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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS)'We Are Wittenbergers'2 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Huffman, DaleAdventurous Reporter Gets the NewsWA 12Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Leipper, Dr. DoleAlumnus Joins Faculty of Postgraduate SchoolWA 21Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Rinehart, Dr. RobertAlumnus Joiuns Faculty of Postgraduate SchoolWA 21Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Jones, LaryAround the CampusWA 13:1Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Kinnison, Dr. WilliamAround the CampusWA 13:1Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Zimmann, Rev. Dr. WilliamAround the CampusWA 13:1Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Hillerrich, Rev. DonaldAroung the CampusWA 13:1Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Buhl, Capt. Paul C.Capt. Paul C. Buhl Cited for Meritorious Service22:3 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Dawson, WayneCommander-In-Chief by Wednesday28:1 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Flinner, JackCOSIP: The Story Behing a Government GrantWA 7Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Burgner, Dr. E.W.Dr. E.W. Burgner Joins Sports Hall of Fame21:3 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast Asia Area Focus10 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Swanger, EugeneEast Asia Area FocusWA 10Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Crosby, OtisEducation Association Honors Otis A. Crosby21:3 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Zimmerman, F.K.F.K. Zimmerman Assumes New Synod PositionWA 22:1Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Mitchell, FredFootball Players Are....Wa 15:2Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Ingulli, CharlesIngulli Is a Hero Again; Receives Silver StarWA 22:2Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Feltz, JimSmall PackagesWA 14:1Jan/Feb 19691969
[ ]Wittenberg Board of Directorsthe Wittenberg Board and How it Grew...16 WAJan/Feb 19691969
[ ]JapanAn Insight for JapaneseWA 2Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Norman, WilliamBill Norman Receives Federal Agency AwardWA 13:1Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethDr. Kenneth Andeen Assumes Office6 WAJul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Unckrick, WilliamLt. William Unckrich Receives Air MedalWA 13:2Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Flack, Rev. Dr. Elmer E.Northwestern Seminary Honors Dr. E. E. FlackWA 13:1Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Thomas, Rev. Dr. CarlOesterlen Building Named in Honor of Carl ThomasWA 13:2Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Lagos, TomStraight `A' Student Completes Four Years in OneWA 7Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Security OfficeStudy following Campus Death Effects Changes in Security14 WAJul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Green, MerrittTwo Alumni Elected to Top Ohio Bar OfficeWA 13:3Jul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Brown, BitnerTwo Alumni to Top Ohio Bar Offices13:3 WAJul/Aug 19691969
[ ]Favole, JuanA Valuable bridge to the Southern HemisphereWA 10Mar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethBoard of Directors Elects University President2 WAMar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Wittenberg Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors Elects University President2 WAMar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Albright, DavidHe Works for the Good of the Community21 WAMar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Starkey, StanMr. Versatility......WA 24:1Mar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Alumni AssociationOur Association in Action12 WAMar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Crang, RichardWe Can Watch the Molecule16 WAMar/Apr 19691969
[ ]Remsberg, JuliaA Student Views the University SceneWA 5May/Jun 19691969
[ ]Edwards, BillBill Edwards Passes head Coaching Job to Dave Maurer3 WAMay/Jun 19691969
[ ]Maurer, DaveBill Edwards Passes Head Coaching Job to Dave MaurerWA 3May/Jun 19691969
[ ]Musselman, BillBill Musselman Wins Coach-of-the-Year TitleWA 24:2May/Jun 19691969
[ ]Barger, FloydFloyd Barger Edits nation's Largest Daily Newspaper4 WAMay/Jun 19691969
[ ]Henkle, GeorgeGeorge Henkle Lauded for Conservation EffortsWA 24:3May/Jun 19691969
[ ]Hayes, CharlesHayes Named Top Editor of Paddock PublicationsWA 24:1May/Jun 19691969
[ ]Armstrong, NeilAstronaut Conducts `Kids Conference'10 WANov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Blount, Dr. GeneDr. Blount Manages New Xerox Venture13:1 WANov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethDr. G. Kenneth Andeen is Inaugurated as University President3 WANov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Starkey, Dr. PaulDr. Paul E. Starkey named Dental School ChairmanWA 11:2Nov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Sheriff, Dr. RobertDr. R.E. Sheriff Receives Society's Gold MedalWA 13:3Nov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Janosek, GeraldGerald Janosek Gets New Fund Raising DutiesWA 11:1Nov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Seibert, Lt. Cdr. JohnLt. Cdr. Seibert Awarded Bronze Star MedalWA 13:3Nov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Maddux, DonRepresentative Maddux is Only Freshman MemberWA 11:1Nov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Zimmerman, RichardZimmerman Articles Reprinted by Plain DealerWA 13:1Nov/Dec 19691969
[ ]Arnold, Dr. HaroldATO Magazine Lauds Career of Dr. Arnold3:2 WASep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Dressel, Dr. PaulDr. P.L. Dressel to Head Education Association3:2 WASep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Nelson, Dr. WaldoDr. Waldo Nelson Receives AMA AwardWA 3:1Sep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Lebold, AdrianLCA Honors A.G. Lebold for Scouting ActivitesWA 3:1Sep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Andeen, Dr. G. KennethPresident's Inauguration is Nov. 232 WASep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Rennels, JohnThe Customer is Always RightWA 7Sep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Haskins, RobertThey Know the ScoreWA 4Sep/Oct 19691969
[ ]Koppenhaver, Dr. AllenThey Know the ScoreWA 4Sep/Oct 19691969