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[ ]Reunions; Class of 1964A 50th Reunion for the Class of 1964 37Fall 20142014
[ ]Stafford, TomAn alum's-eye view: So many ideas, so little time 48Fall 20142014
[ ]Charney, EdwardCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Choy, HowardCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Collier, Kristen;Tune, Rachel;Doubt, Keith;Reynolds, PatrickCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Daniel McInnisCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Dawson, SteveCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Fortner, SarahCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Martin, Thomas P.Campus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Pederson, CathyCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Post, GinaCampus Notes 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Rosenberg, ScottCampus Notes 13Fall 20142014
[ ]Smith, Matthew J.Campus Notes 13Fall 20142014
[ ]Wagner, BrookeCampus Notes 13Fall 20142014
[ ]Agler, Brian M.Class Notes 31:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Bachelder, Lara B.Class Notes 36:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Baker, Madison E.;Weide, Jacob M.Class Notes 38:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Besser, Warren T.Class Notes 32:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Biehl, Alec M.Class Notes 38:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Bridge, William A.Class Notes 32:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Campbell, Amy;Gwin, Nancy ReynoldsClass Notes 31:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Cooperrider, Kurt F.Class Notes 38:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Dougherty, John E. IIIClass Notes 36:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Elber, Kristin M.;Erenpreiss, Matthew S.Class Notes 38:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Ford, Anne E.Class Notes 32:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Frew, Lori A.Class Notes 32:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Frye, Richard A.Class Notes 31:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Godbold, James B.Class Notes 36:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Hanners, Michelle L;Huffman, Andrew J.Class Notes 36:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Heller, Nicole A.Class Notes 36:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Himes, Lance D.Class Notes 32:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Hirt, Andrew J.Class Notes 36:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Hoffman Foradori, MeganClass Notes 36:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Homrighausen, Jean A.Class Notes 31:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Hubert, Kate E.Class Notes 38:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Ipjian, Andrea N.Class Notes 38:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Irvine, Barbara E.Class Notes 31:1Fall 20142014
[ ]james, Heather J.Class Notes 36:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Knapp, Jeffrey H.Class Notes 32:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Kuhn, Amy N.;Lamar, Michael K.Class Notes 38:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Lang, Peter W.Class Notes 31:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Moberg, Stephen A.Class Notes 38:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Rose, Kevin R.Class Notes 36:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Schirr, Christine "Kiki" M.Class Notes 36:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Scott, Katherine WestlundClass Notes 36:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Stewart, Craig A.Class Notes 31:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Symons, Courtney M.Class Notes 38:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Wichman, Jeffrey A.Class Notes 32:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Wolgast, Steven G.Class Notes 38:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Wood, FrankClass Notes 32:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Ziff, AnnClass Notes 31:1Fall 20142014
[ ]SPARK Conference;Duraj, JonCreating a Spark: First-ever conference focuses on maximizing one's journey 8Fall 20142014
[ ]Croci, MattCroci joins Athletics staff 17Fall 20142014
[ ]Petee, Madeline;Internships;Medical policy -- United StatesD.C. Internship enhances student's success 9Fall 20142014
[ ]Waggoner, Catherine;Distinguished Teaching AwardsDistinguished Teacher 24Fall 20142014
[ ]Apps;Alumni RelationsDownload the Evertrue App Today 38Fall 20142014
[ ]Spargo, R. Clifton;Kent and Mimi Dixon ProfessorshipFaculty Q&A: R. Clifton Spargo, Dixon Professor in Creative Writing 13Fall 20142014
[ ]Kaku, Michio;Leventhal Lecture;Wittenberg SeriesFamed physicist presents Leventhal Lecture 8Fall 20142014
[ ]Hunter, Jeremy;Wittenberg SeriesFinding your Way: Why moments matter 50Fall 20142014
