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[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesHeidelberg University students organized the Greek letter fraternities without the consent of the faculty. The students were asked to withdraw from the college64:11/11892
[ ]Sherck, C. RollinMatchless oratory. "An Uncrowned King" wins local contest61:1-21/11892
[ ]Hochdoerfer, Dr. K. F. R.The German Gymnasium1:11/11892
[ ]Beta Theta PiTwenty-fifth anniversary of the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was celebrated with an informal reception at te Arcade Hotel62:21/11892
[ ]Keller, S. S."Is mathematics of any practical benefit?"67:22/11892
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate contest of Ohio criticism of hospitality adn decision of judges71:1-22/11892
[ ]Eckert, Spener F.Obituary69:1-22/11892
[ ]Simon, R. C."Individual Freedom"97:1-24/11892
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinBarren Attica100:1-24/11892
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateReply to criticism appearing in Wittenberger of Feb. 1892 by editor of Buchtelite104:24/11892
[ ]Jones, Walter J.Scientific Dept. progressing rapidly under Dr. Jones' supervision104:14/11892
[ ]Cook, Prof. P.N.Professor P.N. Cook, formerly of Boston, late of Columbus has charge of the Music Department of Louisville, KY12:110/11892
[ ]Simon, J. D."Parasite" talk by Mr. Simon35:1-212/11892
[ ]Ayer, Prof. C.W.A destructive dilemma for seniors38:112/11892
[ ]Dane, Major Henry C.Banquet and reception tendered Henry C. Dane by the Phi Gamma Delta43:112/11892
[ ]Cook, Prof. P.N.Do the masters express their thoughts in tone form?3412/11892
[ ]FootballFirst season that the College made any pretentions toward playing football with other teams40:212/11892
[ ]Heckert, Rev. Dr. Charles G.President S. A. Ort (por)81:112/11892