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[ ]Amherst CongressAn experiment in student government has been drawing the attention of men56:11/11886
[ ]Student GovernmentAn experiment in student government, has been drawing the attention of men56:1-21/11886
[ ]LanguagesDoes the time and labor expended in the study of the languages yield a proportionate benefit in the way of mental development?49:11/11886
[ ]Literary SocietiesSociety work51:21/11886
[ ]Griffith, W.H.Wedding of another of the '83 boys is announced63:11/11886
[ ]AlohaWill the frats let another year pass withou publishing a college annual?57:21/11886
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesAlmost impossible for "neutral men" to vote in society elections73:1-22/11886
[ ]LibraryCollege library and library of literary societies to be moved to new room72:22/11886
[ ]Richardson, Prof. Charles F.College manners and morals70:1-22/11886
[ ]Oratorical Association, State (Ohio)Fifth contest of the Ohio State Oratorical Assoc. was held in the Baptist Church, Granville8:12/11886
[ ]Fraternities and SororitiesPresident Anderson of Rochester Univ. favors fraternities74:22/11886
[ ]Junior ExhibitionThe junior exhibition has been changed from Commencement week to the end of the winter term77:1-22/11886
[ ]Day of PrayerYMCA state convention at Oberlin77:22/11886
[ ]ChapelAfter several years of intermission, authorities have resumed calling the roll in chapel94:13/11886
[ ]JournalismArticle in "Journalist" tells how collee writing can lead to professional journalism102:24/11886
[ ]Bookwalter, John W.Bookwalter's art collection loaned for Springfield charities100:24/11886
[ ]Manss, Will H.Gladstone97:24/11886
[ ]Mueller, Herman C.In memoriam106:1-24/11886
[ ]Smith, W. G.Man and his shadow96:1-24/11886
[ ]CampusThe flora of our campus100:1-24/11886
[ ]Bassett, J.C.Will Caesar act?98:24/11886
[ ]CommencementSuggestions for Commencement Week119:1-25/11886
[ ]Bookwalter's Art CollectionThe Royal Mummy at Bookwalter's art collection117:1-25/11886
[ ]CommencementCommencement Week153:26/11886
[ ]Clark, GerlawA trip to Pike's Peak8:1-210/11886
[ ]Clark, GerlawBiography of Dr. Keller (por)5:1-210/11886
[ ]Clark, GerlawHistory of Wittenberg College; Chapter 11:1-210/11886
[ ]Clark, GerlawHistory of Wittenberg; Chapter 227:1-211/11886
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyA plea for a hall for the society67:1-212/11886
[ ]Clark, GerlawBiography of John B. Helwig55:1-212/11886
[ ]Student GovernmentCooperative system of college government in vogue62:112/11886
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg: Series51:1-212/11886
[ ]Keil, D. S.Keil died suddenly in New York. In memory.7:212/11886