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[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute to be held in the Y.M.C.A. room1491/91901
[ ]Buildings; Hamma Divinity Hall; FiresFire1361/91901
[ ]OratoryOratorical contest1491/91901
[ ]Pan-American Exposition; SportsPan-American sports committee appointed1481/91901
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelTo Dr. Samuel Sprecher, my college professor, on his ninetieth birthday [poem]1391/91901
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute1611/231901
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute: Many inspiring addresses and much wholesome instruction1571/231901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas elected to organist and director of choir at Third Presybterian Church1621/231901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas preached for his father at Monroeville, Indiana1631/231901
[ ]OratoryOratorical contest160, 1611/231901
[ ]Oratory; Gringel, Arthur E.Arthur E. Gringel: local and state victor of last year, again wins1691/301901
[ ]China; International Relations; Oratory; Gram, HarryChina [oration]1701/301901
[ ]Kaeuper, Herman H.; Holstein, Charles; Lewis, Wilmer D.; Conservatory of MusicFaculty Recital1751/301901
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.Reception in honor of new president, Dr. J.M. Ruthrauff and Mrs. Ruthrauff1842/61901
[ ]Beta Theta; Alpha Tau Omega; Pearson, Daisy; RecreationSleighing parties1872/61901
[ ]OratoryThe Soldier [oration]1812/61901
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Clayton [?]; Clore, Joel C.Wittenbergers Succeed1852/61901
[ ]Ort, Dr. Samuel A; Student DisturbancesA Timely Chapel Talk1962/131901
[ ]Rhodehamel, Donna G.; The WittenbergerMiss Rhodehamel's resignation1962/131901
[ ]Oratory; Nordsick, Louis W.The Battle of Sedan [oratory]1932/131901
[ ]Deaths; Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819-1901Britain's Queen2072/201901
[ ]Becker, Allen O.Allen O. Becker: An Indian missionary2172/271901
[ ]International relationsIs universal peace dawning?2212/271901
[ ]Deaths; Simon, Rev. J. D.Sad news: African missionary Rev. J. D.Simon, class of 1893 & 1896, dies of African fever2202/271901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Douglas called home on account of serious illness of his brother2584/31901
[ ]Rhodes, Cecil; Africa; International relationsCecil Rhodes2674/101901
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Lloyd C. Douglas has returned from home; his brother is convalescing2704/101901
[ ]Student Volunteer movement for Foreign Missions; Mott, John R.The evangelization of the world in this generation2644/101901
[ ]Class GiftsShould be encouraged2794/171901
[ ]Oratory; Powell, L. J.The Goal of Nations [oration]2754/171901
[ ]Becker, Allen O.Letter from India3025/11901
[ ]CommencementCommencement complete: Baccalaureate address, Class Day, poem, Ivy oration, class song1:16/121901
[ ]Pipe of PeaceThe freshmen and sophomore classes had a fight sometime after the freshmen entered in the fall. The pipe was smoked between these classes when they became juniors and seniors so the seniors could graduate in peace.371:26/121901
[ ]Class RushClass Rush 1901: the annual class rush2:1-29/251901
[ ]Wittenberg Publication - CycleCollege annual of 1902 has been published4:29/251901
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.; Presidents of WittenbergDr. Ruthrauff, president, editor, professor, weaver, business manager8:29/251901
[ ]McKinley, PresidentMemorial services held for President McKinley5:1-29/251901
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni of Richland Co., Ohio, gather together annually18:110/21901
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterIn Virginia mountains1510/21901
[ ]ExaminationsNew rules for exams passed by faculty1710/21901
[ ]Dornblaser, IreneA summer vacation25:210/91901
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies--their value2910/91901
[ ]Imhoff, Rev. A. J.Rev. A.J. Imhoff died at Findlay, Ohio3610/91901
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeCollege needs: tennis assoc., band, organized rooters, glee club4210/161901
[ ]FootballEarlham runs against a stone wall3710/161901
[ ]AdmissionsShould Greek language be an entrance requirement?41:110/161901
[ ]Ter Vehn, H. C.Our nation's true greatness4910/231901
[ ]Stone, EllaThe capture of Ella Stone has been causingmuch anxiety over the United States54;110/231901
[ ]FootballWitt vs. Miami 12-051:210/231901
[ ]Sifferd, Legrande WalterTo Desdemona6210/301901
[ ]FootballWitt Vs. Cincinnati 18-063:110/301901
[ ]Bowers, RoyWords in their relation to life6110/301901
[ ]Domer, Rev. SamuelRev. Samuel Domer died suddenly at his home, Washington, D. C.83:211/61901
[ ]Thirft, T. BurrThe great "Liquid Stone" experiment7311/61901
[ ]McCabe, Dr. Bishop McCabe lectures in chapel9711/201901
[ ]FootballKenyon vs. Witt 15 to 098:111/201901
[ ]Garver, Judge J. ArmonyJudge J. Armony Garver died suddenly at his home in Rockford, Ill.118:212/41901
[ ]Roehner, HenryPersonal. Thanksgiving turkey dinner not forthcoming. A football episode114:112/41901
[ ]FootballThanksgiving Day game. Witt great in defeat. Bushey kicks goal from field10912/41901