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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Leech, H. M.A century under the constitution. Second honor oration75:1-21/11890
[ ]Ruthrauff, J.M.Advent hymn. A poem.75:11/11890
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fifth annual contest held December 17, 188974:11/11890
[ ]GymnasiumShall gymmasium be run by Y.M.C.A., faculty, and association, etc?73:21/11890
[ ]Buck, GeorgeUsurpation of authority78:11/11890
[ ]Ministry"Why am I a minister?"99;22/11890
[ ]Deloe, Frank S.The modern faith. Delivered by Frank S. Deloe at the ninth Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Contest94/12/11890
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestThe Ninth Inter-collegiate Oratorical contest with Wittenberg as hostess91:1-22/11890
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry R.Had typhoid fever1384/11890
[ ]Criley, J.M."Better a day of strife than a century of sleep" - essay delivered by J.M. Criley at the contest between the Excelsior and Philosophian Societies, June 18151:1-25/11890
[ ]Crabill, T.V.; Higher education"Higher education in America" - Essay delivered by T. V. Crabill at contest between Excelsior and Philosophian Societies147:25/11890
[ ]CommencementProgram of Commencement Week146:1-25/11890
[ ]Bliss, Dr. T.F.Sight restored. A brilliant operation on an eye that had been long blind3:211/11890
[ ]Gifts; Brice, Colvin S.The Hon. Mr. Brice, U. S. Senator from Ohio presented the Seminary with $50023:211/11890
[ ]Smith, Arthur H."Sword or Spirit"36:1-212/11890
[ ]PranksClass of 1893 consigned Plato to the flames46:10212/11890
[ ]Oratorical ContestContests41:212/11890
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallDedication of hall42:112/11890
[ ]Beta Theta PiElegantly refitted hall was rededicated46:112/11890
[ ]PranksOld battered hats and coats wrong side out were worn by the boys out on a tear46:212/11890
[ ]Gelwicks, Harry R.Oratorical contest41-4212/11890
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReply to a statement about the younger and weaker institutions of the state40:212/11890