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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Stelling, G. F.A biographical account of the Reverand's life60:11/11884
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniA college is justly judged in a great degree from the mental status and energy of her alumni68:11/11884
[ ]MinistryFacts62:11/11884
[ ]Science DepartmentsWittenberg strengthens its science equipment65:21/11884
[ ]Hartwick SeminaryHartwick Seminary receives a generous bequest from James F. Clark87:22/11884
[ ]Scholl, Rev. GeorgeRev. George Scholl of the English Lutheran Church of Baltimore, Maryland, leaves the city Hanover, Pa.98:22/11884
[ ]Endowment Fund$6,000 voted for replenishing Chem & Physics Dept126:1-24/11884
[ ]Funk and WagnallsA large list of valuable books was presented to the college library by Funk and Wagnells136:14/11884
[ ]Jessup, E. C.Mr. Jessup, of the seminary, attended an egg breaking at West Liberty138:24/11884
[ ]Scientific Association of Wittenberg CollegeOrganization137:1-24/11884
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWhy cannot the Lutheran Church support one Lutheran university?126:24/11884
[ ]Delo, Eva E.Chas. Reade.162:1-26/11884
[ ]College Stylus (newspaper); EditorialsSalutatory [editorial on the founding of a new college newspaper]2:19/191884