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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]YMCAThe YMCA and the church26:1-21/11874
[ ]YMCAYMCA5412/11879
[ ]YMCAYMCA771/11880
[ ]YMCAYMCA972/11880
[ ]YMCAYMCA6012/11880
[ ]YMCAState secretary and city secretary of YMCA visits local chapter71:21/11882
[ ]YMCA20th annual convention to meet at Xenia118:22/11887
[ ]YMCASecond annual conference of YMCA's college presidents99;1-24/11893
[ ]YMCA29th convention convened at Mansfield158:22/251896
[ ]YMCAPresident's conference. 6th annual206:24/71896
[ ]YMCA13th annual convention192:1-22/231897
[ ]YMCAReport of work done by YMCA in 1896-97257:1-24/61897
[ ]YMCAAnnual report for the year 18972464/21898
[ ]YMCAMovement in Ohio by E. L. Shuey, State College committee chairman304:1-25/11898
[ ]YMCA$400 pledged for new building at Wittenberg322:26/91898
[ ]YMCAPurpose and aim of the employment bureau340:16/91898
[ ]YMCAEarly history4:22/41899
[ ]YMCAHas railroad branch4:22/111899
[ ]YMCAParlor cannot be left open for the use of students3:22/181899
[ ]YMCAPresidents of the college YMCAs of Ohio met at Ohio University293:24/231902
[ ]YMCAEnlarges scope by affiliation with national assoc.7:1-312/131911
[ ]YMCAConference of Ohio Assoc. presidents and vice-presidents held12:1-23/131912
[ ]YMCABoys of christian "assassination" hold picnic at Tecumseh7:1-35/151912
[ ]YMCASeniors extol advantages of YMCA work. Benefits accruing from religious work teated from different viewpoints115/151912
[ ]YMCAPicnic should be annual affair7:1-25/221912
[ ]YMCAhas been prominent factor in student life. Membership larger than ever before7:1-25/291912
[ ]YMCA; Birch, Dr. T. BruceLenten talk given to men of YMCA; compares lives of judas, Peter, Burr and Adams362:1-23/261913
[ ]YMCAStag party a success. 200 men attended1:59/251914
[ ]YMCAConvention held at Denison3:13/111915
[ ]YMCAPresidents to meet at Otterbein3:33/81917
[ ]YMCAPresidents convention at Otterbein.1:43/151917
[ ]YMCADiscuss ideals of college men1:34/51917
[ ]YMCAWittenberg responds to campaign for $250,0001:44/51917
[ ]YMCAYM Caninet banquets; outlines year's work. Classes in mission study and bible study will be part of year's work. Teichemoeller to edit book1:35/101917
[ ]YMCASummer conferece to be held at Northfield. Eaglesmore conference is not to be held this sumer3:35/171917
[ ]YMCAFund succeeds maximum pledge1:211/221917
[ ]YMCAAnnual convention made at Wittenberg1:110/161919
[ ]YMCAOpens activities1:39/231920
[ ]YMCAWill raise $500 to carry on work for year1:410/261920
[ ]YMCAFinance campaign nears completion1:411/181920
[ ]YMCAMen of College to be Aided in Securing Work (Employment Bureau)1:53/221923
[ ]YMCA; Life Work MeetingsCollege "Y" Plans to Aid Students Life Work Meetings Will Be Held-Big Brother Movement Will Be Inaugurated Next Year-Paul Larimer Will Edit the Handbook4:54/121923
[ ]YMCA; YWCADemocracy [YMCA and YWCA Institute "Hello" Week]2:110/251923
[ ]YMCA; Hamburger, Herbert; Gilbert, Herman; Shanor, Carl; Nettrour, Scott; Shupe, GlennisCollege Y launches Big Brother movement1:45/221924
[ ]Alumni; Keyser, Paul E.; YMCAFormer Y.M.C.A. President Tells of Pilgrimage to Europe Last Summer [Keyser's observations during trip which was under the auspices of the National YMCA]4:110/81925
[ ]Lakru, Joel; YMCAIllinois Student Will Speak Here: Joel Lakru of Maywood Seminary to Address "Y" members1:510/151925
[ ]World Court; YMCA; YWCAWittenbergers to Voice Opinion on World Court By Staw Vote Nov. 25: Decision To Secure Students' Stand on Question Comes as a Result of Conference Held at Otterbein College Last Week1:611/121925
[ ]YMCA; YWCA"Y" Gospel teams conduct services [in and near springfield]: Morris Skinner Directs Activities of Three Organizations6:312/31925
[ ]YMCAActive in promoting higher religious ideals4:11/131927
[ ]YMCA;Extension Division; School of Business AdministrationExtension schools will begin classes: Dayton and City YMCA co-operate with college departments1:69/221927
[ ]YMCANominate officers for election. Platforms stated1:53/81928
[ ]YMCAFirst session of the state spring training program of the collegiate Christian organization held at Wittenberg during the past week4:54/261928
[ ]YMCAHave a membership goal of 5001:39/201928
[ ]YMCAReligious services conducted at Masonic home1:211/211929
[ ]YMCAHolds fall retreat at Cam Knolls1:59/251930
[ ]Dayton YMCA Junior CollegeSpecial school will open soon1:19/211934
[ ]YMCADevelops side by side with Wittenberg during half-century1:112/131935
[ ]YMCAFormer leaders of Wittenberg YMCA are eminent Christian leaders of today1:612/131935
[ ]YMCAForming men's volleyball team.5:510/61978
[ ]YMCAClosed temporarily due to lack of money (pic)1:310/31980