[ ]Mack, Kelly;Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM);Ritzi, Katharine;Stewart, Zach;Steele, AndrewHand in hand: ELCA's young adults in global mission program attracts alumni as it redefines community service 27Fall 20142014
[ ]Ajango, Helmut;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Amundson, Ellard "Andy" K.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Arnholt, Robert C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Asquith, Harry W. Jr.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Bales, Frank;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Barkenquast, Edith Barnes;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Barnhart, Frances Thackara;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Barth, Allan G.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Bell, Michelle Rickle;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Bennett, Virginia Mills;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Beymer, John T.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Bigelow, Dorothy Klester;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Blohm, William R.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Brennan, Margaret "Peggy" Jensen;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Brennan, Thomas J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Brubaker, Lucy Lenhert;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Burns, Alice Hall;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Choate, Katie A.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Claggett, James C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Confer, Sue Ann Creamer;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Daugherty, Beverly Kimball;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Degenhardt, Virginia "Jinni" Paxson;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Dickey, Coe H. JR.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Drescher, Adam J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:2Fall 20142014
[ ]DuMont, Carolyn Reagan Nockangost;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Ervin, Marian Jones;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Facklam, Robert D.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Fehl, Rev. Bruce A.;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Ferguson, Carol Ehrhardt;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Finsley, Charles E.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Ford, Henry W.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Frick, William G. Sr.;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Gibson, Calder III;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Gibson, W. Ray;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Goodwyn, Malinda Smith;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Gootee, Ann Lannert;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Gray, Beverly Kastberg;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Hanes, Carol Harvitt;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Hanes, Eldon C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Hanes, Helen "Copey" Copenhaver;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Hashim, Nancy McDill;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Heldeloff,William R.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Hitt, Gretcehn Metzger;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Hochstettler, Sharon Kerentoff;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Hohnsbein, Reinhold;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Holler, Albert "Bert" G.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Hong, Song Ho;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:2Fall 20142014
[ ]John, Larry D. St.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Johnsrud, Judith H.;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Keenan, Janet Lehman;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Kendig, Carol Elliott;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Kennedy, J. Paul;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Kimpel, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey K.In Memoriam 45:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Kinsell, R. Harriet Cornell Harrington;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Klapproth, Mildred Osborne;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Knight, Jean Paquette;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Kurz, William H.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Lignell, Rev. Robert J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Lodge, G. Peter;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Long, Phillip D.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Long, Stephen W.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Ludtke, Patricia Puchinger;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Matthies, Roland C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:3Fall 20142014
