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[ ]Remsberg, FrankFrank Remsberg's work at O. U as coach137:1-21/121897
[ ]Kirby, MorrisKirby died in Louisville, Jan 3, 1897139:11/121897
[ ]Paschal, ClarencePedagogy of Herbart132:1-21/121897
[ ]Murphy, Geo. S.Wedding bells137:21/121897
[ ]Young Men's Literary ClubWittenbergers figure quite prominently in a Young Men's Literary Club139:21/121897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Constitution, officers, date and place of contest148:21/191897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Contest will decide who will represent Wittenberg at Cleveland147:21/191897
[ ]AthleticsWitt may take stand on employing unsportsmanlike means in her contests142:11/191897
[ ]Day of PrayerDay of Prayer for colleges152:11/261897
[ ]Miller, JoaquinMiller lectured in the chapel Wed. evening1612/21897
[ ]Class GiftsNew bulletin board167:22/21897
[ ]Pierce, Walter C.A few things picked up at Yale and Harvard172:12/91897
[ ]CampusA much needed improvement on the college grounds is electric lighting171:22/91897
[ ]Wagner, HarrLectures on "The English Language"177:1-22/91897
[ ]Class GiftsPresentation of bulletin board1762/91897
[ ]Miller, JoaquinReport of the lecture178:12/91897
[ ]Literary CreditStudents are requred to do work in the literary society or its equivalent in other college work181:12/161897
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)13th annual convention192:1-22/231897
[ ]Saturday Night ClubA new club organized at Divinity Hall, to study current events200:22/231897
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestState contest held at Cleveland197:12/231897
[ ]Fox, Frank S.Elocution and oratory202:1-23/21897
[ ]Martin, Oscar T.Was present at the meeting of the Ohio organization of the Sons of the Revolution held in Cincinnatti210:13/21897
[ ]Prescott, Henry LeeCollege oratory, an article written by Mr. Henry Lee Prescott for the Indianapolis News214:1-23/91897
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Paper entitled "Ethics in a School Room" given at Seneca County Teachers' Institute220:13/91897
[ ]Furey, G.W.The manner of hail storms by G.W. Furey, M.D., Sunbury, Pa.212:1-23/91897
[ ]McMillen, C. E.A few German customs. A letter written from Berlin, Germany222:1-23/161897
[ ]Ludlow, A. PhillipsIn praise of the Wittenberger and a plea for financial aid221:1-23/161897
[ ]AthleticsRules at OSU provided by the faculty shall regulate athletics in that institution227:13/161897
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest248:13/201897
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Birds about Wittenberg232:13/231897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)O.S.U., O.W.U., and Marietta refuse to pay the $30.00 assessment239:23/231897
[ ]Physical EducationSensible advice in physical culture from "Men of Dayton"237:1-23/231897
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Philo enters inter-society contest248:1-23/301897
[ ]Mosiman, S. K.The pearl of the Articles242:1-23/301897
[ ]Athletics for womenFerncliff athletics259:14/61897
[ ]McKinnon, LeeFile of the Wittenberger covering the period from 1877 to 1885 discovered by Lee McKinnon. He donated the file to the library256:24/61897
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Report of work done by YMCA in 1896-97257:1-24/61897
[ ]Keyser, E. M.The streams of English by E. M. Keyser, first honor essay in Phil-Ex. contest252:1-24/61897
[ ]PranksFuneral of Horace268:1-24/131897
[ ]Weaver, E. J.Mr. Weaver has just passed his examinations at the Cincinnati Law School and will practice as soon as he takes the customary oath at Columbus270:1-24/131897
[ ]Weaver, E. O.New version of a classic263:1-24/131897
[ ]Circle of Prospective TeachersThe Circle of Prospective Teachers has met a more or less premature death269:1-24/131897
[ ]Shakespeare ClubThe Jolly Shakespearian Club has met a more or less premature death269:1-24/131897
[ ]Pure English ClubThe Pure English club still alive269:1-24/131897
[ ]Dingley, BillThe sectin of the bill imposing a tax of twenty-five percent on books, educational apparatus, etc., has been bitterly opposed by educational institutions1:1-24/131897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Wittenberg coeds to publish one issue a year261:24/131897
[ ]Keyser, Dr. Leander S.Wrote article about birds "the Song Festival" for the Ohio Educational Monthly265:24/131897
[ ]Snyder ParkSnyder Park recently acquired, is on the of the beauty spots at Springfield271:24/201897
[ ]BaseballThe first game274:1-24/201897
[ ]ExaminationsHalf day for each branch is allowed for examinations231:24/231897
[ ]Douglas, Lloyd C.Life: An article2824/271897
[ ]WWearing "W" on sweater should be restricted to former and present members of the athletic team281:24/271897
[ ]Publishing UnionThe annual election of editors and business managers for the Wittenberger takes place at the May session of the Publishing Union291:25/41897
[ ]Heume, J. S.The Isle of Guernsey, an article by J.S. Heume293:1-25/41897
[ ]Luther, MartinAn anecdote. An interpretation of the picture on the cover of the Wittenberger302:1-25/111897
