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[ ]Matheson, GeorgeA new year's greeting from a minister who is blind. The letter is to his brother134:121/151898
[ ]Weber, E. A.A tribute of respect sent to E. A. Weber due to the death of his father136:21/151898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Address at presentation of electric bells in Reci135:1-21/151898
[ ]Dressel, F.A.Some thought from the critics report at Hotel de Pit1351/151898
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore class has installed electric bells in Recitation Hall to mark the recitation periods131:21/151898
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Class of 1870The Class of 1870 has furnished a number of persons who have become prominent in politics149:21/151898
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.The memory -- an essay1321/151898
[ ]Physical EducationThere is talk of organizing a gymnasium class for girls131:21/151898
[ ]Williams, E. W.Educational reform. An essay1421/221898
[ ]Ambrose, Jane ClementThe Sham family will be presented by the author at the M.E. High Street church159:21/221898
[ ]Williams, E. W."Educational Reform" awarded second place in oratorical contest151:11/301898
[ ]Physical EducationGymnasium class to be organized for women155:21/301898
[ ]Spangler, Colonel AaronShort biographical account106:11/301898
[ ]Hersheiser, S.LThe social movement. First honor essay in Excelsior - Philo contest1521/301898
[ ]Day of PrayerAll Christian students in the world will participate165:22/51898
[ ]Ambrose, Jane ClementAmbrose lecture cancelled by the interstate lecture bureau of Cincinnati168:22/51898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Chivalry. Essay delivered in Excelsior-Philosophy contest1622/51898
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteer Band held meeting1662/51898
[ ]Hackenberg, C.A.A new form of government. First honor oration1722/121898
[ ]Knox, John RileyJohn Riley Knox, founder of the fraternity of Beta Theta Pi, died at his home in Greenville175:22/121898
[ ]AthleticsNeed for awakening interest in athletics175:12/121898
[ ]Scholl, Rev. GeorgeReceives serious injuries due to a fall180:12/121898
[ ]Hossom, Dr. H.K.Hosterman publ. co. presented library with 20 vols of De Prey's Univ. of English Lit180:22/191898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall185:22/191898
[ ]Keller, F. M.Inaugural address. Delivered in Excelsior Hall185:1-22/191898
[ ]Pretzman, Mrs. W. H.Mrs. Pretzman gave a painting of a scene on Lake George to the library186:22/191898
[ ]Alleshouse, Albert C.Our trust. Wittenberg's oration in state contest at Athens, February 171822/191898
[ ]Olympian SocietyNew society organized198:12/241898
[ ]Keifer, Gen. J. WarrenBrigadier General Kiefer of the 6th corps of the Army of the Potomac was the speaker at Washington's Birthday observed at Wittenberg1952/261898
[ ]Williams, E. W.College comforts. Wittenberg's toast at the State banquet1922/261898
[ ]Hammaker, WilburAmerica's aged2023/51898
[ ]Athletic AssociationAt a called meeting of the students, W.S. Harris, President of the Athletic Association made a report of the finances and asked for financial support from the various organization.206:13/51898
[ ]Student Foreign Mission MovementEchoes from Cleveland204:23/51898
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Appointed to the executive council of the Modern Language Assoc. of America216:13/121898
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe Athletic Association needs the support of the students financial and moral211:23/121898
[ ]Willard, Frances E.To woman of her generation214:13/121898
[ ]AthleticsAthletics 1898224:23/191898
[ ]Keller, S. S.Externals. A discussion of being correct in speech2233/191898
[ ]Harris, William S.The grammar family, an allegorical essay2223/191898
[ ]Larrick, Wilbert BigsleyModern crusade2323/261898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Annual report for the year 18972464/21898
[ ]Nungester, J.F.Woman's influence. Oration delivered in Excelsiors open session, March 182424/21898
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Annual report257:14/91898
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between Excelsiors and Philosophians258:24/91898
[ ]Lawrence, ChauncyIntellectual power253:14/91898
[ ]Burns, RobertTo A' that and A' That (with apologies to Robt. Burns) a poem254:1-24/91898
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.A day in India--extract from letter to YMCA2624/161898
[ ]Burns, RobertFor A' That and A' That in reply261:24/161898
[ ]Harris, William S.Inaugural address delivered in Excelsior Hall264:14/161898
[ ]Lawrence, ChauncyInaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall265:24/161898
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Another society2724/231898
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C.His success as a pastor280:24/231898
[ ]Martins, Paul CurtisPaul Curtis Martin, was appointed valedictorian of this class at Princeton276:14/231898
[ ]Farman, E. MabelleSunset (poem from the German of Heinrich Heine)274:1-24/231898
[ ]Moody, Dwight L.Dwight L. Moody spoke to large audiences during his two meetings held in Springfield285:24/301898
[ ]MuseumEasier availability should be made of specimen281:14/301898
[ ]Young, Prof. G. H.The elder Pliny282:14/301898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Movement in Ohio by E. L. Shuey, State College committee chairman304:1-25/11898
