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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Ohio Collegiate AssociationArticle by Prof. C.W. Ayer concerning the assoc.56:11/11893
[ ]CurriculumCourses of study have been reconstructed53:1-21/11893
[ ]Linn, Alvin F.; MuseumOur museum55:11/11893
[ ]ExaminationsThat exams are to be a teast of students' attainments is open to objections59:1-21/11893
[ ]Howard, E. G.The power of purpose52:1-21/11893
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookA few remarks and announcements before the second annual appears73:1-22/11893
[ ]Vorhees, C. S.A practical view of college work71:1-22/11893
[ ]Zimmerman, Carrie M.Hawthorne is Salem65:1-22/11893
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.University extension169:12/11893
[ ]Wittenberg Weekly Wasp (newspaper); EditorialsGreeting [introducing new college paper, Wittenberg Weekly Wasp, published from Mar 28, 1893-June 17, 1894 in addition to the Wittenberger]2:13/281893
[ ]Gotwald, Rev. Luther A.Board members to sit as a court of inquiry to consider charges brought against Rev. Gotwald108:14/11893
[ ]Board of DirectorsBoard sits as court of inquiry to consider charges against Rev. Luther A. Gotwald, D.D.108:1-24/11893
[ ]Zimmerman LibraryOne of the most attractive buildings on campus97:1-24/11893
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Second annual conference of YMCA's college presidents99;1-24/11893
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)The association and our needs102:14/11893
[ ]Cummings, GlennThe reading of the newspaper100:1-24/11893
[ ]DeRichey, Maud'93 Class ode133/1-26/11893