[ ]McGillivray, Gary L.;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Meckstroth, Glenna Davenport;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Meister, Shirley Arnette;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Miller, Harlan J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Monk. Edith J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Murphy. J. Gregory;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:2Fall 20142014
[ ]O'Connor, Evan P.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Oswald, Thomas D.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Parker, Richard A.;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Pascoe, Charles "Chuck" T. Jr.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Patslavos, Perry C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Peterson, Thomas J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Raile, Hermann J.;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Rebhorn, James R.;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Richardson, Mary Clark;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Roettger, Margaret Westcott;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Roth, Margaret "Molly" Fleischer;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Ruf, Mark W.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Ruff, Cynthia Hill;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Scharf, Rev. David L.;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Schlesinger, James R.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Schneider, Shirley K.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Shaeffer, Helen Gibson;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Sher, E. Jane Fisher Hadesty;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Sherman, Rev. Dr. Wayne L.;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Simojoki, Rev. Martti I.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Snellings, A. Benjamin;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Snyder, Rev. Roger C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Spring, Robert;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Stewart, Rev. Russell L.;DeathsIn Memoriam 42:4Fall 20142014
[ ]Stoll, Phillip G.;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Tafaro, Joseph W. Jr.;DeathsIn Memoriam 46:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Velloney, Robert T.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Weber, Paul E.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:4Fall 20142014
[ ]White, John N.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:4Fall 20142014
[ ]White, Smyre;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Widner, Albert "Abbie" E.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Wirth, Velowr Schmucker;DeathsIn Memoriam 39:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Wolff, Peter H.;DeathsIn Memoriam 43:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Wolford, Rev. Thomas E.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Wood, Barbara Niederwimmer;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Yeager, James S.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:3Fall 20142014
[ ]Young, Dorothy Matz;DeathsIn Memoriam 41:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Young, Eric "Rick" C.;DeathsIn Memoriam 45:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Zimmerman, herbert H.;DeathsIn Memoriam 44:1Fall 20142014
[ ]Zinck, Rev. Frederick W.;DeathsIn Memoriam 40:2Fall 20142014
[ ]Integrated Media Corps;Ohio Communication Association (OCA)Innovative Communication Program Recognized 6Fall 20142014
[ ]Athletics;Business Department;DonationsInvestment in areas of competitive advantage 7Fall 20142014
[ ]Parker, Adam;Awards;Mathematical Association of America (MAA)Math professor earns national award 9Fall 20142014
[ ]Benne, Patricia Richmond;Herman, Ruth;Lakso, James J.;Teeter, Ryan P.;Coates, Terence R.;Wise, Kori EastmanMeet the 2014 Alumni Award Winners 33Fall 20142014
[ ]Strategic PlanMission-driven strategy defines future path 7Fall 20142014
[ ]Mitchell, Fred;Awards;Alumnae/Alumni;Alumnae/AlumniMitchell honored by Chicago Sports Museum 17Fall 20142014
[ ]Admissions;Class of 2018Multiple Admission metrics achieved as Class of 2018 arrives on campus 6Fall 20142014
[ ]Price, Bert;BasketballOhio Basketball Hall of Fame to Induct Alumnus 14Fall 20142014
[ ]Joyner, Laurie M.;Girl ScoutsPresident Earns Woman of Distinction Award 5Fall 20142014
[ ]President's Leadership Academy;AdmissionsPresident's Leadership Academy benefits recruitment 8Fall 20142014
[ ]Rosenberg, Scott;LesothoRosenberg appointed honorary consul to Lesotho 9Fall 20142014
[ ]Athletic Department - Hall of Honor;Jenkins, Kathy Aros;Carter, Dwight;Dowds, Mike;Imhoff, Chuck;Kraus, Amy;Moore, DavidSix Tiger greats inducted into Wittenberg's Athletics Hall of Honor 15Fall 20142014
