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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Bible"Women's Bible" edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton106:21/141896
[ ]Kinsinger Missionary FundAn organization has been perfected to take care of the fund111:11/141896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationRepresentatives of colleges meet in Columbus to form association111:11/141896
[ ]Wright, O. A.Symopsis of winning oration at OWW on the American ideal112:1-21/141896
[ ]Harter, Hon. M. D.The Monroe Doctrine by Hon. M. D. Harter108:1-21/141896
[ ]Oratorical ContestTwo to enter contests106:11/141896
[ ]Literary SocietiesInterest in societies has been waning113:11/211896
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psi Reception116:11/211896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationState Athletics143:12/111896
[ ]Keller, S. S.The ways of Yale138:12/111896
[ ]Minstrel ShowWittenberg's minstrels143:12/111896
[ ]AthleticsMovement to raise standard of inter-collegiate athletics146:22/181896
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)29th convention convened at Mansfield158:22/251896
[ ]Harter, Michael D.Death of Michael D. Harter160:1-22/251896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)In ninth place. Fifteenth state contest156:22/251896
[ ]Sauma, SulimanA yound Syrian visits the campus166:13/31896
[ ]BaseballBaseball facts and fancies167:1-23/31896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Echoes from Delaware. Contest is financial success165:13/31896
[ ]Harter, Michael D.Funeral of Michael D. Harter165:13/31896
[ ]Athletics for womenGirls' athletics166:23/31896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Method of judging the merits of orators criticized161:23/31896
[ ]Young, Prof. G. H.One reason for studying the ancient classics163:1-23/31896
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaSixth annual state conclave was held in Delaware, Feb. 22, 1896165:13/31896
[ ]Midland College"Midland Colelge" by Prof. E. B. Kneer171:13/101896
[ ]Foreign StudentsNew privileges for foreign students175:13/101896
[ ]Honor CodeSeveral of the larger colleges are considering the honor system170:13/101896
[ ]Class ScrapA wrong construction is often put upon the practical jokes perpetrated about college177:1-23/171896
[ ]Deutche GesellschaftDeutsche gesellschaft, its aim182/23/171896
[ ]Wilson, Professor C. A.The Wartburg178:1-23/171896
[ ]Roentgen, ProfessorProfessor Roentgen, a Baron191:23/241896
[ ]Stahley, Prof. G. D.Sketch of Pennsylvania College by Prof. G.D. Stahley186:1-23/241896
[ ]Becker, Bishop H.J.Spiritualism exposed191:13/241896
[ ]Lane, Francis A.Student enters the Olympic games190:1-23/241896
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Excelsior and Philosophian literary societies open their doors to permit the senior "cads" to enjoy mature society life185:23/241896
[ ]Lane, Francis A.Well wishes for Wittenberg's victory194:23/241896
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Another State Oratorical Assoc. formed199:13/311896
[ ]BasketballBasketball is coming into prominence as a college sport193:1-23/311896
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.College days194:13/311896
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyEntertainment given in hall197:13/311896
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniRelation to the alumni to the college194:13/311896
[ ]BaseballBaseball items205:1-24/71896
[ ]Sayford, S.M.Mr. Sayford lectures at Wittenberg207:24/71896
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)President's conference. 6th annual206:24/71896
[ ]Wilson, Gilbert L.the bow202:1-24/71896
[ ]Johnson-SmilyThe entertainment given under the auspices of the Athletic Association was meritorious in every way205:24/71896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationAdopts rules which will eliminate professionalism in college athletics215:24/141896
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiBiennial session meets at Cleveland, Ohio212:24/141896
