowers, RoyA sensational faculty meeting. A dream1692/51902
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.Linn makes discovery in chemistry171:22/51902
[ ]CampusMuddy campus entry174:1-22/51902
[ ]Inter-State Oratiorical AssociationJudges to preside at contest that is to be held at St. Paul are chosen at meeting held at Lincoln, Neb.199:12/191902
[ ]Betts, JohnMr. John Betts, a Philadelphia millionaire proposes to present a life size statue to wittenberg86:22/221902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallStatue of Luther to adorn Hamma86:22/221902
[ ]Thirft, T. BurrThe wage of the sin1812/221902
[ ]Weaver, Oliver F.Demosthenes, the Lion2052/261902
[ ]Weaver, Oliver F.Oliver F. Weaver represented Wittenberg College2082/261902
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterAn experience with a bear2553/261902
[ ]Baer, MaryBaer, Mary of Guntur, Indiana, will return to U.S. to rest263:23/261902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallDedication244:23/261902
[ ]Becker, Mrs. Nellie BaumgardnerMrs. Becker is recovering from a long continued illness2633/261902
[ ]Firey, Rev. M.J.Rev. M. J. Firey is the author of "Infant Salvation" a recently published book262:23/261902
[ ]Roof, C.C.Who shall write our epitaphs2413/261902
[ ]Ziegler, W. D.Prometheus26:54/91902
[ ]Dornblaser, IreneHow it all came about2784/161902
[ ]ChapelIn regards to attendance2824/161902
[ ]Geiger, AliceThe first young lady graduate was of the class of 18792884/161902
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe value of a society training279:14/161902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition2774/161902
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande Walter"To Juliet" - a poem2894/231902
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Presidents of the college YMCAs of Ohio met at Ohio University293:24/231902
[ ]FootballWitt 11, Earlham 6. Quakers hardly in it291:24/231902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Dr. J. Calvin Kauffman one of first editors and publishers of the paper324:25/71902
[ ]Presidents of WittenbergDr. J. M. Rutharauff expires3145/71902
[ ]Kauffman, Rev. J. CalvinDr. Kauffman is on of the first editors of the Wittenberger324:25/71902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallFeast of dedication3165/71902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.; DeathsNews of the death of Dr. Ruthrauff. (por)314-3155/71902
[ ]Waltz, Rev. S. S.One of the first editors of the Wittenberger324:25/71902
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore flag-raising321:25/71902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.Circumstances of the death of our President. Memorial edition325:15/141902
[ ]Over, Eliza JaneMiss Eliza Jane Over daughter of Judge J. Madison Over died334:25/141902
[ ]Inter-State Oratiorical AssociationOhio takes last place in contest340:25/211902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.Brain and Brawn society of Carthage College erected a marble slab in his honor352:15/281902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.College Stylus, Vol. 1 gives an article by Dr. Ruthrauff350:25/281902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.Memorial slab to be unveiled commencement week354:15/281902
[ ]Foote, Gree Alvin; Ruthrauff, J.M.; DeathsAn ode to the memory of Dr. Ruthrauff366:1-26/41902
[ ]Bowers, RoyClass oration. Where do we stand?363:26/41902
[ ]Kratz, William J.Class president's address3656/41902
[ ]Ivy OrationIvy orataion, by Russell M. Giffin362:16/41902
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.Memorial services instead of usual Baccalaureate3696/41902
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterOn the occasion of the graduation of the class of 1902. A poem3616/41902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Staff of 1902 (pic)3606/41902
[ ]Pipe of PeaceThe freshmen and sophomore classes had a fight sometime after the freshmen entered in the fall. The pipe was smoked between these classes when they became juniors and seniors so the seniors could graduate in peace.370:26/41902
[ ]Beta SigmaA new sorority has been organized4:29/241902
[ ]Wiles, Rev. H. L.died at his home in Mansfield, OH9:29/241902
[ ]TraditionsFreshmen and Sophomore scraps1:29/241902
[ ]Bauslin, Charles S.Mr. Charles Bauslin and Julia Gear married4:29/241902
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinProf. Prince, the alumni editor of the Wittenberger for more than 20 years, resigned21:210/11902
[ ]Roof, C.C.Beyond the Trocha lies thy Pearl2710/81902
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.The inner self of the boy Goethe3710/151902
[ ]Neuhauser, J. HArrested development62:110/291902
[ ]Keller, S. S.Camp and casualty8511/121902
[ ]Treat, KatherineGreyling of Wittenberg. A tale of campus life88:111/121902
[ ]Dornblaser, IreneOur Nation's "Seven Locks"10912/31902
[ ]Thirft, T. BurrAs through a darkened glass12312/101902
[ ]Weaver, Oliver F.The victory of the vanquished12112/101902