[ ]ChoirSpring Choir Schedule 36Fall 20142014
[ ]Crispin, Jon;Photography;Alumnae/AlumniStory in a Suitcase 18Fall 20142014
[ ]Grants;Zembar, Mary Jo;Duraj, JonStudent Success: Nearly $200,000 in funding looks to eliminate barriers to degree completion 6Fall 20142014
[ ]Cherry, TianaThe Wittenberg Fund 49Fall 20142014
[ ]Campus ClimateUniversity continues to focus on campus climate 7Fall 20142014
[ ]ForbesUniversity Named a Forbes' #MyTopCollege 5Fall 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Lacrosse - Men;Nelson, Andy;Nelson, Andrew J.Wittenberg Men's Lacrosse honors alumnus with new team awards 16Fall 20142014
[ ]Rohner, Nick;TennisWittenberg welcomes new tennis Head Coach 14Fall 20142014
[ ]St. Pierre, Nicole;Lacrosse - WomenWittenberg welcomes St. Pierre as Women's Lacrosse Head Coach 17Fall 20142014
[ ]Travel;Travel abroadWittWorld: See where we go [photos] 12Fall 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Hurley, Jeanine;Donley, Sarah;Lee, Tami Rakestraw;Slaw, Renee;Phillips, Amy Heaney;Brill, Christine Gosnell;Sandberg, Susan Sechrest;Blount, Margaret Williams;Lott, Kristen Smith;[Photo]... Alpha Xi reunion in Myrtle Beach. 35:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Fisher, Drew;Duffy, Michael;[Photo]... The Ohio State University, where Fisher received his white coat upon completion of his first year in the Colle of Optometry's four-year program and Duffy earned his master of accountancy. 43:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/AlumniAlumni Chapters Underway 38:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Winfield, Cory;Alumnae/AlumniAlumni Support Cory Winfield '00 After Life-Altering Injury 15:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Zulauf, Barry A.;[Photo]Barry A. Zulauf '79 is the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Chair at National Intelligence University. 35:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Chan, Shelley;Choy, Howard;Clemens, Will;Cline, KristinCampus Notes 12:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Dooley, Scott;Evans, Kevin;Finster, David;Fortner, Sarah;McHugh, NancyCampus Notes 12:2Spring 20142014
[ ]McClelland, Michael;Medvedkov, Olga;Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer;Rambo, Jody;Smith, Matthew J.Campus Notes 13:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Nibert, David;Lenz, Ralph;Martin, Thomas P.Campus Notes 12:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Stickney, Alan;Tune, Andy;Waggoner, Catherine;Warber, KatieCampus Notes 13:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Whitlock, Tracy;Yontz, Brian;Wilson, Rachel;Zaleha, MichaelCampus Notes 13:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Houseknecht, JustinChemistry Professor Flips Class 7:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Ayer, Mitchell E.;Graham, Melva Treffinger;McVicker, Barbara WilerClass Notes 34:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Beegle-Levin, Isabelle;Bergman, Emily R.;Bickel, Alexandra J.;Bildsten, Kirsten M.;Brandt, Alex H.Class Notes 44:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Bourke, Elizabeth A.;Dooley, Sean;Boye-Arthur, Isaac;Schmitt, Karl R.;Thompson, Tabitha M.;Wilson, Lauren E.;Harris, Clare Bucheit;Campbell, Jena Buchhop;Holbein, Chad N.;Pike, Tarah D.Class Notes 44:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Cassel, Lauren E.;Cengel, Lauren M.;Cheney, Logan E.;Clark, Taylor A.;Crosby, Emma C.;DeCourcy, Michael R.;Dolvin, Andrew G.Class Notes 45:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Davis II, Ryan R.;Engdahl, Alaina L.;Fishman, Emily;Mori, Thomas H.;Muir, Andrew J.;Price, Jonathan M.Class Notes 46:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Dean, Tanya West;Marty, Daniel P.;Zulauf, Barry A.Class Notes 35:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Demarest, William M;LaRue, David J.Class Notes 39:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Domiano, Kari A.;Douglass, Bradford G.;Dubuc, Darcy M.;Duffy, Michael S.;Duke, Brian T.;Class Notes Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Efta, Jack A.;Loeffler, Peter A.Class Notes 35:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Eley, Greg A.;Ellis, Kelsey Grine;Farny, Catherine F.;Ferris, James S.;Gion, George J.;Gratz, Kristen N.;Gustafson, Gretchen L.Class Notes 45:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Hannon, Keaton M.;Hively, Janelle J.;Hura, Lauren T.;Iden, Samantha T.;Jones, Abbey C.;Kirby, Meredith T.;Kuerbitz, Catherine M.;Kurzawa, Cathryn L.;Lawrence, Kali A.;Lee, Rachel G.;Lloyd, Caitlin G.;Makhija, Nishant K.;Makstaller, Dana C.Class Notes 45:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Hutchins, Amy Ray;Stewart, Barbara A.;Potts, Craig A.;Zalewski, Christopher S.;Clark, Shelli TurnerClass Notes 41:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Jackson, Theodore S.;McCoy, Joshua G.;Palmer, Andrew C.;Rose, Kevin