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[ ]AdmissionsA Negro was admitted to the Preparatory Dept. of Wittenberg College108:11/11876
[ ]AccidentsAccident to Student1081/11876
[ ]PhilosophyDreams at the dawn of Philosophy1071/11876
[ ]Schwarm, SamuelFell from the second floor to stone steps below108:11/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesInforming judges of what a meagre time was available for preparation takes 1/3 of speaker's alotted time109:21/11876
[ ]Thomas, JacobMr. and Mrs. Jacob Thomas celebrat their fiftieth anniversary of married life. Students remaining over vacation were invited109:21/11876
[ ]Lecture CourseRev. T. T. Everett, Dayton, initiated course; theme is "What shall we do with our girls?"114:21/11876
[ ]Scott, Sir WalterScott and Shakespeare106:1-21/11876
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestSecond contest to be held in Springfield108:11/11876
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield & Wittenberg1071/11876
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSpringfield and Wittenberg College107:21/11876
[ ]Geiger, Prof. H.R."The Volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands"--second lecture delivered117:22/11876
[ ]Alumni AssociationAlumni Association1162/11876
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyCondition of the fund and the manner in which it is used117:22/11876
[ ]Kennan, GeorgeGeorge Kennan lectured on "Vagabond life in the East"117:22/11876
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies1172/11876
[ ]Oratorical ContestOratorical Contest of the Ohio Collegiate Association1162/11876
[ ]Talmage, Rev. T. DeWittRev. T. DeWitt Talmage, after his visit to Wittenberg College, gives his views on the college117:12/11876
[ ]Ohio Collegiate AssociationSecond annual contest116:12/11876
[ ]Oratory; Kent, Laura A.Goethe's Margaret and Helena [prize-winning oration at Ohio Oratical Contest]1:13/11876
[ ]Martin, George E.Historical reading123:23/11876
[ ]Catholic ChurchRomanism in its relation to civil government, a lecture given by Dr. helwig, President of Wittenberg College124:23/11876
[ ]Boarding ClubsThe Saint's Rest Boarding Club is dead. Other clubs mentioned125:23/11876
[ ]Endowment Fund$18,000 secured toward an Alumni Professorship at witt132:24/11876
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)A plea to the alumni for support to make the college journal a success, financially and otherwise132:1-24/11876
[ ]Alumni ProfessorshipAlumni Professorship1324/11876
[ ]Breckenridge, Rev. S.F.Bloody Mary. An apology129:1-24/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesCentennial Literary Society organized by ladies133:24/11876
[ ]Hamma, M. W.Hamma lectures. "Paris"130:14/11876
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1334/11876
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyLibrary fund181:24/11876
[ ]Library FundsLibrary funds in literary societies1314/11876
[ ]Helwig, Rev. J. B.Prepared a brief history of Wittenberg College to be used in the publication of 500 volumes of the history of Ohio colleges for the Centennial133:24/11876
[ ]Catholic ChurchThe "Niagara Index" and Helwig's lecture131:1-24/11876
[ ]Helwig, Rev. J. B.The "Niagra Index" and Dr. Helwig's Lecture131:1-24/11876
[ ]CommencementCommencement week's programs142:15/11876
[ ]DegreesWittenberg's Doctors in prospectus138:25/11876
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1876: Class Day exercises147:26/11876
[ ]CommencementCommencement146:1-26/11876
[ ]ChapelAn increased interest is shown at the morning and evening chapel service5:310/11876
[ ]ChapelFunds made by benefit concert made it possible to refit the chapel5:310/11876
[ ]Boarding ClubsReformed Club has been organized; to be conducted on a strictly cash basis5:210/11876
[ ]Helwig, Rev. J. B.Baccalaureate sermon912/11876
[ ]Helwig, Rev. J. B.Delivered Baccalaureate sermon to class of '7617:112/11876