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[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelAccorded a welcome by the San Diego Col. of Letters76:11/11889
[ ]Minehart, J. V.Member of the junior theology class died during the holiday vacation72:21/11889
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelResponse of Dr. Sprecher, to the address of welcome by Hon. James Goodwin at the college of Letters at Pacific Beach, San Diego, Calif.`63:1-21/11889
[ ]Becker, W.F."Moral government" first honor oration delivered at oratorical contest Jan 2281:1-22/11889
[ ]Hedges, J. A.Dynamics of Literature102:1-22/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesFaculty are taking action regarding literary work in Preparatory Dept.93:12/11889
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fourth contest to be at Grand Opera House93:22/11889
[ ]Glee ClubThe recent organization of the Wittenberg College Glee Club is another step in the right direction89:22/11889
[ ]Ort, Granville L.The secret of our national stability105:12/11889
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H."Truth, the perpetual element of Literature" delivered at oratorical contest Jan 22, 1889. Now entitled to 1st honor after "Moral Government" was taken out of contest117:14/11889
[ ]Modern Language Association of OhioA number of professors from Ohio colleges met Dec. 29th128:14/11889
[ ]SophomoresClass to introduce a new custom of giving a reception for the senior class129:24/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior, Philosophian and Euterpean societies entertain Mar 8128:24/11889
[ ]CoeducationLeading co-ed institutions are Cornell, Oberlin, Swarthmore, U. of Wisconsin and U. of Minnesota130:14/11889
[ ]Sprecher, Dr. SamuelNow living in San Diego. He is in his 89th year7:14/11889
[ ]Hall, J.A.Rev. Hall lectured in the Second Lutheran Church. He is the author of the outstanding work entitled "Glimpses into Great Fields"132:24/11889
[ ]Weaver, E. O.The basis of mental power120:1-24/11889
[ ]Zimmerman, Rev. J. C.The death of, theological alumnus of '76 died march 26131:24/11889
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.The furrowed whale121:24/11889
[ ]Conway, W.S.Mr. Conway donated mastodon bones to Wittenberg College145:15/11889
[ ]Inter-State Oratiorical Association; OratoryThe Interstate Contest, held held at Grinnell, Iowa, May 2135:15/11889
[ ]Bouck, F.N.Cultivation of individuality154:26/11889
[ ]CoeducationCo-education at Witt29:1-210/11889
[ ]Crabill, T.V.Shall Jesuitism rule America?24:210/11889
[ ]GeologyDr. Linn takes class to Dayton on Geological trip65:1-212/11889
[ ]GymnasiumFunds raised for new building, but not for equipment63:112/11889
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Lack of contestants. Suggests that literary societies elect contestants63:212/11889
[ ]Sheeder, B. F.Our Martyr Presidents5612/11889
[ ]Hedges, J. A.The sense of the true in man60:112/11889