R.Class Notes 43:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Juhasz, Mark;Pedraza, Kerry L.Class Notes 42:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Kneen, Kurtis R.;Lipke, Tamara B.;Kaufman, Kurt A.;Drabik, Stanley D.Class Notes 39:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Kovacs, Kristian M.;McKinniss, Sara B.;Reiber, Kraig W.;Anderson, Neil T.;Reinberg, Michael C.;Steele, Andrew G.;Tingley, Molly A.;Tinney, Kaitlyn A.;Graham, Michelle L.;Montgomery, Michael J.;Pechawer, Marisa L.;Schick, Adam T.Class Notes 44:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Lakso, James J.;Janson, William A.Class Notes 34:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Martin, Anna E.;Meszaros, John M.;Mohr, John E.;Newman, Elizabeth A.;Nolan, Kacia C.;Parker, Victoria J.;Robertson, Hadley J.;Rose, Nicole L.;Rubbico, Brittany L.;Schaafsma, Jennifer L.;Schreck, Sara E.;Shearer, Kristen M.;Shipley, Amanda LClass Notes 46:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Miller, Jeffrey L.Class Notes 41:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Miller, Rodney L.;Stenross, Barbara J.Class Notes 34:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Porter, John C.;Schalnat, Matthew C.;Thomas, Aric J.;Fike, Chris;Hissrich, Lauren SchmidtClass Notes 42:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Reck, Gregory J.;Zimman, Martin O.;Clare, Suzanne R.;Cukier, Kenneth N.;DebBurman, Shubhik K.Class Notes 41:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Reel, Jeffrey T.;Edwards, William D.;Schillinger, Lisa Sammetinger;Smith, Melissa HollenbacherClass Notes 39:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Reis, Robert L.;Crawford, Ralph W.;Crawford, Sarah Spears;Weinberg, John H.Class Notes 34:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Rowland-Raybold, Roberta;Schmalze, Aaron C.;Thompson, Charles D.;Houchens, Kathryn A.Class Notes 43:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Silva, Elyssa M.;To, Kevin D.;Weaver, Anya N.;Wendroth, Heepke J.;Westmoreland, Patrick R.Class Notes 46:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Simon, Sheila J.;Matevia, Marilyn L.Class Notes 39:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Simpson, Christine E.;Smith, Julia M.;Strimple, Hilary T.;Touzinsky, Katherine F.;Wason, Brittany M.;Weber, Ashley E.;Weide, Jacob M.;Williams, Matthew J.;Zentarski, Allison M.;Ziton, Maria A.;Zkiab, Ashley M.;Zmina, Stephanie E.Class Notes 46:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Southward, Wayne E.;Vannett, Michael R.;George Jr., James F.;Zimmann, Robyn L.;Hupp, Alicia Sweet;Nyblade, Andrew A.Class Notes 38:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Spaid, Sarah E.;Berger, Alexander F.;Berger, Jessica Forsberg;Howe, Shannon D.Class Notes 43:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Staudt, Adam;Mirlisena, Kevin M.;Smith, Adrianne L.;Bick, Cassie J.;Lenarz, Debra E.;Elliott, Amanda M.Class Notes 43:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Steiner, Nicholas J.;Aylward, Laura L.;Bays, Sam C.;Beach, Kaitlyn J.;Ator, BryceClass Notes 44:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Tarbet, Jeffrey J.;Carpenter III, John T.;Siegel, David M.Class Notes 35:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Teusink, Allyson;Bishop, Stacy H.;Fike, Chris;Tisher, Lori;Bruce-Staudt, AlexisClass Notes 42:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Way, Jennifer L.;Fabyan, Stephen G.;Mackie, Kathleen L.;Rastauskas, Stacia A.;Cassell, Deborah J.Class Notes 42:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Zulauf, Barry A.;[Photo];Ray, Julie Klink;Keener, Kurt R.;Kennedy, Richard L.Class Notes 35:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Berger, Alexander F.;Berger, Jessica Forsberg;[Photo]Class of '04 alumni Alexander F. and Jessica Forsberg Berger attended a Formula One Race in Austin, Texas. 41:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Budget;Joyner, Laurie M.;Integrated Planning and Budget Committee (IPBC)Committee Seeks to Advance University Priorities 6:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Fortner, Sarah;Fortner, Sarah;Columbus, Ohio's Center for Science and Industry (COSI)COSI Collaboration Reflects Innovative Learning 7:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Business Department; Kaplan, Tom; School of Community Education (SCE)Diversification - New Programs Enhance Curriculum 6:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Earth Week;Hoff, RuthEarth Week Celebrated on Campus 9:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Empty Bowls;Dooley, Scott;Dumestorf, JamesEmpty Bowls Reaches New Record 11:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Dixon, Kent;Dixon, Mimi;English Department;Spargo, R. CliftonEndowment Honors Emeriti Professors Kent and Mimi Dixon 9:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Rusnak, Eric;Pankhurst, Jerry;[Photo]Erik Rusnak '00 and Professor of Sociology Jerry Pankhurst visited the Department for International Students at Pskov State University in Pskov, Russia... 39:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Joyner, Laurie M.;Wittenberg UniversityForward 16:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Neely, Pam;Visosky, Linda Porter;Morrison, Jan Vantilburg;Demattio, Gail Fuller;Zeck, Pam Tuke;Benedict, Janet Frye;[Photo]Gamma Phis ... gathered at Neely's summer home in Lake Leann, Mich. for the 20th annual reunion of the Sugar Pack Open. 34:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Bjorson, Brian L.;Neiman, Howard E.;Sigman, Burley J.;Bumbalough, Kathryn Griffin;Andrews, David B.In Memoriam 54:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Buck Jr., Thomas E.;Curl, Phyllis Bailey;Lockman Jr., Philip A.;Stoner, John E.In Memoriam 49:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Buford, Philip W.;Mills, Dearls T.;Vandegrift, Linda FawcettIn Memoriam 54:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Cable, Betty French;Brumagin, Geraldine Samson;Guyton, Ruth E.;Laughbon, Ellen Saum;Laughbon, Ladd D.;Merkling, Genevieve Rumbarger;Merkling, John L.;Scott, Jane WillisIn Memoriam 48:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Cox, William E.;Velt, George H.;Archer, Martha Funk;Jessop, Martha GainesIn Memoriam 48:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Cramer, Dwila Harvey;Haus, Rev. Robert L.In Memoriam 51:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Eckstein, Everett E.;Readey, John A.;Sulanke, Barbara BarkleyIn Memoriam 53:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Eichelberger, James W.;Jung, Louis A.;Lohnes, Robert A.;Pride, Laurene Fenton;Strain, Erika SchneiderIn Memoriam 51:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Evans, Dorothy Lewis;Brown, Josephine Shank;Means, Ernest;Schreck, Clifford L.In Memoriam 49:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Gilanyi, Barbara Searing;Bourne, Robert C.;Fussner, Ralph H.;Johnson, Dianne SearsIn Memoriam 52:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Grimes, Alton O.;Owens, James M.;Robbins, Electa WilsonIn Memoriam 50:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Holmes, Caroline J.;Wells, Kenneth E.In Memoriam 54:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Holms, Andris;Williams, Kathryn Cosby;Boate, Terry D.In Memoriam 52:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Jones, Howard E.;Lindemann, Robert F.;Murch, Phyllis Jacobs;Sperr, Donald G.;Stoughton, Donald W.In Memoriam 50:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Miller, Marjorie L.;Smith, George N.;Strassberger, Barbara KnudtenIn Memoriam 48:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Morse, Edwin L.;Pugh, Spencer L.;Steckler, Brooke Helriegel;Fortney, James M.;Gerbick, Robert J.;Newman, Judith PellensIn Memoriam 52:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Preis, Rev. Dr. Richard I.;Duff, Benny Arnold;Healy, Rev. Elwood K.;Walker, Carol DerrIn Memoriam 51:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Rhyne, Charles S.;Smith, Allen B.;Smith, Jo Ann TritchlerIn Memoriam 50:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Richard, John C.;Schoo, Rev. Ronald E.In Memoriam 51:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Rockwell, Ronald E.;Thompson, Dr. Theodore R.;Duncan, Ronald N.In Memoriam 53:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Schlichting, Helene Meier;Pfeifer Jr., Paul;Hoge, A. WesleyIn Memoriam 47:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Sjostrom, Conny J.;Harsmanka, Lucille H.;Schendel, Jack R.;Zelinski, David L.;Farrar, Brian L.In Memoriam 53:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Smith, Joseph C.;Budlong, Irene Genner;Green, Denis C.;Latal, Rev. Kenneth O.In Memoriam 50:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Stough, Betty Sipes;Smeltzerr, L. Jane Harstead;Wilson, Ruth Cochran;Probst, Richard E.;Strubel, Charles L.In Memoriam 47:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Swanson, Joanne Smith Jones;Schiller-Thill, Kathleen Whisler;Wilkins, James E.In Memoriam 49:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Ulgener, Carol Stevens;Coons, Ernest T.;Grindle, Robert P.;Hertler Sr., Donald R.In Memoriam 49:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;White, Betty Jo Turner Swope;Henderson, Reba Montgomery;Carvelas, James L.In Memoriam 48:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Winkler, Rev. Edward T.;Brewer, Rev. Donald RingsIn Memoriam 52:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Wise, Glenn D.;Flesner, Ruth Flack;Gumz, Caroline CullerIn Memoriam 47:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Wolfe, Randel L.In Memoriam 54:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Young, Roberta Maxwell;Craig, Deborah Sell;Cady, Thalia D.;Lukesic, Mark J.In Memoriam 53:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Technology;Social MediaIntroducing the Alumni Mobile App 45:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Rebhorn, James;ActorsJames Rebhorn '70 Leaves Legacy 47:4Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;David Hawley Associates;DonationsJoin the David Hawley Associates! 46:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Reiber, Kraig;[Photo]Kraig Reiber '09 after completing the Hudelpohl 14K Brewery Run in Cincinnati, Ohio 42:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Liberal Arts;Livingstone, AmyLiberal Arts in Action - Second Annual Celebration of Learning Highlights Academic Excellence 10:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Clark, Erik;Clark, Shelli Turner;Hissrich, Lauren Schmidt;Harris, Clare Bucheit;Clare, Suzanne;Way, Jennifer;Schillinger, Lisa Sammetinger;Rastauskas, Stacy;[Photos]Lil Tigers 40:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Livingstone, AmyLiving History - Medieval Expert Named H. Orth Hirt Chair 8:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Gerboth, Karen;Alumnae/Alumni;Ritter, John;Yoh, Shoei;Joyner, Laurie M.Marrow of Life 4:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Wilson, Eric L.;Stafford, TomMeeting Math Head-On With Heart - Toms Stafford '76 Remembers Professor Eric Wilson 56:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Gregory, Michelle;[Photos]Michelle Gregory '13 and her former team from Rober Rothschild Farm took 2nd place at the 2013 rbana Chili Cook-Off... 44:3Spring 20142014
[ ]Innovation Task Force (ITF);Joyner, Laurie M.New Task Force Focuses on Innovation and Revenue Generation 8:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Ritter, John;[Photo]Ohio Professor of the Year - John Ritter makes active inquiry come to life inside the classroom and in the field Front CoverSpring 20142014
[ ]de Verona, Donna;Steinbrink, William H.;Hobby, Robert;Alumnae/Alumni;Alumnae/AlumniOlympian, Business Leader and Composer To Be Honored at Commencement 5:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Yoh, Shoei;Architecture;Japan;Alumnae/AlumniOutside the Box 30:1Spring 20142014
[ ]McInnis, Dan;Photography;Art DepartmentPhotography Students Study in New York City 6:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Bates, Wes;Bates, Ann;Athletic Facilities;Alumnae/AlumniPlanning Underway for New Indoor Multi-Purpose Facility 14:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Montag, Melissa;Montag, Ken;Montag, Margie Weinstiger;Montag, Connie;Van Deusen, SarahRemembering Their Daughter 41:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Roope, Jeff;GolfRoope Breaks Ground With Tandem Coaching Honors 14:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Beckett, Haley;Fulbright ScholarsSenior Heads To China On Fulbright 11:2Spring 20142014
[ ]Student Alumni Board (SAB)Student Alumni Board Forms 10:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Duraj, Jon;Ambassadors ProgramStudent Ambassadors to Aid in Seamless Transition 8:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Green Wittenberg;Fortner, SarahSustainability Initiative Receives $50,000 In Funding 6:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Ritter, JohnTeaching Excellence 22:1Spring 20142014
[ ]McClain, William A.;Matthies, RolandTwo Centenarians Leave Legacies 10:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Lutheran Church;Darcy Dillahunt, SuzanneWeaver Chapel Site for Historic Bishop Installation 8:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Houchens, Kathryn;Rowland-Raybold, Roberta;Smith, Adrianne;Wilson, Lauren;Elliott, Amanda;Fisher, Brendan;Fisher, Debby Muller;Wendt, Emily;Weller, Erin;Boss, Melanie;Bishop, Stacy;Fike, Chris;Tisher, Lori;[Photos]Weddings 36:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Kovacs, Kristian;Schmitt, Karl;Schilderink, Chandley;McAnulty, Kate;Weinbrecht, Brian;Kalista, Heather;Davis, Tim;Matthews, Lorraine;Mapp, Natasha;Waller, Meloni;Bick, Joe;Marenchin, Amanda;Wolgast, Steven;Mitchell, Sanford;Pechawer, MarisaWeddings 37:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Barth, Amanda Peters;May, Brian;Tuke, Jeremy;Wilson, MaryAnn CeravoloWelcome To The Newest Alumni Board Members 42:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Williams, Gary;Athletic Director;Joyner, Laurie M.Williams Tapped to Lead Athletics 7:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Touzinsky, Katherine;Wittenberg - Relationship with Wittenberg, Germany;Study Abroad;Bennett, Tim;Barry, Dave;Bond, Virginia;Drewsen, JonathanWitt in Wittenberg 26:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Basketball - Men;Alumnae/Alumni;[Photos]Wittenberg Men's Basketball Welcomes 1963, 1993 Teams Home 15:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Purnell, Garnett;Athletic DirectorWittenberg Salutes Retired AD Garnett Purnell 15:1Spring 20142014
[ ]Wittenberg SeriesWittenberg Series Wraps Up 11:2Spring 20142014