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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Commencement...Glories of Top Loftical college (it is a thrust at the pompousness of the Commencement)3:210/11873
[ ]CommencementCommencement addresses delivered by writers, politicians, statesmen instead of by ministers and theologians5:110/11873
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeA year of prosperity20:1-212/11873
[ ]PranksBy gone days18:1-212/11873
[ ]Hufford, R. W.Charles Bradlaugh19:212/11873
[ ]Stuckenberg, J. H. W.Entertains the members of his class on Thanksgiving evening21:112/11873
[ ]Mooney, ProfExtract from an address delivered before the New York Antiquarian Society by Professor Mooney19:1-212/11873
[ ]Hamma, M. W.Hamma lectures on Egypt and the Holy Land2112/11873
[ ]Belmer, Rev. Dr. H.B.Man the image of God18:212/11873
[ ]Grosscup, D.P.Modocery18:112/11873
[ ]Wynn, W. H.The friendship of Goethe and Schiller21:112/11873
[ ]Ernsberger, C.S.The literary element in sermons17:212/11873
[ ]National Lutheran Sunday School Convention at BusyrusWittenberg was well represented at this first national Lutheran Sunday school convention22:112/11873
[ ]Endowment FundWittenberger hopes that friends will donate liberally toward support of Witt similar to what other colleges have received during the past year21:212/11873