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[ ]Berger, W.F."Moan on, ye winds" Poem written for the Wittenberger85:1-21/11887
[ ]Association of Ohio CollegesAssociation of Ohio Colleges meeting held at Westerville82:1-21/11887
[ ]Modern Language Association of AmericaFourth annual meeting is held in Baltimore91:1-21/11887
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHistory of the Society92;11/11887
[ ]Clark, GerlawHistory of Wittenberg College; Chapter 479:1-21/11887
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg: Series79:1-21/11887
[ ]Smith, W. G.Immorality of Character--oration86:1-21/11887
[ ]Krout, Charles A.Krout visits artesian well in Cincinnati941/11887
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Second annual contest to be at First Lutheran Church95:11/11887
[ ]JournalismShall a journalism chair be established at Wittenberg?88:21/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents who have not joined the societies are compelled to appear before the faculty for rhetorical practice91:21/11887
[ ]Butterfield, S.SThe negro in American Politics. Oration delivered by S. S. Butterfield at the oratorical contest of Wittenberg College83:1-21/11887
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaThe tenth annual biennial congress of ATO was held at Atlanta Ga.97:11/11887
[ ]Alpha Tau OmegaThe tenth biennial congress of Alpha Tau Omega97:11/11887
[ ]Billman, Rev. I.C.What makes a Christian? (poem)82:1-21/11887
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)20th annual convention to meet at Xenia118:22/11887
[ ]Prince, Dr. Benjamin FranklinBiographical sketch of B. F. Prince (pic)109:1-22/11887
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestContest was success. Decision was not favorable to Wittenberg114:22/11887
[ ]Junior ExhibitionExhibition held at First Lutheran Church on Mar.15th117:22/11887
[ ]Oratorical ContestIncreased interest has been shown in contests114:12/11887
[ ]Rogers, H.G.Marriage and death in railroad accident382/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesSocieties untied in holding memorial services113:22/11887
[ ]Witmeyer, W. W.The coming of the Huns. Winning oration at the second annual contest of the oratorical assocaition of Wittenberg104:1-22/11887
[ ]LibraryThe library received another liberal donation from the publishing house of Funk & Wagnall118:12/11887
[ ]Higher education; White, Andrew DicksonThe part universities are to play in the development of our country's future.113:12/11887
[ ]Breckenridge, Rev. S.F.Biography of math professor at Wittenberg131:1-23/11887
[ ]Clark, GerlawHistory of Wittenberg College; Chapter 523:1-23/11887
[ ]Hood, Geo. W.Biography of C.L. Ehrenfeld. Professor of Belles lettres and Latin in Wittenberg College152:1-24/11887
[ ]Ehrenfeld, Prof. C.L.Biography of Ehrenfeld by George W. Hood152:1-24/11887
[ ]Wallace, General LawGeneral Law Wallace lectures on "Turkey and the Turks" in the Black's Opera House159:1024/11887
[ ]Clark, GerlawHistory of Wittenberg College; Chapter 6147:1-24/11887
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg: Series147:1-24/11887
[ ]Baer, MaryMy first laboratory work160:1-24/11887
[ ]Worman, I. D.The impending crisis150:1-24/11887
[ ]AlohaThe one annual, the Aloha is the only one ever published158:14/11887
[ ]Gotwald, F.G.The poet and the people155:1-24/11887
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookThe publication of an annual is assured158:1-24/11887
[ ]Clark, GerlawHistory of Wittenberg College; Chapter 7167:1-25/11887
[ ]Clark, GerlawThe American College210:1-26/11887
[ ]Crawford, Esther A.The educated woman in politics208:1-26/11887
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesA Greek letter fraternity is a good thing in its place but its place is subordinate53:112/11887
[ ]Lutz, Harry E.A student's views abroad5:212/11887
[ ]Hamma, M. W.Board of Directors acknowledge gift of Rev. and Mrs. Hamma5212/11887
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Notes for the Wittenberger on recent purchases of art by Dr. Stuckenberg57:212/11887
[ ]Hiller, Professor Robert H.The battle of Gettysburg44:212/11887
[ ]Gas LightsThe new chapel was for the first time lighted with gas53:1-212/11887
[ ]Harris, M. B.The novel; its influence47:1-212/11887