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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Falconer, Rev. Dr.Greek fraternities71:1-21/11888
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesGreek fraternities, in defense of71:1-21/11888
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Interest lacking. Admission to be charged70:21/11888
[ ]Smith, W. G."The Hint" concerning fraternities93:22/11888
[ ]Smith, Arthur H."The Orator in History"84:1-22/11888
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince gave the 2nd of the "Faculty Lecture" series. Subject: Ten Years of Triumphs91:1-22/11888
[ ]Humphreys, H. M.Limitation of art. Wining oration delievered by H.M. Humphreys at the oratorical contest February 2, 188881;1-22/11888
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesThe "Hint" Arguments against fraternities93:22/11888
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Third annual contest was a great success90:12/11888
[ ]Bosler, Charles H.The problem of today109-113/11888
[ ]Agassiz AssociationRobert Hiller organizing a chapter of Agassiz Association133:24/11888
[ ]Demmit, Frank T.Frank T. Demmit died at his home in New Carlisle153/1-25/11888
[ ]Bouck, F.N.The democrats view the situation5:210/11888
[ ]Breckenridge, Rev. S.F.Breckenridge called to fill Culler Professorship made vacant by resignation of Rev. G. M. Heinel35:1-211/11888
[ ]Culler Professorship of Exegetical TheologyProfessor Breckenridge chosen to fill the Culler Professorship35:1-211/11888
[ ]Wheeler, F. W.; OratoryThe perpetual in america [Illinois inter-collegiate first prize oration by Wesleyan University student]25:211/11888
[ ]Hudson, HendrickCharacter and caricature44:212/11888
[ ]Emerick, CharlesCharles Emerick entertains the members of the Senior Class at his home at Alexandersville58:1-212/11888
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.Dr. Hoskinson resigns as tutor in the preparatory department to study in Germany58:112/11888
[ ]Simon, J. S.Dr. Hoskinson's position filled by the appointment of Professors S.S. Keller and Mr. Simon51:112/11888
[ ]Hoskinson, Dr. W.S.Dr. Hoskinson's position was filled by the appointment of Professor S. S. Keller and J. S. Simon51:112/11888
[ ]Becker, W.F.Faith and life46:212/11888
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Krout visited Alpha Psi chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to make arrangements for the eleventh biennial congress to be held in Springfield, OH58:112/11888
[ ]Shives, E.J.Professor and C.A. Krout visit Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to make arrangements for the eleventh biennial Congress to be held in Springfield58:112/11888
[ ]Agassiz AssociationThe Agassiz museum has added many specimen60:112/11888
[ ]Peters, George N.H.Well known because of "The Theocratic Kingdom"59:212/11888