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.Hoskinson granted D.D. Degree339:15/61898
[ ]Mechlin, Rev. G. W.Mechlin granted D. D. degree339:15/61898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Literary societies urged to elect capable editors291:15/71898
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinPoints involved in international law2935/71898
[ ]Military Servicewittenberg alumni in service299:25/71898
[ ]Oratorical ContestCentral League has first contest301:25/141898
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Cuba. Events leading to Spanish-American War303:15/141898
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Purpose of Association3025/141898
[ ]Conrad, Rev. Frederick W.Rev. Frederick W. Conrad, his recent death310:25/141898
[ ]Gorsuch, WilliamJohn Randolph of Roanoke, of Knox College, winner of first honors in the inter-state contest3125/211898
[ ]Publishing UnionElected to audit the books for the business management326:25/231898
[ ]Neisler, A. A.Inaugural address delivered in Excelsior Hall322:25/231898
[ ]Buschman, C.E.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall322:25/231898
[ ]Stoner, LouLou Stoner will be one of the faculty of the Art School327:25/231898
[ ]Athletic AssociationThe association has bet its financial indebtedness. W.B. Larrick, v.p.3245/231898
[ ]Zimmerman, Rev. JeremiahGranted D. D. Degree339:16/61898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)$400 pledged for new building at Wittenberg322:26/91898
[ ]Schwarm, SamuelGranted D. D. degree339:16/91898
[ ]Alumni AssociationLocal alumni assoc of Witt has been organized335:26/91898
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Purpose and aim of the employment bureau340:16/91898
[ ]ElocutionThe college board establishes a chair of elocution336:16/91898
[ ]Musical CourierThe first number of "The Wittenberg Musical Courier" which is to be published quarterly has appeared339:16/91898
[ ]Boarding ClubsDeparture from old time customs of Witt is formation of co-ed boarding club8:19/221898
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club reorganized for first time since 1894-952:29/241898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy4:1-29/241898
[ ]FootballProspects for the football team2:39/241898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-29/241898
[ ]FootballAthletics1:210/11898
[ ]BibleCourses of bible study offered3:210/11898
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinWittenberg in 18601:1-210/11898
[ ]FootballIn defense of foot ball4:110/81898
[ ]Hersheiser, S.LSpain in America1:210/221898
[ ]FootballAthletics; Witt 10--Otterbein 22:110/291898
[ ]Roller, AdaGeneva1:310/291898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)10/291898
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Reminiscences. Ther serial from 50 years ago4:1-210/291898
[ ]Cammean ClubClub mentioned in the article "in honor of Rev. and Mrs. O. A. Becker"1:311/51898
[ ]Becker, Rev. O.A.In honor of Rev. and Mrs. O. A. Becker1:311/51898
[ ]Inter-CollegianSome gleanings from the Inter-collegian, the organ of the student department of the International Committe of the Student Y.M.C.A.'s and of the Student Volunteer Movement for foreign Missions4:211/51898
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) History of Wittenberg YWCA2:311/121898
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.Letter from Udupitty, Jaffna, Ceylon4:111/121898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)YWCA number11/121898
[ ]PranksA student freak. Serenaders intrude upon the stewardess' social gathering5:211/191898
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.Article.1:111/191898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Kind words by way of criticism2:211/191898
[ ]Brown, E.L.Ohne fleis Keine preis1:311/191898
[ ]Tri-Seminary AllianceThe Tri-Seminary Alliance composed of the Theological Seminaries of Dayton, Xenia, and Wittenberg held its annual meeting5:211/191898
[ ]Mid-night CourtThe vigilance committee of the dormitory held its first session Monday night at 12 o'clock2:211/191898
[ ]Football; Kenyon CollegeFootball number1:111/261898
[ ]DebatePlea for debate at Witt2:311/261898
[ ]Der Konversations KlubThe experiment began last winter of devoting one hour a week to practice German conversation3:211/261898
[ ]AthleticsAthletics 18982:112/31898
[ ]Harris, William S.Athletics for the year 18982:112/31898
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Mat to vote on judges for the state contest6:212/31898
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences of Wittenberg1:1-312/31898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-312/31898
[ ]Monroe, Mrs. H. E.The story of the Reformation, a lecture given by Mrs. H. E. Monroe3:212/31898
[ ]Keller, F. M.College enthusiasm1:112/101898
[ ]SophomoresOde to a sophomore at home2:112/101898
[ ]McCreary, Arthur R.In memoriam2:112/181898
[ ]College Street ClubCollege Street Club notes3:212/191898
[ ]Class GiftsElectric bells to the college4:112/191898
[ ]Kugler, AnnaMiss Anna Kugler, an India Missionary addresses a union meeting4:212/191898
[ ]Keller, EzraReminiscence of Wittenberg 50 years ago (pic)1:112/191898
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of Wittenberg fifty years ago (1848)1:1-312/191898
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Reprint of the letters of Prof. Wynn&;212/191898