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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Zimmerman LibraryOne of the most attractive buildings on campus97:1-24/11893
[ ]Zimmerman LibraryA short history of the library3:2-34/111918
[ ]Zimmerman Librarywill be enlarged. College faculty and Board of Directors subscribe large sums1:311/181920
[ ]Library; Zimmerman LibraryAddition to Library to Open About Jan. 1st: New Part to Have Capacity For 35,000 Volumes; Valuable Books Are Found in Library1:510/301924
[ ]Library; Zimmerman Library; Prince, Grace; Jacobsen, Anna; Foley, Marie; Greenawalt, Marguerite; Middlekauff, ElaineStudents Urged to Use Library [Library personnel]1:49/171925
[ ]Library; Zimmerman Library; Berkenmeyer Collection; Faculty and Staff; Evjen, John O.255 Volumes Brought To America In 1725 Are Now Owned By Wittenberg [Berkenmeyer Collection now a part of the Zimmerman Library]1:5-612/31925
[ ]Wittenberg - History;Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;Recitation Hall;Weaver Chapel;Zimmerman Library;Inboden, RobinBuilding Up Historic Consciousness 2:14/222015