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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Storrs, R. S.Amongst the orators27:1-31/11877
[ ]MinistryBeneficiary education26:21/11877
[ ]Evarts, Mr.Evarts amongst the orators27:1-31/11877
[ ]Kepler, JohnKepler's laws25:1-31/11877
[ ]Moorehead, Dr. W. G.One of the literary treats was delivered by Rev. Dr. Moorehead of Xenia Theological Seminary28:31/11877
[ ]Rogers, H.G.Marriage and death in railroad accident382/11877
[ ]Rogers, H.G.Obituary36:22/11877
[ ]Pope, AlexanderPope.34:1-22/11877
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield & Wittenberg362/11877
[ ]Day of PrayerThe day of prayer for colleges as it was spent at Wittenberg36:2-32/11877
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg needs students and money36:1-22/11877
[ ]Alumni Endowment AssociationAlumni Endowment Association51:24/11877
[ ]Alumni Endowment AssociationAlumni Endowment Association514/11877
[ ]Kindling woodKindling wood544/11877
[ ]Literary SocietiesOur soires53:24/11877
[ ]Party, SoireeSocial event Dec. 29, 1873 for students, girls, faculty and wives, town friends534/11877
[ ]LiteratureThe 'sad' in literature50:24/11877
[ ]Uhl, Lemon L.The box from India51:24/11877
[ ]LanguagesThe study of Language52:34/11877
[ ]DegreesHereafter members of class of '74 and following will receive the a.m. degree only on application of the candidate or by a friend60:15/11877
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; CommencementThere will be no alumni addresses at the coming commencement60:15/11877
[ ]CoeducationAdmission of ladies to literary societies66:36/11877
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1877: Class day exercises77:2-36/11877
[ ]CommencementCommencement week76:1-36/11877
[ ]ClassroomsThere is no part of the college building that is more in need of improvement than the Recitation rooms12:12-210/11877
[ ]ClassroomsA plan suggested to raise money for the improvement of the Recitation rooms34:211/11877
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society5812/11877
[ ]Prankstook two seats from athletics5512/11877