[ ]Carleton, WillCarleton lectures at Wittenberg209:1-24/141896
[ ]DebateExcelsior-Philo debate will take place May 8213:24/141896
[ ]Lane, Francis A.Fails to secure prize for race at Athens214:14/141896
[ ]BaseballPhotograph of Wittenberg Baseball team2104/141896
[ ]DebateProposed revival of inter-society if considered210:24/141896
[ ]BaseballWitt beats Miami at 10-3210:1-24/141896
[ ]Kinsinger, Samuel C.A letter from our missionary218:1-24/211896
[ ]BaseballAlmost. Game lost by two costly errors. U. Michigan 12, Witt 10220:1-24/211896
[ ]ElocutionCall of elocution conducted by EF Weckel, Dayton223:24/211896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationRules adopted by the representatives of Ohio colleges will foster college spirit1:24/211896
[ ]CommencementCommencement 1896231:1-24/281896
[ ]CampusThe beauty of Wittenberg's campus225:24/281896
[ ]BaseballWitt 11; OWU 9; The scab of our Methodist Brethern, the thirs in our belt234:1-24/281896
[ ]BaseballWitt defeats Miami, 20-8 An exhibition of poor playing227:1-24/281896
[ ]Miller, BlacheA sad death. Thrown from the carriage237:25/51896
[ ]Souders, J. MaudFloat day250:15/121896
[ ]BaseballOtterbein & Kenyon teams defeated244:1-25/121896
[ ]DebatePhilos win in contest with Execelsiors243:1-25/121896
[ ]BaseballChampionship; again we win; Witt 14, Cincinnati 7253:1-25/191896
[ ]BaseballBaseball averages of six games played in the city5:1-29/221896
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Editorial policy stated. Four pages added19/221896
[ ]Spaid, James W.Expression of sympathy17:29/281896
[ ]Bryan, Free Silver ClubA Bryan Free Silver Club was organized with membership of twenty-four16:19/291896
[ ]Theta Nu EpsilonAmong the Greeks. New chapter organized17:29/291896
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.; Gotwald, Rev. Luther A.Bauslin to replace Dr Luther Alexander GotwaldNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.16:29/291896
[ ]Bauslin, Rev. Dr. David H.Bauslin will be absent from Seminary for a short time on account of Synod16:29/291896
[ ]Spaid, James W.Biographical account12:19/291896
[ ]Gotwald, F.G.Gotwald will be added to the faculty16:29/291896
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Prove that it pays for businesses to advertise in the Wittenberger11:1-29/291896
[ ]Reeser, Thomas F.Was drowned on a fishing excursion20:19/291896
[ ]FootballFootball prospects for the season23:110/61896
[ ]Keller, S. S.Mathematical problems22:110/61896
[ ]State Athletic AssociationMeeting held at Wittenberg24:210/61896
[ ]Spaid, James W.Resolutions of respect by students of seminary28:210/61896
[ ]Lutheran Church, Findlay, OhioThe list of Wittenbergers who have been pastors at Findlay, Ohio30:210/61896
[ ]Class ScrapClass fight36:1-210/131896
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinHistory in our colleges52:1-210/271896
[ ]McCreary, Arthur R."Our College Days"6211/31896
[ ]FootballOSU disqualifies Capt. French of football team62:111/31896
[ ]Literary SocietiesA plea for literary culture71:111/101896
[ ]Funk, E.F.Mr. Funk is seriously ill. Mr. Funk is of the firm Funk and Wagnalls80:111/101896
[ ]Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Thirteenth annual convention was held in Toledo7211/101896
[ ]Mohler, M. R.the Hermitage8211/171896
[ ]FootballWitt 24 vs. Ohio State Univ.83:111/171896
[ ]Glee ClubA plea to organize a Glee Club91:211/241896
[ ]Weaver, E. O.Untrodden paths92:111/241896
[ ]FootballBanquet held after game on Thanksgiving for teams106:112/11896
[ ]FootballLast game a victory. Witt vs. Otterbein103:112/11896
[ ]ChapelDaily prayer meetings for the entire student body128:1-212/81896
[ ]Bryan, William LoweProf. Bryan's advice to students122:1-212/81896
[ ]FootballRules for Western intercollegiate athletics12412/81896
[ ]FootballSummary of the season114-11512/81896
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.The English Ballad112:1-212/81896
[ ]FootballCase 12 vs. Witt at Forest City on the lake73:112/101896