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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg College261/11875
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOrigin of the college26:21/11875
[ ]Ort, Samuel A.Sophomores surprise professor with gift of gild-headed cane28:11/11875
[ ]Billman, Rev. I.C.The case of Joseph Davis, ex-mayor of Mt. Vernon, vs. Rev. Ira C. Billman for a gross libel29:11/11875
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg College: its origin26:21/11875
[ ]MinistryAn objection to entering the ministry37:22/11875
[ ]History of WittenbergHistory of Wittenberg College342/11875
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOrigin of the college34:12/11875
[ ]Steck, JacobPastor well received at Altoona, Pa. where he presented two sermons38:12/11875
[ ]Inter-Collegiate Oratorical ContestSix colleges were represented in a contest in New York City. All were Eastern Colleges37:12/11875
[ ]Hamma, M. W.The congregation surprised Rev. Hamma with excellent gifts38:12/11875
[ ]Cobb, JayWhat is an oyster?83:22/11875
[ ]FacultyWittenberg College needs fore professors to relieve the overworked faculty36:1-22/11875
[ ]History of WittenbergWittenberg College: its origin34:12/11875
[ ]Hoffman, J. C.An imposter, posing as a Witt student to solicit the sympathy of the unsuspecting to collect funds52:1-24/11875
[ ]MuseumAnother box of specimens. These are from California52:14/11875
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Class of 1853Class of 1853. Leaves of the past. What became of former class mates49:1-24/11875
[ ]Cabinet, CollegeCollege Cabinet524/11875
[ ]Wynn, W. H.Latin pastorals. Virgil's first ecologue rendered into English versy54:14/11875
[ ]Class of 1874; Class GiftsThe large boulder placed on the campus by the Class of 1874 as a memorial is now the only Class Memorial on campus60:15/11875
[ ]Civil EngineeringA new department of instruction. It will be a civil engineering course69:16/11875
[ ]CommencementAnnual ceremonies at Witt76:26/11875
[ ]Class of 1871; Class of 1872; Class GiftsStumps of the evergreens by the classes of 1871 and '72 were removed during Commencement week74:26/11875
[ ]Brewster, AnneA lovely picture. Venice93:29/11875
[ ]Class of 1875The whereabouts of the Class of 187585:110/11875
[ ]Wittenberg CollegePortico on North side of college will soon be a useless relic of a former time101:212/11875
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Resolution passed to have four editors, furnished by Theological and senior class100:112/11875
[ ]AdmissionsThe first admission of a Negro to Wittenberg College101:112/11875
[ ]BibleThe most ancient manuscripts of the bible known are the Sinaiticus Codex and the Codex Vaticanus100:212/11875
[ ]Star and Crescent SocietyThe Star and Crescent Sociey entertain a public performance in their hall100:212/11875