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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Hartje, Dr. Robert'Old Ghosts in New Shadows'WA 2Jan/Feb 19671967
[ ]Pfinster, Allen G.Freshman Seminar 1966WA 6Jan/Feb 19671967
[ ]Pfnister, Allen O.Freshmen SeminarWA 6Jan/Feb 19671967
[ ]Schlump, John O.ArtWA 2Jul/Aug 19671967
[ ]FootballHistory ofWA 18Jul/Aug 19671967
[ ]Art DepartmentSchlump, John O.2 WAJul/Aug 19671967
[ ]Nave, Floyd R.'Challenge of Today for Tomorrow'WA 2Mar/Apr 19671967
[ ]Geology DepartmentChallenge of Today for TommorowWA 2Mar/Apr 19671967
[ ]Bloomhardt, Paul F.Education in an Age of Revolution14 WAMar/Apr 19671967
[ ]Music DepartmentMusic School Moves to Krieg HallWA 2May/Jun 19671967
[ ]Thompson, Ralston C.Three Return after Sabtacal LeavesaWA 13May/Jun 19671967
[ ]Bodenberg, Emmett T.Three Return From Sabatical Leave13 WAMay/Jun 19671967
[ ]Sterewalt, LutherThree Return from Sabatical LeavesWA 13May/Jun 19671967
[ ]Morris, Dr. EarlEarl F. Morris HonoredWA 8Nov/Dec 19671967
[ ]Norris, Tracy H.Education, Change and EternityWA 2Nov/Dec 19671967
[ ]Edwards, Bill'Make the Little Men Think They're Big Men'5 WASep/Oct 19671967
[ ]Koppenhaver, Allen J.Exeter Third TermWA 2Sep/Oct 19671967