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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]MinistryA department should be endowed to prepare ministers' wives for their part in the ministry73:21/11880
[ ]Literature-History and CriticismConscience in literature64:1-21/11880
[ ]DebateExtemporary debate70:1-21/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyGranted two pages in the Wittenberger78:11/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society741/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyShows signs of being active again74:21/11880
[ ]PranksSweeping ashes761/11880
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA771/11880
[ ]Annual, CollegeCollege Annual, The Bijou, anticipated962/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyContributions by the Hesperian Literary Society98:1-22/11880
[ ]Poe, Edgar AllanEdgar Allan Poe - A reply to "conscience in literature"86:1-22/11880
[ ]Prayer meetingsPrayer meetings992/11880
[ ]ChapelServices poorly attended94:1-22/11880
[ ]PranksTin-can on dog's tail952/11880
[ ]Kaley, John A.Visit to the dead sea89:22/11880
[ ]Tyndale, WilliamWilliam Tyndale90:22/11880
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA972/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyAsks for two lady professors139:24/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1394/11880
[ ]DormitoriesHesperian Society asks for dorm for men & boarding hall for women139:24/11880
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephJoseph Cook lectures1364/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesKeen rivalry shown in methods to secure members35:24/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies should make it optional for the senior attendance134:24/11880
[ ]Hemans, Mrs. FeliciteMrs. Hemans as a lyric poetess126:1-24/11880
[ ]Class ReunionsReunions of '71 and '72 planned140:1-24/11880
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephReverend Cook lectured on ultimate America April 8136:1-24/11880
[ ]Clemmer, MaryMary Clemmer has been writing political articles in the Independent. The Hesperian Society recommends her articles160:25/11880
[ ]Brown, ParkerMr. Parker Brown, for the past two years janitor at the college, died April 22159:15/11880
[ ]CommencementCommencement175:1-26/11880
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Class of 1876; EmploymentThe occupations fo the Class of '76 given184:1-26/11880
[ ]CampusCampus changes. Student Association should be formed to improve our campus39:1-211/11880
[ ]Crosby, JosephThe authorship of Shakespeare. A reply to Lancer49:211/11880
[ ]Holmes, Oliver WendellA letter from O. W. Holmes to the school children in Cincinnati who annually celebrated the birthday of the poet62:212/11880
[ ]Shakespeare, WilliamAn editorial56:112/11880
[ ]Smith, CharlesCharles, son of Rev. A.M. Smith died due to an accident65:212/11880
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeNeeds of a college from a citizen's standpoint62:212/11880
[ ]Lecture CourseThe champion city lecture course56:212/11880
[ ]TheatreWere you there? An editorial on theatre going56:212/11880
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniWitt business men in Springfield57:112/11880
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA6012/11880