[ ]Fay, Elsie FlorenceLuther and the Swiss students302:1-25/111897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition301-3105/111897
[ ]Decker, Perl D.The basic law of progress312/1-25/181897
[ ]Quartette, TheThe Quartette returned from their trip through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana320:15/181897
[ ]BaseballTwo games; Indiana U and DePauw3155/181897
[ ]Opera"Chimes of Normandy" presented by Witt. Athletic Assoc.322:15/251897
[ ]Kinsinger, BerthaMiss Bertha Kinsinger, Cantonment, Oklahoma Territory, works with the Indians at Mennonite Mission330:25/251897
[ ]Bauer, Charles L.Bauer returns from trip abroad9:19/251897
[ ]AthleticsIn prospect for 1897109/251897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy explained1:1-29/251897
[ ]Class ScrapFreshmen determined to break custom of Class Scrap with Sophomores to some other test of strength17:210/21897
[ ]Physical EducationWill girls be interested in physical ed. course?22:110/21897
[ ]FootballWitt plays the Deaf Mutes of Columbus1910/21897
[ ]Lenker, John N."Lutherans in all Lands" said to be one of the finest general histories of the Lutheran Church3:210/91897
[ ]Funk, E.F.Funk visited Springfield30:110/91897
[ ]AthleticsProspects of a football team for the season28:110/91897
[ ]Class ScrapSome signs of the annual scrap have sprung forth1:110/91897
[ ]Class ScrapSophomores reply to freshman challenge to test strength in some other contest than the usual scrap27:1-210/91897
[ ]AthleticsCoach Inison and the team34:110/161897
[ ]Grant, LeeInaugural address delivered in Excelsior Hall by Lee Grant, newly elected President of the Excelsior Society52:210/161897
[ ]Free Silver ClubThe "sixteen to one men" of the dormitory had an enthusiastic meeting38:210/161897
[ ]Class ScrapAn advance step49:110/231897
[ ]AthleticsOwing to lateness of season and depleted treasury, no coach will be hired4310/231897
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.Ohioisms and other colloquialisms4210/281897
[ ]FootballCase school of applied science vs. Witt; good coach needed for Witt33:210/301897
[ ]Moulton, Richard G.Extension course, under the auspices on the Center of University Extension in this city heard Professor Moulton deliver an excellent lecture on Romeo and Juliet58:1-210/301897
[ ]Erhard, J.A.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall by Erhard, newly elected president of the Philosophians52:1-210/301897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Productions of literary merit for the societies to be printed55:110/301897
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Wittenberger opens its pages to the literary societies to publish any of their productions of merit55:1-210/301897
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.Letter from our missionary at Vinukonda, India6211/61897
[ ]Moulton, Richard G.University extension course; lecture on King Lear7511/131897
[ ]Bible InstituteBible institute will be held in First Lutheran Church conducted by Rev. Alexander Patterson of Chicago; a Union Bible Institute77:1-211/181897
[ ]Snyder, Mark A.Instructor in Violin has been appointed as first violinist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra7411/181897
[ ]Cosmopolitan UniversityThe new cosmopolitan university has been much talked about lately7111/181897
[ ]Shakespeare, WilliamWas Shakespeare's genius super-human? E.M.K. '988211/201897
[ ]Euterpean, C.R.America's Westminster Abbey built in the hearts of her young men and women10211/271897
[ ]Grosscup, Hon. Peter S.Delivered address on "Cuba" before Baptist Congress in Chicago100:211/271897
[ ]Hotel De Pit ClubHotel de Pit suddenly suspended operations97:111/271897
[ ]Wilder, RobertRobert Wilder, a native of India, son of a Missionary to that country visits the campus98:211/271897
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)The "Purpose and Value" of contests, by Frank S. Fox91:211/271897
[ ]Upsala CollegeThe greatest Lutheran college will be moved to the city of New Orange, New Jersey99:211/271897
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins from Kenyon 6-095:211/271897
[ ]Athletic AssociationAdmendment proposed, membership fee reduced to twenty five cents.10412/41897
[ ]Moulton, Richard G.Julius Caesar was topic for November 23rd lecture106:212/41897
[ ]Hotel De Pit ClubMrs. Emma Washburn to cook under stewardship of Mr. Guss106:112/41897
[ ]Athletic AssociationAthletic association adopted the proposal amendment116:112/111897
[ ]FootballAthletics--roughness of game discussed115:112/111897
[ ]Ernsberger, H.B.Inaugural address delivered in Philosophian Hall by president-elect Ernsberger114:212/111897
[ ]Williams, E. W.Inaugural address, delivered in Excelsior Hall by President elect Williams11312/111897
[ ]Hackenberg, W.M.The true glory of a nation11212/111897
[ ]Young Men's Literary ClubA large number of members of the club are Alumni of Wittenberg130:212/181897
[ ]Spangler, MichaelAn accident proved fatal130:212/181897
[ ]Honor CodeAn initiative step in Wittenberg taken by Freshmen126:212/181897
[ ]Mission Study ClassProgram for the mission study class128:212/181897
[ ]Track and FieldProspects of a track team124:112/181897
[ ]Grant, LeeThe voyage of the Mayflower12212/181897