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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]PhilosophyClass objects to review of "Deschavel's Philosophy"68:11/11879
[ ]PhilosophyCriticisms of681/11879
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Dr. and Mrs. Stuckenberg entertain students who remain on the campus during vacation70:1-21/11879
[ ]Elocution ClassElocution Class731/11879
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies691/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall731/11879
[ ]Student LifeSleigh rides721/11879
[ ]Thorne, EdwardTheodore Tilton and his lecture65:21/11879
[ ]LeBoc, G. L.Voltaire67:1-21/11879
[ ]Elocution ClassElocution Class942/11879
[ ]Marl, KarlHenry M. Stanley86:22/11879
[ ]OratorsInterest in orations awakened in college92:12/11879
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra942/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall912/11879
[ ]Student Lifesleigh rides942/11879
[ ]Carleton, WillWill Carleton delivered his lecture "The Golden Horse", Feb. 8, 187989:22/11879
[ ]Dickens, CharlesCharles Dickens1053/11879
[ ]Kirby, MorrisA short biography135:14/11879
[ ]MusicMusic and its influence127:1-24/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallQuite a bit of discussion as to what is the right object of the room131:24/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall131, 1334/11879
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Theological Dept. and the societies to elect editors130:1-24/11879
[ ]Literary ContestThere seems to be some indifference among the members of the literary societies with reference to holding their next annual contest130:24/11879
[ ]CommencementCommencement exercises will be held on campus; not in the Opera House149:25/11879
[ ]CommencementCommencement exercises will be held on campus; not in the Opera House151:1-25/11879
[ ]CommencementCommencement first held on campus149, 1515/11879
[ ]Class DayClass Day, 1879: The Class Day exercise forms one of the most interesting and amusing features of Commencement Week164:2-36/11879
[ ]Bogle, C.L.Class poem for class of 1879162:1-26/11879
[ ]CommencementCommencement first held on campus1666/11879
[ ]The CollegianEight-page student publication1746/11879
[ ]CommencementFirst Commencement held on campus instead of Opera House166:1-26/11879
[ ]Cromwell, OliverOliver Cromwell2:1-210/11879
[ ]DebateOur society debates25:111/11879
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Silentes [essay on study and attentiveness]22:111/11879
[ ]Geiger, Prof. H.R."Roughing it" part II148:212/11879
[ ]Lutz, Harry E.A glimpse of a Dutch university43:112/11879
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyCriticism55:112/11879
[ ]Phi Kappa PsiPhi Kappa Psi Fraternity5412/11879
[ ]PranksPhysiology skeleton5312/11879
[ ]ProhibitionProhibition5412/11879
[ ]Burdette, Robert J.Robert J. Burdette of Burlington, Iowa, delivered his popular lecture entitled "The Rise and Fall of the Mustache" under the auspices of the Excelsior Society51:212/11879
[ ]Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)YMCA5412/11879