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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Myers HallBenches in class rooms problem791/11878
[ ]PranksCollege students everywhere recognized as jolly, fun-loving portion of humanity76:21/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallComplaints are made against people removing papers and periodicals from the reading room78:21/11878
[ ]PranksFire-crackers, noise761/11878
[ ]BibleLiterature of the Bible69:1-21/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall781/11878
[ ]History of WittenbergReminiscences of 184873:21/11878
[ ]Reminiscences of 1848Reminiscences of 1848731/11878
[ ]Student LifeSkating791/11878
[ ]Myers HallImprovements98, 1032/11878
[ ]ClassroomsNotwithstanding hard times, the Recitation rooms have been improved98:1-22/11878
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni should be interested in and in sympathy with every movemnet that pertains to the college141:14/11878
[ ]Literary ContestAnnual contest resumed after a discontinuance of several years145:24/11878
[ ]ExaminationsExaminations to be part oral, part written141:24/11878
[ ]Helwig, Rev. J. B.Gave final Y.M.C.A. lecture; "The King's English"144:14/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall1484/11878
[ ]Graduation requirementsStudents complain of the practice of conferring degree, in cursu, upon those who have not taken the full course143:1-24/11878
[ ]Himes, T. A.The mind is its own place135:1-24/11878
[ ]Wynn, W. H.The morale of study. II133:1-24/11878
[ ]OratorsWestern colleges have excelled in orations141:24/11878
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephBoston lecturer to be in Springfield and Dayton169:25/11878
[ ]Defacing WallsDefacing walls (graffiti)1645/11878
[ ]Crothers, Rev. Samuel C."The gift of Winter," a poem by Crothers at 14 years182:26/11878
[ ]Cook, Rev. JosephOne of finest audiences assembled to hear Cook187:26/11878
[ ]Broadfuehrer, Rev.The founder of a prize to stimulate interst187:1-26/11878
[ ]Chestnut ExcursionChestnut Excursion3311/11878
[ ]ChapelEvening chapel discontinued3111/11878
[ ]ChapelNew plan has been adopted, chapel services being held only in the morning3111/11878
[ ]Helwig, Rev. J. B. Baccalaureate sermon delivered before class of '7841:112/11878
[ ]Wynn, W. H.An antidote of cramming by Prof. Wynn44:1-212/11878
[ ]Ingersoll, Colonel RobertColonel Robert Ingersoll delivered his lecture on "Tramps, or Hard Times and the Way Out"49:1-212/11878
[ ]Geological ExcursionGeological Excursion5312/11878
[ ]GeologyGeology class continues its researches under the direction of Prof. Geiger and dined at the home of George A. Beard53:212/11878
[ ]Ingersoll, Colonel RobertIngersoll lectured in Springfield4912/11878
[ ]Ingersoll, Colonel RobertLecture by Hon. G.R. Wending in criticism of R. Ingersoll's lecture of November 25th5012/11878
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra5312/11878
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Plea for literary support48:112/11878
[ ]CoeducationWitt grows in her appreciation of the lady students50:1-212/11878