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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Pure English ClubClub4:21/141899
[ ]Buschman, C.E.College spirit1:31/141899
[ ]Keller, EzraSketch of Dr. Keller, written by Rev. Daniel Summers of Boliver, Oh, in Lutheran Evangelist7:21/141899
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Tennyson11/141899
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Tennyson11/241899
[ ]BaseballPleasing prospects. The baseball attack11/271899
[ ]Pure English Club; Shakespeare ClubClub organized3:21/281899
[ ]Sinclair, D. A.D.S. Sinclair, secretary of the Dayton Young Men's Christian Association addressed the LIfe-work meeting coducted by the Y.M.C.A.4:21/281899
[ ]PranksFrank perpetrated by a rowdie5:21/281899
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate debate needed at Wittenberg4:11/281899
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Early history4:22/41899
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.In Memoriam2:12/41899
[ ]Borns, Rev. Jacob; DeathsRev. Jacob Borns of Yellow Springs dies suddenly at his home7:1-22/41899
[ ]Ort, Charles HenkingThe funeral service of Charles Ort2:1-22/41899
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Has railroad branch4:22/111899
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-32/111899
[ ]ChapelHon. John L. Zimmerman and other alumni had the chapel frescoed7:22/181899
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Parlor cannot be left open for the use of students3:22/181899
[ ]Foote, Gree AlvinShall justice be done?1:12/181899
[ ]Editorials; Wittenberger (newspaper)The College Paper [call for editorial changes]4:12/181899
[ ]Larrick, Wilbert BigsleyThe perils of Un-American immigration1:32/181899
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Wittenberg seventh in state contest2:12/181899
[ ]Debs, EugeneEugene V. Debs lectures on "Social Problems"5:22/251899
[ ]James, John WarrenExpansion1:32/251899
[ ]Miller, Harvey A.The man for the hour.1:1-32/251899
[ ]Rugby"The Beautiful"2:33/41899
[ ]McKinnon, L. W."His victory" a story13/181899
[ ]AthleticsInter-class League athletics7:13/181899
[ ]The Lowell ClubThe Lowell Club had its regular semi-monthly meeting in the chapel5:33/181899
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club takes trip2:13/251899
[ ]Miller, Harvey L.Mr. Harvey L. Miller was admitted to the practice of law of the Supreme Court of Ohio6:23/251899
[ ]BaseballThe Champions2:33/251899
[ ]McKinnon, L. W."His Victory" published in Wittenberger4:14/11899
[ ]AthleticsAthletics2:14/11899
[ ]Muhlenburg MissionOur African mission1:34/11899
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences of College 50 years ago. #6 "The League and the Mantle"1:1-34/11899
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg No. 6, the League and the Mantel1:1-34/11899
[ ]PranksSome of the dorm played a good joke on the college5:24/11899
[ ]Publishing UnionMeeting held to discuss action taken by faculty in regard to paper2:34/111899
[ ]Geiger, AliceMiss M. Alice Geiger was the first lady graduate of Wittenberg College7:14/111899
[ ]Hopkins, EdnaThe crimson and blue1:14/111899
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition4/111899
[ ]Harris, William S.A factor in education1:14/151899
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fourth contest held at Antioc College6:34/151899
[ ]Publishing UnionFriction between faculty and Wittenberger has been compromised4:14/151899
[ ]AthleticsChampions defeated. Seniors vs. freshmen2:24/221899
[ ]Harris, William S.Concluded1:1-24/221899
[ ]Lewis, Charles H.Life's photography1:24/221899
[ ]The Lowell ClubMeeting held3:24/221899
[ ]Neisler, A. A.An Anglo-American Alliance1:15/41899
[ ]Thrift, MrsMrs. Thrift, the new matron welcomed7:29/161899
[ ]Registrar's OfficeNew system and change of recitation period1:39/161899
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore ClashOutwitted, but victorius in the end are the freshmen. An exciting contest of diplomacy and strength1:19/161899
[ ]Class GiftsPulpit dedicated for chapel use by the Class of '96 is pretty and useful addition2:19/161899
[ ]Geiger, Prof. H.R.Short biographical account6:29/161899
[ ]Oratorical ContestCommittee appointed for coming contest1:39/231899
[ ]Keller, S. S.Lay sermon suggested by "Hare and Tortoise" incident1:19/231899
[ ]AthleticsAn awakening; bright prospects for a winning football team at Witt; a stirring speech1:39/301899
[ ]FootballAwakening. Bright prospects for winning football team at Witt. A stirring speech1:39/301899
[ ]Foote, Gree AlvinA poet's mistake1:310/141899
[ ]Gotwald, AlmenaBlest be the tie that binds. The wedding of Glenn W. Cummings and Almena Gotwald1:210/141899
[ ]FootballFirst blood for OSU. Witt so long a victor, at last dragged at OSU's chariot wheels.1:110/141899
[ ]PranksLanterns, the only means of illumination in the dormitory, are being willfully destroyed4:110/141899
[ ]Speer, Robert E.Robert E. Speer, Secretary of Foreign Missions for the Presbyterian Church spoke in chapel4:1-210/141899
[ ]CurriculumElective courses offered in alternate or successive years1:1-210/211899
[ ]FootballQuakers victorious6:110/211899
[ ]FootballVictory. The long absent bird finally perches on Wittenberg's banner. Varsity 12, Heidelberg 0110/211899
[ ]Honor CodeBeloit has adopted the Honor System8:210/281899
[ ]FootballFootball harmless if played scientifically. Brute strength not essential110/281899
[ ]FootballMcKinley defeated. An easy game for the varsity; good weather, poor crowd, excellent punting1:110/281899
[ ]ChapelSubject of conduct in chapel service discussed4:210/281899
[ ]Nordisck, L. W.The why of life2:1-210/281899
[ ]Adams, Dr. Charles Kendall; Higher educationAdvice to undergrads. How to make the most of a college course. President of University of Wisconsin speaks to the American student1:111/41899
[ ]FootballUp against it. A real cause of tough luck. Miami scores touchdown in last 15 min of play and wins a practically tied game1:311/41899
[ ]FootballWitt-Heidelberg controversy. Cancels game.4:111/41899
[ ]Endowment FundEast Ohio synod appoints committee to cooperate with Dr. Ort in raising $25,000 from this area4:211/111899
[ ]Physical EducationPhysical culture among the colleges2:2-311/111899
[ ]FootballWitt 5, Otterbein 0. Keyser kicks 20 yd. field goal1:211/111899
[ ]Literary AwardsWe should have a literary club, distinguished from the literary societies4:1-211/181899
[ ]Story, Dr.Dr. Story of the High Street M.E. church lectures at chapel. The first of the series of lectures delivered Tuesday afternoon7:2-311/251899
[ ]FootballHeidelberg cancels game with Witt that was to be played at Tiffin. Controversy renewed4:111/251899
[ ]Literary AwardsNew feature at Wittenberg1:311/251899
[ ]Grosscup, Hon. Peter S.Visited Zola. In Paris. The Jurist's letter1:111/251899
[ ]Grosscup, Hon. Peter S.Sent letter from Leipsic, Germany. Martin Luther chief subject of letter1:112/91899
[ ]BasketballWitt thinks about organizing a team4:112/91899
[ ]Plays"Ben Hur" dramatized5:212/161899
[ ]Hagan, JudgeHagan's lectures on Hamilton and Jefferson6:212/161899
[ ]History of WittenbergImprovements carried out during the first term4:1-212/161899
[ ]Poe, ArthurRemarkable Foot ball talent in the Poe family2:2-312/161899