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[ ]FreshmenFreshmen tackle. A story1:11/131900
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)The contest: The long looked for oratorical battle a thing of the past1:31/131900
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Was Napoleon Bonaparte brave? A contestant in local oratorical contest1:31/131900
[ ]Cole, JohnDreyfus. An oration which won second place in the local oratorical contest1:31/151900
[ ]Prigh, A. H.Baseball prospects2:31/271900
[ ]Lyon, Sophia B.Miss Sophia Lyon, the traveling secretary for student volunteer movement visited the YWCA4:22/31900
[ ]Glee ClubBrief review of work of the Glee Club1:32/101900
[ ]Greenawalt, Rev. SamuelCelebration given in honor of his eight anniversary at the First Lutheran Church at Findlay, Ohio7:2-32/101900
[ ]Cole, JohnEdgar Allen Poe: a discussion on the literary merits of this noted author1:1-22/101900
[ ]Gringel, Arthur E.Gringel, A.E. wins in the State Oratorical Contest1:1-42/171900
[ ]Renn, Rev. Ambrose E.Life. It's laws and possibilities.1:12/241900
[ ]Bowers, RoyFaster than light1:1-23/31900
[ ]AthleticsWittenberg has no athletic park3:23/31900
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.Recent bookmaking1:23/101900
[ ]Howard, F. J.Miles Standish1:1-23/171900
[ ]Garland, Rev.Rev. Garland of the First Lutheran Church of Dayton delivered an instructive lecture in the chapel on "Influence of educated men"1:43/171900
[ ]Gringel, Arthur E.Greatest man of the closing century1:13/311900
[ ]Class ScrapAnnual Class Fight: Freshmen easily defeat Sophomores -- Sophs. Die Game3:19/221900
[ ]Deaths; Gotwald, Dr.; Ort, Dr. SamuelOration Delivered at the Funeral of Dr. Gotwald by Dr. Ort19/221900
[ ]EditorialsOur Aim as a Paper; Our Alumni and Friends5:19/221900
[ ]Ort, Dr. Samuel A.; Presidents of WittenbergThe Retirement of Dr. Ort4:29/221900
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA); Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Y.W and Y.M.C.A. Reception4:29/221900
[ ]Heaume, Miss; Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Y.W.C.A.: Miss Heaume gave a talk on Bible study4:19/221900
[ ]Ort, Dr. Samuel A.; Presidents of WittenbergA Tribute: Well deserved by our retiring President, Samuel A. Ort, D. D. (by William Rilling, Class of 1897)2:19/291900
[ ]Students; FacultyFace to Face: In the light or the dark15:19/291900
[ ]FootballOnslaught: Won game for the "Medics" -- Score 24 to 0379/291900
[ ]Geiger, Mrs. H. R.; Geiger, Nancy Hartford; DeathsDeath of Mrs. H. R.2610/61900
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.; Presidents of WittenbergJ. M. Ruthrauff, D.D.: A life sketch of Wittenberg's new president2510/61900
[ ]Football; Songs (College)Wittenberg's Foot Ball Song: Nothing Can Beat Wittenberg (To the tune of "Yankee Doodle")3710/131900
[ ]Football16 to 0: Tells the story of last Saturday's game -- Wittenberg wins5110/201900
[ ]Higher education; Religious educationThe college man, the typical man5010/201900
[ ]Stanley, Elizabeth; Foreign Mission BoardElizabeth Stanley: A Brief sketch of her life in home and college6110/311900
[ ]Mock WeddingsNuptials at Ferncliff 6710/311900
[ ]Olympian SocietyOlympian Open Session6610/311900
[ ]FootballShelby Game: Shelby, 8; Wittenberg Second, 06310/311900
[ ]FootballSurprise Party tendered by Eleven "Wow-Wow" Warriors to Miami Guests6210/311900
[ ]FootballAda again goes down before the 'Varsity: 31 to 07411/71900
[ ]Luther, MartinAmerica's debt to Luther7511/71900
[ ]FootballFoot Ball in Hades7311/71900
[ ]FootballFootball and Brains8611/141900
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiHallowe'en Party9111/141900
[ ]FootballNeither was the favored team at Delaware -- 5 to 58711/141900
[ ]BuildingsSteam Heat [poem]8511/141900
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Valiant hero, escorted a lady one block because she was afraid of a drunk man8911/141900
[ ]Day, EliasElias Day, characterist, performed at Grand opera house10211/211900
[ ]FootballSecond team wins from Xenia, Score 23 to 510011/211900
[ ]FootballSix hard earned points won Friday's game -- O.U. defeated9811/211900
[ ]ThanksgivingThat Thanksgiving Turkey at Home [poem]9711/211900
[ ]FootballBellefontaine meets first defeat of the season -- Second team wins11112/51900
[ ]GamesChecker Foot Ball11312/51900
[ ]FootballIn the Dark: Otterbein makes winning touchdown11012/51900
[ ]Football; Rogers, Charles Warner; Miller, Harvey AppThe Squad: 'Varsity and Second Team (por)114-11512/51900
[ ]FootballWittenberg's Record for 190011012/51900
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic meeting: Reports and Election of Officers12312/121900
[ ]ChristmasDreams [poem]12212/121900
[ ]Serpent Mound; Earthworks (archaeology)Ohio Mounds12112/121900